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April 2009

An excerpt from A Night In Paradise by Stephanie Rose
Two’s company. Is more a crowd?

Awakening by Brandi Boyd
Our eyes met for a moment and her lips curved up slightly.

In And Out by Nelisa Janvier
I was surprised and also intrigued to hear her voice on the line.

An excerpt from Orchids 3: Lesbian Funk - A Journey Into The Oblivion
Please! Untie me! I need to--

Straight Fucking by Brandi Boyd
When she walked farther into the room, I spotted the telltale bulge in the front of her otherwise loose-fitting jeans.

The Brat by Epiphany Proudfoot
And it wasn’t real begging after all – I was going to get what I wanted.

October 2008

The Perfect Fit by Stephanie Rose
Lorren gave up feeling self-conscious and gave in to the luscious feelings coursing through her.

An excerpt from Operation Butch Ambush by Tawanna Sullivan
Even the hardest woman has a soft spot and I want to play with yours.

September 2008

Naked & Famous by Sin_cere
"Come on over, I'm about to start dinner, but DO wash your funky booty!"

Tag! by D. Alexandria aka Glitter
She made a face but winked. "C’mon, baby, play with me."

July 2008

The Make-up Artist #4 - Christina Milian by Stephanie Rose
She touched my hand and looked me straight in the eye. "Gabrielle said you were the best."

The Makeup Artist #5--Amerie by Stephanie Rose
As she began to pose, a familiar heat rose in me.

Delicious by Stephanie Rose
Jada licked her lips at the thought of swirling her tongue in the sweet, thick pink icing.

The Intrigue of Happiness by Rayne 2. Marzett
There are times when I’m talking to her on the phone and I start fantasizing about her touching me.

Never Knew What I Was Missing by Being True
"Do you like staring at me?"

The Softest Place On Earth by karamelkizzed
All insecurities and questions have been erased from my mind, and now there is just she . . .

When Will We Get the Time to Be by Haven
Twenty-three years of history, of devotion to one another aching to exchange in a kiss.

April 2008

Ciara-The Make Up Artist #2 by Stephanie Rose
I needed to try you out first. I hear you can really make a girl over.

Gabrielle-The Makeup Artist #3 by Stephanie Rose
The hem of the dress hit just at her mid thigh, exposing her creamy dark brown skin.

Love’s Fantasy by K. Michelle
Honestly, all we really had was the sex, and that’s never been enough for me.

January 2008

Bed Buddies by Kat Williams
I’m not attracted to her. She’s not attracted to me.

Break by S.Narcisse
I’ve dealt with your bullshit all this time and all you can think of is you.

Hair by Naughtydred
I told her she’d better be ready when I came back to town for her, no bullshittin’.

Ignoring Her by Kat Williams
I ignored the hands, her hands, when they slowly crept up my thighs.

The Sista in 3J by Ava Barbi
I’m holding your thong for ransom.

The Makeup Artist - Beyonce by Stephanie Rose
As I glanced down, I noticed that her robe had opened slightly.

Wedding Bliss by Kadawa
I melted into her; and once again gave her my heart and my body.

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