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September 2007

Imagination Run Wild by Kadawa
My lower lip involuntarily trembles as she seductively traces her tongue across her lips.

It's A Date by Nykki
I felt her arms wrapped around my waist . . .

Listening Loudly by SkyeRose
My leather bodysuit was fitting in places I never knew existed . . .

Someone Is in the Bathroom by Yolanda Green
Ya’ll feeling it tonight, huh?

Lost In A Dream by JHoney
I see an explosion in her eyes that lingers and then slowly fades….

August 2007

The Other Woman by by M. Rahim
What if this woman – whose heart belonged to someone else – were to fall in love with me?

July 2007

Best Medicine by Yolanda Green
What are you going to do for me?

Lunch Date by Destinie21
Do you still want me?

Unwritten Rule by AngelicInsanity
I took a deep breath, and it’s as if time itself stopped.

May 2007

Into The Night by FemmeUNeed
Let me give you what you need.

Office Romance by Yolanda Green
Who dat bitch think she is?

Random Sex by M. Rahim
A quickie in the tiny stall wasn’t gonna do it for me that night.

April 2007

Not Just Another Night by LatiJade
Lets play a game first…

Predikah by Tigress Healy
Do what you gotta do but I’m about to get my freak on!

Wait Until She Gets Home by Rayne 2. Marzett
Is there anything you want me to pick up?

March 2007

Graceful by S. Narcisse
I hope you're hungry because I made something special for you.

Satisfy You by Crys Matthews
I don’t know if I can stop if we start.

Suga Momma by Ketina
I’ll leave my husband for you, if you leave that hen for me.

February 2007

Basic Training by PridePatriot
You and I could never happen because you’re too busy with all these lil girls who want to play around and experiment.

No Substitute for Love by Yolanda Green
I want to lick up all of your brown sugar.

Reunion by Destinie21
You always did want to fight for me. Just not the way I wanted.

December 2006

All I Want For Christmas by Destinie21
It was easier to pretend things were fine with her so far away.

I Dreamed Of Africa by Chula Mia & Naughtydred
I tried desperately to look away, but my eyes kept drifting over the curve of her calves . . .

Is It A Crime? by Averie Wilson
I've often watched her from a distance, but certainly she is not flirting with me now.

Subdrop by Niemah
She watches as her lover leaves and closes the door...

Thug Love by AngelicInsanity
Is this what you really want?

November 2006

Follow Your Heart by RealDepth
I still loved her. I wanted to hate her, though.

The Library by Sinnamon Wakefield-Jones
This is not...some...some kind of...well...makeout parlor!

You Like How My Baby's Fucking You by Chickey
Now why were you teasing me like that earlier?

October 2006

The Lap Dance by Ne
"You can't touch me, but I can touch you...."

Toni Knows Best by Mahogany Lioness
I felt the curve of her body press against mine.

Untitled by Fabulous Femme
"What else you want me to do?"

September 2006

Cognizance by Latesha Miller
Her lips part and she runs her tongue along the ridges of her teeth as she scans over the crowded cafe, her eyes landing directly on me . . .

Confessions of a Lipstick Lesbian by Jessica Holter
I tried to concentrate on the words rather than on the lightly glossed pouting lips that spoke them.

First Encounter by
Excited and aroused by her dominating presence, I stood still while she continued to undress me . . .

Intensity by TLB
When you stood up it took everything in my power not to tongue you down on the spot.

Meet And Greet by Naughtydred
I am all yours show me what you ached for all these months.

Soulmates by
Give me ten minutes and I promise, if you want me to leave you alone, I will.

Strapped by Sonya Michele
Chandler stood there and melted in her mouth.

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