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Masquerade by TonTon
Love, Deception, Murder
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

August 2006

An Audit To Remember by TaShawn Ova King
Hmmm, that's an intriguing way of looking at your oral fixation.

The Night She Let Me Love Her by Mommi Chulo
Tonight I was going to make something happen, even if it was the last thing I ever did in this relationship.

Written Reflection by AngelicInsanity
As I made my way down her stomach I licked and kissed every muscle . . .

July 2006

A Beautiful Name by Adedayo
The girl's lips lightly brushed Leena's ear . . .

Now What by RealDepth
I was completely, undeniably, unrealistically, inventorially, crazily, deeply in love with this woman.

Our Sessions by bc
We had forty-five minutes today and I intended on giving Terri every single one of them.

June 2006

At First Glance by OnyxxBlazze
The question is how long we would wait to act.

Deserted Desire by Vysionary
Iím going to take the law into my own hands, and handle you myself.

Parking Lot by House Of Malkia
You saw me looking? Im sorry...

Romance by Sinnamon Wakefield-Jones
I almost melted right there in my living room.

Sanctuary by Rayne 2. Marzett
In order for you to be received by your soul you must first become pure . . .

S - The Unknown by FemmeUNeed
You see I believe there is nothing wrong with fucking.

The Stranger I Want to Meet by Yanni
On her way there, she brushed against me and I felt it through my spine.

Washing The Car by Ms. E. Clipse
I climbed my ass atop the hood of the truck.

May 2006

One Last Night by Elvira Perthson
Iím going to get drunk on you.

An excerpt from the upcoming novel
Timeless by TEG
I want to know what it feels like to go to heaven in someoneís arms. I already know what hell feels like.

At the Vagina Monologues by SassyJ
I reached out to take the card from her when I felt her soft, strong fingertips.

April 2006

Changing The Game by AngelicInsanity
The fear that I saw in her eyes made me want to be the one to take all her troubles away.

Naked Underneath It All by Vysionary
The sign above the building read, A Taste of Pain.

One Night at the Bar by QG
She turned into an ebony tigress . . .

March 2006

Blessings by Nykki Graham
To be honest with you, when I'm out on a date, I be sitting there wishing I was with you.

Chocolate Swirl in a Vanilla Sky by Stacey Collins
I wonder if you ever think about Me.

The Gift by Vysionary
Even if I saw it with a crystal ball, I could not prepare myself for what happened next.

February 2006

Police Encounter by TQ1S
My heart was beating so fast and loud, I don't know what had happened.

To Be or Not To Be by Vysionary
Love is like a one-way street, with dark corners, and alley-ways tempting you into the shadows.

Matters Of The Heart by Charise Hunter
How the hell did I let this shit get this far?

January 2006

Always Faithful by PridePatriot
The moment she walked through the door was the closest I'd ever been to love at first sight.

Best Friends by DVOUS1
Why are you up so early? Come back to bed.

Change Clothes by Brown Curiousity
She didn't think about whether this was wrong or right since no one had ever touched her this way before.

December 2005

The Affair by SkillsSaysItAll
I never could work up the nerve to tell her the truth.

The Star Crossed Letter by Chloe C
Would you like a little rough stuff this fine Saturday morning?

Why Do I Have To Chase You by P. LotusBlossom
I craved her so badly that I couldnít sleep at night.

November 2005

3 Nights of Pleasure by C. Collins
You know you always wanted to be a porn star.

Breathe by Janah Honey
Iíve been watching you...

Make It Count by M. Zora
If we canít get it together, maybe we need to let this go.

October 2005

Leather Comfort by Jai L.
Tell me what you want to do to me.

Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Reality by Grey
Her tongue whets my desire, causing me to moan with pleasure.

The Ride by Lusting4ya
Her skirt seems to fit her like a glove and those legs were too sexy not to stare at.

September 2005

Home Alone by Alynnte
I backed her into the door and pressed my body against hers.

Juxtaposition by Chloe C
The silky dress she wore revealed each delectable curve of her 47 year old frame as well as rock hard nipples.

Passion like Fire by The Withered Butterfly
Never before did I think it possible to have a conversation with someone without using words, but we didÖ

Shower Me by Averie Wilson
As a twinge of pain came across my face I could see her delight.

Sunshine by InsatiableK
I couldnít look you in the face after what I did.

The Meeting by kyra{F}
Suriah leaned over and cupped her face gently, pressing the first of many slow, sensuous kisses to her lips.

Would U Mind? by Rayne 2. Marzett
Damn. I wanted to take my time and enjoy this moment for ever, but we were on a time limit.

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