Are You Ready To Publish?

  1. Is your work (story/poem/novel) finished?
    If you have gone through the editing steps and still feel something is missing/lacking in your piece, go back through the editing process until you feel it is complete.
    • If you feel something about your work needs fixing and you can't put you finger on it, just put it aside for a day or two and come back to it.
    • If you declare a work finished just because you "don't feel like" revising it again, there is a good chance that it isn't as wonderful as it could be.
    • Unless you are working under a deadline, there is no need to rush yourself. In the long run, it's the quality of your work that will count, not how fast you finished it.
    If you've edited/revised your work and are satisfied with the outcome:
    • Make sure you have multiple copies of the final manuscript. Copies on your computer and back up disks. Make at least 1 printed copy for your personal files.

  2. Are You Ready?
    Unless you write your piece specifically for a certain magazine, anthology, etc., then you will have to look for a home for your work.
    • Finding a place to publish is sort of like answering a personal ad. You look for places that would be a good match for your work-- but you won't know for sure until you get a response.. So it's going to take actively looking for opportunities.
    And then like a mother sending her kid to school, you are going to have let it go out into the world.
    • You need patience. You may be anxious after sending your work out, but don't obsess about getting a response. Instead of waiting at the mailbox (or constantly checking your email), take the opportunity to start (or continue) writing something else.

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