Being Your Own Editor

Okay, you have finally written your story down. Are you finished? Nope. Step 2 is to edit your work so that other people can enjoy/understand your creative vision. It gives you a chance to refine your style. Punctuation and grammar can be a pain in the neck, but following the rules will make your story easier to read.

Onto the editing!

Getting In The Mood To Edit
Slip into something comfortable, put on a little soft music . . . and get out your red pen.
Editing Story Content
Finding and eliminating the weak points.
Grammar and Punctuation
Where is School House Rock when you need it?
Dialogue & Conversations
Using Quotation Marks
Constructive Criticism
The value of getting another's perspective.
Writing A Critique
Giving thoughtful, helpful feedback.
Editing Library
Books that will make editing easier.

Editing: Other Resources

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