_____You've decided to check out the action at Lacy's, the local women's hangout. You open the door and are greeted by a crowd of brown and tan women yelling to each other through thick clouds of smoke. It was "urban" night and Donna Summers was blasting through the speakers. When the dancefloor opens up, the crowd around the bar thins a little and you are able to snatch a stool. You start off with a rum and Coke, easy on the rum--you want to be sober when you meet Ms. Right Now.
_____A few of the faces are familiar but you aren't sure who is single and who isn't. The last thing you want to do is get in a fight because you winked at someone's girl. When you were with Donna, it was easy--you'd walk into a room and half of the women were scheming up ways to get you. Typical dyke life.
_____While scanning the crowd, you catch one of the women at the pool table stealing little peeks at you. You exchange glances. She is definitely a cutie. When she leans over to make a tough shot, her skirt creeps up and you wonder how she would respond to a spanking.
_____The problem is that you can't tell if her partner is a friend or a lover. You would like to think that a woman wouldn't flirt with you if she was with her girl, but some women like the drama. Of course, you can play it safe and keep your distance. You don't have to fall to pieces over the first woman who smiles in your direction.

Work your way over to her

Get another drink