_____You pick up the telephone and, before you realize it, you are dialing Donna's number. When you two first met, she was in a bridal shop being fitted for a gown. She was a month away from marrying David, her childhood sweetheart. You had wandered into the store hoping to get change for a parking meter. After a lot of nervous eye contact and your seductive smile, Donna had given you the change . . . and her phone number.
_____The chance meeting turned into a weekend of bliss. Donna returned David's engagement ring and you two lived happily ever after. That is, until Donna came over unannounced and caught you taking a shower with Sylvia. That whole fiasco happened months ago; you hope she is over it by now.
_____"Hello?" Deep and sultry, Donna's voice made your skin tingle.
_____"Hey, sweetie. How you doing?"
_____There is a little hesitation. You hear Donna sigh and imagine she is rolling her eyes. "I'm fine. You?"
_____She used to hang up on you; this is a good sign. "I'm all right. If you aren't doing anything, I'd like to come over and-"
_____"You suddenly decide to come over here on a whim and expect me to be sitting and waiting for you?"
_____This may be more of a challenge than you originally thought, but you won't be deterred by her hostility. "There is no easy way to say this. I miss you, I miss our friendship."
_____"So? You were the one who fucked that up."
_____"How many times do I have to apologize about Sylvia before you finally forgive me? It doesn't have to be all this drama. I just want to put the past behind us."
_____"You want to be my friend? Fine. You can come, but you better bring my necklace with you."
_____You agree, but you're not sure if you really want to give the necklace back. Sifting through your dresser, you pull out the one necklace nestled amongst your socks. There was nothing special about it. Donna had just forgotten to grab it when she was going through her "I'm-taking-all-of-my-shit" tirade. On the other hand, if you keep it, you'll always have an excuse to see her.

Return the necklace.

Keep the necklace.