Taking A Gamble

I was sitting at the bar. All alone in this city. I was at Las Vegas, the city of sin. I went with my best friend and her boyfriend. They got married at one of those little drive by wedding chapels and guess who is on her own now. Well, a little thing like that isn't going to stop me. So here I sit, at this bar, on the prowl.

The way I figure, my friend shouldn't have all the fun. I look around and there is one particularly fine woman sitting at a table by her self. This milk chocolate skinned honey had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. I decided to go talk to this lady. I didn't want to lose a chance on this one.

"Hi there, I'm Kendra." I said as I sat down beside her. "Hello, my name is Monique" she said in a very cultured voice. I could tell that this honey was definitely high class. "Can I help you?" "Yes," I said "let me buy you a drink." She stared at me for a long time before she answered. She had the most mesmerizing eyes. " I would like that, but first things first, tell me about yourself."

I'm thinking all I really wanna do is spend a little time with this woman. I'm not gonna be here for long and what's the chances we're from the same city?

Okay, I decide to go along with her. Well, what specifically would you like to know? I have this thing about givin out too much info.

Well I want to know if you like doing shall we say "kinky" things with someone you just met. My mouth watering I whispered "Things like what?".She placed my hand on her thighs and guided my hands under her excuse for a dress to her wet, pantyless crotch.My fingers dipped into her wetness enjoying the feeling while watching her face as she tried to slow her breathing and disguise her pleasure. I could see she was close to coming so I worked my fingers quickly and expertly incresing her pleasure .she was right there when we heard a polite cough. "Here are the drinks you ordered."

I had gotten so lost in the moment, I forgot where I was. With dazed eyes, I looked up at the waiter. "Ohh, thanks a lot", as I handed him a twenty. "Keep the change", I mumbled as I felt her walls clinging to my fingers. As he walked away, I gently rubbed her slick clit and added another finger deep inside her. I heard a low moan as she squeezed her pussy around my fingers. "Why dont we take this somewhere a little more private, so I can really play in that pussy," I suggested. In a husky passion filled voice she said, "Ok". Before removing my fingers, I quickly dug them as deep inside as they could go. "Mmmmmmm, baby yesss", she moaned in my ear as we both stood up. As we walked toward the elevators, I watched the sexy sway of her hips in front of me. As we stepped on the elevator, I noticed we were all alone.

As I caressed my new found princess, I brought my hand down to her tender lovebox. Anticipating the warm of her tight pussy. As my hand got closer I realized my nubian delight wore no panties. I dropped to my knees . . .

She gasped..."Oh, yes!!" I continued to suck her clit until it was hard. I led her to the bed. She smiled.."Is this the KINKY that you had in mind, Ms. Monique?" She grinned. "Yes, but its only the surface." I spread her wide, and plunged my head between her valley. I started by kissing her again. Licking the insides of her thighs. She moaned, and I grinned. I was liking this a lot. I got to her clit again, and bit gently. She screamed. I continued sucking, and plugged her anal hole with one finger. She started panting, and calling my name.

As she called out my name I reached over the side of the bed and grabbed my overnight bag. I had packed a few toys just in case I got some action while on our trip. With my mouth still planted deep in her pussy, I pulled out the strap-on I had been dying to experiment with. She looked up at me--eyes glazed and gave me a devilish smile as I pushed back from her to armor myself. She grabbed for me but I pushed her back down. She moaned in frustration and anticipation as she placed her hands on her beautiful ebony breasts and then slid them down her mid section to her steamy womanhood. As she lay there hot and waiting, looking so beautiful, I felt honey pouring down my own thighs. Just as I was about to enter her, she pushed me down on the bed . snatched my soaked panties off and I suddenly found myself being eaten like never before. I screamed out in ecstacy as she devoured my pussy. She alternated between sucking my clit and sucking the head of the strap on. She mounted my temporary cock momentarily, but soon moved upward, drenching my blouse with her honey before sitting on my face."OOOOOOO, baby" I moaned duing one of my gasps for air......

I looked up into her pussy and liked my lips in anticipation. she had tasted so good before, i couldn't wait to taste her again. As she slowly lowered herself onto my face, I closed my eyes and breathed her aroma deep. I thrust my tongue in and out of her. I suck her clit until it looked like a small penis. "I'm cumming....Oh, YES!!" Her body quivered with her orgasm. "Now fuck me with that hard cock..."

We rolled over. She laid her back facing me with lust in her eyes. I spread her legs as wide as they good go. "Look at me.." As she raised her eyes to do so, I thrust into her with all the force I could muster. She screamed out loud. As I continued to thrust my strap-on into her dripping wet pussy she fondled her breasts, which turned me on more. i felt her body tense in anticipation of her orgasm."Cum for me , baby..." As she let out a final scream of pleasure I felt the warm gush of her honey slide down her leg onto mine.

"Wait, Wait baby is all she could seem to say as I now slowly strocked her cat. Her body moved back and forth in tuned with th esame rhythm of her moans. Her soft lips on my ears singing "I feel you" as her finger tips traced my lips. The warmth of her honey on my legs sent me into a trance. curling my tongue inside of her while she dug her nails into my back.

We kissed deeply and passionately. We were nipple to nipple. Her big nipples felt like hard little cocks. I reached down and began to massage her titties with my right hand and I used my left hand to take the thick head of my strap-on and made circular motions on her stiffening clit... I then took the head and teased her sweet, juicy hole........She was moaning even more....begging me to fuck her again.....I said no, not yet....I have something else for you....Oooooo she asked......What now?....I lifted up off her and I flipped her over to her stomach. I told her roughly to spread her legs as wide as possible and to get up on her knees. She moved a little too slowly for my taste, so I smacked her fat ass....Her ass jiggled.....It looked so sweet. She turned around and looked at me and demanded to know what did I think I was doing......I then abruptly stuck my face in her now drenched pussy and sucked hard on her clit...She began to quiver.....I pulled back and smacked her on her fat ass again.......I immediately took the head of my fat, black, dildo and stuck in just the head into her cunt. She tried to move back to get more, but I quickly took it out. She looked at me in a puzzled way. I smacked her ass again. I got up on my knees behind her and started to finger her tight sweet pussy and intermittenly smacked her ass. She was quivering and screaming my name.....telling me to smack that ass......I looked at her and I said...Now, you're getting it. I then bent down to kiss those sweet cheeks and began to trail my tongue up and down her sweet crack. I spread her ass cheeks real wide so that I could tongue fuck her asshole.......MMMMMMM.....she said.....Fuck me with your tongue...She was pushing her ass all up in my face. I rammed my tongue in her as deep as it could go. She was fingering her clit and finger fucking her pussy. I then started licking her pussy juices off of her fingers and then I put two fingers in her pussy and took my other hand to put a finger in her ass. She went crazy with my fingers in her pussy and her ass working in and out. Pumping her cunt and her ass at the same time. I said, "Do you like this?" She said, "Oh yes". I said, "tell me what you like". She said, "Your finger fucking me feels so good in my pussy and in my ass.....don't stop. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me, harder.....Ummmmmmmmmmmm.....Fuck me in my ass with your cock. I did not hesitate. I put the head in her ass and then she really lost it! She pushed back with such force that I almost lost my balance. She was kneeling with me behind her and screaming like a wild woman, Fuck me...Fuck me real good......I yanked her hair and turned her face to me and we began to kiss wildly.......Our tongues licking any where we could get a hold of. I was holding her tightly, never losing my tight hold on her. I had one hand on her fat titty, squeezing her nipple real hard and pulling on her hard fat clit......We were in another zone...I was asking her over and over, "Is this my pussy, my asshole, my titties.......and she was screaming yes, yes, yes.....you know it is......She was still pumping my hard dildo and then all went still and quiet. I felt her body tense and stiffen.......and then all hell broke loose. She was jerking around all over my dildo and screeching loudly....."I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming" I said yes baby cum to me, cum on......her orgasm seemed to last for five minutes. I had never seen a woman cum so intensely.......My pussy was aching and throbbing watching her loose control......Finally, she stopped and grew quiet......but now I needed some release badly too. She moved off of my dildo, reached into my overnight bag and pulled out a two headed dildo......She became the aggressor..She pushed me down roughly onto the bed and sat that sweet fat, dripping wet pussy on my face.....She said, now you will be the one begging....I couldn't respond as she was grinding her pussy into my face...And no, I did not mind. Then she began to play with my hard nipples, pulling them, slapping them lightly.......She then leaned down and started to lick my flat stomach, sticking her tongue in and out of my navel....She continued on to my wet, wet pussy and began to suck on my clit like no one ever had before her.......Now we were into some serious 69. She spread my legs as wide as they would go and took the two-headed dildo and put one end in my pussy and stuffed the other end in my ass. She skillfully continued to suck on my clit while she fucked my two holes at the same time. I couldn't believe it....Now, I was screaming......begging her for more......I couldn't get enough.....She lifted her head long enough to ask me if it was good........I said, yes baby, don't stop. She then yanked the dildo out of me and got up abruptly and stood at the side of the bed. I, of course, was stunned. She said, "you don't sound like you mean it" while she stroked her fat pussy and squeezed and sucked on her fat nipple. I thought I would go crazy...She blew me a kiss and she said, "Oh no, Ms. Monique...you aren't the only one who can tease. I said, Baby, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW........She devishly smiled and put one leg up on the bed to give me a good look at her pussy.......I was out of my mind now.....I jumped up, but she pushed me back, stuck her slick fingers in my mouth and I began to suck on them for dear life. She placed one leg under me so that we were clit to clit. She had one hand on my titty, squeezing my nipple real hard. We were bumping and grinding our pussies so hard that we could hear our pussies slapping and smacking against each other........MMMMMMM our pussies were talking to each other loudly as we screamed each others name......She picked up the previously discarded two-headed dildo and stuck one end in me and one end in her.....She kept moving down on me until the entire dildo was swallowed up between the two of us and we were once again clit-to-clit........I couldn't believe this incredible woman.....We grinded and grinded our fat clits against each other as the dildo was stuffed in our pussies. We both had a tight hold on each other's legs. I was screaming, "Fuck me harder. Ram that cock in me...Fuck me real good and deep!!! We fucked and fucked until finally we exploded together into all explosive back-to-back orgasms. Our pussies were gushing with sweet cum that ran all down our legs.......She got up to face me. We held each other and slowly licked the juices off of each other...Finally, we kissed oh so softly on the lips...while softly caressing each others titties......We were so close it was if we were almost one.....She said to me drowsily and with a smile, yes Ms. Monique you are one kinky ass fine woman....We fell asleep in each other's arms, unknown at that time, that we had been watched by someone else the entire time,.....resting up for round two!!!!

Shenita, the maid, had been walking past the door, glad that the long night was over, while Kendra and Monique were fucking......She could hear their passionate moans and although she knew she was wrong....she used her pass key and quietly slipped into the room. She stood back in the dark where she could not be seen and watched in amazement as the two women went at each other. Shenita had had a few encounters with women, but none as beautiful as these women or as hot. Shenita would never put herself on the level of these two women, but she was just as sexy and beautiful as they. Shenita's face was so beautiful. Her lashes were so long that they looked like they couldn't be real. She had big pretty eyes and a deep dimpled smile that had many a woman lust for her. But it didn't stop there. She had the smoothest dark skin, big 34DD titties with big orbs and huge cock-size nipples, a flat stomach, small waist, fat ass, and legs for days. She had all the right curves. She wanted to get into the action, but she didn't dare let them know that she was watching as she knew she could lose her job for this. Shenita watched on in awe and the lust that was overtaking her made her drop onto the nearby chaise lounge which was directly across from the bathroom. Luckily for her, Kendra and Monique were so loud that they did not even hear her. Shenita opened her dress, pulled down her bra and exposed her throbbing nipples. She pulled off her pantyhose and moved her thong aside so that she could get her finger into her now dripping pussy.......Shenita bit her lip to keep from screaming out in ectasy as the two women came again and again. Then to her dismay, they fell asleep. She knew she should leave, but now with her pussy dripping wet and her clothes half off....she just couldn't. She closed her eyes and replayed the scene of the two women making love and began to masturbate heavily. Shenita was pushing her fingers deep into her pussy, wildly bucking her hips, with her juices flowing freely down her legs. She was so caught up in her own pleasure that she did not hear when Kendra got up to go to the bathroom. As Kendra was entering into the bathroom, she heard light moaning and knew it wasn't Monique who was sound asleep. Scared at first and unsure as to what to do she just stood still and listened. Soon her eyes became accustomed to the dark and she was able to make out the outline of Shenita. Kendra couldn't believe it. Here was another kinky woman getting herself off on the chaise lounge. Kendra wondered how long she had been there and what she had seen. Now Kendra was spellbound as she watched Shenita's titties bounce up and down while her hips were bucking hard against her dripping wet fingers. Kendra was even more shocked when Shenita took her wet fingers and stuffed them into her own asshole! She couldn't believe this. Kendra snapped out of her shock, snapped on the bathroom light, and startled poor Shenita who was mid-way in her orgasm. Shenita jumped up and she tried unsuccessfully to cover herself, but she was too rattled and embarrassed. Shenita knew now that she could kiss her job good-bye. Kendra looked at her sharply and demanded to know who the hell she was and what was she doing in her room. Shenita stammered and said, "I am the evening maid. My name is Shenita. I was walking past your room and I heard you two in here going at it. I know that I was wrong, but I couldn't help myself so I let myself in and watched". Kendra said roughly, "what exactly did you see?" Shenita said, "I saw you fucking her with a strap-on and then you two were eating each other's pussies, and then if that wasn't enough you took that two-headed dildo and wore each other out. I was in a daze and I sat here on this lounge and began stroking myself wishing I could join in the fun". Shenita was scared of what Kendra would do next. Would she call the night manager? But while Shenita had been talking Kendra had been taking all of her in....Boy what a sight to drink in. Shenita was the loveliest creature she had ever laid eyes on. Kendra had been watching Shenita's mouth while she was confessing and she had the most irresitable urge to lean down and suck on those plump lips. Kendra didn't know how Monique would react to a third party, but she made a decision for the both of them in that moment. She abruptly walked up to a shaking and scared Shenita and bumped Shenita's face with her pussy. She yanked Shenita's hair and pushed her face into her now dripping pussy. Kendra said feverishly, "suck my pussy". Shenita readily complied. She spread Kendra's thick lips with her fingers and began to suck on the honey drenched clit. Shenita had never sucked on a clit as long and fat as Kendra's. Kendra's clit was rock hard. Shenita pulled back and began to lick her tongue lightly on the tip of Kendra's clit. Kendra moaned real low and said, "mmmmm...that feels good........Shenita, now feeling brave, gently pulled Kendra down to the chaise lounge in a seated position. Shenita kneeled right between Kendra's open legs and took her face into her hands and kissed her real deeply. Shenita wanted to tickle the back of Kendra's throat with her tongue. Kendra was so turned on tasting her pussy juices off of Shenita's tongue. Shenita then started kissing Kendra's lips softly. She brushed soft, gentle kisses all over Kendra's beautiful face. Kendra heard herself moaning in a deep throaty way. Shenita then kissed Kendra all down her neck while she softly caressed her big titties. Pulling and kneading her nipples between her skilled thumb and forefinger. Shenita then bent her head down and began sucking on Kendra's nipples and massaging her bit titties.......mmmmmm Kendra moaned. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Shenita's touch was so light so gentle it was driving her mad. Then she bent down even further and and lightly licked Kendra's pussy lips...She took her leg and placed it on the other side of the lounge so she could better access that sweet tasting pussy. She got up on the chaise lounge between Kendra's spread legs and began to kiss and Kendra all up and down her creamy thighs. The taste of the two lovers was strong on Shenita's tongue and she could not believe that she was even more turned on than she had been before. Shenita lifted Kendra's leg and placed it over her shoulder. Shenita traced her finger along Kendra's swollen lips, across the tip of her clit, down to her pussy and on to her asshole. Shenita plunged her finger into Kendra's ass and began to pump it in and out. By now, Kendra was moaning really loudly. Shenita took her leg off of her shoulder and spread Kendra's legs as wide as they would go and buried her face into Kendra's cunt......Kendra was thrashing around wildly grinding her fat cunt into Shenita's face.....Shenita was lapping up all of them juices....and she was relentless....Sticking her tongue deeply in and out of Kendra's pussy and then tongue fucking her ass.........Shenita and Kendra were so caught up that they did not hear Monique, who they had awaken with their loud lovemaking, say, "what the fuck is going on".

Monique turned on the bedside night light and could not believe what she was seeing! There was Kendra thrashing around on the chaise lounge with some long-haired, dark-skinned beauty in between her legs lapping up her pussy like she was starved. Monique didn't know whether to be mad or excited. But her excitement quickly won out. Shenita was up on her knees which were spread apart giving Monique a bird's eye view of her sweet fat ass and thick, juicy pussy. Monique mindlessly played with her own pussy as she sat back and watched Shenita's pussy squirting out rich thick cum. Monique jumped up, muttering to herself, "Oh hell no, not without me!" Monique walked brazenly behind Shenita and yes......stuck her face all up in Shenita's ass. Shenita, at first was taken aback, but quickly adjusted by grinding her ass right into Monique's face. Kendra opened her eyes to see what was going on and at the sight of Monique's face buried into Kendra's ass she began to cum hard......Shenita had Kendra's stiff, fat clit in a serious grip in her mouth. She was sucking her clit real hard and licking her tongue all over that clit and she would not let go no matter how wildly Kendra thrashed about. She just stayed with her. Kendra couldn't take anymore and exploded in yet another intense orgasm spraying her pussy juice all over Shenita's face. Kendra leaned down and pulled Shenita to her so that she could kiss her deeply in her mouth and taste her own sweet pussy juices. Shenita and Monique were nipple to nipple as Kendra began to caress Shenita's firm but oh so soft titties. Monique never lost her grip on Kendra's sweet pussy and followed the action. Monique took advantage of this new position and began alternating between licking and sucking Kendra's and Shenita's pussies. Both women responded to Monique's hungry, long tongue by grinding their mounds harder against each other. Monique stood up and pulled Shenita up with her, leaving Kendra wide legged on the chaise watching them and pinching her fat nipples. Monique held Shenita from behind with her arms around her squeezing both titties, kissing, and licking her neck, talking dirty, and humping her mound on Shenita's firm ass while looking Kendra straight in the eye. Monique said, "You like these sweet, hard nipples don't you, Kendra? Kendra said, yes you know I do? Monique continued with her taunting. "You like sucking on these hard nipples and squeezing these fat titties don't you? Monique moved her hands down to Shenita's warm mound and stroked it lightly with the back of her hand. Then she spread Shenita's lips to expose her throbbing rock hard clit. She kept the lips open as she adjusted her fingers so that her thumb and forefinger could gently pull on Shenita's clit. "You like this big fat clit don't you? You want to suck it." Kendra shook her head while licking her lips in desperation and need. She wanted to suck on that clit so bad she could taste it. Meanwhile, Shenita was so turned on by Monique's domination of her and watching Kendra playing with her own titties and pussy that she was about to cum. Feeling her body tense, Monique said not yet....I got something else for you. Monique pushed her up against the wall spread eagle pulling on her waist so that her ass was protruding out. "Wait!" Shenita humbly did as she was told. Monique went to Kendra's toy bag and pulled out two super-sized black strap-on dildos. She strapped up and returned to the humbly waiting Shenita. She stood behind Shenita and began rubbing her ass real softly. Shenita moaned. Monique took the other dildo and rubbed it up and down the crack of Shenita's ass. She then came close up behind Shenita so she could feel the massive strap-on she had on in her back. She took the other strap-on and tapped it on her lips. Shenita began sucking on the dildo. Monique said, "That's enough" and took the dildo out of Shenita's mouth and rubbed the tip of it on her nipples. Shenita was still moaning softly, wondering what was next. Although she had had a few encounters with women, she had never experienced anyone so intense as Monique. Monique pushed away from her again and started rubbing her ass again, oh so softly. Monique then took two fingers and plunged them hard into Shenita's cunt. Shenita cried out in pain and pleasure. She plunged her fingers into her a few more times real rough and deep until Shenita's body was quivering. Then she abruptly withdrew and resumed softly stroking Shenita's ass. Monique pressed up against Shenita and roughly grabbed her tit and squeezed and pulled on her nipple until Shenita cried out for more. She was humping her fat ass, but she had not penetrated her, no not yet. She whispered fiercely into Shenita's ear, "Hi, I'm Monique. Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?" Shenita whispered back, in a half moan, I am Shenita, the maid. I snuck in here while you two were fucking and sucking. I watched you two as I masturbated. Monique stepped back again and said, "Oh an infiltrator!" Her sudden harsh tone put Shenita on edge. Monique then smacked her ass again and again. Monique and Kendra were real turned on by how Shenita's fat ass bounced with every smack. Shenita had never been spanked before and she was delirious with the pain and the pleasure of it. Just when she thought she could take no more....Monique stepped up to her and rammed her super sized strap on into her pussy with one thrust. Shenita went crazy while Monique fucked her harder and harder while squeezing her titties and pulling hard on her clit. Monique looked over at Kendra, who was watching the scene in awe. Monique was talking dirty to Shenita while she fucked her. Monique said, "I am going to fuck you all night and then some more. Tell me whose pussy is this? Shenita screamed, "This is your pussy, Monique....mmmm fuck me, your cock is so good! Monique now threw the other strap-on to Kendra and commanded her to get in front of Shenita and suck her clit which she had parted with her fingers as she had done earlier to taunt Kendra. But this time Kendra got to suck that pussy. Kendra did as she was told. Monique pulled her dildo out of Shenita's pussy and began stuffing it into her ass. Shenita thought she would pass out with that big cock up her ass and Kendra sucking on her clit. She could feel it spreading her wide open. But Monique was gentle, but persistent until she got the whole thing in. Kendra was sucking her clit so sweetly and Monique was fucking her ass. She just laid her head against Monique's shoulder and accepted the pleasure from both these erotic women. Monique was fucking her ass and massaging her titties at the same time. Monique looked down and saw the glazed look of sheer lust in Kendra's eyes and commanded her to stand up in front of Shenita nipple to nipple. Kendra complied. The three women were kissing and tonguing each other down. Kendra was roughly massaging Monique's titties which were all up in Shenita's back. Shenita grabbed Kendra's dildo and stuffed it up her dripping cunt. Monique and Kendra began kissing deeply while finding the rhythm to rock Shenita into ecstacy. Shenita was begging for the nymphs to fuck her harder, deeper, more. Monique and Kendra obliged and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked her. Shenita had never had it so good before. She had cum more times than she could count and when she thought she was going to pass out.....she felt this orgasm cumming up from her toes and she began to buck hard against the two cocks that were ramming her at the same time. She thrashed her pussy and all over those dildos. The sight of her losing control further fueled Monique and Kendra to fuck her even harder. Shenita came so hard that her pussy juices ran down the sides of the two dildos and onto the two women's legs. They had never seen so much come. They pulled out simultaneously and pushed her down on all fours and watched her pussy squirt endless cream. They took turns lapping it up. Monique was on fire and needed to be cooled down. Kendra pulled Monique onto the bed and stradled her and rammed into her with her big hard dildo. Shenita found herself a strap-on and fucked Kendra in the ass. Kendra and Monique both went into a frenzy at the same time and came again and again. Finally, the three women untangled themselves and laid in the bed side by side gently stroking and kissing each other into a gentle sleep. Monique laughed and planted a kiss on Shenita's nose. Kendra yawned and asked, "what's the joke? Monique said, "Hell, I hope there isn't anyone else watching.......I'm too tired for a repeat!!!!!!!!!


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