____I saw her at the Linden Train Station. It's not like I've not seen her before but this day I really got a good look at her. And gurl she was just royal. I was bumbling into the train station, barely able to make it the train as it pulls slowly in the station. I was out of breathe from running and my face was pouring with sweat. I pulled out the Kleenex and began wiping the sweat from my brow. That's when she looked up at me from the bench outside the station. She looked at me and smiled with those dark brown juicy lips and the sweat just kept pouring down my face. Never was I so embarassed.
____The 8:12 had reached a full stop and the conductor was on the platform helping passengers on the train. She got on first a few cars behind mine. I stood back just a moment and watched her, the beautifiul black lady in the beige trench coat. I climbed up the metal stairs and hustled to find a seat towards the front. Well, it was just my lucky day and I found one all to myself. Everything would have just been fine if it hadn't been for those wild kids two seats in front of me. My mother wouldn't have tolerated that kind behavior.
____Just as I was almost through staring down those kids and their mother with the wrath of God, my dream womyn walked by and sat on the chair opposite mine. My heart started pounding and I thought I was going to die. I held my Village Voice up to my nose but it was quite evident that we were both playing the looksie game. Our eyes kept dodging each other and then the conductor got between us to collect my ticket. After he put the little receipt part above my chair we continued playing this little game. I caught a glimpse of a smile, too.
____She was gorgeous. She had decided to peel off her coat and I could see her divine curvatures. She was a tall womyn and wore an Egyptian blunt cut with bangs galore. Her hair was a mix of Asian meets antiquity and she was just gorgeous. She was dark, mocha with long legs.
____This day I wanted so much to say something to her and I managed to say, "Hello."
____Well, in my mind it was hello. I was so taken by her deep brown eyes, her slightly parted full lips, her smooth cocoa skin, her long legs graciously crossed hinting at her round, womanly hips; her style, her grace... that I must have mumbled something quite unexpected. She laughed. It was the most exquisite sound that I had ever heard. And this goddess had shared it with me. My mind cleared.
____"You have the most incredible smile,"she said, her eyes twinkling. "Do you ride this train often?"
____"Yes, as a matter of fact I do." I say. "And yourself?"
____"Sometimes I do. If you're lucky enough to catch me maybe you'll see me again, this is my stop coming up." She says as she prepares to leave. I was absolutely speechless. I couldn't let this sexy woman get away from me so easily.
____"Wait!" I almost screamed. It was an akward moment after that. I did not know what to say. I finally managed to mumble out, "This is my stop too." I lied.
____"Maybe we can walk together. Which way do you go?"
____"Dear God", I silently prayed, "please tell me now where this womon is headed and I will be forever grateful." I guessed. "I'm going downtown," and I added bravely, "I hope you are too".
____She turned, looked directly into my eyes and with a mischieveous grin replied "Oh yes, we're going the same way."
____As we exited the train station and headed downtown I tried to think of what I should say next. I just wanted to jump right in and ask her to breakfast and finalize it with her telephone number, but my mouth wouldn't allow me to utter the words. Instead, I walked a couple of steps behind her, using the excuse that the streets are so crowded, and watch her tight shapely behind flow with the movement of her coat.
____As we approached the corner, she turned to me and said, "O.K., let's cut it, I've been checking you out for the past few days, do you think it's possible that we can get to know one another more?"
____Wow, this was easier than I thought. "Sure, how about a cup of coffee and then we'll see where we are headed."
____I suggested a quaint, comfy coffehouse called Desires Corner a few blocks over. I explained that it is owned by two sistahs who have been lovers for over 15 years; the coffeehouse is famous for its intimately warm vibe, good eats and delicious coffees. The street was filled with the hustle and bustle of people rushing off to work. The street became more and more crowded. Waiting at the light to cross, I was directly behind her, so dangerously close that I could feel her heat and smell the sweetness of her scent.
____The light changed and the mass of humanity surged forward. She must have lost her footing (or was it on purpose?). As she slightly leaned back into my arms and regained her balance, I felt the softness of her body and my lips just missed brushing against her ear. An eternity seemed to pass before she took a single step away from my arms. "I am so clumsy. You are such a sweetheart. Are we almost there?"
____"Yes," I said, "we are almost there, next block." We proceeded to walk in silence until we arrived. I opened the door for her and watched her walk thru. She picked a table in a corner and I went to order the coffee. While I was waiting, I noticed not many people were there, just what looked like two sistahs in love. I tried to keep my cool as we started to talk. Our conversation was polite at first but I could tell she was thinking about something else the way she was penetrating my soul with those eyes It was hard for me to look back. I thought she would klnow right away that I wanted to touch her smooth cocoa skin, just too feel how soft she was. I know she knew.
____Well, the morning was a blur. Sitting next to each other in a private booth covered with purple paisley velvet, we talked and laughed and really got to know each other. The air between us was thick with sexual energy. Although we had just met, we both commented on how we felt so comfortable with one another. "I hope you don't think I'm too forward" she said demurely. "And you must believe me when I say that I've NEVER felt or said what I'm about to say". I started getting nervous. "But," she continued, "I would like very much to kiss you."
____In the instant she uttered those special words, I had no fear. It was soooooo right. I turned towards her, cupping her face in my hand and gently kissed her on the lips. She kissed back passionately, her lips opening for my tongue to explore the sweetness of her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmm" she moaned. We kissed deeply, our tongues doing a slow dance as our hands began to explore the warm, soft places of our bodies. When our lips finally parted, we were both hot and totally oblivious to our surroundings.
____"Would you like to go somewhere to be alone?" I asked.
____"More than words can say" her voice trembled, but I'm chairing a meeting this afternoon." Her eyes were filled with longing as she nervously bit on her bottom lip.
____I had to see her as soon as possible. "I realize this is incredibly short notice. But I'm hoping, since today is Friday, that I could take you out for dinner tonight."
____"Dinner would be perfect", she said with a smile. "But please, come over and we'll dine at my place".
____My heart was pounding. "Wow, that sounds reallllly nice. Ummm, around eight?"
____Licking her lips, she grinned and said "Eight is perfect. I think I can wait until then."
____I realize that this beauty would never give me a second glance but life is short and she is tall and i cannot pass up the chance to flirt. i stare at her lips until she glances at me and I smile ever so faintly. She returns my smile and reaches into her purse for a mint.
____The afternoon was a trip. Back at the office: a spilled mocha grande, an "oops" deleted file and the maddening tick-tick-tock, it's finally 5:00 o'clock. I'm outta here. Just enough time to pick up a nice bottle of wine and some flowers. Go home, soak in a scented bath and get dressed for tonight. Yes... we're gonna have a gooood time.
____My nerves are frayed with anticpation as I fumble with the keys to my door. I can not think straight, everything must be perfect. Time is moving in slow motion as I start the bath water, chill the wine, and arrange the flowers. Slipping into the hot water I am calmed for a moment as that delicious warmth engulfs me. Then, as I lay back she appears to me. I recall her in every detail, every soft line of her face, her silky skin, her eyes teasing me, and that unforgettable kiss. ____Thinking about her has made me incredibly horny and the waves of warm water washing over my clit don't help. I fight the urge to stroke myself, after all, I want to save all of my energy for tonight. After the bath, I put on my black pinstripes. Tonight I'll be a little risque and won't wear anything, not even a bra, under the vest. A few drops of oil on my neck and I'm out of here. ____When I get to her doorstep, I almost want to turn around and go back. I'm so nervous! I take a deep breath, grip the roses and wine a little tighter, and ring her doorbell. ____"Nice house... Pretty garden..." I think to myself as I survey the surroundings. The front door opens... Wow! She is beautiful. A red satin blouse and flowing, slitted skirt barely conceal her full breasts, hard nipples and long, sexy legs.
____"Hi. I'm glad you're here. Come on in". I follow, admiring the motion of her sexy, round ass.
____"The flowers are gorgeous. Mmmm, you're so thoughtful. Let's go get a nice vase." She smiled and did a 'come here' with her index finger for me to follow.
____"Down girl," I think silently to myself as I follow her through her house. But this woman is sooo fine. And so real. But I just need to relax and go with the flow. "You're timing is perfect. I just put the finishing touches on dinner. It'll be ready in about 30 minutes." She turns and asks, "Why don't you go relax in the living room and I'll pour us a glass of that wine."
____As she crossed over her legs her stocking could clerly be seen and then she laid a hand on the skirt and sexually but smotthly pulled it up to reveal a tight black thong.
____Sitting so dangerously close on her huge sofa, I couldn't resist any longer. She was looking directly in my eyes, lips slightly parted and moist with anticipation. I leaned over and kissed her once gently on the mouth, lips to lips. Hmmm, so soft. My hand eased up her thigh, each caress sending hot desire, not neglecting a single inch. We kissed harder, tasting our passion with our tongues. I felt her opening her legs wider, inviting me to travel deeper.
____Her hand unbuttoned my blouse, inching towards my awaiting breast. "Oooh, no bra," she said as she kissed and licked her way down my neck to my sensitive nipple. Her tongue flicked around and across my nipple as it got harder and hotter. Her lips encircled and she began to suck. I laid her back. My hand eased the thong a bit, searching for her hot pussy. Ooooh, she was so wet. I teasingly brushed my fingers over her hard clit. "mmmm,yes. That's it" she moaned and began to grind her pussy against my hand, wanting so much more.
____I moved my head between her legs and took a moment to gaze at her beautiful mound. I allowed myself to drink in the intoxicating scent of her and imagine the taste and feel of her until I could resist no longer. I ran my tongue along the outline of her thong and was rewarded with a long, low moan. I stroked her hips while running my tongue from her clit to the bottom of her honey pot where the juices were beginning to flow and gently soak her panties.
____In a husky voice, she begged me to take her panties off and stick my tongue in her pussy. I used my teeth to pull off the tiny thong. As I lazily dragged my tongue between her legs to her treasure, prolonging the ecstatic agony, the timer went off signalling that dinner was ready. We both jumped at the unwelcome intrusion. She reluctantly closed her legs and sauntered across the room to the kitchen. Much like this morning, sweat was running down my face and between my breasts. Food was the last thing on my mind. Rather I longed to continue my feast between those long, lovely legs. However, I decided to be a good guest and let her make the next move.
____I could hear her in the kitchen. Pots rattling, a cabinet opening, glass against formica countertop . . . My heart was beating to the rhythm of her naked feet on the tiled floor. I didn't want dinner. . . well, I DID want dinner, but whatever was in those pots could wait. I slipped into the hallway, silently following the sounds of her movements in the kitchen. Ice in glass, liquid cracking the cubes, sending them tinkling against crystal. . . and then I was standing in the doorway.
____She turned to me, and seeing the yearning hunger in my eyes, decided it was time to stop playing games. She put the pot she was holding back on the stove. The yellow potholder slipped from her hands. And she came to me. She stroked my cheek thoughtfully, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. And then she slapped me, hard, her smile widening cruelly. "No more games?" she whispered. "No more games."
____I turned my cheek away from the striking hand, but toward the stroking hand, giving a faint and welcoming smile for what came next. "slap me... go ahead... "
____She slaps me again... "so, do you play?"
____Then, she backed me into the livingroom, and all thoughts of my skill, my long-practiced butch moves, left me. She pushed me back against the sofa and straddled me, her pussy hot and wet against my own, throbbing mound. I reached for her, but she grabbed my wrists, suddenly much stronger than she had let on.
____She pulled my wrists above my head and leaned forward, kissing me harshly, her tongue darting into my mouth, her teeth, grazing my lips. She moved down, biting my neck. Down to my nipples, which were achingly erect. She bit them. Hard. Then licked them softly, sucked them into her mouth and ran her tongue around the puckered flesh. My head fell back against the cushions of the couch. She let go of my wrists and ran her hands down my body, squeezing my breasts, down, pulling the straps of my harness into my engorged pussy. "Do you want to cum?" she teased.
____ I look at her wickedly and smile. In an instant, I sit up with her straddling my lap. I roughly grab her by the hair and pull her head back. I begin sucking and biting her neck. Moving my hungry lips down to her aching, waiting breasts. She reaches behind me and pulls my blouse off. Now we are nipple to nipple. I grab her head and pull her lips to mine. As we kiss, I feel her nails digging into my back. I reach my hands between us and start to pinch her nipples. She moans. Now it is my turn to ask, "Do you want to cum?"
____"Yes!", she half moans, half screams in my ear. I lay her back on the couch and start moving up and down her long mocha body. I kiss, bite, suck and feel every inch of her. She moan/screams "fuck", "damn", and "oh,oh,oh" at different times. Finally when she seems at the edge, I ask her "do you want it?"
____"Then come and get it." I raise up off her and stand in the middle of the living room. Then I drop my pants. I pull a condom from the pocket and drop the clothes back to the floor. She comes towards me; looking at me full of hunger. She drops to her knees in front of me and starts stroking my nine inches of Black fleshtone, ribbed prime beef. As she sucks my dick, she sticks her hand between the straps and starts playing with my pussy. I can feel my self coming, but I don't want to. Not just yet.
____I pull the dick out of her mouth and hand her the condom. "Put it on!", I command. She opens the foil and places the rubber on. I walk behind her and drop to my knees. I grab her breasts and start pulling them, while I suck the back of her neck and grind into that lovely ass. She starts to moan/scream again. I place her on all fours with me on top. I start kissing her back, moving down her back to her asshole. I place my tongue in and give her the same fucking I gave the front. I can tell the gurl is about to burst. I raise up slightly and put all nine inches of the sheath in her pussy.
____I grab her ass and start stroking. Baby gurl gets her rythm going and I follow her. I stroke, slap her ass, play with her clit, pinch her nipples and she does that wonderful moan/scream...Until she comes and cums and cums!
____I pull the sheath out of her. She lays on her back and laughs, "That was spectacular!"
____"Ummmhummm!" I agree and start to kiss her agin.
____This time she pulls my head back. "Uh, uh. Your turn...
____That night we tried every move in the kuma sutra and probably made up some of our own. We never did get to eat dinner. Now when I catch the train, I always try to look for her. I don't always see her in the morning. But come evening, it's almost gauranteed we're on the same train.


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