Sara and Velma pushed their way into the crowded subway car. After they got situated, Velma turned to her friend. "So, tell me about this new girlfriend."

"She's not a new girlfriend. She's just someone I've been talking to online--and not like that." Sara rolled her eyes. "You've probably seen her in the Black Lez chatroom, Elegance75?"

"Yeah, I've seen the name but I haven't talked to her. What's she like?"

"El seems smart--we spent one night talking about whether or not Einstien was autistic."

"Nerd attraction! Have you seen a pic? Does she look like a school teacher?"

"Anyway . . . she has a great sense of humor, too. If I had met her in person, like at a party or something, I'd definitely be interested in getting to know her better."

"You going to try to hook up with her?"

"I don't think so. You know how cyberlife, she could be a completely different in person in real life. My beautiful nubian academic could turn out to be some forty year old Trekkie still living in her momma's basement."

"You crazy girl. This is my stop, call me tonight!"

That night, when Sara checked her email, she saw a message from Elegance 75. That made her smile, but she got quite a shock when she read the note: Have no fear. I'm twenty eight and have lived on my own since I was twenty. I have to confess--I used to watch Star Trek until Captain Janeway started crying in every other episode. So, what about you? :)

"Oh shit," Sara whispered. "She was on the train!"

Since Sara knew that Elegance 75 was waiting for an answer, she replied, "I was never much into Star Trek myself. I can't believe that we were on the same train today! You're at an advantage now, though. You know what I look like, but I still haven't had the pleasure of seeing you in person. What do you say we do this the right way and have dinner with me this Friday?" "I would love that," El wrote back. "Why don't you meet me at Cafe Lago at 8:00. I'll be the lady wearing red velvet at the bar. Oh, and by the way, I really liked what I saw on the train today."

I smiled, puffed my chest out and said " Good, I look forward to saying the same. Red by the way is my favorite color, but be warned, velvet is already Hot and if I have anything to do with it, you are bound to get a little more heated as the evening progresses!" Until Friday......

As the week wore on, Sara felt as though Friday would never arrive. She was consumed with thoughts of how Elegance would look, the way she would taste, and the infinite possibilites that lay ahead of them if they clicked. She just hoped that El's beauty was on par with her intelligence. Not that Sara was hooked on her woman's looks, but, damn, they did play a part when it came right down to it!

Friday did come and we decided the day of the date to eat at this new Spanish restaurant downtown. I arrived at seven o'clock and the ambiance of the restaurant just screamed romance. For twenty minutes I was listening to the Salsa music and I was wondering whether this Elegance girl would come and whether she would be all that I dreamed of. Suddenly as I looked up this tall darked-skinned full-figured woman came walking towards me. Her face was that of a African goddess; her lips reminded me of rose pedals ; her breasts even though covered were huge and made me wet, I just wanted to livk every inch off this chocolate beauty. With each step she took her hips moved with the rhythm of the music. And it did not hurt that she was wearing a short skirt and thigh high boots that showed legs that reminded me of a sweet candy bar. When she came to me she said "Hola". For a few minutes I remained speechless and I could not say a word. This was one of the few times I could not speak, I was just amazed that this goddess was in my prescence. She said "Cat got your tounge?", I was thinking something else got my tounge. I suddenly got out of my silence and I said "Im sorry" and I introduce myself. After my introduction, she said her name was Naomi and I was like that is a perfect name for an elegant lady. After we talked for a few minutes, we both ordered dinner and began a conversation that would hopefully lead to something special...

Dinner was delectable, but Sara could hardly eat a bite due to the fact that she was so excited to finally be in Naomi's presence. The woman was tight in all the right places and she had Sara wishing that they were already onto dessert, and not the kind you have in such a public place!

Man, just looking at this nubian beauty before me was sending my pussy into convulsions. We were engged in coversation but I could hardly listen because I was imagining my tounge caressing those soft lips. She stopped talking and looked into my eyes.For a moment, there was no one else in the restaurant except for me and this nubian queen. She asked me what I was thinking. I then asked her did she want the truth or a big lie? She told me she wanted the truth. Now, me being a very exotic person, I just say whatever comes to mind, so I said " I am thinking about you, in my bed, naked, pussy wet and body oiled." The look in her eyes said she was thinking the same thing.

So, after I told her what was on my mind, all she could do was blush. Her beauty had blinded me. We decided to leave the club and take a walk down the busy street. We talked about everything. We then exchanged numbers. After the night was over, I kissed her lips and she returned it. I got into my car and left. When I got home, I had a message on my computer from Elegance75. It read: "You had fun?" I replied with "Yes, and you?" She said "Yes, I had fun watching you with that woman." My mouth suddenly dropped. "What do you mean by that?" I typed. "That wasn't me you were with. I said I was wearing Red Velvet and sitting at the bar. The woman that approached you didn't have on red Velvet. She sat at the bar, next to me for a while." "Well, why didn't you say anything to me?" I asked. "It looked like you were having fun. I didn't want to disrupt your night. And that little conversation you two were having." "But I was there to see you." "I know but you made a mistake." I sat at the computer not knowing what to do. Should I re-schedule the date? But, I liked the woman that I thought was Elegance75. What would I do? "What is your real name?" I asked her. "Selena." "So, what do you want to do then?" I asked her. It took a while before she typed back. "Meet me at Cherri's in the poetry room tomorrow. I'll approach you. You'll know its me." "How?" I asked. She logged offline.

Now I was trippin'! What was this whole evening about, anyway? All I knew was that I felt a deep attraction to the woman who I thought was Elegance and it turns out that it wasn't her at all. Well, I did have Naomi's phone number, but I had to meet the woman that I met online and knew as Elegance 75.

It's Saturday night and I'm sitting in the poetry room at Cherri's. I've passed by this little cafe/restaurant many times on my way to work, but have never actually been inside. I've been seated at a table for two, sipping on some herbal tea for about an hour, scanning the room, looking for Selena, or someone who could be her. There are a few fine-looking women present, but all of them are with dates. Is she really going to reveal herself to me tonight?

Frustration, anticipation and the herbal tea had all gotten to me. So, I decided to go the bathroom to think the situation over. I had to make a decision. Either stay and see what happens or bounce and show her who is really in control. While I was washing my hands a young lady walked in. I was hoping that she was Selena and she would reveal herself;instead, all she did was crack a half azz smile and went into the stall. Wishful thinking!!! I decided to stay a little while longer because curiosity was getting the best of me. As I was headed back to the table, a new poet was about to start her set. She was about 5'6, honey brown complexion, short curly hair, and a deep dimple on her left cheek. She was wearing cropped cargo pants, stiletto boots and wife beater. Having said all of that..I still didn't pay attention to her because I was still waiting on this mystery girl to appear. She was up on stage flowing in that typical melodic style of a poet "I..am..sheee, The ONE that you have been waiting foor...I've peeped you OUT on the subway".....Wait..she's talking about ME. What the f*ck? She has my full attention now. I will not take my eyes off of her until she is sitting at my table. When she finished her set....

When she finished her set, she walked over to the bar and ordered a Long Island Ice Tea. I watched her every move. Her lips were pouty and sexy. Her white teeth glistened as she smiled. Her ample breast bounced as she moved. I could tell she didn't have a bra on. Thoughts of fornication between this girl and I popped in my mind. She's so sexy. She looked at me and smiled. I began to walk over to her. When I reached the bar stool she was at, I froze. It wasn't Selena becuz she had a tattoo on her arm that read "Tabitha." So I walked away, back to my seat. When I reached my table, a 5'5, thick, light brown skinned, sexy Hispanic female was sitting there. "Excuse me Miss, this table is taken." I said. "You've been waiting for me, haven't you?" She spoke with a strong latin accent. "Selena?" I asked. She smiled, "You thought that was me reading that poem?" All I could do was smile at her. She was the sexiest woman I'd seen in a while. She wore a small, spanish looking red dress with tini straps. No bra and her breast were beautiful. Round, perky, succulent. A lot of clevage out. Rotund ass that sat up highly with pride. I sat down and asked, "Are you reslly Selena?" She smiled and said......

When she finished her set, she walked over to the bar and ordered a Long Island Ice Tea. I watched her every move. Her lips were pouty and sexy. Her white teeth glistened as she smiled. Her ample breast bounced as she moved. I could tell she didn't have a bra on. Thoughts of fornication between this girl and I popped in my mind. She's so sexy. She looked at me and smiled. I began to walk over to her. When I reached the bar stool she was at, I froze. It wasn't Selena becuz she had a tattoo on her arm that read "Tabitha." So I walked away, back to my seat. When I reached my table, a 5'5, thick, light brown skinned, sexy Hispanic female was sitting there. "Excuse me Miss, this table is taken." I said. "You've been waiting for me, haven't you?" She spoke with a strong latin accent. "Selena?" I asked. She smiled, "You thought that was me reading that poem?" All I could do was smile at her. She was the sexiest woman I'd seen in a while. She wore a small, spanish looking red dress with tini straps. No bra and her breast were beautiful. Round, perky, succulent. A lot of clevage out. Rotund ass that sat up highly with pride. I sat down and asked, "Are you really Selena?" She smiled and said......

"Yes, it really is me," she answered. "Also known as Elegance 75, if you need more evidence. I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time." We both sat down at the table, looking each other over. Her beauty was breath-taking and I was still trying to figure out how I could be so lucky as to meet two gorgeous women two nights in a row.

Well , we were sitting there conversing for about an hour. When the woman from the other night appears, now i'm "thinking what is going on here?". These two are playing games. When she walks over and says "wazup Selena"....

Selena stands up and gently plants a kiss on Naomi's cheek. The two of them smile at me and I couldn't take it another minute. Without seeming too upset, I asked how do you know each other and Selena explains that Naomi is her best friend. I'm puzzled by their body language and I ask, friends, just friends? Selena confesses, she used her girlfriend to check me out and to see if my intentions towards her were truthful. Being a woman who isn't into head games, I excuse myself from the table and head for the door. Selena runs behind me, but I didn't take the time to stop or look back. I head for home to shower and shake the drama.

As I slipped into my silk black pajamas, I noticed I had some email. Guess who? Selena apologizing for the night saying she would like for us to start over. I'll need to think about this a little more, so for right now, I won't respond. I'm in the mood to relax, so it's candles, the Isleys and a blue tarantula. Just as I'm getting into my zone, the phone rings. "What's up, it's Naomi", now how do I handle this??? These chicks are still trying to play games. Naomi, look I'm not into games so if you and Selena want to play, I'm not the one. Naomi, interrupts. I'm calling to apologize. I got caught up helping a friend out but after meeting you, I really became intrigued. I've never engaged in bi-sexual or lesbian relationship before or ever found myself attracted to women until meeting you. I just can't get you off my mind and I would like to pursue this attraction if it's okay with you?

What's a girl to do, here I have two of sexiest women wanting my attention? I'm not trying to come between friends or get caught up in some drama either.

Naomi, I find you sexy as hell but I can't go there with you right now. If you like we can attempt to be friends but I still have some unfinished business with your girl Selena. What's that noise? Could it be, I believe it is, ol' girl has me on three-way and guess who's listening??? Selena. I'm a woman needing a woman and I guess this time time I ran into two girls so go somewhere else to play.....YOU HEARD ME!! Sometimes when we eavesdrop we hear exactly what we need.

Ring,Ring, I answer the phone but to my surprise, it's neither one of the girls, but my ex. Rae. "Wazup boo?" "Nothin, whatz goin on tiy U?" I say "I was just thinking about u, so can i come over?"

I told her that she could but I was jus tryin to chill, nuthin more. So after about 20 minutes, Rae showed up. She knocked at my door and I answered lookin sexy as hell wit my silk pajamas on. When I oppened the door, she was lookin so beautiful. I hadn't seen Rae since we broke up a few months before and she looked wonderful. She had on a black one shoulder tight top and a dark blue jean mini skirt and black heels that showed off her beautiful, long, strong legs. I invited her in and we sat down on the sofa. "So, how have you been, ma?", I asked her. "I've been fine, and you?" "I've been cool. You look sexy, sweetie! Where are you comming from?" "I just did a fashion show for DKNY. I'm finally doin it, Sara!" I remember when we were together, Rae always talked about modeling. She said it was a great opportunity to get money and meet some sexy women on the runway. "I am very happy for you! I kno that you were the most beautiful women out there! So, what brings you over my way?" asking her hoping that I can see what's under those clothes for old times sake. "I was jus around your neighborhood and I thought that I should come and see how you were doing." We looked in each other's eyes and it felt like we didn't want to stop. I put my hand on her soft thigh and smiled at her. She had the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted when we were together and I was hoping I could taste it again! She smiled back at me and began to say..... but then the door bell rang. I was mad as hell! I got up and opened the door and guess who was there! Naomi and Selena, both standing there in sexy ass dresses and heels. They didn't even wait for me to invite them in. Ironically, they knew Rae, gave her hugs and sensual kisses, and sat down on the sofa wit her. I didn't know what to do!

I stood at the door in total shock as I watched the scene unfold in front of me. What kind of head trip were these women on anyway, I wondered. As I finally shut the door, I motioned to Rae that we needed to talk, in the bedroom, and in private. I knew this just had to be too good to be true. Three super fine and sexy delectable queens anxious to lick and suck my well dry all in the same room, on the same night? Oh no! This smelled too much like a set up to me. When Rae sashayed herself into my bedroom, I quickly closed the door behind her. "Rae, what are you doing here?" I asked angriedly. "I wanted to see you. Is there any law against stopping by to see an ex?" she asked sarcastically as she walked to my dresser mirror and viewed her reflection it. "No. But then again Rae, YOU are the ex! Haven't heard from you since you ran out of here a few months ago half naked with your best friend right behind you! Now, all of a sudden you're here attempting to seduce me and then those fruitloops show up and it's like a friggin family reunion out there or somethin'!" "Look, that incident...you know with me and Pearl...that was so unfortunate and I do regret, not that it happened...but that you were hurt." "Yeah, right. You know, come to think of it, I can see why you and those ladies in the living room are cool. All three of you share a warped sense of reality." "And there are those who want to deny what they want. The seduction that was happening between us was real. It went both ways, not just one. Now, Selena and Naomi used to hang out at the university library all the time when I was working there. That is all. Satisfied?" "I don't recall seeing them at the library. I practically lived there myself and neither one of them ring a memory bell for me. I would never forget a sexy face or body." I searched Rae's eyes to see where her tale was going to take another twist but then decided not to even bother. Rae was the most passionate lover I had ever experienced and the sweetness of her literally drove me wild. But the lies and schemes and cheating was just too much. I knew that if I was to get to the bottom of the situation at hand, I would have to do just that: take it in my hand. I decided to play it their way. I'm only a horny, sexy diva. Not The Virgin Mary!

So, anway I go back to my room after talking to Rae. And I thought about what I was gon do. I went out to the living room, and asked all three of them to come with me.

It was obvious that I was fighting a losing battle. It was no coincidence that Naomi and Selena kept appearing in my life and I no longer had it in me to question why this was happening; it just was! I led all three of the sensual ladies into my bedroom, saying, "We're all here for one reason and that's to have a good time, so let's not waste another minute talking." Since I had made the decision to go through with this, I wasn't going to hold back. I intended to experience each of these women tonight to my satisfaction...

"Actually, I just brought Selena over here so she could talk to you." Naomi said. I looked at Selena and she smiled sweetly. "Well, I should go." Naomi said. "Me too." Rae said. After both of those sexy females exited my room and the front door, I sat next to Selena waiting to hear what she had to say. "Sara, darling, I'm sorry. I was just afraid that you could've been some kind of psycho. You know a little girl like me has to be cautious of those things. I'm sorry if I upset you." I look at her beauty and the sincerity in her eyes. "You should know by our conversations that I wouldn't hurt you. We've been talking online for 8 months." "I know Sara but you never know these days. I do like your style though. I've told you things that I haven't told anyone." "Really?" "Yes, and thats a good thing. I want to get close to you." She slides closer to me and puts her hand on my thigh. I look at her breast, sitting up, begging for me to speak to them with my tongue. "How do you know Rae?" I ask, still wanting to know. "Rae use to mess with my cousin Pearl." "Damn, her best friend." "Yeah, her best friend. Sara, enough about them. I just want to get to know you. I like you. Its no crime in that." "But what about Naomi?" I asked. "What about her? You know nothing about her. Are you feeling her?" She asks. I stare at the wall to get my facts and lies straight. Should I tell her that I want to taste Naomi's pussy as much as I want to taste hers? Hell no, that wouldn't be right. Should I lie? No, thats not my thing but I AM single and they can't get mad becuz I'm with neither one. But I'm feeling them both. "No, I don't like her. Like you said, she and I don't know one another. At least not like I know you." She slowly pushes me back on the bed and stands in front of me and slides down her little, tiny blue dress. I lick my lips, ready to taste the essence of a fat, sweet, Hispanic pussy. She slides her thong down and slides her finger inside herself. She moans softly. She sticks that finger in her mouth. My pussy throbs. She slowly climbs on my face. I wrap my lips around her clit. Her hips start to thrust. I suck it hard. She moans and squeezes her nipples. I then slide my tongue inside her pussy. She starts to fuck my tongue. My door opens and I see out the corner of my eye, Rae with a video camera. And I feel my pants unbuckle. I hear Naomi's sexy chuckle. Naomi climbs on top of the strap that I already had prepared (I had it on), just in case some shit like this would happen. She starts to bounce. Rae positions the camera and she climbs on the bed and starts to suck Selena's nipples....

I placed my right hand above my head and began sticking my fingers deep into Rae's wet throbbing pussy. "Yes baby" she whispers as she continues to passionately tongue wrestle with Salena. I feel Naomi's sexy body dance to a rhythm up and down as she moans and groans with exotic pleasure. " Sara please fuck me!" Rae scream out. At that moment I motioned for Namoi to lay down as Salena position herself between her legs. Salena began to tanalize and teased Namoi's hard throbbing clit. At the same time Rae began licking Salena's fat wet pussy from the back while I dove my love rod deep into Rae's pussy. I could not have imagine anything more exciting then having three sexy princesses in my bed. We road the waves of exstacy and erotic passion for hours until we all were of us were completely exhausted. "Where in the hell do you think you are going?" Rae said, cutting her eyes at me in a seductive glance. I smiled and went into the bathroom.

I look in the mirror and give myself props for what just happened. I'm a pimp. A knock on the bathroom door and its Selena. She comes in and closes the door and pushes me up against the wall and we begin to kiss. I let my hands wonder everywhere on her body. She pulls my silk pants down and gets on her knees and sticks her tongue inside me........

My hot still throbbing juicy clit was swollen. I move into a position to were I could feel every stroke of her tongue. "Damn Salena, your tongue feel so good" I moaned as I cupped my hands around her head to draw her in closer. The tension in my body began to overflow as I began to climb that erotic hill of extreme pleasure. "I...am...about...to...fucken....come...YES! YES!" I screamed out, as my body began to quiver and shake.

DAmn, girl! I moaned. I reached down for her, stand up I demanded.."bend that ass over". She obeyed like a good little girl, I got down behind her,"put your leg up on the sink" I ordered! I started to lick and suck on her wet pussy, she moaned loudly as she gripped the sides of the sink,,"damn baby, eat that pussy"..she groaned. I stood up and whipped out my big black dick, and slowly slid it inside of her, first I gave her just the head,"oh, baby don't fuckin' tease me like that"..me always the perfect gentlewoman, did as she asked...I put all 10" inside of her. "oh, shit! she cried. I began to work that pussy out!! I was in it deep! the sounds of her moaning and our skin slapping was putting me over the top...but I wasn't ready to cum yet..there were two more pussies in the next room to take care of,

After I made her cumm, mutiple orgasms, I pulled Naomi & Rae into the bathroom. "Rae, I want you to eat Naomi's pussy." I demanded. And just like that, she was on all fours tasting the essence of a fat pussy. So I then, bent Naomi over and started to fuck her in the ass, all while her clit was being tickled by Rae's thick tongue. Selena came in and started to tape it. All I could do was look at Selena's naked body. So sexy and beautiful. Naomi moaned and purred sexually. My eyes were on Selena. It was something about her. So unexplainable.......

To be continued?

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