The Longing
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I stared dead ahead as she walked past. I looked at anything not to look at her. Seeing her perfectly shaped waist and butt, and the way her tight black trousers outlined her little mound, was driving me crazy. I prayed that she or anyone else had not noticed me staring at her from time to time. I did not know what i was going to do to quench the torment that i was feeling each time i saw Anita. I tried to focus as she asked me something about a client, but her sweet scent hypnotised me. I reprimanded myself as she walked away, but i still secretly hoped that the big bag that she was carrying this morning meant that she too would be taking part in the free gym session organised by our manager. That would give me a chance to see more of her.

Just as i was stuffing my shit into my locker at the gym, who should run in looking all flushed but Anita. "Did I miss the warm up?" she said out of breath.

"No, but you better hurry," I said. Yeah hurry up so I can see that ass working, I thought to myself looking over my shoulder at her changing. I longed to stay and watch her.

During the gym session I could not help but to look over at Anita. I watched slyly as she wiped the sweat from her chest as it bounced from her activity. Her firm juicy butt worked my mind as she worked the stairmaster. I couldn't take it anymore. I left the gym and went to get changed before someone noticed me staring at her.

it was my dear friend angela, she asked if iw as intersted in talkin to her? If so she could hook us up,I accepted

the offer to hook up with this woman I had been admiring from afar for so long. So that night Anita and I agreed to hang out. We decided the best way to get to know each other was to just talk, rent some movies, and have drinks at my place. So we agreed to meet that night around 7. I still couldn't believe this was happening although I tried my damndest to play it cool. After work that night I rushed home to prepare dinner and pick up a bottle of wine, Anita was bringing the movies with her. The hours seemed to tick by so slow by she arrived and to say she took my breath away would be an understatement...It was obvious that our eyes spoke words neither of us could bring ourself to say..We were attracted to each other and she had had her eye on me as well. I invited her in and we both sat down on the couch,and no sooner than I could say would u like something to drink, she gently touched my face and kissed me

Her lips were the sweetest I'd ever tasted. I allowed her tongue to explore my mouth...I was on fire for this gorgeous woman. After the kiss I finally gathered my wits and made myself get up to set the table for dinner. She offered to help but I knew that if she rubbed those beautiful breasts on me one more time her fine azz would be the "dinner". We enjoyed our meal and the conversation that accompanied it. We talked about everything, trying to keep away from the topic of me wanting to taste her sweetness. Finally the inevitable moment was upon us, I sat next to her and felt the heat actually rising from her lap, I slowly slid my hands onto her thighs and before I could stop myself

I hands were rubbing the top of her thighs, as i leaned into a kiss. She did not ressit. The kiss got deeper and I coudl feel the heat rising from me. Her hands were on me my hands were on her. Rubbing her back, rubbing my back, soothing my neck, kissing her kneck. I slip further down until she was half way on top of me on the couch, i wanted to feel her closer. We kissed like hungry animals, tasting , enjoying and going back for more. I odn't think i kised anyone for so long with so much want and force.

I moved my left leg under us and my right leg stayed on the ground, so my legs were apart and she slid between them. I swaer there was steam coming form our bodies,because the intimate contact of her body even with clothes on sent me into a blaze. I moved my hadn down to her ass and rubed and squeezed, mmm umm... like soft yet firm hommade bread. As we kissed she began move, her hips were rotating and her mound was grinding into me. I felt IT get moist, I wanted release I wanted to stop the building heat that was rising from between my thighs to stop and just feel myself let go. SHe moved down my neck sucking ans kissing. This woman knew wht she was doing. I was like jello in her arms I gave myself up to her each time she pulled away only to come back again. I took both hands and pushed her into me closer and I began to move my hips up to grind in to hers. With all this movement, we were now more half on the floor half on the couch, so i left my self slid to the floor, while she was still nibbling my neck and now rubbing my breasts. My nipples get tight, then hard and I wanted her to lick and suck them. Now that we were on the floor she was totally on top of me, grining hard and deep into me and mee to her. We were kissing again and I began to to cream, i felt it hot and hard like when i wa alone and enjoying myself. I could not believe it I was getting release from kssing and rubbing? what the hell was this about? WHy was I feeling this way, I go to have this woman. But, not here and not this night. If a kiss could lead tothis then, shit I wanted the whole shabang. I wanted to take my time and please her... not to mention get to know her. Ooops that is what tonight was about after all. After the first ripples had flowed through my body i felt a little bit more sane and calm and I began to let the kiss calm down. Let our bodies, relax. I stopped the movement of my hips and released my grip an those sweet ass cheeks.

We cam up for air and she looked like she had felt the same thing I did. No words were spoken, we simply layed in each others arms, entertwined and watched the movie that was on.

Anita... the name rolled off my tounge... I wanted her to roll off my tounge I could not concentrate I kept thinking of her. Thinking of the hot seen on the couch/floor, that was yesterday. Now it was work time and who could think of work. I wnated to sleep with tha woman on so many levels. I wanted to get inside her and feel her and see what makes er tick what makes her rock and moan and cream and flow all over the place... wheww take it slow , take it slow.

I smile at her as she walks past and my head drops a little as if she can tell what i am thinking and i want to tell her meet me for dinner, have me for dinner and me you. But in stead I say hey , how's the day going? Fine she says and I am tingling form her voice. How are you feeling after the work out and all? WOrk out? what...? Oh the gym i think to myslef... I feel a little tight.. i guess I tell her.

She stops and says so you wanna do someting later? Whoa! what does he mena by something? Anita, we need to talk I say. But not here, you going out for lunch? Maybe we should talk then.- Ok I totally agree... Im taking lunch at 1 today, meet me at Sams' lata Celi.

Well it was 1 pm and I was at Sam's home of great Soul food. I made sure i got there nice and early so I coudl get a table and watch ANita walk in. And there she was, her thighs bounced as she walked, her breasts jumpa little. I saw brothers looking at her, they way I did as she walked through the office. -Hi Celi, she said. Hi Anita. Ok Celi look before you start, i want to go first... The other night was like better than heaven it was hell cause it had to be sinful to do what we did. I am feeling you and I can tell your feeling me. I do have some basic ground rules. I dont sleep around, I don't do the two timming thing. I want to wait to sleep with you, why cause I want to know it won't be just about sex. WE work pratically together and once sex gets involed thigns can get complicated. I would like to stay professional at work. It hard enough to get respect as a woman, we don't need the drama in this white man's world. I want to also make sure that Im not sleeping with you because you make me hot, but because i feel something for you and you for me. Ok Ive said a lot,but I wanted to just put it out there. Well dam I thought what is left for me to say? "Ok Anita, look I feel the same way, I like my job and I like you too and I don't want anything to ruin either one. I am not seeing anyone are you?" SHE shook her head. I have no children. I live alone and both my parents are alive. I have slept with men. I have slept with two women. I have not slept with a man in 7 years. Ye sas you said I am feeling you, BAD! I mean just kissing you takes me there, that's serious chemistry girl, BUT! I do want to see what else is there you know...? I..." The waitress came. WE gave her our orders and after she left we were silent. Anita leaned in and said so are we on for tonight? I want to hang at this new lounge I heard about. I smiled, "Yes we are."

She told me she also had no children, she had slept with a man a year ago and another female up until 3 months ago. He mom knew about the woman, but her father did not. She had a bed breakup with the woman she was seeing.(Kelly) Kelly had cheated on her with not one but two women. I felt like dam I got to be careful, she going to be expecting the same thing from me.

I quickly told her no give me a chance and let herself not bring kelly crap with her to our new friendship. SHe eaid she would try. We made plans for that night. I ran home, showered, brushed and put on a black body suit. I worked hard on this body, time to show that off.

I showed up 15 minutes early at the lounge...and there she was in these tight black pants that made her ass look like a c and a white blouse that accented her beautiful breast. "Damn I have to have this woman" She came over and kissed me on the cheek. There was a poetry reading tonight and this brother was off the chain. We sat there and enjoyed the poetry looking at each other from time to time probably thinking the same thing.

Dam, I must say she was lickable, take it slow with her looking like that.

Hell why is God doing this to me? this must be a test.

I listent ot he brother speaking, and at times he faded away, i clapped when others began to clap and played the role of a person tha was listening to the persons on the stage. What i was doing was observing, watching her as she laughed and clapped. I liked her lips her neck and well let's just say the child was blessed.

we left the reading and just walked and talked and it felt good to get to know her and just be together. It was cool no pressure and we did have a lot in common. When the night ended we kissed each other for at least a half an hour and it was the same. Hot intense adn left me wanting more. But we pulled a part

and went back to our lonely beds. For the rest of the month we went out and did a lot of making out in each other's car. One night I was ready to go for it I was ready to just go futher i wanted to see her like i never had, in an orgasm. I decided i'd test the waters i opened her blouse and slid her breast out of her bra. then I tounged her nipple circling and lapping at it. She pulle d me tighter and was rubbing between my thighs I sucked harder. i opened my legs and let her hand go futher. THen i moved to the next breast.

"Anita, awww, please stop we got to stop." SHe leaned into me and kissed me and then we were at it again. I dont know how but we were able to stop. Scince the first night at my house watching movies we were never alone in each other's house. Until tonight. "Let's go inside." "Are you sure Celi?" "yes I am, if you are..."

I felt like it was my first time. I was nervous and anxious. I did'nt know wha texactly what would happen. "Let's take a shower..... together." Anita began to undress me and I let her without resistance. In the shower she bath me like a mother bathign a child and I carressed and scrubbed her and massaged her exploring her from head to toes as she did to me. I learned she had a tiny mole on the back of her left knee. She had small strech marks on her things like I did. She shaved IT, into a small triangle. She needed to change her nail polish, just like I did. She had a sensitive spot at the base of her right ear. She bent down in front of me and nugded for me to open my legs, she then rubbed the cloth against me rubbing up into my slit and leaving a soapy trail in her path. The rag moved over that tiny bud and sent chills though me.

I let my head drop back and savored the momoment.

Before I knew it, she replaced the cloth with her tounge and then her lips closed around me sucking lightly and then her tounge circle my little sweet spot. I almost lost my balance. I moaned deep and openned my legs wider, welcoming the pleasure tha she was giving me. It was as though she was also getting pleasure form her actions, as I moaned, and wiggled, she moaned and increase the speed of her movements. My legss began to shake and my moans became higher and faster. She was putting it on me, but I had to stop her before i feel on top of her. "anita Im going to fa... ah..ll, my le..e.gs can't take it.

Thank goodness she heard me and stopped. She stood up slowly lingering on my breast slowly sucking the right then the left. I felt like I was in a movie, becaue she was not saying a word she was simply doing. We finished rinsing of and she took my hand and we went to the bedroom. Tha's when I took matters into my hands so to speak. I wanted to slow this down I wanted to gain some control, I wanted her to feel like she had just made me feel. My pussy was already mosit and hot form that tounge lashign she had given me, but I was also a giver and nothing go tme going more than making a lover cum over and over

Kissing and touching all the way to the bed. I intende on pleasing her but she was determined to finish what she hda started and i had no complaints. She layed me down and stood infront of me with this look of wanting,longing, and loving. She then dropped to her knees and began to kiss around my wet spot, licking and smoothing her fingers over and around my spot. I was moaning for her not to tease me but it felt sooooo good finally she stuck her tongue deep inside of me. I tried to hold back the moans but i couldn't escape the feeling of ecstacy surrounding i kept saying "Oh yeah baby that's a ten that's the way i like it oh yeah" she continued to go deeper just when i thought i was about to climax she stops and starts teasing me again. She wants me to beg and i was prepared to do so but as soon as i said "Baby plea..." her tongue massaged my clkit sending me to levels i never thought were possible she hit the spot. "Oh Anita yes baby oh yes...oh shit oh this feels too...go..od to be" my bodly then shakes and twitches and i know she feels my nectar overflow her soft written tongue. She cleans me up with her tongue and moves back up to my navel then sucking each one of my nipples with such force i felt as though i would cumn again. Just as i was ready to start moaning again she stopped and told me to turn around cause she had a surprise for me. Now see i'm freaky but that shit surprised me but at this moment i didn't care what she did cause she had brought a whole new world to my light...

Just like a child, i obeyed and turned around. Anita sat astride my back and started licking right from the top of my neck downward. Geez, his was sending electric shock down my spine. She continues down tantatively until reaching the top of my ass cheeks.Was i in the clouds already or what? Without as much as touching my ass, she continues with her tongue between my ass."lift up your ass for me baby" 'said Anita', who was I to argue. I did as she instructed and without much ado, she started licking my clits from underneath. my body started to shake with intence pleasure, Anita sences my pleasure and increase the pressure on my pussy nobb, sucking and flicking and locking it till i yet again exploded with a scream. With my hole dripping and creaming all over, Anita continued to lick and tongue fuck my pussy.

Even though I was almost exhausted from the vigorous assault,I still found strength enough to flip her onto her back violently. She looked at me with a look of shock in her eyes as I climbed off the bed and rummaged around in my handbag. "What's up?" she said sitting up. "This!" I said turning around and holding up a blue strap-on dildo. She laughed until tears came to her eyes as I strapped it on and danced around the room. "What are you going to do with that!" she said getting her breath back. I climbed up onto the bed, pushed her down and said "Baby, I am gonna hit yo spot!" "Ooooo Promises, promises." she said as we began to kiss. I fondled her soft breasts and licked and sucked her rock hard nipples. I kissed every inch of her smooth stomach right down to her triangular shaved cream donut. I spread her legs wide and began to lick her burger from top to bottom. I tickled her little clit with my tongue, I listened intently as she moaned softly with each stroke. "I'm ready!" she gasped trembling with desire.

"Good," I said with equal desire. I worked my way back up, kissed her on her neck, and whispered, "You ready?" She nodded and propped her legs up. I slid into her slowly, relishing the feel of her body under mine. "Ohhh yesss", she hissed as I steadily increased my speed. "You like that?" I asked. "Yes, baby...ohhh yes," she responded. "Give it to me!" I kept up the tempo, the dildo was stimulating my clit. Feeling myself about to explode, I said to her, "Cum with me baby....cum on." Just then she begin to tremble and I knew it was about to happen. "Oh yeah," I grunted, feeling my stomach muscles jump. "Oh damn!" I exploded just as she gave a shout. I rested atop her, and we felt our breathing return to normal. "Thank you," she said in a small voice. I kissed her on her forehead. "No, thank you baby. Now lets rest up for round two." We laughed together. "Goodnight," she says. "Great night," I responded.

Anita's mobile phone rang jolting us out of our dream world. Anita grasped around sleepily and picked it up. "Hello" she answered, her eyes still closed. She was silent for a second and then sat up suddenly as though a thousand volts had gone through her, swung her legs off the bed and ran into the bathroom, taking the sheet with her. I was well awake by now. My heart was beating as I listened to her whispering in the bathroom. Occasionally I heard snatches of her conversation as she almost shouted and then self-consciously lowered her voice at the caller. Someone seemed to want to meet her. Curiosity got the better of me and I just could not help but move closer to the door in an effort to hear more. Just as I got close, Anita shouted "For God's sake Kelly!" I stood there open mouthed as the bathroom door swung open.

To be continued?

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