Nubian Cinderella

started by
Ms. Ashley

Dana walked in the club, anticipating her night of dancing with some of the most beautiful ladies in the Midwest. She stopped and glanced at the room. Wall to wall women. "Pussy heaven," Dana thought to herself. She walked over to the bar and ordered a Cosmopolitan. A sexy, medium length, chestnut complexed female walked next to Dana and sat down. She ordered a Bacaradi Limon, with ice. She smiled at Dana. Dana was blinded by her beauty. She'd seen millions of gorgeous females but no one held a title to this one.

"Hi, how are you?" the female asked. She'd noticed the glances Dana were taking out the corner of her eye.

"I'm ok and you?" Dana said with a smirk. "Great. My name is Katrice, what's yours?"

Dana was delighted that this female was even talking to her. "Dana. Nice meeting you, Katrice."

"Same here, Dana. I like your name."

"I like yours also. It fits you." Dana smiled.

Dana and Katrice sat and talked for the longest time. She was interesting to Dana. Dana noticed how pouty her lips were and that special movement they had when she spoke. She noticed Katrice's body language. Every now and then, she would open her legs to feel a breeze of fresh air to stay fresh. And she would cross them to look sexy. When she laughed, she would put her hands on Dana's thigh. They danced for a while. Katrice really knew how to work it. She put her ass on Dana. It was rotund and soft. Just right for grabbing.

After dancing for about 30 mins, the sat at a booth and talked some more. Dana was happy to have met someone so sexy and to find out that she was intelligent, that made her day. About 2hrs later, Katrice told Dana she had to go to the bathroom. Dana waited for 20 mins, she finally broke down and went to the bathroom. She looked in all stales and all she found were to girls making out. She had been ditched and she was upset about it. She'd found the right one and it went wrong. She would do all she can to come across that girl again. Her Cinderella, Nubian Cinderella......

I thought a bit more about Katrice and realized life was too short for that so I head to the dance floor. I'm feeling the song that comes on, one of my favorites ... soooo I'm doing my thang and such and BAMMMMMMMMM just like that .... dang I must have closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them, there she was, Katrice! I just look at her and smile, close my eyes and go back to that place I was within before. Not sure whether she's gonna stay and dance, I continue swaying to the music. When I look again, Katrice is there swaying to the music. She sees me looking at her. She steps in very close, and and says, "Did you miss me?" "I came back and saw you dancing." Then she lightly kisses behind my ear. Ya'll know what spot I'm talking about. That one that sets off your senses -- like when you strike a match, but the match does not light.

Hmmmmm it's like when u close your eyes and the slightest breeze whispers down your spine. Shhhhh baby close your eyes imagine me my tongue being that breeze. I think Damn that girl has skills and I thought my Rap was smooth. This particular night the DJ was Yala one of my former beauties and she knew that I was on the prowl so with a small nod and a wink Mary J was soon crooning Give Me U through the sound system. I explore Katrice's sweet sexy nubian body with my hands and gaze into her eyes that she constantly tries to close I whisper"sweet baby just let it go u know u wanna baby listen to the song feel me feel us and give me u baby just you. She relaxes and wraps her arms around my neck whips that long thick tongue out and says how do you know me so well when we've just met i'm not so sure about this but somehow I know that if I don't explore these feelings we'll both regret it. But there's something that u should know first........

I'm a freak. I like it in all different types of styles. If you can't keep up with my flow then we're gonna have problems later on tonight. Is that cool wit you baby? Cuz I really wanna feel you, taste you, and sex you to the heavens. But you gotta be willin to take it there with me. Is that okay wit you?

Did she say that.. hummn that's music to my ears. You see when it comes to freakin I don't think women actually understand freak until they meet me. So as the dj is ending out the song I asked her if she wanted my number or not. Since she said she was a freak I had to start with her mind. She said she would like to exchange numbers a little later. I told her that I had some business to take care of tonight and held my hand out. "What's it gonna be girlfreind??" You see Katrice was is beautiful but so am I and I know all the lil control issues beautiful women have so I decided to stick it to hard at first. Dana , "I'll give u my number but u have to use it purposefully" I gave her a cute wince and said" always". With that we exchanged numbers and I turned around and left her at the club. Two days past and I couldn't stop thinking about how sexy Katrice's ass was how rotund how fat. "Damn I'm horny, I decided to call her.... Telephone rang three times to many before girlfreind picked up I know she had to have caller ID. "Hello", Katrice answered. "Hey wassup" "Wassup, who is this?" Ahhha a player , that is something I would do just in case.. I laughed and said this is " The woman you have been dreaming about" She answered "Dana" I said u know it.... We chit chatted for a while and it was getting late I had to get up to the office tommorow to finish my budget so i had to finish plan A sooner than later.... I interrupted her mid conversation , she was commenting about some recent episode of girlfreinds... "So did u think about me since the other night we met? Katrice said" Yes Dana I just keeping thinking about that slow dance.." I said" Ummmn yeah that slow dance u was smelling so good rub your ass all over me making me wet" Katrice answered, Oh i wasn't sure i was doing it right I didn't get the reaction I'm used to".. Oh is that so. yes it's so she said and a sweet kitten purr of a voice. I said ummn sounds like somebody is horny over there. She said I stay horny. Yeah. And after you caressed my body all over i keep feeling your touch all over me.... Ummn all over you ??/ Katrice was falling right into my plan. You see I wanted to see just how freaky this girl could be so I had to start off with her mind. I told her I wish my hands were all over you right now. I told her the thought of it makes my nipples hard. She told me I was making her wett... I told her i couldn't wait to see her again. I said wow Katrice I wish I didn't have to work so early in the morning and you live so far. She asked why? And I decided to go innocent on her: I don't know I just wanna see you. She said: Oh Yeah I wanna see you too. I asked her, "Can you do me a favor" She said yes," I said tell me what your wearing?" She said a black thong and a white wife beater no bra. I told her that I have on a bra and a pair of boy shorts. The line went silent. I said hello, "She answered yes in a lusty voice. I asked her what she was doing. She said playing with her kitty. I said wow I didn't know u had a pet? She said yeah I do wanna hear it I said yes. Meanwhile on the other side of town Katrice is Sprawled on her Ikea designer Sofa in a wife beater that says Spoiled on the front and a black thong. Her hands are slowly massaging her pulsating mound. This woman Dana was really getting to her. Her pussy was sopping wett. She put the phone down to her pussy and begin to flick her clit back in forth. She was in ecstacy. Dana could hear the sounds on the other side of the phone. She couldn't beleive how wett this woman was...

As Dana could hear the sounds of this girl's pussy, she couldn't help but wonder what ould happen if she was there. So Dana decided to take a chance. "Katrice, would you mind if I came over there for a while?!" Katrice slowly said yes as Dana could tell that she was at her climax. So Katrice gave her directions to her apartment!! It was about a 45 mintue drive before she finally arrived at her apartment complex. Dana found Katrice's apartment with ease. Dana walked up to the door and knocked twice!! Katrice came to the door in a wife beater and a black thong with spoiled across the front.....

mhmmmm girl, you look sexy as hell...c'mere

Damn you feel good, i know replied Katriece as she led me over to her couch. "would you like a drink, or anything?" No, I don't want anything but you I replied to her, can i have that. Katrice looked at me with those sexy brown walnut eyes and in the most body chilling voice said if you can get it. Now why would she tell me that? I mean I aint the type to just go out and wingding with anything, But please believe me when I say that whatever it is that I want......I'm gonna get it. But instead of ruining her moment of trying to tease me with her words of seduction. I simply asked her to stop what she was doing and come to me. As she walked over to me my pussy trembled with lust as I stared at her thick ass thighs.When she got close enough for me to touch, I reached out, grabbed her waist, and told her softly, "the question is not if I can get it baby, it's if you can take it." and with that I kissed her on her forehead, laid her on the couch and began to show her, what the real meaning of Ladies night is.

As I started my art of seducton, I could feel that she had already started to tremble. I knew that that pussy was mine. Oh the smell of her made me want her even more. I decided not to waste any time, for she was in for a long night. I let the tongue move her.

The wet, warm feel of her made me excited. She had no idea of what I had in store for her. I stopped, for her mind was in a daze. She looked at me "No don't stop!" she licked her lips as I kept going. Her hands slowly moved around on my head. I could feel her pulling ever so lightly.

I could moan and mewl like a cat almost whining at the intenseness of what I was doing to her. My tounge kept pushing and teasing and twisting itself around her clit and her responses made me so horny that I grabbed her ass so that I could put my tounge deep inside of her. She was pulling my hair trying not to scream as her body bucked and rumbled. " Ooooh baby that feels so good you're going to make me cum, your going to make me cum," She said. I pulled up just as I felt her body about to tense up and said "No baby I'm not ready for you to cum yet. You cum when I let you. And So I continued to tease and prod, using my finger to massage her from the inside, Yall know what I'm talking about. Her pussy was talking to me and I did not want her to cum because I wanted to do this all night. By the end of the night I had her begging me to let her cum, pressing my face all into her pussy. So I commenced to bringing her to an orgasm that made the neighbors come knocking just to make sure she was all right. Hot juices just spreading like lotion.

I had to continue with my mind game, so when I finished, I started to get up and leave. You know. I had to keep the upper hand. "Where are you going?" Katrice demanded. "Home, baby. I'll holla," I said with a smirk. "Oh, hell no," Katrice said as she grabbed my arm and threw me to the couch. She lay her body on top of mine and brought my arms above my head. She bent down and gave me one of the deepest kisses I'd ever had. The fullness of her lips totally covering mine. Our tongues slowly entertwined and sucking on each other. "Mmmmm. You're a pretty good kisser," I said. I didn't want to let her think she was all of that, but damn. She was. I expected her to blush and thank me, but she just smiled that sexy smile of hers and began to pull my shirt up. She kissed my already hard nipples, lightly at first, but then harder. She pulled my nipples into her mouth, hungrily, and gently bit them. That almost made me cum right there! I didn't want to punk out, so I had to calm myself down. "Do you know what you're doing, girl?" I ask. Again, she just smiled and lowered herself even further. I can't believe this chick has beaten me at my game. Any other time, I would have served a woman and left before the drama even had a chance to start. But for some reason, I couldn't get up. I guess I really didn't want to. Feeling Katrice snatching my shorts down brought me back to reality. Mmmmm, agressive. She smiled as she looked down at my shaved pussy. I believe in being as smooth as a baby's bottom. She went right to work. She ran her long, thick tongue over my outer lips and then between them, parting them slightly. She began to lick harder. I was already so wet that there was plenty of pussy juice for her to enjoy. She began to moan as she parted my lips with her hands. She licked at my clit and then pulled it into her mouth. She sucked on it harder and harder. Then she put one finger into my pussy and began to slide it in and out slowly. The combination of her sucking on my clit and the finger-fucking was about to take me over. She started sucking harder the moment she stuck in another finger. She rotated her wrist and began to moan even louder. I almost thought Katrice was enjoying it more than I was. She must have known that I was close to cumming when I lifted my ass off the floor because she started pumping her fingers into my pussy faster and sucking harder on my clit. I began to tense up and my pussy began to contract around her fingers, but she didn't stop. She just kept sucking and fucking, driving me over the top to multiple orgasms. When I couldnt take it any more, I grabbed her hand and pushed her head away. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard.

Umm the harder the kiss the more my pussy ached for her. She said baby wait i have something for you . I looked to where she was going still tasting her sweet juices on my face still at awe as to what she has done to me. She goes to this cabnet and opens it up and they lies a strap and i said oh no you arent going to use that on me. She grins as she removes it from the shelf. Oh no baby i want you to use this on me she said in a low sexy tantalizing voice. Again my clit jumped. I then thought oh hell yea im gonna fuck the hell out of her tonight. I asked what she has to make it clean. She took the strap from me and disappeared into the bathroom. Boy, i was thinking im in love with this shit here. Damn i hit the jack pot!She comes back and she asks me to put it on and i say yes to her sexy ass. I pfew times then i return to a gentle pace. She is now beggin for all this dick i have her for her. She is moaning and whimpering Oh baby this feels so good fuck me harder ummmmmm. I said damn baby we got all night and bent her over. I wanted to hit it from the back just slightly enough to make her want it and me more, as all the thrusts begin to make her moan louder, I pull back. I hit it hard As she is pushing back into me with all her thrusting i noticed she is playing with her clit and that makes me ever wetter. I then turn her over and procede to get ontop of her and fuck this beautiful woman like she has never been fucked before in her life. As im stoking, thrusting in and out she yells , she moans, and she scratches my back! I bleed but it didnt bother me cause im so far into this pussy. As im hitting her g spot she grabs me tight and we groove to a steady beat as i let her juices cumm all over my dick! As she came on my dick i know her pussy needed more attention, so i then opened babies legs again wide and went straight for her clit. Tastin all of the juices that she ahs to off, my tongue flicks fast around her swollen clit, Her bach arches and she moans for me to let her go to that place she has went to before.The faster my tongue flicks the harder she begins to fuck my face and i am so damn delighted that this mami can handle her business, Her pussy tastes so damn good to me i wanna just drink all of her juices. UMM UMM UMM. She gets there her back raises, she screams and moans more as her beautiful body raises and then she brings it all home to daddy!!!

The End?

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