First Time

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Nia M.

At 22 (I know late bloomer), I have always known I was a lesbian. And on the internet, I would visit many websites and flirt with women in numerous chat rooms. However on this Friday night I was tired of being online, so I decided to go and venture out into the club life. Dressed in my favorite outfit which was a red cacique bra and panties, tiger print dress, hooker type boots, and a desire to have some fun I entered into my first lesbian club.

The club had a very good atmosphere. People were dancing and the dj was playing some hot music (Sean Paul-Gimme the Light). However the music went silent and the people were distant when I started to look at the pool table. There was this 5'10, dark chocolate beauty , leaning her entire body over corner of the table trying to make the perfect shot. Just looking at her ass made me wet. After the game was over I walked toward her and she looked at me and started to smile. I asked her could she teach me how to play pool (for starts anyway), and she said yes.

As I walked over to grab the pool stick, I watched her body move to the beat of the music, and I visioned us together in my bedroom with the same motion. "Ok...so are you ready to learn?" she yelled to me over the music, I had to snap back into reality and respond with a "yes" that made me sound unsure of myself. She walked over to show me how to hold the stick, and I could feel her body press against my back, thighs, breast, and all. I got wett just from the thought of it.

Even though it was a first, I kind of figured I was doing something right becuz she kept smiling at me over my shoulder. I needed to know her name. "What is your name?" I asked with curiosity.
"What should it matter? I'm just trying to teach you to play pool." I could see that she was a hard to get type chick but it was cool, if a challenge came along with getting some, then I was up for it.
"I just wanted to know who my teacher was. Is that crime? I don't think it is."
"Jayla is my name. But call me Jay."
"Ok, Jay, I'm Briana. Good to meet you."
"Yeah, same here."

After a few lessons of pool, she asked me if I wanted to sit, I told her "yes" so we went and sat at the bar and she brought me a drink. We talked and she asked me if I was with someone, I told her "no" becuz I wasn't. When I asked her, it got kind of difficult.
"We aren't togther but you know, we are like, separated. Well, we haven't talked. She is too much a little girl."
"But you love her?"
"Yeah, I do, we've been togther for a while but I like my cake and eat it too."
I took that as in she wasn't the faithful type but I didn't care, we were just talking, well, at that point we were. "Do you see yourself being with her forever?"
"No, she's not the type you want to be with forever."
I looked at her, "And what is the type?"
"The type that is inexperienced." She put her hand on my thigh.
"How do you figure that I'm inexperienced."
"I can look in your eyes and see how amazed you are just by talking to a 100% lesbian."

I couldn't believe that she had came at me like that, even though she was right, I was amazed becuz it had never happened before but what the hell, it was a start.....

I guess she could tell by the amazed look on my face that she wasn't wrong, because all that fallowed after that was laugh, a laugh so sensous i knew this wouldn't been the last i talked to her. I took the last sip of my drink when she suggested that maybe we should get out of here. Her sexy, mesmorizing voice told me that she shouldn't have to ask me twice, she was the one playing hard to get at least i thought but i decided it wasn't going to be me. So we left the club and headed for her car and all i thought as i got in was this is going to be some night.....

Already, this overture had forbidden written all over it. She had a girlfriend and although I was new to this it seemed like dyke drama. But I was craving, yearning, desperate for something more than a sexuality that existed just inside my computer laptop and inside my head. I had to separate the reality from the fantasy of whether or not I was in this bar to fall in love or to free myself from my lesbian virginity. And we all know that falling in love can bring more heartache than its worth. It was almost like Jayla was reading my mind because before I could resist, her large soft hands that once gripped the wooden pool stick had found itself buried deep between my legs, her fingertips tenderly playing the soft dewy parts at my entrance. My heart started to race, my body started to shiver as Jayla moved in closer to me, running her nose against the length of my neck, her fingers feeling like fire between my thighs. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

She reached up and unzipped my dress, as she began to very lightly lick and nibble on my breasts. She had the softest touch I had ever experienced, she made me want to scream from pleasure. Jay then grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. Her room was like a scene from a romance movie. There was a soft blue light that lighted the room and the room carried a scent of roses. Jay told me to lay back on the bed and I very willingly did what she commanded. She whispered to me, in a slow sexy growl, that she wanted tonight to be very slow and sensual for me. I then felt her tongue gently slide over my lips and then into my mouth, her tongue tasted like warm sweet candy that would just melt in your mouth.

As the moment grew more intense I started to relax. This is a feling I will neverforget. I started to feel a rush going through out my body that took my mind on an adventure of desire. My body exploded with pleasure as she grabed my thighs tighter towards her firery tongue. Finally, I had the chance to kiss her body and find her love garden to smell and suck on her throbbing pussy. After we played with each others body and talked about ouselves.

"You just expanded my horizons. I feel really good."
"I'm glad you do. But I have to get to work in the morning so I'll take you back to the club so you can get your car."
Briana was upset that she had to go so fast, she wanted to lay there and have a night full of conversations with Jayla but she had to respect her wishes.
"Ok, well, hopefully, we'll talk again." Briana wrote her number down and she went to get in the car. When they got back to the club, Briana got into her car and left. As she drove away, she thought to herself....
Was it worth it? She played me, I know she think she did but hell, who cares? Me, I do. I felt kinda connected to her. I hope she'll give me a call, if not, I guess I'll just have to move on, it was just a FIRST TIME.....

by the time she got home, Jayla already left a message on her answer phone telling hear how she would love to see her again. briana slept that day with her pussy throbbing and her clits unable to relax.

after work the next day, she found herself in front of Jayla's door and to her surprise, there was aanother lady right by the fire place. "good timing" Jayla said as she planted a very sticky kiss on briana's cheek. briana's snatch tingle both with excitment and confussion as she made her way in through the entrance.

The other woman she will latter learn is a work colleage w hom Jayla had been fucking for sometime. Lolo, the other woman, worked towards where Briana was seated, and without as much as a word, placed on long leg on the sofa beside briana to reveal a very clean shaven puffy pussy. 'wont you have a munch' she said with a wink. biana, with her heartbeat doing overtime looked over at Jayla, who gave her an encouraging nod. biana reached up and with her index finger, pulled apart lolo's puffy pussy lips and stuch her tongue between them. 'ummmmmmmmmmmm' moaned lolo, 'that is what i'm talkin bout' bianna responded by pushing her tongue further upward and twisting it as she tasted lolo's juice. flicking it wildly in and out, lolo began to scream, holding on to the back of the sofa so as not to loose balance. just as biana sence that lolo was cumming, she felt a worm hand strocking up her tigh and towards her panties. gladly she parted her legs and in went a very wet pleasurable tongue. 'that feels verrry goooooood' she exclaimed. up and down the tongue went, with each stroke sending electric sparks down biana's spine. forgetting about lolo's pussy, biana closed her eyes to enjoy the good sensation that was been given by the experience tongue working its way on her clits and in her pussy. biana experience something she had never experienced before. she exploded with heavy spacism which seem to have lasted for eternity. to her surprice, jayla was seated at a far end of the room watching the whole scene, while the person with the talented tongue was another total stanger who came in while biana's head was buried between lolo's thighs.

Briana was having her fun. She was enjoying the circus goign on in this room. The hot heated sex and enjoyment

But at firt she was confused, what happened what was Jayla doign? What the hell was she into? It seemed that in a small space of time she had been initiated into another aspect of sex. THe feel was great when she thought it was Jayla, but now she was uncomfortable getting off with a starangers tounge makign her as wett as Jayla did. And why was Jayla looking so fing hot sitting over in the corner watching her. Jayla looked highly aroused, she looked like she had came so many times.

Briana slowly came out of the spasms that had rocked her body. Her breathing slowed and she moved out of the twist of the other two women around her.
She walked over to jayla.
"SO miss thang, you like me friends?:
:why did'nt you warn me tha there was someone else ?"
"so that you coudl turn scared on me? I wanted to let you let go and just feel sometimes when we stop and think, we get scared. Why be sacred?

Briana started to think to herself. "Damn, how many first times could there be? And how could she do this to me? Even though I liked it. She could've asked."

But then I thought to myself what the heck it was a great experience. As I gathered my things to leave this pussy orgy . Jayla interrupted and said we arent through yet !! She said I wnt to see u bent over so I raised my already short skirt and let her lick between my cheeks . Jayla was saying in a muffle this is the best tasting asshole I;ve had in a while. I was screaming with pleasure as her friend came underneath and licked my throbbing clit it was so good I could bearly take the pleasure . I wanted to taste pussy so bad I pulled lolo into my face and tried to suck up all the juice she was quenching me with . then Jayla lubbed up a dick and slipped it in my pussy as her friend licked my clit and she worked the hard cock in and out . I was saying to myself I never want to leave this pussy fest

After it was done I could never forget that day I was broke off. a week had went by and I hadnt heard from Jayla I wanted to grace her door again but was to timid . I was just going to wait until she called me even though my pussy was throbbing for her and her 2 lil friends . After a long and horney week . I was getting dressed for the night I slipped on my thong nd then a tight fitting black dress . This night I could give jlo a run for her money . I was headed out the door when the phone rang oooooohhh!!!, it Jayla she asked was I busy I said no. She asked If I could come over for A drink . I said yes . I flew over . when she came to the door she was damn U look good . We went in and I seen a glass sitting there and a purse I didnt question who was there but the anticipation was killing me . the woman came out the bathroom it was lolo looking like a stallion in a red cat suit. I was ready to strip . Just then Jayla said let me see ur underwear I giggled and said ok revealing my black thong she was like will u take it all off and dance for us I was nervous but I have a great body . So I start to dance and then she said make it clap so I try . then lolo comes form behind and rubbs my nipples I turn around and take her dress off now we are both standing there thongs and high heels we kiss then I suck her hard nipples. Jayla comes and licks between my big cheeks . We all lay on the floor and Jayla gtes the strap on and starts fucking me hard then lolo sits on my face riding it fast. I wanted to taste Jayla so she passed the cock to lolo who was fucking me form behind while I tasted Jaylas sweet pussy

Jayla is moaning is turning me on so much I cum all over the cock but I couldnt stop I still had a few left up in me . I wanted to cum over and over. Jayla says I want to capture this moment so she pulls out the camera not a polaroid a video camera .Im getting turned on by the camrea I want to use to cock on lolo I wanted to see her ass shake so I fuck her from behind once I started it was so much pleasure watching her big ass bounce . She says I want to ride it so she climbs on top and rides like shes in arodeo. . Jayla is sucking my perky breast . we kiss and I taste my pussy on her lips . I had to say this was the best experience of my life nothing was better than this

So i thought at the percise moment my body started to shake uncontrolably from another enthralling orgasm. I was dizzy, I stumbled as i tried to stand up. Damn, how did I go from fantacies to making love to real women. Now i understand why i am drawn to the mystic of black women. After that night I decided to give Jayla a rest, at least for a little while. It had been a while and i was missing the feeling that only another woman could give me, so i got dressed in this short tight (but not too tight) white dress. Damn im not braggin but damn, i look tight, i said as i walked out the door. I was a little tense, how will i respond if "they" are there.To my suprise noone there was familure. I sat at the bar ordering my second Hennesssy and coke when the most sexiest woman i have ever layed eyes on was standing right next to me. I couldnt help but imagine the things i would do to her if i had a chance. When she looked at me i recognized a familure kind of look. I t was the same one i had once had the first time i came to this club.

I moved toward her and asked if she wanted to play pool. She said, "Yes" and asked me if I would teach her how.

I was the one to make a move I coudlnot believe it I asked her to play pool. Is'nt this the way my whole initiation ot pussy had begun? Never the less she was really a quick learner or did not need to be taught how to play. After the first game, she said "If I get at least one ball in on the first shot i get to kiss you." Who was I to argue this woman was fine and know I knew she wanted me--- hell yeah!
"ok that's a bet." Pow went the stick against the que and three balls went into pockets, my mouth went dry, this woman was hustling me. She knew how to play. "Ok Miss, I see we know a little somethin." She walked across the table and said, "A bet is a bet so you ready?" Yes I'm game a bet is a bet, I raised my galss and took a sip, as i put my stick down. I tried to relax, mu pussy started to pump. She looked at my breasts and then right at into my eyes. "I said a kiss i did'nt say where." Oh dam I was in for it I thought I was chasing her, she caught me. Pussy pumping went into over drive, I coudl feel it geting moist and the heat rose form my pussy all the way to my neck. "ok what did you have in mind?" "Let's get a hotel room for the night, that way we can both be on neutral ground. I like the way you are wearing that outfit. and I want to see what you look like out of that outfit. So you game?, we go half anf half on the room. "Ok" I said almost in a daze. I wanted to fuck this woman. SOmething about her confidence and the way she carried herself said sexy. "let me ask you talk to you first, let's take a walk." We moved towards the front of the lounge are to a table and two chairs. "So do you have someone, male or female you are involved with? Do you have children?" what are you looking for? Okay here is the deal, Im not a lesbian exactly I like dick to I have had three female encounters, and been with four men in my adult life. right now im single and you intrigued me and you make my pussy tingle if i must be honest. I like the smell of a clean looking female I like the way she feels, next to me and I think you woudl feel good next to me and me next to you. what do you think? Im open to seeing each other."
"Well ok thank you for being honest." Dam i thought she spoke her mind. " I dont know where this will go, but im willing to see where tonight goes. You turn me on, I got to admit that." Im not a pro but i aim to please if you are pleasing me. I know Im a Lesbian, i just have not found the right woman. How old are you? Im 22, I live alone and i have no children no pets except for a small fish. I dont do drugs and I hope you dont either or lets walk way now." "Are you done?" she said "yes" "what's your name? That is not what i ahd expected her to say at all. "briana--and yours?" "Jada, pleasure to meet you and i agree withevrything you said. No drugs here and i think i have not found the right one either." She smiled, she had nice teeth and a smooth face, I wanted to kiss her her and touch her breasts. I wanted to feel her breasts on mine. Looking at her was making me cum. My knee shook under tha table and bumped her's. "are you nervous Briana?" " no" "You sure, what are you thining about?" " I think you are beautiful" "Thanks, let's get out of here.

We left, the lucky thing is there was a nice hotel around the corner. This was a busy tourist area and people were still out and about. We talked and strolled to the next block and crossed the street. We both agreed that we would not rush this if the other did'nt want to. After talking to her I wanted to get to know her I wanted to see her again. It was different with here, not liek Jayla she wanted sex and kinda used me for ammusment. But Jada made ma want to talk and go ut places and get to know waht was under the outer layer and i meant more than what she looked like in a bra and panties.

We decided to get the honeymoon suite sort of a celebration of two womyn united for one cause. Jada is in front of me as we walk up the stairs to the room. I cant help but wonder how she tastes and smells. She opens the door and looks back at me with a smile," Are you coming in or are you gonna stand there and stare," I smile a little and walk in she sits on the bed and pats the spot beside her and then uncrosses her legs seductively and I notice that she has on no panties and is shaven with only a triangle remaining. I was so excited that I almost stripped right there, but I wanted more to see just how much she wanted me. So instead of sitting next to her I stood in front of her and leaned in to kiss her slowly.

I could feel the urgency in her tongue. Gently I began to simulate penetration with my tongue. I grabbed the back of her head and rolled my tongue and in a slow sensual motion began to go in and out of her mouth as if penetrating her full lips. With each thrust becoming more forceful. I could feel her body relaxing as Igently released her head I began kissing my way down to breast. To my surprise Jada had already started unbuttoning her blouse. "Briana, do you like to watch? "Yes!, I replied a little to eagerly.

As I sat down on the bed she rose and turned her back to me and began to undress. Her movement was slow and deliberate. Once she was completely undressed she turned around and put one leg on the bed and stuck her finger in my mouth. She was so close I could smell her spicy scent. After I sucked her finger she then removed it from my mouth and began to rub her erect clit in a slow circular motion. I was so excitds as she began to move her hips to increase her pleasure that I struggled to free myself from my cloths.

I finally freed my self and crept to where she sat on the bed..We began to kiss again and this time I was not stopping. i made my way to her breast once again and she was so wet now that I could smell it. The sweet nectar of her body. She monaed in my ear and made my pussy throb. Finally Imade it to her torso and just savred the moment at first before I kissed her thighs. I slowly ran my tongue over her wet pussy still not fully tasting it. It was driving me crazy. I continued to kiss and tease until she buried my face in it. It was on and it was not about to stop. The taste of her sweet nectar was all over my face and it was warm and sweet

The End?

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