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Even after all these years I still haven't stopped thinking about Shamari. Strangers became friends, friends became lovers and we wouldn't have it any other way. From a distance we looked like that classic pair of inseperable friends you always see in the movies but we both knew it was much more than that. Most people would chop off their right arm to have a relationship like ours. If you add the fact that this dark chocolate beauty had a sweet lookin face and body that would make Naomi Cambell jealous, people would chop off both arms to have what I had.

Despite the innocent appearance of it all, every now and then we'd sneak out of class and get a little freaky in the locker room. There was only one problem there. Baby girl was just a little bit loud. In case anyone walked by we would make it seem like her foot was painfully stuck in the shower drain. I remember it like yesterday. "OH...it's out..." It worked for a while but eventually people began to catch on. We didn't care. In fact it became a local euphemism. "Wanna get your foot stuck in the drain?" Everyone thought we would end up living in the same house and being buried in the same grave. Even we thought so...that is until graduation day. That was when we went our seperate ways.

Saddened though we were, we lost contact with each other. But I would still go to that same seaside grill just to think about her and saying to myself, "I wonder if she does this too." I thought Shamari was gone forever until one day right after that usual thought in my usual spot I actually saw her.

"Hey gal. Long time no see". she said to me as soon as she got a glimpse of my face. Damn! she looked sexier than ever. She wore a tiny white dress that showed off clearly her perfect shaped ass that was barely covered by a tiny black lace thong. Surely i missed sucking and biting that sweet black ass. Her 36 d cup tits showed off clearly from her low cut dress and my pussy was dripping from lust. "Shamari where have you been all this time? i missed you boo." " you know i've been studyin' in ucla." " what subject?" "well, you can say that you're staring at a teacher now." "wow that's great". we sat there talking and doin' some catchin' up until the sun came down. the moon gave a special glow to her huge brown eyes and i wanted her soooo bad. " wanna take a walk on the beach?" she asked me with a soft sexy voice. "sure i said" as she took gently my hand and we started walking. we took off our shoes and walked barefoot on the warm sand. At some point we stopped walking and she turned towards me as she put my face in her hands. She leaned forward and kissed my lips with her thick juicy chocolate lips. i kissed her back as i held her very close to me. i could feel her heart pounding out from her chest. i ran my fingers through her waist long black hair, and then started stroking gently her firm hard ass. i laid her down on the sand and started kissing her neck. i shove my face between her tits and then started licking there in between. i nibbled on her shoulders and removed her straps with my teeth. i started licking her face as i stroke her tits and pulled out her nipples. those hard, walnut sized, chocolate nipples that kept growing bigger and bigger... harder and harder. i went down to her belly button and started licking it with lust as i kept playing with her nipples. in a very hasty movement i went up again and started biting her nipples as she screamed with lust and started swetting. i threw her dress away and ripped off her thong. i placed my hand gently on her clean shaved pussy and started stroking it gently. she then oppened her legs widely for me and her sweet pussy-lips parted, showing off her wet clit. oh my god she was dripping. her fluids formed a little pond between her thighs on the sand. i started kissing her soft pussy lips, then i licked them softly. she kept playing with her humangous nipples as she whispered "eat me... come on baby... hmmm...i was waiting for this for soooo long...hmmmmm... yeah baby... hmmmmmmmm...oh yeah... eat my pussy", she kept saying this as she lifted her pussy closer to my face. then i really broke out and shove my tongue into her pussy. i worked it out as i twisted and turned it around in her. her fluids were all over my face and i enjoyed the taste of her juices. i went up to her and she started playing with me. i put my hand on her ass and pushed her towards me. our pussies were brushing one on the other as i fingered her ass-hole. we were both dripping... i played with her nipples as she played with mine and we kept kissing. as we were lying there together on the sand, we promised never to leave one another again, and promised that we would always be together. in the morning we woke up in each others arms and went home together. she moved in with me and now we still live together! THE END!!!

The end alright. The end of all my lusty nights with other women in my life. What the hell was I thinking? Yeah, the pussy was still as good as I remembered back in school, but damn, this was one pussy. I'm used to several pulsating pussys of all flavors dripping their juices into my waiting mouth. Damn, just mentioning the word flavor makes me think of my boo, Reyna. This hot, thirst-quenching, J-Lo. booty having, european diva I've been seeing on and off for about a year. She lives in London doing her modeling thing, but she makes it to the states every couple of months and we hook up. Damn, just the thought of having to give all that up for Shamari is a little nerve wrecking. Now what in the hell am I going to do?

She had just called and left a message on my cell phone that she was in town. As much as I loved Shamari, the mere thought of Reyna's pussy made me forget any committment made. I called Reyna and set up a time to meet her in the bar of the hotel she was staying at. I felt a little guilty about not even mentioning the relationship I was in with Shamari. But then, we had been growing a little distant lately. After dressing meticulously and giving myself a final once over in the mirror, I was off for a night of passion. I got to the hotel a few minutes early and selected a table that would enable me to see Reyna enter. Having ordered a drink, I sat back, relaxed and sipped as I waited. And waited. And waited. An hour had passed and Reyna had not even called. Irate, I rose to exit, my cell phone began to ring. It was Reyna. She apologized for standing me up and explained quite hurriedly that something had 'come up'. She said she would call me the next day and hung up. Now I really was irritated. I went to the front desk and inquired as to her room. The clerk being new provided me with the information without reserve. Once at her door, I could hear giggling. This was the last straw! I knocked shouting 'room service'. The door opened almost immediately and to my surprise I was facing a very flushed, towel clad Reyna with a very embarrassed and very naked SHAMARI lying across the bed in the background! As quickly as Reyna had opened the door, she slammed it shut.

Just Like that!!!! Awww, this is bullshit. I know I've been set up -- but set up for what? Never one to loose control or "let 'em see me sweat". I step awayyyyyyy from the door. I turn, walk to elevator and get in. When the door closes, I open up and let it out. AHHHHHHHHHH, HELLL NO. NO SHE DIDN'T. If there is one thing I can't stand, and Shamari, as well as Reyna, knows this -- is for someone to slam a door in my face. I get my shit together and the elevator hits the ground floor. Now, I'm 'bout to find some solitude -- a place where i can go over all this shit. My mind is racing like a Jaguar opened up all the way. Gotta figure out my next move. Nothing better for gathering your thoughts than a nice slow walk. So I stroll and strut, and stroll and strut. My back begins to relax and the tense feeling leaves my shoulders. The strutting allows me to stretch my limbs. Yess. I can feel my muscles relax. Now, I'm walking with stride and strut in sync. It's working. Thinking, yeah, I thought I wanted flavor. Shit!! I done tried to mixed the wata's and now they running hot and deep. This is some shit!! Images replay across my mind. My woman stretched across the bed, butt-ass naked. How the fuck did she get there and when. How long has this shit been happening. Dammn!! Reyna just got back into town. The just like that BAMMMMMM! The cell phone msg. I forgot to erase it. DAMMMMMMM. But shit why the fuck is she in 'da the room naked and shit. The whole scene replays across my mind, though I'd onlyyyyyyyyy had a quick look. My Boo looked as luscious as always, not a hair out of place. HOLD UP!!!! I know my Woman, when she's been getting her freak on she gets wild and nasty. SHIT! She could not have been fucking Reyna. Those luscious curls were still in tact and there was no sweat glistening on her hot cocoa colored skin. HMMMM. Only one way to find out wassup. So, I turn and strut back to the Hotel. Before I get there, I pick up two dozen orchids. Yah. I know what to do for this here situation. I have the Clerk wrap 'em each separately. And I continue onward. Not planning a thing, but to let nature take its course. Whatever!! But I do take a moment to talk with the Clerk one in the Hotel. He does me a solid and calls upstairs. Miss I've a flower delivery -- the messenger is on his way up. He hangs up, I slap him five (actually) twenty for the solid. Good looking out, I say. And step off. I'm in the elevator now. I check myself out in one of the mirror-covered walls. The walk has done me well. No stress on my face. Not only am I looking good to go, my senses are heighten by all that has happened. Thinking about the two women whose bodies I know and have tasted in all its juicy splendor has made me horny. But first I've got to handle this shit and see wassup with Shamari. DAMMM! I fucked up. Now I've got to handle mine. I reach the door and knock; of course the two dozen orchids are blocking my face. Shamari opens the door. I move the orchids kind'a expecting to see Reyna. YESSSS!!!! (thinking SHAMARI) She's fully clothed and ahhhhhh those luscious curls. I look deep into her eyes and with all my soul. I say, may I come in Boo? She says nothing. Awwwww Dammm. She leaves the door open,walks to a chair and sits down. OKAY!!! I step into the room and I see Reyna sitting across the table in another chair. I place the orchids across each of their laps, of course, Shamari first. Now we must talk..... We've been talking for about an hour. I explained to Shamari how I felt about being with Reyna tonight, not being sure about making love to just one woman, but that I did love her and was "in love with her". I got up and prepared some drinks for us. Yeah. There.... I had said it. Actually, Shamari had planned the whole dammn thing. Except for me walking away and not kicking that damn door down. She even knew about Reyna all the time from some talk being talked back in the days. She had called Reyna and let her know the deal -- that we lived together and that this was not gonna happen. After I had spoke to Reyna to set up our hook-up, Reyna called Shamari and schooled her. Sisterhood. Little did I know more was to come. The three of us are sipping our drinks and the aroma of the orchids is filling the room. Ahhhhh. Niceeee. I'm beginning to feel kind'a mellow. Reyna stands picks up the orchids. Well since you feel for variety ..... she tosses the orchids all over the bed. Some fall to the floor. Then Shamari pulls her dress over her head holds it out arms length and drops it to the floor ... Woman what 'da fuck you doing, I scream. I jump up and step to her. She runs fingers through her hair and smiles -- NOT WITHOUT ME -- NEVER WITHOUT ME!! She says this so sensuously and licks her lips. I turn around and Reyna is stand -- but wearing nothing but a thong!!

What's the matter Boo? You said you wanted flavors right, variety is the spice of life is it not?

I turn back to Shamari, I could not believe what was happening here. What exactly was happening? As if I had asked the question out loud... Shamari wrapped her arms around me and gently kissed me on the lips. At the same time I felt Reyna press up behind me...whispering in my ear "What's the matter you scared", "Can't handle it"? We're gonna give you some spice you'll never forget!

My mind began to race, I had had a lot of wommin but never 2 at the same time. Scared "Hell No" I wasn't scared, but did I want to share Shamari with Reyna? The question I had to ask myself was, Is this 1 night of pleasure going to be worth it in the long run? Would this night jepordize our relationship or would it make it better? I had to think fast because these ladies were working on me from both sides and I knew any minute I was going to be at the point of no return.

Shamari started unfasenting my clothes and Reyna started peeling the layers of clothing off of me. I had to admit I was enjoying this treatment, guess you know what decision made.

Shamari and Reyna stretched out on the bed on top of the orchids...

Reyna in thong and Shamari, purely naked. YESSSS. I look at Shamari and she spreads her legs open. HMMMM. My Baby. She wants to be here. Her pussy is moist and her skin is glistening with a little sweat. Not only am I about to share HER with Reyna. I must appreciate and remember she is sharing ME with Reyna. Enough thinking!! I run my fingertips gently up the inside of Sharmai's legs -- starting at her calves. I caress them a bit firmly. Then kiss them -- one leg then the other. I nibble the back of her knee as I raise one leg -- then with her foot on the bed, I do the same to the other. HMMMM. From the knee down to her thigh, I nibble and lick with the tip of my tongue. Ohhhhhhhh. Reyna has reached over and is gently massaging my neck. I shiver as her tongue trails down my spine and reaches my lower back -- my clit is throbbing. My back arches and my ass rises. I reach that crease between Shamari’s thighs and luscious mound. HMMMM. My plump, peach... licking that crease – Shamari moans, sensuously. Uhhhhhhhhh. Yes Boo -- I feel ya. I move to the center, rub my face against her pussy and inhale deeply. My head swoons just as Reyna slides the tip of her tongue over my asshole. I shiver Awww ya! Reyna places both her palms on my ass, squeezes ’em together, spreads ‘em apart and slides her tongue in a little bit. DAMMM. She pulls my clit into her mouth and is work'n it. Shitttttt. I gently flick my tongue on Shamari's clit. The essence that has gathered in the room is intoxicating. I lick my Boo’s pussy slow and lovingly, swallowing all that flows from her. Hmmm. So goood. Shamari’s hands are caressing my head, the back of my neck. She's feeling my tongue and I feel her pussy calling for more so I increase 'da pressure. Yeahhh. She loves its and starts grinding and pulls me closer. I give my Baby what she wants -- more pressure. Shamari moans loudly and grinds sensuously as she cums into my mouth. As always, this makes me hornier. My legs spread open more and Shamari sucks my pussy into her mouth, slides her tongue into the hole and back out again. In, out, in and out. Ohhh OHHH. I can feel my clit stretch out and my back arches again in xtasy. Yesss, and I continue to work my Baby strongly. She raises my head and looks at me. My face is moist with her nectar. Shamari licks her lips -- let me taste what you love so much. I slide up and on top of her -- Reyna does not miss a lick -- she moves in sync with me. Now she's licking between my ass cheeks and I'm shivering. Shamari licks my lips and pulls my tongue into her mouth. I tongue her deeply and now I'm moaning. The moans come deep from within my throat and flow into Shamari's mouth. She knows what time it is ... I raise up ... a gasp escapes my lips I call her name Shamariii. Some luscious way I'm on my back and Shamari is between my legs. Yesss. They are working my ass. Shamari slides her finger into my ass, which is moist and open wide from Reyna's tongue. Reyna straddles my face and starts a slowww, winding grind on my tongue and I eat her pussy, which is dripping. Reyna moans loudly. I shiver. SLAPPP. Shamari has taken her other hand and is sensuously slapping Reyna's ass. Reyna shivers and Shamari straddles my leg. She rubs her pussy up my thigh then back down. SLAPPP. AHH. Again I hear her moan and talking yes Baby. Never without Me!! She slides up my thigh again and back down this time she stops grinds her pussy on my knee. Reyna moans as I eat her pussy then start to suck her clit. I reach my arm around her and slid my finger in her ass she moans and SLAPPP. Shamari works Reyna’s ass well and at the same time grinds on my knee. I can feel the nectar flowing. But shittt, I can barely hold on to my own juices much longer. Shamariiii, I moan My Boo. She's there. Just like that. I come into her mouth and all I hear is her swallowing my cumm -- slowly sucking. Sliding her tongue into my pussy I cum again and I can feel her suck my pussy with open mouth. HMM. SLAPPP. Reyna shivers and starts cummingg. Dammm she's cumming. I'm gulping her juices. Yesss. My legs are trembling now. It’s hard to keep from dropping all the way down onto Joi's face. Shittt. I never had an orgasm like this. Shamari’s slapping my ass has heightened all my senses -- i'm tingling and flowing. I move from Joi's face, barely able to move. Yesss. Shamari is working Joi's pussy and it looks soooooo lovely. She is really "in love with Joi" and the way Joi called out her name I know she's "in love" with Shamari. I lean over and kiss Joi's lips. Hmmm, I taste both of us. It's delicious and I want to taste Shamari's essence, I say to Joi. Joy nods and I go where she's not let another. See Shamari was Joi's virgin. She opened her to this world of xtasy -- she was Shamari's first lover. I move behind Shamari, she's still grinding on Joi's leg and she lets my tongue take over. I suck her clit giving it flicks with the tip of my tongue then pressure until she starts shivering. Shamari's pussy is sweet and juicy. Hmmm. Moaning, Shamari's pussy opens wider and I slide my finger in and continue to suck her clit. Shamari comes hard and I hear her say, JOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and Joi says, YESSSS BABYYYYYYY. I shake cummm again. We're all laying here now -- the three of us, each essence intermingled with the scent from the crushed orchids. Shamari thinks, never without me. I think I'd love 'em both anytime -- anywhere. Joi smiles at us both and asks, when is the next Reunion?

Shamari laughs and looks at Joi. I stand up and look at them both and say,"We'll talk about that later we are just getting started. I pick up two of the orchids that fell to the floor. I walk to the bathroom and turn on the water in the Jacuzzi and pull the stems off of the orchids and drop the in the water. I then stick my head out,” Ladies the water is getting cold why don’t you two get in. Oh and bring the heat.”