Hot Fun In The Summertime

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One hot summer day in July, my sister and I attended an annual Beach Party. The beach was full of hotties, eye candy for any and everyone's taste. I watched, flirted, smiled and holla'd on occassion at my pahtnahs when spotted.

As the event was coming to a close, we walked to our vehicle, ready to go back to the house to get dressed for the even hotter party. Then I spotted her. Gorgeous features, big pretty light brown eyes, full luscious lips, pretty light brown skin, and what was sitting atop her legs below her torso was the sweetest roundest fabolous ass I had seen since Janet Jackson in her younger years. She was walking with her equally attractive girlfriend who was a full sized woman but no where near fat. Nice thick thighs, pretty face, long flowing hair.

I had to holla cus although I had seen alot of pretty women at the beach party, none caught my attention like these two. At this point either one was worthy of at least acknowledgment. So I step to them both, smiled and said, "Hello gorgeous ones, can I come with you or you wanna come with me?"

They both smiled and said hello. Then my sister spoke up, "You ladies are looking wonderful this beautiful sunny day, did you have a good time?"

The thick one said yes, the thin one with the ass said, "it was ok." I looked at her, told her she should have been with me, she said maybe.

My sister and I headed to our ride but the vehicle we were riding back in was full. I spotted ol'gurl again riding in a red drop top camaro, flagged her down trying to get my ride home hustle on. She was a little hesitant but finally gave in and my sister and I climbed in the back.

We rode in silence in the back seat ... listening to nothing but the faint radio station and the wind passing by. I thought to myself " this sistah is too fine, she should be with me."

Finally I decided to break the silence and asked the fine one, Yvette if she was going to the party later. She and her friend Dana confirmed emphatically that they would be there. I ask Yvette if she would save me a dance. She said sure. Dana and my sister started hitting it off and Yvette and I exchanged eye contact in her rear view mirror. She knew I was gonna holla and I knew she wanted me to.

So we get to our destination, get out of the car and I step to Yvette. I am strong in my approach but gentle. I asked her if she was seeing someone, she said no, but I got the feeling that was not true. She ask the same and I said yes. She just looked at me. I ask how old she was and her reply shocked me cause I am a cool 12 yrs older than she, but hell my back is working fine and I am no stranger to putting in work. I could tell that she was shocked when I told her my age, mainly because I dont look my age, and probably because I didnt back off. When I see something I want, I go after it. My current gurl and I were not vibing and I knew that it would not be long before our relationship hit the final frontier. So i figured babygurl and I could begin our journey.

I grabbed her hand and headed out on the dance floor. The D.J. was blasting "Sean Paul" over the dance floor. Yvette was smelling so good and her smooth skin felt good against mine. I leaned into her closed my eyes and let the rythm take over me. She moved as if the song was written to the curves of her very own body. I was falling hard I knew very litle about this woman. The only thing that I was sure of was that I wanted her and she was going to be mine.

We danced bodies close for what seemed like an eternity before Yvette said for us to get something to drink. I was feeling like I was on cloud nine. Yvette just had something going on and I wanted to make sure I would be the one to get some. She handed me a glass of what looked like punch and we sat and chatted about nothing important but just listening to the sweet sound of her voice made me wet. All I could think about was putting my tongue in her mouth and sucking in her sweet juices. "Did you hear me?" Yvette asked a little annoyed. "No I'm sorry what did you say", I answered feeling a little dumb for not paying attention to her words but paying more attention to her mouth and body. "I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place after the party and chill for a minute or two?" I was like "yes" but tried to play it cool. "Sure, if you want me to I would be more than happy", I said. Now I know I will get a chance to tap that ass I thought.

So we were on our way to her place and I could think was "damn that ass will be mine". I knew what I wanted but did not know if to be hasty about it. We reached her apartment and she lead me inside...

"Would you like something to drink?" "Yeah, red wine would be aight." She took off her coat and the first step she made, I couldn't help but look at her bootie. I sware if she switches her hips again...I'mma grab it. I sat down on her couch and flipped through a Kuma magizine. I felt myself getting wet the time I looked at the magazine. "Here You Go." I took the drink and stared into her pretty eyes. We made eye contact, what felt like eternity, but only lasted a few seconds.

I didnt drink much of the wine as I was still entranced by Yvette so much that I was already tipsy off of her. We chatted for a while and I learned that she had a son by the name of Brian. He was with his aunt for the weekend. I also learned that she had just recently gone through a traumatic break up with what sounded to me a knuckle head. Yvette was in serious need of a new perspective where relationships were concerned. See her ex slept w/her best friend without any regard, treated Yvette like everything less than a Queen. I made up in my mind then that I was not goint to go for the thongs this soon. I would make her wait and myself too. See, I wanted to get to know her, and her know me. So we talked, made out and about 4:00 am, I finally made my departure. She was surprised. She did everything she could to get me to the point of asking if I could hit. And though my mouth was all over her lips, neck and breast briefly, I managed to keep my shit on cool and walk out with her wondering what happened. The way I liked it. See sometimes if you give'em the shit too fast, they dont know how to act. And its always good to let a sista know it always gotta be about sex. But when we get to it, it's gon' be bout it bout it!

After that night for many days Yvette was an addiction I could not get rid of. Just thinking of that night where I kissed her and caressed her (especially her sweet ass) just made me go into total extacy. Furthermore, I remembered she gave me her phone number. I know my mind say no, dont go there she is only going to cause you more drama. However maybe I should overlook the the past problems she had; maybe I could help her get through the pain she had in her previous relationship. And if that did not work hey I would have had a fun time. So I decided to call her and see if our love (or at least sex ) could continue.

"Hello"she answered."Hey sunshine, this is Desean, whats crackin?" "oh hello, took you long enough to call" I smiled. "Been waitin for my call huh?" "Well I wouldn't say all that, but I did wonder what happened" "I just thought I would give you some time to marinate on the possibilty of us." i said. "umph, is that right.Sounds like you the one needing the time." I chuckled, "Perhaps, but so whats up, can we hook up?" "Sure, I wont be available until later this evening. My son and I are going to the movies and after dinner I can call you. Well, if I had your phone number I could call you." The thought of meeting her son sounded cool to me so I ask if I could tag along. She said yes. I picked her and Brian up at 11:00. I thought she was Phyne, hell her son was as very good looking. He was well mannered, dressed in gear I would have dressed him in, and he spoke proper english. I was impressed. He shook my hand and said pleased to meet you. We spent the entire day together and I think I had more fun with Brian than I did with her! Probably because I got on his level and he attempted to get on mine. When we dropped him off at his Uncle's house, before he got out of the car he said thanks for a fun day D and see you tomorrow! That made me laugh and left an embarrassed look on his mothers face. I said "ok, bet".

We sat in my car for a second before pulling off. I could tell that the way Brian and I hit it off made Yvette nervous. She did just get out of a shakey relationship. I looked at her and smiled, "It's cool" I said nonchalantly and patted her thigh, "I won't play games with you...." She smiled timidly and sighed. "You ready for dinner?" I asked her while pulling off. She stared out the window a while before answering. "Yo, baby you iight?" I asked. She turned and looked at me. But this shook me up cuz it was the sinceriest, trusting look I had ever seen, I got kinda scared. "I believe you won't play games, and yes I'm ready but I need to go home and change first." She said with a small smile and turned to look back out the window. We pulled up to her place and went inside. Now see, I had given up on trying to get the ass that first night I hung out with her. So I sat at the kitchen table patiently sipping soda, waiting for her to return. Five minutes later I heard her call me to her room, "Desean, can you come here for a minute?" she yelled from her bedroom. "Sure." I replied, probably needed me to zip up her dress or something. I walked back to her room and the door was cracked slightly, but the lights were really dim and it looked like a candle was flickering....[what the hell?] I thought, but then I started to get wet with the thoughts that raced through my head. I pushed open the door, and there Yvette was, phat ass and all in teddy that looked like it was made just for her. I was floored.

DAAMN was all i could think, then she wispered come get this pussy its dinner time. Nigga like me went to the bed with no hesitation. i started kissing it was a long deep kiss it got me wet as hell. i started to take the teddy of and begin to kiss her neck and then moved down to her breast i flicked my tongue over one while playing with the other in my hand then i moved down to her womenhood. She smelled so good i was in a trans while i was down there. then begain to suck on her fat clit she let out a moan of satifaction which kinda turned me on , she started bucking her hips and going with the rythm of my tongue. i saw that she was about to come so i stop leaving her speechless and wanting for me. Hold on baby relax i tod her, i ha to go and get my friend you know my 9" strap. i entered her and she let out this sexy ass moan i started grinding in and out going deeper and deeper each stroke. she grabed my back forcing me to go deeper i was wet as hell tring to hold back my orgasm. i turned her over and hit from the back she was bouncing her ass on my dick and each time she came back i would smack her ass, i laid her back on her back and hit and started stroking her again.OOOOH im about to cuuummmm ohhhh mmmmmm she screamed then i pulled out and started kissing and sucking her clit then she came her juices we so sweet i made sure i did not let one drop miss my mouth. she lay there still and i came up and kissed her passionately and she just looked at me with that same trusting look and said i think im in love again.

In love again? I'm thinking to myself. Yeah, she did just say that. But I do not panic. I just give her a firm but comfy hug. Holding her in my arms I say, "Yvette,I am more than willing to love you in return. Gently I kiss her again and hold her softly.

Yvette emits a loving sigh and her warm breath brushes across my breast. We're laying interwined and basking in each other's essence. There is an aromatic aroma throughout the room and our bodies are slick from our lovemaking. I inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Yessss. I lick my lips -- remembering Yvette's taste -- and smile. Yvette says, Dsean I believe you and trust in you, and then she smiles. Again we have that knowing eye contact -- like the one in the rearview mirror. My clit starts to throb. But I don't try to answer its call. I want to see what Yvette's state-of-mind is. So I lay there with her in my arms. (A bit of time has passed) I slowly awaken, at first not sure where I am and realized that I had dosed off. We are no longer intertwined and Yvette's no longer in bed. I think, okay what's going on. Apprehensively, I rise from the bed butt ass naked and stretch my body. I call out, "Yvette, Yvette. She walks back into the bedroom smiling and looking Goooooood. Taking in, with my eyes, the way she is moves towards me, I smile. She says, While you were resting I prepared some food and a few surprises, for us to share. Standing in front of me, she slides her two fingers between my breasts, slowly up to my neck and touches my cheek. She's keeps strong eye contact with me. I'm sure I can see the ocean and stars in this woman's eyes. My clit starts throbbing again. Then she takes my hand and we walk ... into the bathroom. There is a pale peach, ceramic bathtub set in the middle of the room. The floor tiles are aqua blue. Encircling the tub are peach rose petals, The water gives off the scent of peach. I think to myself. Does she know me already? I never expressed to her that I care not for bubble baths and loved just a touch of peach gel in my bath water. My pulse races and I smile. All the while feel the throbbing between my legs. The bathroom walls are made of mirror, and I can see her reflection from all directions. Yvette is watching my reaction. Drapped over the lounging couch is an aqua blue silk sheet. I sit down and she stands behind me -- smiling that smile. Gently she massages my neck and shoulders. I murmur, that feels sooooo good. She says, lay down on your stomach and I do. I swear that woman's voice just makes me wet!! Her hands are soft but strong and are hitting all the right areas of my back. I feel weeks of tension easing from my neck and lower back. Ahhhhhhhhh. I release tension from within my body and feel my soul expand. Ahhhhhhh, I say again and again. This release is exhilarating. Something I had not yet experienced. I'm letting go of lot that has been kept within. All the while Yvette is watching my body's reaction to her hands. She is smiling and experiencing my pleasure through her senses. She helps me up and into the tub. The water is hot and exhilarating. My skin tingles at the first touch of water and my nipples harden. Yvette leans over takes my nipple gently between her front teeth and slides her tongue over and around my nipple. Then does the same to the other nipple

My I breath catches in my throat. If not for me lying in the hot water, I'm sure my knees would be trembling. My eyes close and my head slowly falls back against the tub. I'm floating in ecstasy. Her tongues traces the outer rim of my nipples and then slides down to that spot so often forgotten. She lifts my left breast and slides her tongue up under my breast. I gasp out loud. I say Woman that' my spot. My heart is beating so hard so fast. She cups my breast in her hand -- ohhhhh lawwwd. She's doing it again. She looks deeply into my eyes. Smiles, slowly lowers her head (while she closes her eyes) and returns to that spot near my heart. My legs spread open of their own accord. Her other hand slides into the water and down the middle of my torso. My back arches and I can hold it no more. I moan out loud,AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH. Just then her hand reaches my throbbing clit. She gently rubs it with her middle finger. AHHHHHHHHH. She says, not yet luv. I need to taste your cum. I open my eyes as she slides her hand back up my torso and out of the water. I'm thinking, What!! But I just smile and say, okay. Next thing I know she's using a soft body sponge to wipe the beads of sweat on my face. Then she picks up another one and starts washing my body. Now mind you I've been to the brink of ectasy a couple of times and now the sponge is heightening all that I've already experienced. I close my eyes and inhale deeply. The scent of her essence mingling with the scent of roses petals and peach bath gel reaches my nostril. She moves behind me and her fingertips reach my temples. Yvette massages my temples and scalp. Near the lounging couch is a small table, she picks up a terry cloth robe, holds out one hand to me and helps me out the tub and into the robe. I'm thinking to myself, "my woman had never shown me this kind of love". See, Yvette did not know it, but i had finally left my girlfriend. I had decided I wanted to get with Yvette. So I need to be able to focus on her 100. Laughing to myself I thik, well okay at least 50%, a sister has to take care of the rest of her responsibilities. But for sure, I did not want to be involved with anyone else and be trying to establish a relationship of love with Yvette. As I lift my arms to the slide them in the sleeves, I look into the mirror and she is looking at me. She has the sexiest grin on her face. Slowly she licks her top lip and then her bottom. This reminds me of a poem I once wrote and I smile back at her while looking in the mirror. Then I turn towards her and trace the outline of her lips with the tip of my tongue. I can help myself, I slide my finger into the "V" shape formed by her thighs and slide it up to the opening of her pussy. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She is sooooo wet. Then she gasps. I say, I feel that you were enjoy the bath just as much as I have. She say, indeed luv. Then leave the bathroom arm-in-arm. I can't help but glance back at the reflection of her naked ass in the mirror -- shit her ass is badder than Janet's any time and day!! I take my and put it palm to cheek. Oh lawwwd. I love a woman with a palmable ass. We walk back to the bedroom. I'm like dannnng. She moves so gracefully, yet quicly, as replaces the sheets with fresh ones. I think, oh lawwwd. I am in trouble. Yousee this is another thing that turns me on and will turn me out. After a nice bath to lay down on nice crisp sheets. When she is done, she sits on the bed, holds out her hands and says cummm. That is all she says "CUMMMM". Then slowly licks her lips again. As I walk to the bed the robe falls open and I catch a cool breeze across my belly. While standing in front of Yvette, I run my hands in her hair and lift some curls from her face. Yvette surprises me, she slides her finger just like I did into my "V". She is perceptive as well. My belief is that one should give as well as she gets and vice versa. Slowly she slides two fingers inside of me and my back arches and I moan. I look down at her as she slides her fingers out of me. She traces them around her lips and slides then into her mouth. DANGGGGGGGGGGG She looks so beautiful. My knees start trembling. She gently pulls me down to the bed. She whispers, slide back Luv -- and I do.

Then as I lay down,her fingers find their way back into my wet pussy,well...one of them did....the other slides gently over my asshole ever so nicely...DAMMNNNNNNN.....MMMMM.....I can hardly stand it!!! How did she know I like it up the ass ,too? She is fantastic!!! Her finger is lubed by my juices...slowly she works my asshole loose....I start to relax so she can get her finger into me back there. I'm about to go crazy with pleasure by this point. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

As her fingers explored my ass I start getting so wet I couldnít help my self. I just cant wait for her to taste all my juices. But I just wait and see what she is gonna do next; she is sooo good at surprises. She continues to fuck me with her fingers as I moan and groan. She laid me down on my stomach and proceeds to kiss me from neck to toe. I was like dammmmmmmmmm she knows how to work it. I love a woman that knows what I want with out having to say so. She gently nibbles on my beck, works her tongue down my back, lightly licks my crack....this drives me crazy. She kisses my feet and sucks my toes, "shit I done found me a freak, and I love it". At this point im about to fukkin explode and we didnít even get to the main course yet. She puts her hand underneath me and places it on my stomach. She lifts me up from behind, until my ass is all up in her face. She starts licking my clit from behind. I was so wet I could put my juices in a bottle. I start grinding her face, moaning and whispering her name. I canít really touch her in this position so it driving me crazy. I start thinking damm does it get better than this? Iím on all fours and this sexy ass woman is turning me outtttttt!!!! She starts sticking her tongue in and out of my hole. I start grabbing the sheets as if I canít take it any more. She sees this and starts tracing her tongue around my ass hole. She was teasing me and I loved it. As she does this I start playing with my own pussy, shit im so good at masturbating I was about to bring myself to orgasm. But she didnít want that so she turned me over on my back and proceeded to go down on me with a passion. She uses just enough pressure on my clit that drives me fukkin crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! I start grinding her face and we were both in synch with each others bodies. I canít take it any more, I tried to hold back as long as possible, but this was the last stroke. I start gyrating on her face and she sucks my clit. I feel an explosion thru out my whole body. I came, and I came hard. My legs were shaking and my heart was racing. It felt like the best nut in the world. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i thought. I screamed her name as I looked her in her eyes. I knew this drove her absolutely crazy. She came up and gave me a long, deep passionate kiss. I felt as if I was on cloud nine. We cuddled and held each other until I fell asleep.

The End?

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