My Little Secret

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I use to see her behind the bar looking "Oh So Fine", but I always admired from afar. Being that I was a married woman my lady kept me satistied, but hey I'm not dead. We always had mutual friends, so we found ourselves in each other's presents from time to time. Circumstances has brought us together. And not at an easy time in either of our lives, but we're handling this thing we're trying not to be in..............A relationship!

I see her cocoa brown skin, with a little brush cut, and slight fade, all I see is a vision of sexiness. Clothes does not do her justice. I always imagined what would be under all those boxers and baggy jeans. Damn I found out............That Little boy got an ass on her. I went to visit and I was always welcomed in the house so i walked in the room as she was taking off her towel and damn..........Baby got back, my pretty tomboy had a body that oozed sex. Breathe woman I say to myself just breathe you will be fine.

She turns around and gives me that Kool Aid smile and I just have to go change my panty liner, that is one sexy ass woman. All I see is her on a Harley with some Chaps, ummmmmmmmmm pussy be still.

i was a little surprised that she just had a towel on when i went to visit her and then just took it off in front of me. "i was just getting ready to go out, but we have a few minutes to talk," she said informed me. "have a seat," she invited, as she strolled across the plush white carpet to the bar to make herself a rum and coke. "would you like something"? she offered. "coke is fine," i answered. she brought me my drink, and then said, "you don't mind if i get comfortable do you?" and with that, unhooked her bathtowel from one side and removed it, dropping it to the white sofa next to her. "not at all," i informed her. "i hate wearing clothes at home myself." we began to talk, and as the seconds went by, she slid further and further down in her chair, looking very relaxed and casual indeed. it was becoming more and more difficult to avoid looking at her luscious, well-oiled brown body. she looked like the woman on the cover of Santana's "Black Magic Woman" album, firm, yet soft and shapely all over. her bush was thick and black and as her legs parted, i saw more and more of the deep rose slit in the middle. my pussy started getting really wet, tingling and twitching until i could no longer stand it. i got up and walked over to her, dropped to my knees, and with the palm of my hands on each of her knees, i slowly pushed them apart saying, "you won't mind if i make myself comfortable, too, do you?" and before she had a chance to answer i had wrapped my hands under her thighs and pulled her now dripping, savory vulva to my eager waiting lips. her moaning became louder and louder, her breathing more labored as she squealed and grunted her pleasure. my lips, mouth, and tongue were relentless as i

gave her the pleasure she never knew existed. I moved my tongue slowly over her clit as I heard her moan quietly and reserved. But that wasn't what I wanted to hear; I wanted her to scream my name over and over. I started to move my tongue faster and harder, and I strategically placed two fingers inside her to intensify her pleasure. Her moaning started to become louder, and her breaths came quicker and less controlled. I knew she was almost there;however, I wasn't ready to stop, so I slowed my quest and teased her body until she begged me. "Rita, please!" She begged and twisted as she pulled my face towards her pulsating pussy. I smiled to myself because I knew I had all the control. Again, I burried my eager tongue between those thick thighs, and made her scream and moan until a sea of wetness covered me, and I eagerly received it. Damn, that girl tasted good. This was the type of pussy that could make me hang up the feathered hat and settle down. As I looked up at her, she had a serene look, so satisfied. I placed myself over her and said

"If I was'nt mistaken i'd so someone thoroughly enjoyes herself." I enjoyed makign you feel good and I hope I can again. I sucked on my finger that was only minutes ago inside her sweet ass pussy.

as i saw that blone-hair women walking towards me my pussy got wet i could just image her filling me up with that big black dick of hers. i tryed make my pussy not scream and my ass not shake but the more she rolled up on me the more i got wet. my lips parted as if they had a mind of there own the cream inside just oozed out as she began pushing that dildo deeper inside me. i began to moan, scream,holler as she moved that ass around and around, harder and deeper.

not wanting her to stop, i'm screaming for her to give it to me harder, fuck me baby, fuck me like i've nevered been before. "stick your finger in my ass" i say to her as she ponding my pussy to pure extasy. Then I realize that it was her that I wanted to fuck me in the ass I was virgin to that but my ass was pulsating to her touch

she slowed her pace and looked me in he eye "baby are u sure" yes I replied i want all of ur chocolate thickness inside, please dont make me wait. Go slow, slowly she entered my tight virgin ass, takin slow, steady strokes i can tell she was scared to hurt me,i moaned and carefully pumped my coco round ass up against her hips, soon my ass opened up and she felt it to, the short, gentle strokes we started with became long hard thrusts and with each thrust i felt her deeper inside, she began to say " baby tell me who's ass is this, without hesitation i screamed, "oh baby u know its yours dont stop fuckin me, oh oh it feels so good harder baby fuck it like u know its urs

With every thrust she gave me I lost more and more control of my self. This shit was the greatest sex i've ever had. As she pounded my ass she was massaging my errect clit with her hands making the pleasure more intensifing. I feel my self about to cum, but this is not how i want to end this wonderful freak fest so i tell her to lie down, so i can twirk that dick with my Nubian hips, as I move steadily to the rythem i've placed in my head, I can't help but loose control and puncee on her as if there is no tomorrow.With her hands grabbing at my ass, and my hair flying every witch way, I know i'm on my way to the Nut of a lifetime. my pouncing turns into deep hard steady thrusts, And just as i expected I expirienced the longest, hardest, most intensifying nut, I have ever expirenced in all my 21 years of life.

Worn out and weary, I could tell she felt the same from the look on her face. I layed my head upon her breast and we were silent with the sweet aroma of love in the air. I don't know what exactly was on her mind, but I was trying to gather up all that was on mine.. I began to think......Although she gave me what I never thought I could have experienced with Wifey, reality strucked me then and there and I do have to keep the thought in mind that I have a woman. Is she worth losing what I have at home? It's hard to say. She's obviously cool on the physical tip. But what would she be like if I gave up everything to be with her? Would she think lesser of me? Would I just seem to be vulnerable to giving into her? A thousand thoughts raced through my mind, and I couldn't bare the emotional distress that the consequences of what we just did could bring me.

To be continued?

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