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Why is it we long for the things we cannot have and why is it that we will stop at nothing to get it?

I am talking about this stud I know, this stud is my friend we would hang out together and just chill. She has a girl and I don't. Not anymore that is. I dumped my girl as soon as i started to develop feelings for my friend. That is another story altogether.

But let me tell you about my friend, Shay. She is a player. She is one of those rare aggressors who knows the value of some good pussy, she wants to do it all the time.Which is a rarety among a few I've experienced. I love to fuck and so does she, and to top it off, we are friends. The only complication is, she has a girl who she is in love with. (damn it).

I have fallen head over heels for Shay I have practically placed my life on hold for her.Anticipating her phone calls which she can only make when she is not around her girl.

I am about to get her name tatooed on my ass. You might ask why, but when you've found someone who can make u cummmmmm more than five times while eating your pussy for less than an hour, your asses will be tatted too. It is more than the hot back back breaking sex.

It's the fact that she touches me the right way- she knows exactly what to say - whento say it and how to make it ring in my ears.... be as it may just thinking about her i touch myself and can cumm - that's how she makes me feel

she gives me a sense of non- tainted love.. see that's the problem i fall foe all the wrong women. you could say i'm looking for love in all the worng FACES...

I know I need to let it go, just be glad I have her as a friend. Yeah right easier said than done. So since I can't or should I say won't let it be just that what should i do? I can't do anything to break them up, it would probably back fire on me and Shay would reent me for it. So what do I do?

I wonder to myself am I going about this in the wrong way? Should I just leave this girl alone because she got peoples? Hell no! she came to me so why should lessen myself of the chance to have pure pleaseure and satisfaction.

But I love her, so should I put my feelings on hold for her girlfriend, for someone who I know she is with. I love may make you do a lot of stupid things but I don't think it is wrong, I think it is wonderful. All these questions. I ask myself everyday and everynight should I stay and wait or should I go?

I have decided to stay and wait. I am going to see if Shay wants to just have me as her fuck shorty or if she is feeling me the same way that I am feeling her. I think she is but we have never discussed the possibilty of us. Now I aint stoopid, I know that my pussy is not gon' change her mind about her girl. Hell like I said, Shay enjoys good pussy but her heart is not attached to her Dick/Tongue/Mound/Fingers, so she is adept at detaching herself from the actual act of sex/making love. That is probably why she has not left her girlfriend.

With that in mind, I am going to continue spreading my legs, lifting my ass, and puckering my lips to the one I am feeling. I am also going to start thinking realistically. She is not my gurl and if she is the way she is, then she will be that way with me if I was her gurl. I want someone who is going to want to be committed to me and only me. Her gurl has a problem, I dont and wont. I will get what I want until I find my own stud who can work me out the way I want to be worked. I will teach my gurl if she aint sure. So me and Shay, we cool. Hit it and quit it Poppi and we all to the G. I thought this mentality was cool until Deidra rang my doorbell. Deidra is Shays girlfriend/wife......

I walked to the door dressed in light grey sweat pants and a white t-shirt with no bra. I opened the door and there stood Deidra and Shay. Damn she looked so good I wanted to eat her pussy right in front of her gyrl and not give a damn. What do yall want I asked?

Nothing much said Shay we came to see what you were up to today. I turned and headed into the living room and they followed. Yall want something to drink? I asked. Yeah they both said. Shay came into the kitchen behind me. As we entered the kitchen she grabbed one of my breast and put it in her mouth. I moaned in exictment. What's going on in there asked Deidra. Nothiing I just spill some sugar on the counter. Oh well I will come and help she said. It's ok, I got it up said Shay. Then Shay came to my ear and whispered I want you tonight. Is it ok? Yes I said softly. And we kissed. We walked back into the kitchen with the drinks. See I know I shouldn't be doing this but I always fall for her. I am in love with her. And she knows this that's why she plays with me like this. As we all sat in the living room talking and laughing I was thinking about Shay and how I wanted to make her scream my name all night. I wanted her to place her tounge in my secret places and dont stop until all of my juices are in her mouth.

I gotta stop this, I cannot keep trying to believe that one day it will be me who will be called wifey. But everytime i look at her my mind wonders to past encounters. In the midst of my daydreaming Deidra asks,"can i use your bathroom." with no hesitation i tell her that it is the first room on the Right.Just as the door shuts Shay walks over to me and begins to kiss my lips, without thinking I lay back on the couch and she follows, slipping her hand under my skirt. As she runs her hand up and down my clit I feel my self jumping for her, when out of the blue the toilet flushes. Shay jumps up off of me just in time to see Deidra making her way back to the couch."What yall in here doing?" Deidra asks."Not shit." im thinking in my head. Shay cuts the conversation short."I'm getting tired so we gone go ahead and bounce." "oh ok,I'll see yall later yall have a good night." You too Shay says, as she winks and smiles at me as they head twards the door.

I was left at home wet and yearning for her touch. I was angry and upset that I continually let Shay play with my mind and my body. The next day I lay awake in my bed finding myself daydreaming about her, then I heard a knock on the door. It was about 8 o clock in the morning and I wasn't expecting anyone. I got up put my robe over my naked body and anwsered the door. I opened the door and there she was smiling and looking as good as ever. "Whats up" she said. "What can be up at 8 in the morning?" I ask. At that moment shay grabbed me in her arms and started whispering in my ear about how much she loved me and wanted me and not Deidra. Thats what I wanted to hear but at the same time I didn't know how sincere she was, but this was not the time to try to have a conversation. I wanted her in my bed right now.

The next thing I know my robe is on the floor at the door and I am butt naked on the couch. I felt her hands caressing my supple breast while her tounge tasted every in of my body. I felt her heat rise as she slowly removed her shirt and leaned in to passionately kiss me on my lips. Then as she rose to remove her pants I began to feel my body yearn for hers. I wanted her in every since of the word and I wouldn't stop until I had her in my possession. The hours seemed like minutes and before I knew it the day was gone. We began to wind down from a day of exhilerating sex and I had to admit I was most definitely exhausted. I rose up and in full nudity, went to get us some drinks. While in the kitchen I decided to talk to Shay about our relationship and tell her how I truly felt and that I needed more from her. I can only hope that this will go as well as I hope.

The End?

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