Chillin' In The Park

Chilling on the Ave wit the rest of the dykes talking about the same ol' girls that comes down the park every Friday. It was the end of the summer and the semester was about to start in a week. Thats the first day i saw her sexy ass, she was light skin, thick, i say about 5'3, tit's just enough to please you!

Me and my doggie Harlem was talking about her crazy ass girlfriend, when this new honey walked by with her head high like she knew what she was working wit. Wearing a shorts short enough to let you know that she phat, and a white tank to. I stop in the middle of what i was saying just to look at her. We had eye contact for just a sec.

"Yo shyne, yo shyne, what the was all that about," asked Harlem.

I just laughed and said, "Who is that? I never saw her walk through here before."

"I don't know maybe she new in the life."

We look at each other laughing know what i had in mind. I watch her walk half up the block, ass bouncing to this beat that i wanted to dance to. Harlem said, "What you waiting for?" I look at my dog and knew what she was talking about.

Laughing, I ran up the block to catch up with mystery girl. "Yo, wait up. Slow down. Let me talk to you for a min." Shorty just looked back and kept walking. "I just wanna ask you something."

She stopped and turned around slowly. "What your name?" She asked me.

"Shyne, and yours?"

"Shyne, well look your min is up. See you around."

I watch her walk away and imagine what it would be like to see her ass smack against my thigh as I fuck her from the back with my strap.

Aight! Of course I didn't jus have sex on my mind, even tho that's what drove me! I wanted ta get to kno shorty. So I kept on goin to that same spot on tha Ave. until I finnaly impressed upon her that I wanted ta get to kno her better. After about a week or so of spittin game, she told me her name- Essence. Then she gave me her #. After that day, I saw me- Shyne and Essence together. Kinda sweet, isn't it. So I called her, and we had a good conversation. She told me that she was a sophmore at Howard U, studyin medicine. She wanted to be a pediatrician. So there was more to her than jus that PHAT ass! The more she intigued me wit her knowledge, the wetter I got. So after a couple more conversations, I jus had to make a date wit her, and show her my romantic-freeky side! We decided to meet at a nice little restaraunt in downtown DC called Ly'delle's.

When I saw her in her attire she made my nipples stiffen.She was wearin a tight black Gucci dress & heels.Her hair was in a roller wrap and her clevage was bussin out the dress.I was wearin a Rock-a-Wear Valore.As I tried to focus on her face my eyes were yurnin to see if her backside looked as good as the front.I quickly lost the thought after she said "Are you gonna open the door?"

Hey Babe what ya lookin at ? don't you want to get a taste of that temptin phat poo non nie you been droolin at? I taste as good as I smell, ya want to know how I can tell? I had a taste of my own honey and I do tell. I call her Honey Dripper. WELL, WELL, WELL Told ja !!!!.

Dayum!!! I couldn't believe shawty came at me like that? But hey I'm cool. I wanted to get next to this lil' thang anyway so I'mma jus' handle it. So we went inside, and as we were lead to a table in the back, I let her walk in front of me so I could see if the back was as inticing as the front. And ya know my eyes was not disappointed. But like I said, I'm cool. "So why a pediatrician ma?" I asked. And I'm really findin' it hard to concentrate cause that dress was making my blood pressure go through the roof. "Mmph. Like yo' ass really want to know. I betcha right now, what you really thinkin about is when can you get this dress off my ass, so you can hit it from the back." She told me. I almost knocked over my glass at that comment, cause she was really reading my ass like a book. But I gained my composure. I didn't want to be too obvious. "See how you gon' come at me like that, shawty, I really wanna know." I asked smiling. She cut her eyes at me and returned my smiled. Oh yeah!!! I knew right then I'd be hittin' that later on, and not only from the back, but sidewys too.

UMMMMMMMM!! I like it like that said Honey. Let's bounce from this place and let me let you get a taste cause all that sounds good to me. I knew all eyes were on me cause I was bangin in that dress, so I put a little more sashy in my walk eyes burnin a hole in this dress and yes by this time I was drippin wet, willin and able to deliver in this state. I was weak in the knees, hot, my thumb sized nipples were poking through, like steppin out in a cold breeze. Yeah let's do this I'm ready.

When we got back to the place I decided to light up a few of my sexy candles,turned on the jacuzzie, put some Joe on the cd brought out the chrystal and some chilled glasses that I keep on chill for special occasions like this. I went into the room and peeled off my dress, I left the door ajar, I felt her staring from a distance and I just put on a little strip show for her eyes only. I was down to my thong I rolled them down over my hips ever so slowly and bent over to take them off that left the poononie and this ass fully exposed, I heard a little gasp of air that she had taken in that made chills run up and down my body. I told her that she could come in and join me in the tub. To my suprise under all those clothes she had breasts that felt like silk and her skin the color of coffee with just a touch of cream, nice legs and a pretty pussy cat. I was ready for a night of passion.....

I noticed how she looked at me as I removed my clothes. As an avid Bike Rider, my body was very fit. Some may say a Khalia Ali look-a-like. As i stepped toward her with every intention to explore this beautiful vision she suddenly stood up and kissed me. She kissed me with such passion that I became the hunted. While I was trying to take control with my tongue , sucking and tasting, she started to play with my nipples ever so lightly brushin them with hers, first the Left then the Right. The kiss continued. It was our source of oxygen. My fingers started stroking her fine soft full ass. I was grabbin that ass and pulling it toward me as I started to take control again. I nibbled on her ear as we lowered ourselves into the Jacuzi. I felt her legs opening and inviting me. As I started to nibble on her shoulders my fingers decided to explore on there own. I reached down to that Poo Nan Nie and it welcomed me. I wanted to taste so I stood up and reached for a towel and her Hand. We left the Jacuzi and headed toward the King size brass bed. I sat on the bed in front of her and pulled her toward me. She was still wet as I softly kissed her hard nipples. My hands were stroking the inside of her thighs. I worked my way down toward that mmmm POONANie. I pulled her onto the Bed and immediately started licking the inside of her poonanie, the clit was throbbing and hard. I stuck my tongue deep inside her and she was right Sweet Honey it was..mmmmmmm is what I heard . . .mmmmm

i sucked her phat clit and licked her poonany for all it was worth i felt like i was in heaven she was moaning oh boo thats so good dont stop ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god your tongueis so good ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes alittle harder faster ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im going to cum omg ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyes yes yes im cumming ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh suck me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm

laying there i reach over to shyne i want you now yes essence iwant you too she lays me on my back im going ride you shyne gets on top clit to clit starts grinding pussy to pussy wet to wet shes riding hard its so good im out of my mind w/desirr oh shyne ohhh baby its so good grinding our ussys oh essence ride tnat clit ohh both of us screaming humping grinding oh essence im ready ohhh ride that clit ohhhhh omg imohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh essense im cumming arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh shyne im cumming tooo yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss damn this so goodohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwe bumped and humped and collapsed just laying there ex hausted shyne baby not bsd for a future pediatrician who hoo

laying there i reach over to shyne i want you now yes essence iwant you too she lays me on my back im going ride you shyne gets on top clit to clit starts grinding pussy to pussy wet to wet shes riding hard its so good im out of my mind w/desirr oh shyne ohhh baby its so good grinding our ussys oh essence ride tnat clit ohh both of us screaming humping grinding oh essence im ready ohhh ride that clit ohhhhh omg imohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh essense im cumming arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh shyne im cumming tooo yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss damn this so goodohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwe bumped and humped and collapsed just laying there ex hausted shyne baby not bsd for a future pediatrician who hoo

so essence was like shyne are u hungry while gettin of the bed shyne was like yeah but not for food and pulled her cutie back into the king size bed and started back kissing and rubbing all over each other esscence slowly but surely started to lick shyne on her neck and then moved on down her two milk duds and just rubbed her tonge across them slowly and she started sucking so soft then she suddenly stopped and told her to wait here while she got out her strap on so shyne could sho nuff use it on her so by this time shyne is def getting excited cause shes been waiting on the moment so they got situated and shyne told essence to get in doggy position so she could hit it just right so she as told had her ass all up in the air shyne entered her wet ass pussy and thought to her self damn her pussy so damn wet its like a waterfall so she started puming her harder and harder at the same time essence was playing with her clit and grabbing the pillow screaming as loud as she can,

OH MY GOD IM CUMMING OH PLEASE DON'T STOP OHH YES BABY SHIT!!! at the same time shyne is getting friction on the clit and came at the sme time bith hollering and screamin

They couldn't get enough of each other,they were both cumming and it took them straight to paradise.

"miss Davis, Miss Davis" Essence could not believe she had been day dreaming in her class espacially during the week of finals. i dont even know this shyne person and i am having the freaky ass day dreams thought Essence. The class was dissmised. Essence fumbled through her notebook loookin forher 13 paged essay for her next class.As she loked up she almost walked right into Shyne.she had to almost stepp back to get a good look at this soft/hard stud.Shyne stood over Essence at 6'3 and a nice sexy 150, most of it in her ass and tits.she would make a fine ass fem thought Essence.

"Are you donna stop staring at me and talk to me? Asked Shyne. Shyne usually did not get a hard time with the ladies and could not get what exactly was pissin miss thang off."look if you are not interested let me know but im feelin you ma and would very much like to get to know you"said Shyne

Essence's mind flashed back to her daydream and then the day she had met Shyne in the park. Okay, so maybe she had been a little bitchy. If she was daydreaming about her like that, she could at least talk to her. "Yeah, actually I am interested." Essence called out as Shyne turned to walk away. A smile spread across Shyne's face, and her skin began to tingle, but she tried to remain cool and in control, "Oh iight then ma, you could stop frontin on me then." Essence grimaced, if only Shyne knew how nervous and excited she made her- all at once. "Yeah, well, I'm talking now. So what's up with you?" "Nothing much, trying to get to know you." [Yeah Shyne real smooth]- Shyne thought to herself. "Oh yeah, well I'm trying to get to know you too." [Oh well maybe it really was,] She thought again. "Goodshit. So can I take you out some time? Call you?" she asked as they walked out of the Psychology classroom. "Well yeah, you can call me. And actually I don't have anymore classes, want to grab a bite to eat?" Essence asked holding her breath. Of course she didn't want to get a bite to eat, she probably had classes or something. "Cool, I'm out of classes too. And hungry." Shyne replied smiling [hungry for a little more than you know] she thought, watching Essence's ass as she opened the door for her.

As we walked to the closest diner near campus so many erotic things our going through my mind. "So, Essance how long have you been into the life" I ask. " Long enough to know what I want" she replied in a sexy ass voice. Even though shorty got a slight attitude she does it in a sexy way. As we enjoy lunch we just generally get to know a little more about each other. I would love to spend more time with her, but I just can't think of the right words to say

I decided to write a letter

hey love, i was sitting on the patio doing nothing in particular and i ran across a thought of you and damn it made me smile...a feeling cam over me of pure and utter satsifaction and i had to let you know that i enjoyed that feeling...and even though at this very moment that feeling is only a memory i have no problems remembering that feeling but i would love to have that feeling each and everyday...i want to think about touching you and feel that shake in my bones...i want to think about kissing you and damn near lose control...i want to think about tasting you and feel you touching my soul...damn baby i want to know will you allow me to love ya...until we speak keep smiling one in your heart and one on your face...1Love Shyne (call me 786-267-6164) then i folded the peice of paper placed it in her psychology book when she looked away and patiently awaited her phone call...

i got the call 2 days later. her voice was just as sexy as her body. we shot the breeze for a few. she told me that she wanted to come chill if i was aight with it. you know i was. i told shorty she could come thru. she only lived a few blocks away so i didn't have much time to get rid of anything that would incriminate me. when shorty breezed thru the door her scent almost made my ass collapse. baby walked in like she had been here a thousand times. sashaying all about. i was trying to get my eyes off her ass but she was sporting that Baby Phat denim skirt and i just couldn't. she smelled so damn good. i wanted to put her ass up on the bar and bury my face between her thighs. but i had to play it cool...ya know be a "gentleman" and shit. i offered her a drink. we had coke and a smile and chilled with a pleasant conversation. i moved closer to her to see if she was bout it. she seemed a lil' uncomfortable so i backed off. i put on a lil music that we could groove to. selena johson was bumpin from my stereo and she got up and swayed her hips to the beat...oooohhh that's my song she said. i got up and danced behind her. her ass was grindin into me making me all kinds of wet.

But, I didn't make a move, yet. She kept grinding against me and smiling and I gently ran my fingers through her hair and smiled back at her. As I felt her body shiver from my touch, I moved away to give her room to come to me. She started moving her hips to the beat again and then she bended all the way over and came back up again and smiled back at me. The reason she smiled was because I touched her poonanie on her way back up. She turned around and looked at me and then she said what does.....the rest of your house look like. I asked her if she had any specific room in mind and she smiled and said oh the one where you lay at night. I held her hand and led her to my bedroom.

Shit! I didn't think it would move this fast. I hadn't really been in my bedroom in a couple of nights cause of finals and shit, i prefer to study on the couch in front of the tv ya know? Hmmmmm i flick on the light and stand there kinda blockin her view of the room, just checkin thangs out makin sure i wasn't about to incriminate myself. Aiight shawtie here it is.... she moves past me and takes in the room. I'ts not much to look at...no decorations on the wall or nothin but i have a bangin ass bedroom set that i do put to use...belive this. So shawtie goes over to the dresser fingerin things like she's been here before. She touches a picture on my dresser..."Who's this?"... i go over and look at the picture...oh that's my best friend from back home. By now i'm gettin frustrated...honey is in my bedroom and we just chillin...no sexin, no luvin... just chill mode. Yo ma you thirsty?

'Oh no,' she answered 'I'm wet -- uh I mean set - Im set.' Her face filled with embarassement.

but i knew baby was lyin cuz i could see her nipples pokin out thru that itty bitty shirt she had on. she didn't come off as the aggressive type so i thought i would make the first move. i went over to her and put my hands on her hips. i pulled her to me and planted kisses on her neck. i could tell by her reaction she was into this. i let my right hand fall and search for her pussy. her skirt was short so it wasn't a challangr. she met my mouth and slowly we started a tongue war. when my fingers found her pussy it was quite damp. i played with it a little before i put two fingers in her. by this time baby is grinding against my fingers and moaning all loud. i backed her up to me bed and layed her fine ass down.

Lookin in her eye's pierced me like diamonds and fired through me making my clit the final destination. It throbbed and hardened as Essence moved and grined against me. I could tell I had to make her feel like no one has done b4; if I was to make her mines. Slowly I played tongue games kissing licking and sucking every exposed inch of her skin. Her body rising and falling letting me know that I was givin her just what she needed. When I reached her perfect breast I squeezed and suckled like a newborn baby. Then I heard her voice callin me sayin my name. "Shyne, ooh baby damn you make my body feel so good. I want you baby, c'mere baby, taste this wet hot pussy." I worked my tongue down her belly, leaving small kisses in a trail. When I reached her patch of soft thick hair I was overcome by the smells of peaches and strawberries and I was that much more excited. I parted her legs slowly and and engulfed her full woman into my mouth and it tasted so sweet and felt so good I gushed right then; and a thought hit in the back of my mind. Shit, if I continue wtih shawtie like this I'm doomed to be open.

To be continued . . .

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