It's the first day of school for teachers. The students have not arrived yet. The halls are clean and bright the floors sparkle. Teachers are walking to their classes with boxes. Some are excited to be starting and some can't wait for June. Vanessa Daniels was happy to be back for two reasons she was looking forward to her new class and she was also, wondering if Dashawna was going to be down the hall from her again this year.

Vanessa arrived on her floor, before going to her room she walked by the room where DaShawna Mathews taught 6th grade Math. The room was empty. With a sigh she moved on to her room further down the hall, she slowed her pace as she entered the room. Seated inside was Ms. Mathews, DaShawna Mathews looking right at her.

"Hi, Ms. Daniels."

"Hello, Ms Mathews," Nessa replied.

"Girl, come give me a hug." DaShawna said rising form the desk and walking toward Nessa. She gave Nessa a warm hug and held her for a brief minute. Vanessa (Nessa) and Dashawna(Shawna) were great friends the two women had met during their last year at Teachers College, they instantly became friends, the friendship continued after graduation.

The two women even double dated often. One night 2 months ago during the last week of school, both couples went out dancing they had been drinking heavily. The couples all ended up at Shawna’s house. Nessa could hear humming coming from the shower.

“Shawna, I need to use the bathroom okay?” –she said through the door.

“Come in Nessa Hey girl, what a night right?”

“You just don’t know, even now I feel like I could go another round, but I’m going to give Jimmy a rest and take a shower.”

“Mark has to leave, he has to catch a flight in the morning, so you know I had to make up for the time that will be lost.” She laughed. Nessa used the toilet and washed her hands.

“I’m glad we went out tonight” Shawna stood said right behind and turned out the water, as she reached for the tap, her arm brushed Nessa’s breasts. Nessa could smell Shawna’s clean scent made her get moist and her nipples grew hard. Dashawna reached for the folds of Nessa’s towel. She reached forward and touched Nessa’s breasts and then she kissed her neck. Nessa allowed the kiss and pulled Shawna closer grabbing her behind. The kissing and touching went on for minutes until the women let go both breathless. I’m sorry Nessa, I don’t know what happened to me, I’m still drunk, I…”

“Let’s just forget it.” Nessa stepped into the shower and let the warm water wash over her. Shawna went back to her bedroom and her passed out date. Now, here they were back in the same school.

A week goes by...

It's Friday night and Nessa is trying to decided what to with herself. "who can I call?" she thought. The phone rang. "Hello" "Hi Shawn. No not doing much. Actually trying to decide what to do with myself. What are you doing tonight? well it's early maybe we can get something to eat and decide from there. No I'll pick you up give me 45 minutes." A strange chill ran throught Nessa. This was goign to be the first time they had gone out scince that last incident at Shawna's house.

Now Nessa next dilema was how would this go? WE ARE COOL. WAHT HAPPENED LAST YEAR IS DEAD! She screamed in her head, trying to convince herself as she drove to Shawna apartment. Shawna was waiting out front. Always on time. She looked dam good. Her hair was down and flipp back from her face. The brown top she was wearing accented the positive.

So girl where do you want to go? asked Nessa. Gurllll, it doesn't even matter I am just ready to get out of the house and go do something worth doing, you know what I mean? I hadn't heard a word she had said, I was mesmerized by her beauty and the sleek, off the shoulder dress she wore. Nessa!,the sound of my name awoke me out of my trance like state. Girl are you okay? replied Shawna? Yeah, girl I am fine. Let's go. After dinner I decided to take her to a bar down the street, Nubian's. I will have a martini, shaken not stirred. Shawna, what will you have? I'am not really feeling the " bar scene", besides I have a bottle of Moet in the fridge at home. I froze, is she inviting me back to her house or is it just a friendly drink or is it an invitation for a reoccurance of what had happened in past years. Well I guess so, I replied hesitatly not trying to sound to eager. Thoughts of her beautiful, well, scupltured body pressed against me sent waves of eroticism through my body. As we arrived at her house I got the feeling of a child at a candy shop, I was prepared to eat all of her candy.

That is exactly what I needed. A night were I felt like I could be a women. I don't have to worry about checking papers or calling bad childerns parents. I just needed a night out to recooperate, replied Shawna. We began to talk about things we needed to catch up on as far as work wise. But after a while and a bottle of Moet, Shawna began to look better than when the night began. Nessa do remember that night? I thought she would never ask. Yea, what about it? I tried to answer as calm as possible without trembling. Do you think we were drunk or was it on our on will? I don't know girl, it was so long ago, I don't even remember what happened. A smirk began to arise upon Shawna'a face, well do you mind if I refresh your vague memory? Shawna slowy moved closer to me on the couch and began to slowly caress my earlobe will her oh so gentle tongue. Ohhhh shit, I felt the words as they slipped out of my mouth. She was so soft. I could smell her perfume faintly in my nose which seemed to make the mood even more perfect. She paused, Do you mind if I put on some music? I was to deep into a world of bliss to even realize she had stopped. She put on the loving making song of the kings. Seems like your ready, 12 play began to play softly in the background as she crept steathily back to the couch. We slowly began to undress each other in the dim glow of the lights of the room. Damn girl you feel sooo good, Shawna whishpered in my ear. She was hitting all the right spots and doing things that had me screaming, shaking, cumming and holling her name. Ohhh damnn, words seemed to fall from my mouth. She used her tongue as a tool to carry out the deeds of her work.

She asked me to trust her. "What are you gonna do girl." "Shhhh" Shawna said softly, "close your eyes and I will give you an experience you will never forget." Shawna took the silk scarf and tied it around my head. "Can you see anything?" she asked. "No." I said. She then led me to her bedroom...I was excited. The anticipation made me more wet than I already was. She sat me down on her bed and took my hand gently, tying it to the bedpost. After I was totally tied up, she began to caress my body slowly with a feather on one end, and her tongue and lips on the other. My nipples puckered at the sensation of the tickling feather, while I creamed at the feel of her lips and teeth nipping at my inner thighs. I felt myself squirming trying to get her closer to my center. All the sensations were driving me crazy.

Oh my goodness, what was i doing. I had never been with a woman before but I have admit, from that kiss a year ago I was intrigued. I had gotten books on Lesbian eroticism and even bumped in to a website called KUMA2.net. I read stories and poems, by women for women. Well you know what they say if don't know something look it up and that's what I did. What I had read and seen , coudl not have prepared me for the sensations that were going through my body. But no I coudl not do this. Not with her not now. I did'nt feel like being another Ricky Lake cliche---we were drunk. Hell no not here not now. Shawna- look I need to ge my head together and as much as this feels so good I think I would not be comfortable in the morning. This is new for me and I don't even now what I want right now. For all I know it's just curiosity and infatuation. I'm sorry its nto that i don't want you , you are a beautiful woman.

There was no way of getting over this, I could not make it go away by ignoring it. This woman had definietly intrigued me and i have to admit it to myself and explore where this coudl go. But what do I want a relationship? Some really needed sex? I like Shawna a lot, but can I love her? I don't know I just don't know all i can do is feel. Feel the touch of her lips on my skin. Her smell wrapped around me because we were so inimate she smelled like me and I smelled like her. Even now as my body heated up again the top of my breasts smelled of Her. She was more thatn on my sking she was under my skin now.

She was burning into my skin and i wanted to resist her, but i couldnt do that either. "I am not drunk though," said Shawna...i am juss in heat..please let me do this for u. I promise it will be more than juss pleasure, it will be bliss."I couldnt say no bacause while she was talking sha was kissing..kissing everywhere imaginable. I felt her tongue circling my aroused nipples and i loved it..i wantted it." Give it to me then" i gastly replied as she slipped 3 fingers into my pussy and moved slowly then very fast.

She sucks my nipples and I just love it. She worships them with her mouth while my pussy is getting pleasured too. I am moaning with pleasure and turning her on by it. She moves her head down and starts to lick my clit but she keeps her fingers inside of me moving them fast in and out. Oh I am so turned on but she wants to make me cum. I feel that very familiar sensation build up inside of me and she feels it too. She stops and tells me that she wants to do so much more to me before I cum. She wants this to be the best one that I have ever had in my life. She wants me to remember this night with her for the rest of my life. So she goes and starts to kiss me again. She kisses my neck and has her hands on my breasts caressing them.

I have never been the lay ther type I run my hand down her back I pull her tighter to me I want to fell her lips on my breast she sucks them so well. Just form the feel of her lips and toung on my breast and I cum a little. doe sshe know what she is doing to me, yeah I thnk she does. I open my legs and she fits' between my thighs. Out pussies are touching. I arch my back and push up to rubb into her. My clit feeels full and thick and in desperate need of attention. A very special kind of attention. we were eye to eye now adn then she kissed me agian, sosweet so deep i coudl not help but moan and move against her. our bodies began to move together, tryign to get closer to each other. I could no belive how much I felt the craving deep within me it felt as though I would burn up and i really needed her to quench my fire.I wrapped my legss around her back as she mounted me grinding her pussy against mine, but it was still not enough so we switched so tha we fit much closer together almost a scissor formation.

She pulled back form beign right on top off me until we were almost upside down. we lay twisted sideways and enterwined. Grinding hard and fast rubbing and rubbing. Our lower buddies humped at each other like animals. Exhausted we both cried out as the waves of pleasure hit us. "Ummm awwh ahhwwhhh ooooh uh oh arrrrrrr"

after losing count of how many times my pussy trembled and gushed we both lay limp and panting. "Nessa lets' go take a shower girl. " We wen tto the bathroom. Walking around the apartment naked felt liberating and naughty. In the shower she washe me and I her. I lingered on a few parts. I enjoyed her body I liked looking at her. whe had a neat stomach not toally flat but no pouch there.

after losing count of how many times my pussy trembled and gushed we both lay limp and panting. "Nessa lets' go take a shower girl. " We wen tto the bathroom. Walking around the apartment naked felt liberating and naughty. In the shower she washe me and I her. I lingered on a few parts. I enjoyed her body I liked looking at her. whe had a neat stomach not toally flat but no pouch there.

i kissed her stomach and moved a little lower, placing the last kiss just above her mound. i still felt shy and not quite ready. Suppose I was bad at it? Suppose she did'nt like it? those were the thoughts that ran through my head. How hard could it be? Even though I know what I like and I could experiment with making her move and moan the ways he made me. We left the shower, stopped in the kitchen for water and went back to her bedroom. "Shawna, you have a girlfriend?" "No I don't." she was next to me on the bed. "Ever scicne that night in the bathroom, I have thought about it but I have not acted on it because I wanted to experience it with you. When i think of you I want hugg you tight and kiss you. You are a beautiful woman Nessa, you can have whatever you want. From a man and a woman. But to answer your question that you want to ask next, No there has been no othe woman." "Girl I did'nt know I felt like this and all from a drunk kiss. I watched videos of women and though of what i wanted to do to you if i had the chance." Dam Shawn wow I can't belive im naked inyour house on yourr bed wanting to taste you to please you, but i just wonder if i can?" "If you can? I think your feelings will take over" She put her arm around me and ran it down the small of my back. We kissed and I eased her onto her back.both our legs hung over the side of the bed. I moved my hand over her breast first one then the other. CIrclign it then rubbing the nipple between mu thumbs, and pulling gently. I let my hand leave her breast and moved it down to her sweet warm spot. One finger slid into her slit form the top. I gently rubbed at ther clit it felt like it was hard and getitng harder as I rubbed. She moved her hips up to my hand and i palmed he pussy, I slid two fingers in side her while the base of my palm rubbed on her clit.

I put my mouth over the breast nearet to me. I sucked on her breast while my hands brough ther to sweet release. I felt good as I heard her moans and hard breathing. My own pussy was moistening. Before she had a chance to regain her breath I moved down to her pussy and began lapping it up. I sucked on her clit I slipped my tounge into her slit i moved my tonge in and out in and out in and out... She was loving it.

I spead her legs and put them on my shoulders. I looked at her pussy... mmmm it was nice a nice size, neatly shaven well kept. her inner lips we nicely colored. And her pussy seemed to be pusling and calling to me. I put my face back in between her thighs and made love to her thoroughly and with all the lust passion and heat that was running through her.

She shook hard. I ws doing it good, this was turning me on.

I always knew what to do. It was too much for her and I. In between her moans she whispered, "God I want you inside of me." I told her, "Not yet, be patient." I want to savor every drop. We have all night for that. So, relax and enjoy, baby girl. I let out a series of moans while I savour the the wet pussy against my tongue. I couldn't get enough of the sweet tasting nectar between her girls thighs.

The smell and taste of her sweet nectar is heaven. And she's so unbelievably wet. I never thought I could or would want something soooooooo bad. All I want to do is please her and pleasure her in ways she's only dreamed of.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I ran my lips down her right thigh. Planting little kisses and love bites as I went. Just behind her knee I stopped and sucked gentilely,feeling her squirm beneath me from the mixed tickle and arousal had brought her. But I was far from finished with my explorations. I continued my kissing actions along her leg until I reached her foot. I rubbed my face slowly around the sole of her foot, pressed her big toe to my lips, stuck out my touch and took a lick. She shivered, I moaned, and then it happened. I couldn't help myself. Without missing a beat I placed all of her toes in my mouth and sucked...She moaned. I sucked, moving my mouth up and down her toes. Giving them head and driving her wild...The more I sucked, the louder she moaned...and the more aroused I became,surprising even myself...Then, just as suddenly and without warning, I moved to her left foot taking those beautiful toes into mouth to suck,lick and devour..As I sucked I imagined that big toe inside my pussy and my fantasy made me suck with even more earnest...I knew she was loving getting toe head because I could smell her nature and the aroma was getting stronger and stronger with each suck...Now she was ready for more...so much more


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