Still Waiting For The Truth That Iz

Out of the dark recesses of my mind she came into the light on a bright sun shiny day in January. Unbeknown to me she walked in like a breathe of fresh air, forcing me to breathe slowly lest my heart skip a much needed beat, she came with an agenda she said, and named it friendship.

For many seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, weeks, months and ... and ... yet the truth never came, rather she titillated my mind with sweet words and left me with mellow thoughts of better days to come..Yet the truth remained elusive.

How could/did I let her get away?

Lastnight I dreamed of her. I dreamed of kissing her slowly deeply,softly tasting the essence of her on my lisps afterward. He body was enterwined with mine. My moans mix with hers im moaning because giving her pleasure is takign me over the edge.

Sundae called Princess, at home and they decided to meet at Mr Henry's, on Capital Hill for drinks on Friday. Sundae, had had an erotic dream of Princess the night before and since it was a reoccurring dream she wanted to find out exactly what it was about her that made her feel so needy. Princess, was at work on Capital Hill early that day and while sitting in her office on Pa, Ave she could see the Ave, the mall, and the Washington Monument. She placed her recliner in a comfortable position and leaned back in reflection. Princess had also wondered about Sundae, whom she called Sunlight Princess, had relocated to Washington, the prior month and was preparing for an interview with a Washington Law firm. She had traveled from Nevada, twice before and 6 months prior to her move she had answered a personal placed by Sundae. The exchanges which began were respectful and they discovered many things which were comfortable and relative they were both educators and loved children, they were both natural dredlock sisters, and they were both tall and in excellent health. For about 6 months they had shared Pics, e-mails, and even felt comfortable enough to exchange addresses. However, until the physical move they had both agreed to remain friends not meet, stay close, and wait for more to be revealed. Sundae, seemed to be a very articulate womyn who was as she described a gentle stud. This description was okay with Princess, since although she refused a label she knew that she was a lipstick stocking wearing womyn who loved womyn and preferred take charge types.. Princess,had found herself wondering since early March, about the womyn on the other end of her mails. The womyn who was an apparent outdoors person, earthy, articulate and serious. Admittedly she also woundered about intimacy with the womyn she had agreed to meet for the first time today for lunch. Princess, had not been intimate with anyone for more than 3 yrs and although very shy she often found herself thinking back to those times with her former lover who had *SKILL* and had made her feel hmmmmmm....And she wondered. Sundae, was also at home that day correcting papers for her students she was also excited and a bit shy. Sundae, had been in living in Md, prior to her move to DC. She also liked the exchanges she had with Princess and felt as ready as she had ever been because Princess, was gentle kind and very mature. Sundae, played the devils advocate on many occassions to establish where Princess's head was at. Once she had ascertained that Princess, was no drama queen she decided to move forward. Sundae also wanted to meet this womyn between the sheets because she had a feeling that Princess, was not one to jump from bed to bed and this thought made Sundaes clit rise..Dayum let me get busy and finish these papers she thought.

Princess, coudl not get the thought out of her head. That night she got on the computer wiht the intent of finally doing it. Finally meetign this woman who had her so intrigued and who she had not met. she hoped that Sundae was on becaue then they could send instant messages to each other adn right now Princess need an instant answer.

While on her way home Princess, decided to call Sundae, rather than e-mail her. She figured that why bother now that they were in the same city. When she arrived at her Condo, she parked and entered the building noticing the freshly cut flowers and plants in the lobby, as she was approaching her mailbox she noticed the light was blinking letting her know that she had a package and a message. Princess, opened her mailbox and removed the contents and along with the mail she found a key to a larger box where the mail or other large packages were delivered. After opening the larger box she was immediately surprised to find a box from one of the largest florists in the city Capital Florists. Princess, immediately rushed to her first floor condo and as she was unlocking the door she heard her phone ringing and thought, who can this be but decided that the pkg was more important so she found a pair of scissors and opened the flowers to find a dozen yellow purple and red roses. The roses were the largest she had ever seen and the purple ones were the ones that caught her eye first because purple was her fav color. Princess, rushed into the living room to her curio cabinet and took out a crystal vase which she filled with spring water. Princess, loved romance and nice things and had worked very hard to acquire beautiful things from the many places she had visted the world. She was not extravagant but she liked quality and put a lot of time in making sure that the things she purchased were good and sturdy and would last a lifetime. Once she placed the flowers in the vase she looked at the attached card and saw a drawing of the sun and saw Sundaes signature with the word welcome. She smiled and sat down on an overstuffed sofa covered with Afrakan fabric and put her loced head back, dimmed the light and looked out at the city. She was silent for about 10 min when the phone rang and she answered to the soft voice of Sundae. Sundae, said hey lady how are you but before she could finish Princess said..Hey girl where did u get these flowers to which Sundae said..i was looking for purple flowers because i knew u liked the color and when i asked the store owner if he had ever heard of them he said yes and brought out 3 which were left from a previous order. Sundae, was all smiles when she heard the voice that made her clit stand up and she said, i can't wait until friday, i hope that nothing happens to prevent us from meeting. i am also glad that we have decided to wait because i have many buddies who do not have the patience needed to grow a friendship. Princess agreed but deep inside she still wondered....

Since the meeting with Sundae, was the following afternoon, and she was a bit tired she asked Sundae for a raincheck on the late evening call and after hearing Sundaes disappointment princess, said..I can't wait to meet you in person tommorrow. This made Sundae feel good and she said..ditto. On Friday Princess prepared her wardrobe to reflect the way she felt, like royalty. She chose a purple leather dress with an Afrakan Motif which stopped a few inches above her knees, and as an accessory she chose a gold and lt purple scarf with Queen Malaikah on the front which she would place around her neck and tie like an ascot. She chose her favorite perfume Aramatics elixer mixed with Amarige and she placed a few drops on her pulse points, as she looked at herself standing half naked in the vanity she placed a drop at the top of her carefully shaved valley of the queens and said to herself why not, one never knows how the night will end. Laughing outloud Princess, proceeded to fix her long flowing locs on which she placed Afrakan cowrie shells she also had a pair of matching earrings and a bracelet inlaid with ivory and cowrie which she also decided to wear.. Princess, finished her hair and looked at her body in the mirror in the form fitting dress and said..Wow lady, time has been good you still look good, i just hope that Sundae is who i hope she is, i could use a good friend and more right now.

Sundae, was also wondering if Princess was as nice as she sounded and acted on the net. She knew that she wanted to be a true friend but she also was very admiring of the mystery womyn from the Caribbean. Princess, had the kind of voice which just simply made her clit jump up and down in her jockeys and after having several wet dreams she had to admit that she wanted to get busy! and take what Princess was holding back. Sundae looked at her strap-on and wondered.

"Hmmm, should I?" Sundae smiled at her reflection as she put on her strap-on. Sundae had carefully chosen her wardrobe. But since she was wearing the strap, she had to change things. She walked into her closet and pulled her creme linen pant suit from the rack. Once she was dressed, she looked like a million bucks. Sundae hoped that her evening would be an eventful one. She has been waiting a long time to meet the Caribbean Princess.

now how does a strapp on fit under a thin material like linnen?

Sundae asked herself that question, and decided that the quality of the linen suit that had been tailored to fir while she was wearing her strap and the fact that the slacks were baggy and had a lining would not reveal her treasures. She dressed and pulled her tailored jacket back to reveal her athletic body and nodded with pleasure..Yep!! i'm ready and I know I am looking good. She answered her own question and in her mind she believed that quality was important when purchasing linen and or silk, and she was satisfied hoping that there would be no more questions she had to answer herself. Sundae, looked at her watch as she exited her home. She decided to stop and buy a dozen yellow roses again and take them with her. She knew that the restaurant/bar was in a predominately eclectic neighborhood which catered to the gay community and she felt comfortable. After she purchased the flowers she proceeded to drive to Mr Henry's and as she pulled into the parking lot she noticed that Princess, was also parking so she tapped her horn. Princess,exited her auto and looked over at Sundae who had also exited and tapped her lojak. They both smiled, walked towards each other and when they stopped Sundae, smiled and handed her the roses which Princess took with a smile.

Princess, wanted to tell Sundae more than thank you, and because she was a lesbian of long term status and had previously experienced a very heartbreaking relationship with the womyn who was her first lover she wanted desperatly to get to know someone who was willing to treat her like she deserved . As she looked into the eyes of Sundae, she saw a gentle womyn with dreds like hers and a nice smile and she thought..Wow she seems so genuine. She remembered from thier many exchanges online as well as the hundreds of phone conversations that Sundae, was working thru issues of her own and to that end Princess, wanted to reach out and comfort her new admirer. As they hugged in the parking lot Princess, noticed the feeling of something hard between Sundaes legs and she looked down and then she looked into her new friends eyes and said..Do u always stand up at attention or are you just happy to see me? Sundae, was too embarrassed to say a word so she looked down and stood still until Princess, said c'mon girlfriend its ok i a'int mad atcha!! and laughed outloud. She took Sundaes arm and guided her into Mr Henry's. Once they were seated Princess, ordered New York ice tea for Sundae, who still refused to look at her and a Alize with cranberry juice for herself for lunch they both ordered tuna sandwhiches on rye bread. Sundae, was embarrassed and had still not recovered from being uncovered and Princess, tried to make light of the dildo by reaching over and touching Sundaes, hand and saying..Sugar, i still have a lot to learn about you and if you are into erotica i would like to talk about it, would you like to tell me why you wear it when we get back to my place?

sundae was delighted to hear that princess wanted her at her place just thinking about it made her wetter and hotter after afew drinks and some serious conversation we left mr henrys we entered her apartment asked if iwant adrink no i want youprincess well here iam are you gonna use your dick on me she laughed we kissed passionately her tongue in my mouth so delicious her lips so delicious her body so hot she gripped my strap-on she rubbed it mmmmmmmm i want that she slipped off her clothes pulled her thong off iwant you babynow give it to me i poked it through n my pants right into her god she was so wet i started off w/nice sklow strokes it felt so good princess was pushing it to me faster give it to me harder deeper ohhhhhhhhhhhh sundae its so good omg im going to cum oh sundae ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhh baby oh baby that was so good thank you

Princess couldn't believe what just happened.She wanted to talk to Sundae alittle more, get to know her better, it wasn't supposed to happen this way, she kept telling herself. Well, What's done is done. "Sundae, where do we go from here?" she asks. Sundae surprisingly leans over gently kisses her on the cheek and says, "Sweetheart,I've grown to love who you are from miles away, and we just shared our souls with one another. I'm here for you as your friend and your lover if that's what you want." Princess is on top of the world. "Could she have possible found love?"

The End?

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