The Treatment

Belle put her clothes in the locker and slipped on the plush robe. She had been nervous about geing naked in front of strangers, but the locker room was completely empty. The robe didn't have pockets--what was she supposed to do with the locker key.

"I'll take that." Amanda, the spa attendant, took the key and gave Belle a pussy wetting smile. "Have you ever had one of our treatments before?"

Belle almost didn't hear the woman. She had been standing there trying not to stare at Amanda's hard nipples. "No, this is my first time."

"Let me explain the procedure to you. First, you will spend a few minutes in the steam room while I draw your bubble bath. After the bath and a dip in the whirlpool, I will take you to our special treatment room. During your visit, if you need anything at all, let me know and I will tend to your needs."

Belle followed Amanda to the steam room where she exchanged her robe for a towel. She lay on the top bench and the attendant put cumcumber slices over her eyes and a damp cloth on her forehead. Just as Belle felt the heat massaging her body, Amanda's voice was in her ear. "Don't worry, Sugar. We are going to take very, very good care of you."

As Amanda spoke, she let her lips graze Belle's ear slightly. Belle licked her lips at the thought of being massaged by Amanda. About 5 minutes later, one of the attendants brought Belle in for her bubble bath. The room smelled of lavender. Belle felt relaxed as soon as she entered. The attendant left after she showed Belle where everything was and told her that if she wanted the Special all she had to do is push the gold button on the side of the tub. Belle got in the tub and she was so relaxed. She closed her eyes and just let all of her muscles relax. After a few minutes, she remembered that the attendant didn't tell her what the special was. Belle was soooo curious. She took a chance and pushed the button. A couple of seconds later, Amanda came in the room. She bent down behind Belle and began to bath her with a sponge. Belle was so surprised, she wondered what she was in for when it is time for her to go to the Special Treatment room. Belle closed her eyes as she felt Amanda's breath on her neck as she bathed her. Amanda whispered in Belle's ear.......

you're beautiful, wait until you see the surprise I have in store for you.

mhmmmmm was all i could wisper..."now what would a girl like you in a place like this have in store for me?".. Amanda snickered and continued with the sponge. She massaged as she washed making belle forget all about the troubles she'd had during the week. "This is Wonderful" she exclaimed, just them she felt a warm brush of lip on hers. Wha.... shhhh don't say a word, i told you i had a surprise for you just sit back and let it happen. Music began to play and Amanda started belly-dancing. it was the most erotic thing i had ever seen in my life. if i wasn't already in water it daym sure would have been wet......

As Amanda's dance was comming to a close she reaches down for belles hand. "Come with me" Amanda said sweetly to Belle. As she helped her out of the whirlpool, Belle feels Amandas warm sexy eyes on her wet soft skin. The stare tantlizes Belle mind but also her heated cunt that was longing for some attention. Amanda led Belle into a massage room but the two womyn were alone. The only light were Lavender scented candles all around the room."lay here and lers start the "special" treatment you came for. Belle took in a deep breath know that now isnt the time so be shy but let all her tention loose and fall into Amandas spell. She laid flat on her stomach and Amanda came and stood over her with warm body oil to start the treatment.

the scent of lavender and the thought of this fine woman pleasing her put belle in a very tranquil mood. she began to instantly relax when she felt amanda's warm fingers massaging and kneading her back... mhmmmmmm you have a very unique touch amanda, i've never gotted a massage that felt this good. "shhhh sweetie just relax and breathe okay?" in an instant belle was sleep.

as amanda continued to massage belle through her slumber, she was having second thoughts about this so called "special" she was going to give this woman. "what the hell am I doing?... Me playing the role of the enchantress? hmmm if she only knew how unexperienced i really was.....belle started to stir.... amanda stroked her slowly allowing her to return to the peaceful heaven she'd found and she graciously took in all of belle's curves and womanly features.

Then belle looked up and saw amanda giving her the "I wanna eat u look" So she went along with it. "Let's Do it"

Belle sat up on the table and asked, "You won't get in trouble will you?" "The doors are locked, no one ever interrupts anyway" As Belle started to undress her, she sensed Amandas nervousness. "Have you ever been with a woman?" Belle asked. Amanda shook her head no and put her head down. "I'm sorry if I lead you on in any way" Amanda said.

Belle pulled Amanda close to her naked body and whispered, "Don't be sorry. I can give you the special treatment. And if I make you feel uncomfortable in any way, just stop me at anytime, ok?" Amanda responded with a nervous nod as she leaned into Belle and kissed her softly on the lips. "Lay back, sweetie. I'm about to show you things you've never dreamed imaginable."

Belle said with a sneaky smile.

Amada breathed exhaled, hard and long. Attempting to relax. This is all good she thought... I need something good to come why way ...so to speak. This fine woman an new at it at that, was feelign so good next to her. She wanted to teach her and learn in the process. Belle reached over and scooped Amanada's left then her right breast with her hand. The nipples tighted instantly and she had tosuckle them, lick them taste take in Amanda scent. He own juices has started flowing with the massage. And by Amnada's moans so were hers. AMnada head dropped back as Belle continued to suck and lick at her breast. The feeling was so hot and so intense. The feel of this woman's lips, the smellof her body. It was all so exciting she felt that if Belle touched her there right now she would drown hand in the sweet juice that was bubbling inside her now and starting to seep out. Her walls throbbed and warmth oozed down her belly and into her pussy. She just wanted to go for it. It feel it end and start again. Im going to enjoy this she thought, I need to let go and get into this after teasing and pretending Iwas all experienced. This is what I get. Belle's hand started moving now and as she leaned into her Amanda fell back and Belle was laying half on top of her. Her mouth did not move form her right breast as her hand started stroking her left thigh. Asking her to open to give it up. Belle let her left ahnd come up and around to cover Amnada's right breast. she lightly rubbed it and then twisted the hard poiting nipple in her fingers. Belle's hand moved up and pushed into her folds. Using her index finger she circle dthat spot right at the top of her slit. swirled around adn then stroked the woman until she could feel her pushing up at her hand. To Amanads own surprise she openned her legs wide and belle fully cuppe her and massaged her with an open palm, right at the center of her pussy. "Kiss me", Amanda felt Belles breathon her lips. She pushed her head closer and as thier lips met. Belle sank her finger into Amanda who squessed at it and kissed Belle as mush as she coudl to let her know she wanted more. The two women began to greadily kiss each other. Belel removed her hand and the continued kissing Amndas ands moved to Belle's back and pulled her on top of her. Bellemoved slowly grindng her pussy on Amanda who started to do the same. The sounds of moist on moist were all ta coudl be heard. " Don't get too loud she whispered to Amanda between kisses.

Belle couldn't believe that her body was responding in the manner that it was. She felt like liquid in Amanda's embrace. They continue to grind and Amanda found herself being placed on massage table and her legs being pushed apart. "Oh goodness," Amanda moaned. She looked at the woman who had never been with a woman before and could not believe how Belle had taken over. "I want to taste you," she stated matter of factly. Amanda couldn't do anything but nod her head. With that Belle lowered her mouth between her legs and dove in like she was not new to this. She licked her clit in firm circular motions and rub her hands up and down her thighs. She move slowly over folds and thrust her tongue in her honey pot. "Ohhhhh... " Amanda moaned. Belle kept the motion up and she could feel Amanda grinding her pussy against her mouth.

They ground into each other taking what they each so badly needed giving the other what they could. Amanda got lost in the moment and gave in as the first inmany orgasms hit her. This just excited Belle more. As she felt amanda quiver she began to lapped at her pussy covering the entire area with her tounge. Licking, sucking circling and reversing. Amanda wrapped her legs around belle's head and pushed her hto pussy to Belle's greedy tounge. Belle locked her arms around Amanda' thighs and began to stick her center with her tounge matching the rythym that Amanda had started. Again Amanda shivered and groaned. Belle was loving the taste of this womans' pussy she continued to cream over and over and by now Belle's face was covered in the essence of Amanda. "Oh my Goddddddddddd" she let out. Please stop I can;t go anymore I'm going to... be... too...ooo...wea..k tt..oooo...stand..." Belle slowed down and began to bring her down to a calmer state of breathing. Her own pussy thobbed and ached for attention. She too had small orgasm while pleasuring this tasty morsel in front of her. She did not expect anythign in return. Amanda seemed to hardly be able to catch her breath.

She pulled back and go into an upright position. SHe circled Amanda's breast with the moisture still on her face. Then reached up and slightly stoke her cheek. Amnada pulled her self up and move kiss Belle. Belle returned the kiss givng Amanda a taste of her own medicine so to speak... The kiss lingered and got intense. Amanda seemed to like the taste

Belle knew if they continued this any further she would end up pratically begging this woman to taste her. The throb in her lower body was getting more intense with each flick of Amnada's tounge. Amanda was becoming the agressor once again and Belle was feeling it. She wanted this woman above her rubbing her, licking her,holding her. Amanda moved away form her lips and went toher neck then higher to her ear lobe and whispered. "Can I try to please you? You make me feel so good." Belle nodded not wanting words to ruin the moment. " Turn over on your back and relax" Belle did as she was told. Amanda walked around and got behind her... taking agood look at the smooth backside, righ before she spead Belle's legs and slid her tounge along the crack

Amanda began to moan just as Belle began to moan. This aroused amanda even more and she began to lick Belle's crack and then she grabbed Belle by her waist and pulled her towards her. Amanda then crawled between Belle's legs and lay down under the arch where her pussy was. she pulled belle's pussy to her mouth and began to lick and suck her pussy. Belle began to grind faster and faster until she felt herself begin to convulse from the joy that amanda was bringing her. she thought to herself " Ive never had a woman make me feel this good before". as her moans grew louder amanda's tongue moved faster until they were grinding so fast that amanda didnt even know that belle came 3 more times.

Silence, absolute silence except for some hard breathing. The two women lay enterwined with each other. The musk of sex hung in the air. Emotions also hung in the air. Amanda wondered what is she thinking? How could I? I have my man at home... what the hell will think? Can I go back to him, just like that? Can our relationship be the same? I'm not the sleep around type... Im not a slut...who i this woman? How coudl she arouse me so? Why did I flirt with her? Why did I let her.. How could I? Ammanda abrupty removed herself from the embrace. I'm so sorry- she said quicly gathering herself together. "I don't know how, or why I got carried away but I did." Amanda look I'm not making a big deal if you won't. I'm going to give you my number when you figure this out you give me or call or you won't. I will not stop coming her but if you like we will continue business as usual. Im not the sleep around type, it's a bit late, but I have no diseases and Im not a drug user. WHat about you? " No" Amanda said shaking her head. She looked down at the floor, holdign her clothes in front of her. " Im sorry I have to go... she grabbed Belle's number and ran from the room. Two weeks later.....

Amanda was laying in bed with her man. It was 2 in the morning. He rolled over to her and began to rub on her thigh. Usually this would turn her on but this time was different. It felt nice but she was missing something. She turned to him and returned the action so that he wouldn't get suspicious. They made love and afterwards, he felt that something was wrong with Amanda. He asked her what was bothering her. Amanda smiled and said "Nothing baby, I'm just alittle tired thats all". But Amanda wasn't tired at all. She couldn't understand why she didn't feel as pleased as she usually do. Her man has always been a good lover. All she could think about was Belle's touch. Later on that day, Amanda was driving to work and noticed a piece of paper sticking out the ash tray. She pulled it out and it was Belle's number. Amanda forgot she had it. Now the question is, should she call?????

Amanda, decided to call and when Belle, answered she asked if they could meet because Amanda, wanted to tell her something. Later that afternoon about 1:30 Belle, met Amanda, at a favorite cafe for lunch and when they sat down and before the waiter asked to take thier order Belle, reached over and took her hand and said...Girlfriend, i am glad that you called because something has been bothering me also and i feel that you have the right to know that i live with a womyn whom i love a great deal. I know that you may think that what we did was okay but to be honest the fact that i gave into my lower sex has been a thorn in my side ever since. Amandas, eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open but before she could say a word Belle, said..I don't want that to ever happen again, i want to be your friend but not your sex partner. i have never cheated on my lover before and i promised her that i would never do it again. I told her everything, and because she is such a decent & honorable womyn i wanted you to meet her. Belle, asked Amanda, to wait at the table for a minute while she spoke to the Miatre D' and within a few seconds in walked a tall beautiful dredlocked sister in a purple silk suit whom Belle introduced to Amanda, as Yazmyn. Yazmyn, held her hand out and smiled the most beautiful smile Amanda, had ever seen and said..My pleasure, you may call me Jazz. Amanda was star struck as she quickly looked away. Yazmyn, had eyes the color of burnished bronze, her teeth were as white a snow and her gait like a models. Dayum Amanda, thought to herself what have i gotten myself into?

Hello Jazz, well I'm sure you have heard more about me than I have about you. Amanda said humbly

Amandas, heart was racing and her mind was going through a million scenarios at once. First she thought oh my Lord what have i done? Then she looked over at Yazmyn with her sexy body and pretty eyes and thought..Dayum maybe we can have a menage a trios? Then she looked at Belle, who had not taken her arm nor her eyes off Yazmyn, from the moment they sat down at the table. All of a sudden Yazmyn stood up and said..its been a pleasure meeting you Amanda but we must go now Belle, has promised me a massage and i am not going to let her get out of this one..Yazmyn smiled at Belle, who returned her smile and together they left Amanda, sitting there with her mouth open thinking..Oh no!! how could this happen to me??

WAIT!!!!!!!,amanda said, belle turned around startled, with a look on her face like please do not start this shit. Amanda rushed up to her and said look i know what you said but i really need to talk to you in private. amanda had a pleading look in her eyes that belle couldn't resist. Yazmyn meanwhile is looking at both of them with a knowing look, go on boo... i'll be outside.


"So Amanda what do you do for a living?" The three women made small tlak on the drive to Jazz and Belle's house. Amanda was nervous she had no idea what would happen. What was goign to getting into. Running off wiht these two women in the middle of the day. Then she switched and she ahd a small dayream. She say Jazz sucking her nipples working her hands through Belle's lower treasures, while Amanda pleasured herself in front of these two women

They drove for a long time. Jazz, Amanda, and Belle drive thru the mountains and Jazz's car begins to smoke and stall. Although Jazz knew how to fix the problem she decided to play it out and see what could happen. Amanda says, "What the hell - we can't stall here, it's 98 degrees tonight!" Jazz yells, "Shaddup, we all got cellies and I have a membership with Triple A! Just help me push the whip to the side of the road." The night was dark and the ladies were dressed to get into the new club on the other side of the mountains where the gays and straights hung out in royal fashion.

"What are we going to do at this place?" said Amanda the hesitation in her voice was evident. Eailier that day she had been making up senarios in her head. Somewhere deep inside her Jazz was turning her on, although this women had been kind of indifferent to her. The three women had agreed to see if they we all compatable. Belle wanted Amanda again and she was honest with Jazz about it. After a couples of drinks that afternoon. The three women did not have sex. They kissed each other to seal the deal. In all of it someone wanted to go on one and drop the third wheel.

The night air made Jazz'z nipples harden as they walked to the out of the way club.

The dry chill of the air was indeed a hindrance on Amanda's desire to go to a strange club but she wanted to see what Jazz was all about. So the three ladies pushed the car to the side and hitched a ride with another threesome (two women and a man) that rolled up in a sunlight yellow limo. The limo drove up and the club looked like a huge mansion with four large bouncers (two in red and white tight hugging wife-beaters and two in black and white tight tank-tops). The lights flashed light green from the cornice of the club lighting up each letter one at a time (L-I-M-E-&-N-E-L-L-Y-'S). Amanda said,"Ly-mon-ellees..." Jazz corrected her and said, "This is Lime and Nelly's." Belle licked her lips and looked into Jazz's eyes because this is where they first met. Lime and Nelly's is not your average club scene. Amanda shuttered high eyes rapidly and Jazz said "Let's roll in!"

At the entrance the women paid the entrance fee $50 dolloars each. Inside ther were men women, women and women, men and men. The crowd seemed to be educated black people, who worked ahrd and played well. There where light curtains that hung from the roof, the back two corners of the 1st floor had a huge sitting lounge type area. with a large cirular table in the middle. The couples seted there seemed to be so into their conversation that nothing else mattered.

Off in a corner there was monitors that hung form the ceiling. There seemed to be a little of everything playing on the screens. What caught Amanda's attention, was the one with the lady with her hands in front of her naked with ripe round breast.

The music was pumping some remix of J-HO's song "Waiting for Tonight." Yeah funny Amanda thought. What are drinking Amanda? Belle asked as she led the way to the bar. The were three bartenders two females and a man that looked as lethal as the liquid he was serving up. All this simulationAmanda thought, she still felt her belle holding her arm. Amanda looked at Belle she looked nice, not too much make-up her lis glistenend, she had her ahir wrapped up in a french roll with drop curls. Jazz leaned in and kissed Belle, I guess to prove her point? That made no points with Amanda she just semmed to becoming more awake and confident as she looked at the couples around her. They made Amanda want to take Belle off somewhere and kiss her. She wanted Jazz she wanted Belle, she wanted realease from this tension. She needed a small but storng drink. Ill have a double shot of Hennessy, please. Jazz smiled at Amanda and stroked her arm. Amanda felt like stoking Jazz's dreads. They looked neat clean and well kept. "Okay someone better watch out and not get drunk. Whatever happens to night I want you to remember it all really well" she spoke right next to Amanda's ear the warmth of her breath cause cream to begin deep inside Amanda. All she could do was knod. Belle was now standing next to her her on the opposite side. The had her sandwiched. "Let' make a toast" Amanda said raising her glass. "TO WHAT?" Jazz tried to yell over the music. "TO SWEET BEGINNINGS"- Theladies rose there glass and laughed out loud. Let's go get our party on. Jazz grabbed Belle's hand and Belle grabbed Amanda. The drinks were working there way into the system of these three women who were all trying to play it cool. One of them had control of the other two. But who? who was in control?

Women were dancing all around her, Amanda definately liked what she saw. One woman in particular caught her eye and As she stood there transfixed, Jazz pulled Belle to the side. "look mami, i know this is ya friend and all, but uhmm i came here to have a good time and playin the role of teacher isn't really part of my schedule. Now this is your friend...nobody asked you to turn her out, hehehe, but you did so you need to handle this. either let her know what's up and find her someone to chill with tonight or i'm out... I see some people over there i need to talk business with. Get a drink, get ya girl...explain sum things to her and i'll be back within the hour.... Hey.. look at me... I love you girl aiight?" --Mhmmm everytime you flash them dimples at me i can't help but do what you say... i love you too baby... Uhhh Amanda... can i talk to you for a minute hon?

Sexual tension was in the air in the dance moves in the looks and the brief touch. An Asian women off in the corner of the dance floor watrched these three women, toyign with each other they wanted to fuck she thought.

why are these women fooling themselves? Why they want each other she could tell. She would'nt mind a piece of that action Keli thought... um um um all of them looked good either one for a night would be fine.

Just as Keli watched the tall woman with the bradis kiss both these women she was with her current boyfriend came back with their drinks,breaking her concentration

FOXY BROWN__Ill NA NA balsted in the now very crowed club lounge. Jazz grabbed both ladies oof the dance floor. "look ladies let's take this to next level, you game?"

"YES" both women said " Then let's go" The followed, bt not before finishing their third drink

Jazz led the way to a stairway that led downstairs. then to a room with couples all over the room. the room had couches and small day beds every where... It was not as almost quite compared to the dance floor upstairs. The room was softly lit. Sade played loud enough to be there but not interrupt the moment. The couples in the room where much more into each other. In each other's shirts and pants wherever they could get a hand. Jazz made a move to Amanda’ breast reaching from behind and scooping them into her hands. They were larger than Belle's and the weight felt good in Jazz's hands. She cupped and kneaded them softly, then bent and kissed Amanda on the neck. "Belle kisses her" Jazz said, it was almost a command. Amanda returned Belle's kiss with a hungry fever to it. She wanted to use her arms but they were strapped to her sides because of the position the three women were in. Belle was so close in front of her that Jazz was able to stimulate both women's breasts. Amanda felt Belle’s hands go to her crotch and massage it, Jazz moved to the other side of her neck. Amanda decided she was not going to be the only meat in this sandwich. She slowly broke off kissing Belle and told Jazz to turn around. Jazz turned her back to Amanda who moved belle in front of her and then came up behind Jazz from behind with her hands. One hand went to her breast the other right for the heat of Jazz. “Kiss her” she whispered in Jazz ear. The hand that was in between the bodies of the two women slid out and grabbed Belle’s behind…Amanda pulled Belle close, real close then she slid her and in between the lower half of the two women and rubbed form one pussy to the other while she let her own pussy rub on Jazz ass.

The next series of events went fast. The three women moved to one of the over stuffed couches in a dark corner of the room. Jazz and Amanda practically attacked Belle, her top was pushed up around her and her pants were opened. Jazz was working her hands into Belle. Belle was moaning with pleasure. Amanda was sucking on her breast first the left then the right and back again.

Ahhh…. Belle let out a small scream.. Jazz could feel it, she could feel Belle’s body throb and pulse under her hand, she moved faster, sliding, stroking and finally plunging in a letting the river flow for Belle. “Let’s go somewhere more private” Amanda said… “why what’s the matter feeling shy?” what’s wrong? Taste it...” She held up her index finger to Amanda who sucked it clean. “yes I guess you could say that. Call a taxi let’s go to a hotel,

so we all quickly gathered ourselves and head out of the club. once we got out it was kinda hard lookin for a cab but jazz caught one in the nick of time. it will take 10 mins to get to the marriot. jazz and amanda are kissin each other passionatly in the back of the taxi while belle is circling her clit as she excitly watches the two kiss. amanda caught belle pleasing herself so she slid her tongue into belle mouth with joy as jazz now began to finger amanda hot drippin pussy... 10min pass------------ they got they selves together and paid the hindu driver his money with a generous tip but he refuse it saying "no need for the tip women i already recieved it" they all laughed and headed out.

Once they arrived at the hotel Yazmyn, told Amanda, that she preferred to be called Yaz, with a soft Y as oppossed to Jazz which was ameikkkan. Belle, knew why she preferred that her name be pronounced that way but it was difficult for Amanda, because she was from NY and not from the Caribbean like herself and Belle. However, something else was bothering Yazmyn, and being the outspoken womyn she was she sat down on the sofa in the suite and told them both that she would not be staying the night. Amanda's mouth fell open in surprise and Yazmyn, looked at them both and said. I have been in love with one womyn for awhile and because of conflicts with my work schedule i had been unable to make myself available on a regular basis and this created a conflict for my intended. i aslo was not able to keep a decent work schedule as we were on separate coasts. You see i met this womyn online when she answered an ad which i had placed during a time when i felt comfortable and safe enough to reach out. The womyn turned out to be one who had great character, self discipline, motivation and spiriuality. She told me from the beginning that she was talking to other women and i believe that her honesty also protected my emotions and allowed me to move forward with my own plans. Belle, you know that i am not a menage a trois person, however, i was bored and missed my friend Afua, i miss her like nothing i dream of her, my clit jumps whenever i think of her to the point that i have removed her from my e-mail accts..Dayum i wish that things could have been different but they are not and for this i apologize to both of you. Belle, when you touch me i think of Afua, when you smile i think of Afua, when i sleep i cream/dream of Afua, and although i realize that our relationship is over, i want it to be known that i still care. i want to say to both of you that i wish you well but i cannot callow this to happen between us again because iam a one womyn womyn. Amanda you are a nice sistah and Belle you really have it going on..i will take this time to look at the womyn in the mirror and find my peace again..Good luck Belle, had not said a word through the whole conversation, she knew that Yaz, was a one womyn womyn but she still wanted to be with her so she touched Yazmyns cheek and asked if she could call again. Yaz, looked her in the eyes and said the only person i want to talk to now is Afua.

As Yazmyn, was walking out to her car she heard a sound and looked up into the eyes of Afua, she caught her breathe and Afua, grabbed her hand and placed it on her lifeline. Afua, whispered in her ear and said baby i have been calling you all day, i have been on airplanes trying to get to you all morn and had i not wanted a drink and found this place i probably would have missed you..can we talk? Yazmyn, could only look at Afua, but she managed to ask are you driving? Afua said she was and yaz, asked her to follow her. During the drive Yazmyn, thought oh no! what should i do? Instantly Yaz decided to tell her that she had been with Belle and that she had slipped in a moment of lust and had a Menage a trois. Yaz, went to her studio apt which she had rented when she decided to call it quits with Belle, and when they entered the apt Afua, sat down on sofa and poured herself some Kaluah and cream while Yaz had Alize and cran juice. Yazmyn, told her what had happened and Afua, said nothing, she leaned over and kissed Yaz, and said..I missed you and i came here to give you what you want..Take off your cloths..Yazmyn, said listen babe as bad as i want to i need to get a test in order to make sure that i am safe, please accompany me in the morning to see my doctor who will give me the newest test available and which can detect any virus which may be alive. Also once the test is complete i would like for you to take one also Afua, looked away and agreed thinking to herself that perhaps she would also do well to know her HIV status. Afua, called Yaz, Princess, although Yaz, had given her the name Afua. Yaz, wondered if she had missed her like she said she had..She was willing to find out no matter what but she had to make sure that she was safe.

The End?

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