Kurious Karen

started by Raquel

It was hot, humid and a long, long walk to my apartment. I walked this way every day but with the record heat that day I had to stop and rest. The bench at a nearby bus stop was the only shady place I could find. I just sat there and stared at the road like a zombie until I heard a voice from behind me yell "Hey Kel!"It was my co-worker Karen, a girl I had my eye on for months. She was tall and darkish skinned, about 5'9 with breasts not too big but about the right size to fit in a kid's baseball cap. Her face was beautiful. She had eyes much like those of a cat and had her hair in a four inch long sprig of a ponytail. All of that along with her "basketball player calves" and tomboyish attitude made her just the kind of girl I'd always hoped for. But I knew I'd never have her. She was the kind you don't want to mess with. Although she looked all sweet and girly she could still knock you to the end of the earth in one blow. Especially lightweight lanky me.

She ran to the bus stop and sat next to me. "Hey Kel. Watchu doin' down here?" she said.
"I'm supposed to be walking home from work but it's so damn hot I had to stop and rest in the shade. So I'm just sittin' here. What about you?" I asked.
"I live right through that corner."
"So you don't live too far from work. Lucky you."
"You know what? You look real tired. Why don't you come to my place for some rest and a drink?"
"I'd like that." So I went with her. We sat down at her kitchen table beside each other with a couple of Mojitos and talked for a while until I noticed something resting on one of the chairs. It was my diary that was missing for a week. "What's my diary doin' here?" I asked in surprise.
"You left it on your desk at the office." she replied.
"You didn't read it did you?"
"Honestly, I did. You're a very interesting person and I just wanted to know what makes you tick. I'm sorry."
"That's alright Karen. I probably would have let you see it anyway."
"I saw what you had in there. I know you want me. Tell me what you want to do to me."
"I can't. I'm too shy to say something like that out..."
Before I could even finish the sentence she pulled me toward her and deeply kissed me. Then she said with that sweet voice "Okay then. I'll just have to let you show me."

At that Karen slowly led me into the living room to her couch as we stood in front of it I grabbed her head ever so soflty and begin to give Karen a slow, deep and wett french kiss.

Kel...Kell.... girl you aiight.... OH Hmmmmm... i focused in... i was not in the apartment and not on the way to the bedroom either...daymmm... Oh girl i'm fine... i guess this heat is getting to me.. i'm seein things and shit... so what were you saying?? Girl what i'ma do with you?? i asked you did you want a drink or sumthin...you look ready to pass out...I only live down the street and i'm sure i got sumthin in the fridge...c'mon....

hey...these are good i like ice tea and...(thinking)i would like to drink you all up & down girlfriend.

We got up and started walking towards her apartment. As she led the way, I walked behind her, admiring her firm ass. I had to fight the urge to not come up behind her and grab each cheek and kiss her neck...damn, the heat ain't only outside....

I felt my juices start to flow, and mumbled to myself damn, I gotta taste her... "What'd you say Kel? I didn't hear you." Shit, I better watch myself. "Nothing girl, just this heat. I could really use that drink." "Girl, your crazy. We're almost there. Come up here and walk with me." I walked next to her, and she put her arm around my shoulder's. Her fingertips gently grazed my already hard nipples, sending chills down my spine. I turned and looked at her, she was staring right into my eyes, but made no move to take her hand away. I put my arm around her waist as we walked with my hand resting on the top of her beautifu booty. "Well, here we are!" She started walking up the stairs, and I followed. I swear if she switched her hips in my face one more time, I was going to grab her, yank her skirt up, and lick her pussy right then and there....

" C'mon in girl" I smiled to myself, picturing her response if I had really done whatI was dreaming about... I walked into the apartment behind her, closing the door with my foot. I walked into the living room, admiring he beauty of the room and it's occupant. She walked over to the stereo, and put on some Maxwell. "Girl, I love this CD. His music could put me in the mood anytime," I said. She smiled. " I know what you mean. It gets my juices flowing eveytime...I'm going to go into the kitchen and fix us some drinks...Sit down, kick your shoes off, and make yourself at home." As she walked into the kitchen I stood mesmerised at the way she moved. Damn, she was really getting to me... I took my heels off and sat down on her couch, picking a Hype Hair magazine up off her table. As I sat flipping through the pages, she came in carrying the drinks...

She sat down next to me, and we drank and talked about everything from our co-workes, to hair, to the uncomfortable ass shoes we wore to work. An hour and a half passed, and I stood up and said "Well, I guess I better go. I've taken up enough of your time." "NO!...I Mean don't go yet, I didn't have any plans, I really enjoy having you here, and I've been wanting to ask you over for awhile.." Straight, I thought to myself. "Ok, as long as I'm not imposing, you know..." She stood up and walked a circle around me, then came and stood behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and wispered in my ear," Kel, I've been wanting YOU for a very long time." And with that she turned me around, placed her hand on the back of my neck a kissed me. I returned the kiss thinking to myself this in unbelieveable...ummm damn, she is wonderful. She slowly slipped her tongue in my mouth and massaged my tongue with hers. I felt her hand start pulling my skirt up in the front...Oh god, I'm going to melt right here I thought. She moved the crotch of my red g-strings out of the way and began to slowly massage my clit with her fingers... "Ohhhhhh,ummm damn Karen. Ohhhhh, that feels so good.... OHHHHH......" I moaned.

I have thought about, dreamed about, been kept up at night about this.......and now it's happening, I just can't believe it. But it's real.....I'm standing in Karens apartment.....her lips are on mine, her tongue in my mouth....and oh her fingers, her fingers are doing things to my clit.....sweet, wonderful, glorious...mmmnnnn the juices or flowing, I'm getting weak in the knees. Just don't let her stop. "Kel".......mmmmnnnnn......yes, are you enjoying yourself......can't you tell I respond, or think I respond.....I don't know, I can't tell, all I know is that I'm now laying on her couch and my panties or on the floor and my skirt is up around my waist.....and I do believe that's her tongue, sweet, wet tongue on my clit. If I'm dreaming then don't wake me up until it's over.

I close my eyes and get into the flow of all that is happening to me. Karens fingers are long and they are touching parts of me that I never knew existed. Her lips are full and she is kissing me, licking me, sucking me and playing with my pubic hair as if I had an appointment to get my hair done. I am in ecstacy, I am in heaven. This is too good, I wanted this to happen but not like this, not right now. I must stop. I try to, but dayum this gurl is inside of me and I want to flow all over her hands and mouth. No...., "Stop" i find myself saying softly. I want this to last. I want to know how I ended up just giving up the jewels so easily, so quickly, all from a drink and some conversation and a couple of fantasies. "Whats wrong" she ask, still inside of me.

I try to catch my breath and manage to ask her what we are doing. "What we both have been wanting to do for a long time" she replies. I blush and nod my head in agreement. "This is soo good, and I am enjoying every minute of it, but I think we need to back up for a minute" I say, not really believing the words came out of my mouth. Karen pulls her long fingers out of me and immediately I feel empty, as if I just lost my first born. Karen moves her body on top of mine and on the way up lifts my blouse and sucks on one of my nipples. I giggle. She smiles and just looks me dead in the eyes with the most sincere look that I have ever seen. She softly says, "you taste wonderful". Then she rest her head in my neck and after about an eternity, begins to move her lower body. Her mound on my clit making me feel something all together different. I cannot control myself, I move with her and before you know it, I tell her what I never thought I would tell this woman in a million years "Oh shit, I am cumming"...

and with those five words I came harder than I ever thought i could , she looks me dead in the eyes and says " I want to taste you all of you" not knowing if I could handle it I slowly guided her agile tounge to my over flowing love and as she begins to slowly flicker her tounge over my clit I can feel nothing else but extasy she then licks harder and harder untill I explode with girations and moans I release my juice into her more than ready mouth.


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