Special Delivery

started by Oneeka20002

"Hello I'd like to order a pepperoni and cheese pizza."
"Would you like anything to drink with that."
"Did i say I wanted anything to drink? How much is it, and how long is it gonna take for ya'll to deliver it."

"bitch" comes a whisper.

"What the fuck did you say? imma come down there and buss yo ass. Matter of fact let me speak to your manager."

"Hi" comes the smooth raspy voice over the telephone. "How may I help you."

"I am dissatisfied at how your employee spoke to me. She was rude and I demand for her to get fired."

"Don't worry ma'aam she will be dealt with and just as a courtesy your meal is on us."

That was the kindest voice I heard all day. I just got the axe at work today on account of downsizing in order to make great a greater profit. My baby sister is pregnant and wants to leave home with her "fiancee." And now this bitch is giving me grief when all i wanna do is curl up with a slice of pizza and a beer to make me feel better.

I am fuming and in less than five minuted my food is at my door in the hands of a svelte brown skinned short wavy cesar fade butch.laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd my knees buckled as she smiled and offered her apologies.That's when I noticed those two big ass dimples and straight perfect white teeth.

My ire slowly diminished as I inhaled her toxic aroma of "Givenchy Pi pour homme." My type of butch . . .

"Ma'am?? did you order a pizza...? -- Oh yeah, thanks, uhmm how much do i owe you ( i had to keep her at my door at least long enough to find out her name)... oh my manager said it's on us, so if that's everything....? --uhmmm You know what i forgot to order a drink...dang -- Well i'm on my way back and we're only around the corner, i could run and get it for you and then come back aiight?-- yeah, but are you sure it's not too much trouble? -- Naw... it's cool i'd do anything for a pretty face (there's them dimples again)... hmmm so uhmmm what's your name?

Tionne she said as she reached out her hand..... Nice to meet you Tionne I said as I took her hand. I'm Felicia...I said with a smile....

She returned the smile and at that moment nothing seemed to matter to me except for how I was going to get Tionne in my apartment... later into my bed. "Pepsi, Sprite, Orange...?" she asked and as I appeared to be giving it some serious thought, she added "or Me?" I could not believe that this was happening to me. Just when it seems like everything is so wrong,along comes something so right. "What do you mean, You?" I asked trying to play it off. " Am I that obvious that anyone that knocks on my door with a sexy smile-" with the hot pizza in one hand and the back of by head in the other, she leaned down and kissed me with a passion that overwhelmed my senses and immediatly my nipples were standing on end and heat was radiating from between my thighs. Damn, this ain't my style I thought...casual sex with a stranger? But just as fast as I was thinking no my body had already told Tionne Yeeeessss!

I realized what had happened and immediately pulled away from Tionne's full bocalicious lips. I told her I wanted a Sprite and she said "I'll be right back with that." She looked me in the eyes with a sensual glare and went on her way to the pizzaria. I had time to think about the situation at hand. I mean Tionne was what I liked in a woman and everything about her made my body ache. Would I continue what she started at my door or would I just dismiss it. She was back in no more than five minutes. With my Sprite in her hand and a look of adventure in her eyes she said "Can I come in?" I was lost I didnt know what to say. I then replied "Shouldn't you be working?" She had replied that her shift was over and that I was the last customer she would have for the night. Realizing we were still at my door I invited Tionne in. This was my opportunity to get a look at the whole pacakge front and back. Damn, mami had more back than J.Lo and I wanted to have her nice firm ass in my hands.

Ok Ok Ok... get it together Felicia. Thats what was playin over and over in my mind. "Umm.. have a seat, can I get you anything... a drink, some pizza?" I asked. "Noooo pizza, she said, I get enough of that everyday, but I know you got something else I can eat besides pizza." Then she gave me this devilish crooked smile, and licked her lips. I cleared my throat and said, "Well, I can make you something if you like...how about.." Tionne interrupted by calling my name. "Felicia.....come here." I walked over to her... by the time I got there, my panties was soaked.

Whats up ? I know u are wet for me right now! We can play all know long if u like? I am all about pleasing u baby! And u going the same to me.

Damn! I wanted to play hard to get, but she was so fine. The straight white teeth, the dimples, the fade. She pulled me to her lap and oh shit, she was strapped. I could feel the dildo hard against my plump ass. My pussy throbbed at the thought of her stroking it in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. I couldn't wait and reached for the zipper on her pants.

Hold up baby hold up. Good things come to those who wait. She grabbed my head and pulled me close to her, she started kissing my neck right in the spot I like, while she unhooked my satin pink bra with one hand. Ohhh, ummmmm I moaned. She took my bra off and I helped her get my halter top off. She took my left breast in her hand and starting licking and sucking on my big hard brown nipples...

yeahhhhhhhhh. in that instant it seemed as though that was all I needed to take my mind off of the day's horrid events. I grinded my hips into hers as she continued to suckle my nipple. My clit began to rub up against the bulge in her crotch which I surmised to be no less than ten inches which befitted this beautiful androgynous creature. I wanted her to lay me flat on the floor and lick me where I ached to be licked. It seemed as though she heard my thought and in the blink of an eye she lifted me and placed me gently on my back on my plush living room carpet. She began to tease me with soft kisses all over my stomach, she paused as soon as she got to the top of my thigh. she flashed me this sweet devilish grin which revealed her pearly whites and her crated like dimples she whispered "Are you ready to recieve what I really came to deliver". A deep throaty moan was my reply.I writhed my hips and closed my eyes. I could smell her cologne on my neck. I tweaked my nipples as she kissed the mound of my throbbing vagina. whew, luckily i had shaved this morning. I heard her inhaled and then moaned at the delight of my sweet dew.

Thank You GOD!!!!!! I was in heaven. As she caressed my thighs, her tongue played with my clit so gently but yet aggressively. My heart began to race as she pushed back my thighs and made a journey down the crack of my ass. My pussy got wetter and wetter. She made the journey back up to my pussy and stuck her tongue deep inside me. My back arched as a chill went down my spine....

I grabbed her head tightly...Mmmmm...this girl has got me open! Damn...I was trying so hard not to call out her name as she slowly turned me over onto my stomach and gently parted my legs...I didn't know what I was in store for, but my pussy was throbbing so hard that it didn't even matter! She was in total control of the situation...She pressed her whole body against mine, and all I could feel was the buldge between her legs that gently slid back and fourth over the crack of my ass...Oh My...Why was she teasing me so???? I couldn't take it anymore, so I started moving my hips to the song she was singing in my ears so gently..."It seems like your ready...to go all the wayyy...I can smell you perfume...Mmmmm"! This girl had me going...

damn i wanted her to enter my wet pussy from behind. i wanted to feel her breats on my back. i wanted to feel her rhythm. i wanted her to talk to me while deep stroking me, i wanted her to tell me that this was the best pussy she ever had. i wanted her to do things to this body which would make me shudder in delight. with each thought i was getting wetter and closer to an orgasm. i felt her slide inside me real slowwwwwwwwwwwwww then made a forceful thrust which made me

scream out "Oooooh Damn, YES!... Fuck Me

Tionne was in total control at this point and knew it. She was fucking me the way she wanted to, keeping me on edge with those long slow strokes, then forcefully entering when I'd least expect it. She was good and I was loving every moment of it. I was dying to cum but Tionne was having no part in letting me... not just yet anyway

Damn the door bell rang and woke me up from my very brief, yet wonderful adventure, I opened the door, and there stood a beautiful, luxious pizza girl. Damn it was a dream.

....a dream come true. Tionne had my head swimming and standing in my doorway was a carbon copy of that fine butch lover that I left in my bedroom. There she stood, smiling with the same dimples and brilliant straight white teeth as Tionne. As she rubbed her hand over that sexy short wavy ceasar fade, I felt a sensation of heat rush over my entire body, settling between my legs. Hi she said with a voice a little deeper than Tionne's. My name is Dionne. I noticed my sister's Navigator outside and would like to speak to her just for a minute if you don't mind. No I didn't mind at all. My mind was racing. Fantasies were filling my head. If she had half the skills of Tionne, this has changed from the worst day in my life, to the absolute best. As I headed to the bedroom, Tionne was on her way out. I heard my sister, she said, and I thought that I would come to see what she wanted.

"hey dionne whats up ?" Tionne said giving her sister one of those gang lookin hand shakes. "so um how u doin ?" Dionne responded. "this your girl ?" i glanced at Tionne with this look that said im whatever u want me to be mami. Tionne said nah we just met. Dionne looked down at Tionnes bulging pretend manhood and said "word well i see yall no each other a little bit " We both giggled . My God this can't be happening! There are 2 of them, standing right there in front of me. My house smelled like pure hot sex. I could only wonder what was going through Dionne's mind. But i know whats going through mine, shit i want them both fuck the bullshit i should just suggest it. but what if they think im nuts or somethin? you know what fuck it my day was already shitty and y only live once im gonna go for it! Before i could get the words out of my mouth Tionne said yo i need to speak to my sis alone for a sec, i went back into my bedroom and sat quietly thinking what the hell could they be talking about? no more that 2 minutes later they both walked in the room with this look in their eyes like ma brace yaself! Tionne sat on the bed next to me and said " i see in ur eyes u were likin what we were just doin so how would you like to double your pleasure ? " that stupid doublemint commercial played loudly in my head as my eyes widened. i said and how do u suggest we accomplish that ? Then Dionne walked over sat on the bed next to me and said wouldn't you like to know mami !

mmmmmm wow the god eros must know that i needed this fix. i was suddenly pulled towards tionne who kissed me deep and hot and hard. yeah you kno that kiss. **wink** i swore my twat twiched with that kiss(say that five times fast). wow i was so elated at the fact that i was about to get royally fucked by the most two beautiful specimens of studs i have ever seen. As Tionne kissed me i felt a nipple on a wet warm tongue of her gemini. i gushed. I held my breath for a nanno second and exhaled all of the days ire. my breath was comming in short gasps, my heart was pounding in my ears. I dunno who it was who placed me on her lap, whether it was tionne or dionne. i was sitting on her lap and kissing her breasts as i felt a warm tongue running down my spine. i shivered and gushed some more. "I want to taste you both i was able to say between moans"

Dionne layed back on the bed. All of us was on the same page. I saddled up on her tongue as Tionne spreaded out in front of me. I licked,sucked, drank.... etc.... I was all in her pussy...

.......as I erotically licked and sucked, Tionne started to moan. I was thinkin in my mind, man fuck tha bull shit I want that strap back! So I whispered softly to the both of them...."I got a idea, Dionne why dont you watch me and ya sista twerk?" Dionne had no problem wit it. Before I knew it, I was layin on my stomach...ONCE AGAIN. But this time I felt her manhood entering my ass. I can actually say, this was the best sex I ever had. I peeked a peak at Dionne and saw her eyes, the way she looked told me that she wanted to join. But all she did was play with her self, just as Tionne began to change to the riding position, the door bell rang. I told them to give me a second, and before you knew it they were whispering. I ran to the door with a sheet around me,and there she was my ex standing at my door! Alisha, Alisha, Alisha, thoughts was going through my head. I greeted her and then............

... she asked with a smirk on her face "OOOO, who u doin gurl?!" My ex is my best friend, it was a mutual break up and we have been very close since then. I was cheezin from ear to ear. "Gurl!!! I got these fine ass twins in tha bedroom right now!" Alisha's mouth dropped wide open. "You lyin!!" she said. Then a thought came to me. "Soooo Alisha, I'm willin to share if you down wit it" I said with a smile on my face. I've been wanting to be intimate with Alisha again for a while now. "Felicia, you know I'm not gonna pass this up!" I grabbed Alisha by the hand and led her to the bedroom. "Ladies, I want you to meet my best friend Alisha. Alisha this is Dionne and Tionne. Would ya'll mind some more company?" The twins looked at each other and then back at us and said at the same time, "Not at all." They both had that devilish crooked smile on their faces. Dionne got up and started undressing Alisha as she kissed her. In the meantime, I'm back on my stomach fininshing what we started....

Tionne bent down kissing my full lips, then she took the strap and circled it around my swollen clit. "Ohhhhh. ummm. put it in...PUT IT IN!" I screamed. "You want it-you got it." she said. She pushed herself inside of me so fast and so hard, I thought I was going to explode. "Fuck me hard....fuck me harder," I cried.

As she fucked me, I fantasized about how Alisha used to taste and call for her to lay om her back, As Tionne led me to the highest point of ectasy, I began leading Alisha to hers. The harder she fucked me encouraged to suck Alisha's clit with more intensity. "Damn, I forgot how good you taste to me", I said to Alisha as she motioned Dionne to position herself to intake her sweet smelling pussy. Boy what a night this is going to be!!!

The next morning, I woke up with 3 beautiful women in my bed. I thought about last nights adventure. We went on for hours. We stopped only to shower and grab a bite to eat, and it was on again. I also thought about Alisha too. I forgot how much I really miss her. Maybe this is a new beginning for she and I. I hope so. Dayum.... what a night. I wonder if they are free tonight??? I giggled and snuggled back in between Alisha and Tionne and went back to sleep with a grin on my face.


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