Come to Me

started by Blush

It all started as a dream, a dream i'd dreamt for as long as i could remember. This woman... so gentle and soft, touching me in places i knew nothing of. Telling me of wonders i thought i'd never see. A woman just like myself to lose myself in.

"ooHHhh..Girl!! that is some good shit !!!! You think your publisher will accept it? You know how she feels about that girl on girl stuff."

"Jay, right about now i don't care. She told me to write something from the heart and this is the best way i know how. If she can't get with the program then that's on her. Sometimes i really can't stand her, i swear Jay i would quit if it wasn't for her pouty lips, blingin smile and full hips.. ya know...?"

" Girl you crazy!.. You betta stop having lustful thoughts of your boss. Mhmmhmm she gon catch you writing those poems about her watch!... hehehe"

" Yeah yeah, whateva girl. Oh daym here she comes let me call you back Jay... Luv ya, mwwah" --

" Hello Ms. Rivera "... aka the finest latina woman i have ever seen!!!!!

" Hello Chauncey... hard at work i see?"

" Uhmm Yes.. the rough draft is almost done...will there be anything else?" -- hopefully leading me into your pants..he he he.. i'm soo bad

"No i think that's all i have for you this evening. Oh and Chauncey don't forget about the dinner thursday night... I'll expect you to be by my side okay sweetie we have a lot of board members to impress."

"Okay Ms. R. consider me there!"

Daym.. that woman is fyne... do you hear me FINE. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a latina woman, especially since J'Lo's been lookin gooder than a muther lately ya know. Mhmm mhmmm.... what i wouldn't give for that woman to be gay or at least bi... then maybe i'd have a chance. Oh well i can always dream right...okay now what to wear to the party??

I need to be able to let my boss know just how professional and yet attractive i am by respecting her and at the same time representing her. Do i go with the traditional black dress or the sexy black dress? Will she notice me or will i be the only one noticing her?

Or will I make a statement and wear this smooth little red number that screams after 5, but still professional. "I think I will, I tell myself." As Thursday night is fastly approaching I make an emergency appointment with Shelia my hair dresser and my wonderful friend who is brillant with my "get me some" makeup job. On Thursday morning I am looking not so hot because my appointment isn't until 3:00, so I know, my boss is expecting me to spruce myself up for tonight. The dinner starts at 7 and I have two hours to put on the finishing touches. I decide to wear that little red number and I am looking gooooooooood. I put on my earrings and I'm out the door with 15 minutes to be there, but with a 30 minute ride. I know she will be upset, because I'm late but once she sees me I know she will want me. I arrive, not to late but nonetheless I'm not on time. She gives me an evil look but then forgives me once she catches a smellof my purfume. We mingle and chat with the other guest and work the room discussing business mergers. After a wonderful evening and success with the board members at close to 10:00 we call it a night. Since the dinner was at Ms. Rivera's house I decide to stay back with a couple of others to help clean. As we are putting dishes away it seems as though she's bending in front of me on purpose. Her dress is pretty short and tight but professional, but it's still sexy. It's now a quarter to 10, and everyone has gone except us two. And she offers me a glass of wine, I take it with reluctince, because of the effects. Ms. Rivera is cool and I never knew she was so open. We begin to talk of people in the office, relationships, and money, normal girlfriend talk. When the topic shifted to relationships I noticed a not easy look onher face and it seemed as thought she was uncomfortable talk about this with me. Could it be because she liked women, because she'd been hurt or because I was her employee. I didn't want to push her and make her uncomfortable but I also wanted to know why she looked so sad. After two more drinks she finally told me that she had been a relationship with a guy named Troy and he dumped her because of something she'd done. Trying not to sound to anxious I asked "well what was it," she finally told me she has always been curious abotu being with another woman and she acted on her curioustity, and he caught her. Troy being a devout Christian, believed she was going to hell and dumped her. She then begin to cry explaining that he was the only man she had ever loved and she was still broken hearted after 9 months of being separated. She turned to me for comfort, and what was I tto do, menipulate the situation and take advantage of her or be there for and comfort her at this time of need. After thinking and holding her in my arms I decided to be there for her. Sher appreciated that and it made me feel good. After she cleaned and was stable again she apologized and stared asking me questions about my life. I evaded the most personal ones and stuck to talking about my family. She told me she heard a rumor about me being bi- and the look on my face was saying no I'm gay. So I admitted it. No shame in my game, she was personal with me and she shared her feelings with me so I shared mine with her. We ended talking until we fell asleep that night me on the couch and her on the floor. It was all so innocent, the next morning I was awoken by bacon eggs and french toast. Ms. Rivera was cooking breakfast, we had to be to work by 9, but it was only 6:30. I walked to the kitchen slowly and greeted her with an ever so shyly, "Good Morning." She smiled and replied "Good Morning." I thanked her for the hospitality and said my goodbyes, but she did something strange she reached for a hug. We embraced and the embrace was sort of strange, akward in a way. She thinked me for the talk and extended the get together at anytime I wanted to talk. The hug was strange because the look she gave me afterwards was mesmerizing. There was something behind that glance and I wanted to know more. So I let her persuade me to stay for breakfast.

Need any help boss lady, ??... mhmmm don't call me that here. i hear enough of that mess at the office all week. she reaches over and switches on a radio... fast salsa music starts to play... i'm lookin at her like what the fuck... ya know cause i have appreciation for everything but salsa at seven...?? uh huh no way... she started dancing and movin her hips, shimmying and gyrating... then she asked me did i know how to do the merengue... no ms.. i'm mean Maria.. i don't know any latin dances... hmmm come to me ... let me show you how... oh hell yeah...!!!!

I began to move my hips like a white girl with no rhythm, Maria came behind me and put her hands on my hips and began to make my body sway ever so slowly. I untentionally back my butt up on her hot pussy and I know I felt surges of energy onto my behind. I feel so free and loose I am getting into it know and it feels so good. I turn to face Maria and she is smiling looking so beautiful in the morning light. As I am facing her I have my hands on her hips and she on mine and we begain to move in a systematic rhythm, so slowly and a sweet sexy flow.

I guess I begain to get into it to much because I closed my eyes and I begain to sway my head to the beat. I feel a very strong sexual energy to Maria and I want to kiss her. but I resist she is my boss and I don't want to ruin my professional reputation. As I stop dancing and open my eyes I realize Maria is giving me an sexy ass grin. I smile back and begin to collect my things in order to get ready to leave when she carress my face and begins to dance seductively behind me. I lean my neck into her and I feel her warm refreshing breath on my neck and my ear. I feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute and I want to taste her soooo bad. She putts her hand on my shoulder and turns me around to face her. I look into her deep hazel-brown eyes and I want to kiss her but what is wrong with me I can't move. But she can and she kisses my so hard I I begin to grab her ass in anticaption of what's to come.

Now we are kissing so passionately, I am running my fingers through her beautiful, thick hair and at the same time I'm mesmerized that I am kissing my boss. Maria steps back and looks me up and down and begins to take me by the hand and lead my into her bedroom. A beautiful filled with scent of oils Victoria's Secret. She sits me down ont he edge of the bed and then she walks over to her CD player and hits play like this has been rehearsed. She then starts a seductive strip-tease act and has my pussy dripping down my legs. We don't talk much but our silence is understood from a deep want for each other.

I sit back on the bed and receive my lap-dance and lick her nipples as they are thrown at me. I want her so bad but I'll let her cotninue to play these games and get me ready. After the dance is completed comes by me on the edge of the bed and we begin to kiss again while shes undressing me. OOps, there goes my dress down to me feet; and then my bra. I feel a little nervous but I decide we've come this far no need to feel that way now............

So I lean back on the bed and begin to let Maria work me over like a piece of meat, and let me tell ya'll it feels sooo good. She begins to take me nipples one by one and put them in her mouth. I begin to shutter at the taste of her cold tongue pleasing my nipples as they grow harder. My clit is now the size of a baby banana and hard as a rock, while my juices are flowing like Niagra Falls. As I lye completely back on the bed naked from head to toe, I feel faint soft kisses on my belly botton, then down to the mouth of my vagina.

Maria licked the juices from my dripping pussy while she squeezed and stroked my nipples. Mmmnnn you taste so good she moaned. Her tongue was circling my clit while she sucked it with those sexy full lips. She pulled me even closer to her face and plunged her hot writhing tongue in and out of my pussy. I rocked my ass back and forth as "my boss" pushed her tongue deeper and deeper. I could feel the heat rising, my clit tingling, but I didn't want to cum yet. I reached down and began to pull her up. Chauncey!!! she moaned, I'm not ready to stop. Come here baby, I said as I spread the most beautiful caramel colored thighs.

I introduced my tongue, to my bosses hard clit. Boy were they glad to meet. I wrap my tongue around her clit, while she played with her nipples. I licked her softly, thrusting my tongue into her pussy! "Damn, that tongue is good", she monaned. She moaned my name ova and ova, "Chaucey, mmmmmm Chaucey" , "Get freaky and nasty with me, she said". "Make this pussy nasty baby, freak me, Chaucey, freak me!!!!" I turned her ova, demanded her to get on all fours. That big phat ass all in the air, looked so tasty! She begin to moan as i touched those caramel colored thighs. As i..............


I can't believe we even got to this point. I find my way to the top of her body and begin to feast on her 44DD chest. She is moaning so loudy while I finger her and lick those breast, I think she is going to cum all over my fingers, I begin to kiss her passionately while I playing with her cat and it feels as if we are one. I kiss her so passionately I can feel my own kitty getting wetter and throbbing even harder. I love to suck on her bottom lip and lick her ear-lobes and lick her neck, I'm not freakin' her anymore now I want to make slow-passionate love.

But let me get back to reality, she doesn't love me and I don't love, her but the thought sure does sound good. She is moaning and carrying on as if this is nothing new to her, I don't believe it is. We now move into a 69, and she is working me out, I try and return the same favor but I must admit I feel a weak and I can't handle it like I thought. She feels so good and taste like honey, I must have her cum, on my lips and never let her forget our affair this morning.

So I succeed in pleasing her when I hear her moan so loudly and shutter at the near touch of the tip of my tongue on her clit, she jumps back and starts pushing me away playfully as I want to get to it and lick up her juices. But then I'm stunned when she begins to go at me wildly as I begin to lose all control and cum all over her hands and face and look at her with delight as she smiles at me with astonishment and pure joy on her face. We lay back her in my arms and look to the ceiling to sacred and embrassed to say anything. When I roll over and look at the clock and realize it's 8:45. WE are supposed to be at work by 9o'clock. She sees me eyeing the clock and mentions a day of play and frolicing with the boss for the rest of the day. I smile in agreement and then realize this could be a good thing betweent he both of us if we wanted.

As luck would have it though... this is the day i'm supposed to submitt my column to the higher-ups in the office. I mention this to my latin mami of the minute ya know.... she looks at me with those big honey brown eyes and tells me not to worry. Vanessa up in production won't be any problem after i finish with her... by now i'm lookin at her like she's crazy... what do you mean no problem.. does she get down too. hmmmmmmm she gives me this sexy laugh and replies.. it's amazing what people will do for a raise baby girl... let's get ready to go and i'll show you what i mean.


We arrive to the office at 12:00 PM, late as hell. I check my messages. Dam! 10 voicemail messages from Vanessa. She is waiting for my column and I did'nt finish it yet. How will I explain this shit to vanessa? I go into my latin mami office only to find Vanessa sitting on her couch. What? They were laughing and talking. "Vanessa, I'm so sorry about the column. I will have it for you by the end of the day". Vannesa looks at me very strange and walks to where I am very seductively. "How about a three-some? What? Can I handle all this shit in day? Hell yeah! I stick my tougue deep into Vanessa mouth while my boss watched. My neck, my back....Vanessa was all over me. How will I ever finish this fuckin column with all this fuckin that going on?

Sike nah... ya'll know i don't even get down like that early. -- A threesome?... uhmm nah i really don't do those... i'm more for the intimate things ya know.... --- No i don't know... this chick is still walking to me. by now i'm backed up against the door with no way out and i have two of the finest mami's here with me tryin to fuck.... am i crazy???? Uhmmm Mz. R... can i talk to you for a moment? -- Sure chaun..(shawn) you wanna talk here... mhmmm hmmmm sure do... aiight nessa can you excuse us for un momento... por favor?... gracias!!!

i don't think i can handle all of this sweet sexing but it has been my fanntasy to bag you for a long time now that i have gotten my wish i want to bag only you not vanessa i am very attracted to you. "What the fuck" she screamed "I only wanted to fuck you. you don't think i want a relationship with a woman do you? i am only having fun i am waiting for Troy to come back." by now my head is spinning i feel like a damn asshole. thoughts are swimming in my head now. i might lose my damn job. tears are streaming down my face. she knows she hurt me and pulled me close to her and kisses me seductively and hastily apologizes.>>>>

Chauncey, I didnt know you were thinking of us that way, i am very sorry! The last thing I want to do is hurt you! Vanessa and I are just friends, thats all! She, understands that my love is for my boyfriend, Troy! I was going to tell you about him, but when we were alone, one thing led to another and i didnt get the chance! The only reason that Vanessa came onto you the way she did was because i told her about your column. And i figured if you sex her the way you did me, she would give you more time! But, i don't want you to do nothing that you don't want to do! i mean it's your job!!! Only you know how much your job means to you! Ms. R, "i understand what your trying to do, but, I don't know Vanessa the way i know you!" and "how do you know me", Chauncey? I've worked with you for many years, poured you plenty cups of coffee, went to alot of meetings, and told alot of lies for you ova the phone! Thats what i mean about , i know you. Mmmmmmm, thats funny, Chauncey. Whats that, Ms. R? Your right you have been with me alot of years. So, how is it that you don't know about Troy? Don't know Ms. R. I don't get into other people personal life. I only know what you want me to know! Ms. R gave me that (Rock) look and said, "lets, keep it that way"! Ms. R can i ask you something? "Sure", she said. You stated that you were waiting on Troy, may I ask where is he? Thats really not any of your business, but since you ask. Troy is.........

"He's on Rikers Isaland", Ms. R said. He's in prison; he's been locked up for 10 years now! Damn, you've been waiting for 10 years Ms. R? Yes, i sure have. and i only have 4 more months and my babie will be home! Shit, ain't no way i'll wait for no one that long! Can't wait til my baby gets out, the first night, imma fuck him all night long! Yeah, he proably misses that pussy! But, Ms. R don't think for a min. that he's been locked up all this time. and he hasnt had any ass! Troy, doesnt have another woman Chauncey, i'm the only one! Whose said anything about another woman!! Ms. R looked at me with her hands on her hips, Are you saying that Troy fucked another man in the ass, Chauncey? Is that what your trying to say? I'm just saying aint know way in hell that he's been locked up for 10 years and put his dick to use some kind of way! And whats the problem, if he has been with another man, you've been with another woman! You need to mind you Fuckin, business Chauncey! and talk about what you know, and what you don't know leave it the fuck alone!

by now she is up in my face ready for a cat fight "You feel frogish MS.R? i like you and all but swing bitch".......

"Look. Lets not make this any uglier than it has to be." You and I were a great fuck, but all this nonsense is bullshit. Troy and I are going to be together no matter what. My man is a straight up man and I know for sure that his ass has "No Entry" on it. So you can just straight up forget it... IF U say so MS.R! I like you and all, but lets just cool it down. Lets go back to my place and work it all out? What do you say?? Sure! I'll meet you there at 7.

Yeah i am gonna get some ass tonite that's all i can thinka bout as i complete my article in time for the press. My draws are wet just thinking about that fat rotund latina booty all up in my grill........damn. Seven thirty rolls around i am showered and shaved like a minx**wink** smelling good as all hell. Chapmagne is chilling inscence is burning lights are dim. Marc Anthony's "You sang to me" is softly playing in the background. The door bell rings. I open the door to find none other than Ms.R. and Vanessa tonguing each other down on my stoop (every man's fantasy) they push past me and without saying a word begin to disrobe. Vanessa has a sexy ass body HOT DAMN...... she begins to lick on boss lady's left nipple which is by now fully erect it then dissapears into her mouth and simultaneously a throaty sexy sigh excapes Ms. R's mouth. My twat is twiching by now.. wanting only to be a vouyer in this escapade. Vanessa starts to finger the Boss while still licking her nipples. Her cunt is so wet you could hear the sloughin sound a mile away. slurp,slurp,slurp.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She begins to quiver, Vanessa commands "No don't cuum as yet i want to strap on and fuck you from behind."...........

I couldn't help but to slump back into the lay-z boy positioned directy behind me. I moved the crotch of my panties to the left and my head to the right in order to watch this beautiful flower of a woman spread before me on my living room floor. Vannessa managed to withdraw soaking wet fingers form "the boss's" wet hot cunt. She went to her pocket book and retrieved a life-like ten inch dildo with a cute ass leather strap.While she fumbled with it. Ms.R knelt before my table and began to feast on this juicy peach. I sucked in my breath and held it there for a minute and a half, for if i had breathed i swear to god i woulda bust right then and there. I was wet and ready to part with my treasures. "The Boss" mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder why they gave her that pseudonym it befitted it at that riht moment, for she took total control of my clit with her protruding tongue. She licked every inch of my pussy "upanddownroundandaroundlicklicklickslurpslurrrrrrrrrrrrrp" "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Damn!!! my pussy is recieving the royal treatment." Vanessa straps on..................

a big ass dildo..I'm ready....mmmmmmmmm Damn!! its 8:00 am I overslept. I'm late as hell for work and shit...the whole dam thing was a dream! I thought that I was fuckin Ms. R and Vanessa.Wow! What was I thinking? Shit thats what I get for falling asleep while watching the Spice channel. That shit felt so real but I'm glad that it was only a dam dream. Hello....Hey Vaneesa, what's up? yeah I'm on my way in. The End!

The End???? Naw this is only the beginning. I grab up my story and pump my ass to work to begin another day.

Well the week end had rolled by it's Saturday morning around 9 , and i recieved a phone call from boss lady. She said "would it be cool if i came by later on with a friend of hers and so we all can chill TOGETHER" I said cool. Well i got off the phone and started cleaning up like a slave to pass time away. I went to the store to get some more wine, whip cream, and definitely some strawberrys. Suddenly i felt a rush all over my body when i was just thinking about my lil dream i had last night. The next thing i know im rubbing on my thighs wishing someone was here to lick them gently. Then i started to rub on my tits hoping somebody would lick them with there egnormous tongue all over my body. Something startled me, it was boss lady knocking at the door around 12pm in the afternoon. I said "what are u doing here so soon", she said "I wanted to show u my new piercings. I said "gyrl where", she told me to unzip her pants and i will show you and unbutton my shirt too. I was thinking what tha hell is going on. I told her that she ruinned a beautiful thing awhile ago and i ask her if she can finish it off for me. She said "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i guess", we was walking towards my bedroom kissing each other and touching places we never touch before. Then i realize that i told her to come by around 7, so i told her to stop cause i want to save the best for last and that i will be waiting for her tonight.

She was a little upset that we could not get a lil freaky right then but when I wispered to her what I had planed for her she smiled and understood why I wanted to wait. SO we got in one last kiss and she left. Now it's 6:00pm she will be here in about an hour I have teh house clean and smelling wonderful.I'm about to hop in the tub and soak for a little while when the phone rings it's maria she is calling to to say she is on her way. I hang up hop in the tub soak and get ready for my evening of fun. I pull out the strawberries and whip cream I also picked up some wine and a few other sexy treats. I here a knock at the door i know it's maria. I run to mirror for one last look over I have a pair of sexy silk pj's. I get to the door and there is maria looking to good with her hair down around her face. Damn she is sexy. I invite her in and she slips out of her coat she is in silk pj's also. I have ths look on my face I guess maria sees it she walks over to me and says she just thought that we could make this a sleep over. i'm like cool. so we go in to the living room to talk and drink wine we are havinmg a good time and watching a movie when maria starts kissing me and rubing my breats on the outside of my pjs then she slips her hand down my pants. Maria start trying to get my pants off right now she getting a little horny and she can't wait anymore. When she finally gets my pants off she shoves her tounge so far in my pussy I want to explode right then but i can't I have some things planned for us. maria is tounge fucking the shit out of me right now I'm about to cumm all over her face. I can't cumm yet not know so I stop her she looks up and says baby please let my please you. She looks so sweet but I have other things planed for us. So i take her hand take her my bedroom. We get in the room and I have my strap laying in the middle of the bed. I tell maria to strip right there for me at the door. I walk over and grab my strap.I tell her get on all fours and crawl to me. Why baby? just do as I say. I sit down and she crawls to me I tell her to suck it she looks at me and smiles as she wraps her full lips around the ten inch dick I have straped on. she is enjoying her self. and I love watching her but I want to fuck her so good that she forgets all about Troy so I stop her. I Tell her to climb on she moves slow to get on top I grab her hip and slam her down on top of me the dildo penetrats so hard she screams out but she is loving it the whole time. she is riding it like a champ but I want to fuck her so I roll her over and fuck her form behind doggy style. she is loving it bucking and moaning I grab her hair and fuck her so hard she starts screaming out my name chauncy oooh please fuck my baby please fuck. So i do as I'm told she is the boss. I roll her over and kiss her with so much passion. My lips feel like they are burning. I stroke her breast till her nipples are hard in my hands ummm. I have to taste them I need them now so I start licking them and sucking them till she can't take it anymore and begs for me to make her cum I open her beautiful legs and enter her again and again and again till she is about to cumm. I pull out and spread her hot wet pussy lips the are so wet there is a light dew on her pussy hair I love the look and smell of her pussy. It is beautiful. I start to licking and sucking her clit she can hardly stand it anymore. finally I let her cumm and she flows all over my face it is so sweet like a ripe peach I take every bit of her juice that I can when I'm full I wrao my arms around her and wait for her to settle back on earth with me whe she does she looks at me and tells me she has never been fucked like that it was teh best she has ever had. I look back at her and say that was the plan now maybe Troy won't be a problem for us any more. She says troy who and fals asleep in my arms.

*Bang, bang bang bang bang..... Bang Bang .... Ding Dong* -- what tha fuck... is that my doorbell this late in the evening... oh hell no!... Hold up a minute.. daym.. i look over at my latin princess and she is still sleepin like a log... hmmmmm i got a way of doin that to the girls ya know.... i hop out of bed and gallop my ass down the steps ready to cuss whoever the fuck this is the fuck out... *Ding Do.... WHATTTT!!!! Who the hell are you... i give this mystery person a once over... 6'1", bout 220, chocolate, dimples and curly hair...? something struck me like i knew who this was without really knowing you feel me? I looked back at the clock in the hall....2:45... " Okay my brother who are you? -Man i ain't got time for this bullshit... Is Maria here....?? i went by her place but she wasn't home then i called her friend and she said check over here this is where she been spendin all of her time... WHatdafuckisgoinon????

now the shit has hit the the fan. Homeboy don waltzed his azz into my bedroom where my princess is lying..well was lying she jumps up & yells troy! damn damn damn perfect fucking timing. Woman I told u about this shit wham uh uh homeboy is about to get hurt i may be a girl but I'm a girl with a bat 4 his azz. blackow he's down. And Maris run s to me crying and shivering. I guess the guy doesn;t always get the girl.....

RRRRRRRRING... RRRRRRRRING... Dawm it was just a deam. Are you gong to get that she moans softly? HELLO.. Hay girl I know we were going to hangout but I have a friend oer soI will call you later!OK.. JAY you are silly... See ya later girl.... Jay so is she really just a friend? Itrn toher and smile.. Ms. M GREEN is not a good color on you! She takes m pillow and hales it at my head, but I am quick with a duck... You mised I tease. Then cam two more at the same time... Got ya that time .. We both collaps in eachothrs arms on the floor... Shelooks into my eyes and recites the sweetest words I ever heard. "As I look into your eyes I cant help but feel your soul as it enters my body through a fine tuned channel that only we subscribe too.. Your skin so sot and brown like a sooth cappachino on a sunday after church.. Your smile like the sun brightens my path as I continue on my way to finding inner peace.. In your arms I feel the safty of mighty warriors protcting me.. In your words I find truth and wisdom.... So now SYN CITY,her nickname for me, that you have found a way in too my body, mind, and heart... What do you plan on doing??" Taken away by her words the first thing out of my mouth is...........

The End?

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