Need a Vacation?

started by T.N.H

“I need to get away! Just for the weekend “Cee”…This damn girl is driving me crazy. I mean I love her and dats my “boo” and all…but dayum! The girl is a trip! “Well Nik I have been tellin you that the girls want to go down to the Bahamas…we just waiting on you…Soooo, lets all go this weekend! Just for a couple days. " “Well, I will see what I can do, you know how she just LOVES it when I go out without her! Anyway, who’s all going?” “Well, Felicia, Ryanne, and Sayreeah.” “Dayum…Sayreeah is going…Shyte!…that’s a problem already in the making! You know how we used to get down…its just something about her that always kept me coming back, and NOW that I can finally control my cravings for her, you want me to go on vacation with her…Hmmmm…I am getting all horny just thinking about that girl. Nah, let me stop…I’ll be aight!” Thinking to myself Sayreeah, Sayreeah, Sayreeah…This girl was the epitomy of sexy! Ree-Ree was about 5’7, a milky caramel complexion, hazel-green eyes…Oh damn…nice firm size 34 C’s and the sexist soft legs you could ever imagine! “Nik…Nik!!!!” “Oh my bad…I am still here.” “What was you doin?” “Nothing…listen, let me got talk to Tre, and I’ll hit you up lata…Aight?” “Aight…lata!”

“Tre…” “What’s up sweetheart?” “Nothing much…how was ya day?” “It was ok…just glad to be home so I can chill with my angel…” “Sounds good! Tre listen, I was talkin to Cee today and she was tellin me that the girls was goin away this weekend and they wanted me to come. What you think?” “Baby…where they going?” “The Bahamas for the weekend” “Nikki, you know I hate it when you leave me.” “I know, but its only for a few days, besides me and the girls ain’t been out in a while!” “Fine! Go ahead…Have a blast!” “Thank you baby…you know you my boo and I am gonna miss you...right? But girl, I gotta go get ready! Aight, gimme kiss! Love you…”

"Nik baby be careful u know how ya'll get when ya'll been drinking and carrying on and just a reminder don't let ya row dawgs get u into something u can't get out of" NIk walking away rolling her eyes in the back of her head, " Boo come on now why u hit me with that eretime I go chill wit my peoples i aint a child i know my limits iight u needa stop tripping all the damn time.. Phone ringing ..Babe get that tell the girls i'm in the shower" "Hello" "Umm how U doing baby girl where my dawg at?" "whats up Cee ya girl in the shower washing her ass u make sure she stay outta trouble or should i say u stay outta trouble she will too" "Baby girl it ain't me u needa be worrying about but since I do have u on the line when we gone kick it like we use to I miss us kicking it we always said we would remain friends so whats up?"

"Hmmmm, I dunno 'bout dat, baby. Dat might not be a good idea. I don't need no mo temptations, ya heard? And u KNOW it would be hard for me to just hang around u."

"How about I suddenly come up with a case of the flu...this way Nik will be all the way in the Bahamas...and you will be here with me, nursing me back to health! I know it sounds bad and I would want to betray Nikki, but damn...the way you look at me sometimes when you are with her reminds me of the old times. The way you looked at me when I lit your fire...Damn girl!!!!! Should we do this or what...u down...or should I just take my horny ass down to the Bahamas?

hehehehehe... mhmmm i dunno.. depends on what you wanna do. Truthfully I ain't tryin to risk this relationship for you, you got a way of makin a woman wanna go back straight nah'mean. -- What .. girl you crazy. i guess that's my answer then.. tell nik to call me when she get out the shower. peace mami...

"Nik", "Nik I need to talk to you about something" Nik daydreaming about whats in store on her vaction. "Yeah baby whats up I gotta get with the girls so we can get going that sound like Cee outside open the door for her boo so I can get my shit."

"Baby hold on one second what the phuck is this I know Cee ain't taking nobody with her cause she a bonafind player or think she is anyways and look at this I know you aint goning with them hoes Ryanne, Felicia, and Umm Ree-Ree I guess you didnt feel it was vital for me to know .... " "Tre, listen before you start bit....."" NIk save it gone and go with ya girls have a fun weekend and like i said before be safe if its like that its like that no need to trip ya'll all friends hell i got friends i needa go chill with anyways that i haven't seen in a minute love you boo peace" "Oh hell naw Tre why is you always tripping u gone learn to check that attitude before i check it u gone out there and see yo little friends if you want when it all comes down to it u ain't going no where I'll be back in 3 days u gone wanna behave yourself well i'm gone u know i love you girl but i gotta roll"

"Yeah...you gotta roll aight...hmmm! Have fun! I know I will! Let me call up my crew, we got some major partying to do this weekend."

To Be Continued?

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