When I met her two years ago, I would never imagine I would fall for that type. She was about 6'0, light smooth skin, sexy soft lickable lips. She was always decked out in Timbs and a wife beater. Her titties were full and stood at attention under her jersey. Damn I wanted her ass. She knew it too. I watched as she danced with the other femmes at the club. I yearned to be hers. But she was a stud. I never fucked with a stud before. THey were rough insensitive, demanding. But I could not take my eyes away from her dark seductive gaze. I wanted to dance with her. I wanted my ass to be between her thighs as she held my hips. The music stopped and I left the club with my panties wet with desire for her...That Stud.

She arrived at my apartment two nights later. Dressed in the usual attire...Timbs, Guess Jeans, and a wife beater. Damn she looked good. I wanted her to touch me, carress my thighs. As I hugged her, I felt her lips brush my cheek. Her warm breath against my ear. Chills ran down my spine. My pussy throbbed as she kissed my neck. Nectar dripped, and my panties became wet with each touch from her. I could not resist touching her face, her breasts. I undressed her, removing each piece of clothing slowly, as excitement engulfed my body. My eyes gazed at her naked body. I wanted her so bad, I wanted to taste her, tongue her, tease her. Her hands firmly grabed my breasts. I kissed her body. Every crevice was tasted, except for one. I had to taste her. Slowly I moved to her spot. Her scent excited me. She did nothing but watched as I tasted her. Trying to remain cool, she grabbed my head. I was lovin it. Her warm juices ran down my throat, it was sweet. Her undulating hips made me drip, and I licked and sucked harder and harder. Not wanting to let her go, I held her tight. I gripped her ass and pulled her pussy closer and tighter into my mouth. She could not contain herself any longer. She let out sighs of relief as she came to an orgasm. I did not stop licking. Every drop of cum, was swallowed. As she came, I became excited. The sheer pleasure of seeing and hearing her grunts made me cum. I went wild, with my tongue still engulfed her her womanhood. I turned to my right, and the clock said 6:00 AM. KYW blazed from the stereo to wake me up for another long day at work. The sheets were wet and tossled. My heart beat subsided as I realized it was all a dream. A dream about...That Stud.

What was I thinking?, I asked myself as I typed a memo on the computer. I could not be with a stud. I could not be with anyone because I was in a relationship. However, the harder I tried to get her off my mind, the more I thought of her. I called my best friend and told her about HER. "But a stud", I exclaimed as my friend told me to go for it. "Studs, Butches, Doms whatever... they are the mean ones, the ones that tell you when to shit, how to shit and what color the shit should be." As I ended the conversation, Janis, my secretary interrupted my thoughts as she announced my next appointment through the speakerphone. I tugged on my suit jacket as my office door swung open. "What the fuck" I murmered to my self as this beautiful, light skinned, dark eyed stud entered my office. It was her. My heart raced frantically. I felt light headed. This time I pinched my wrist to make sure this was not a dream. It wasn't. She stood there speechless, in a sharp black suit with a navy blue belt and a pair of Stacy Adams shoes to match. "Damnit" I said to myself as I took in her entire body. The smell of John Paul, made my mouth water, and my panties wet as it danced across my nose. "How may I help you, Ms.?" "You can call me... Leena" In my mind I replied "Can I call you wifey?" She told me that she heard of my advertising agency through a friend, and thought she would drop by for some ideas for her new temp agency. My eyes never left her face as she talked to me. She said she knew me from somewhere. My heart pounded, as a smirk emerged on her face. She knew I had seen her in the club, and she knew I wanted her. We continued talking. She was far from what I expected. She was funny, charming, and damnit did she look good. I looked at the clock and noticed that she had been in my office for over an hour. My stomach rumbled as hunger set in. As if reading my mind she asked if I would join her for a late lunch. I eagerly agreed.

I grabbed my purse, and we walked toward the elevator. As we descended from the 54th floor, I felt her gaze on my ass. I refused to turn and look at her. My pussy began to pulsate as I thought of the things I wanted to do to her. Beads of sweat settled on the tip of my nose, and she sensed my excitement. Leaning forward she pressed the emergency stop button. I never said a word. In the corner of my eyes, I noticed her drop her bag to the floor. She summoned me to her, and like a child, I obeyed. She grabbed my face and kissed my pasionately. I explored her mouth with my tongue. I wanted her. She pushed me against the wall of the elevator and gripped my ass with her strong hands. Sighs of passion escaped my lips as she unbuttoned my blouse and kissed my nipples. She took my breasts in her mouth and sucked them. She hoisted me onto the metal bar that lined the wall of the elevator. My panties grew wet as she fondled the rims of them. Her hand rubbed my mound, as I grew increasingly excited. I gazed into her eyes, as she whispered to me " I aint tryna hurt you baby". I wanted to act like a hungry dog, but I remained cool. She touched me everywhere that needed to be touched. I inhaled her as she pulled it out from her pants. She moved my panties to the side and entered my hole. She glided in and out of me. I felt totally satisfied. I wanted her, I needed her... her love, her protection, her heart. I was drawn to her...like a moth to a flame...I wanted her...That Stud.

She fucked me so gently so passionately, I felt like I was floating. I felt my muscles tighten as my juices erupted. She held me tight and I didn't want her to let go. She slid out of me and it sent a charge down my spine. She looked into my eyes as she helped me with my clothes. Never saying a word, she restarted the elevator. My pussy was throbbing with pleasure when the door opened.... I was hungry, but not for food. I was starving for her....... That Stud.

As the elevator stops and people begin to get in the elevator, a few people were acquiring if we were okay and if we knew what had happened. We acted just as shocked as them and since no harm done, we go about our business thinking about what is on the menu. We get in a cab waiting she lives closer so we go to her spot, and before we could close the door good, we were butt ass naked on her rug and she finish what she started in the elavator.........That Stud.

She asked me why I keep staring at her, I said you even have to asked that now that you are all in my pussy now.

Oh yeah is that so? If you felt that way how come you never said anything.

I was at alost for words because she was right.I had opp to say something but never did. " You know what you are right" I said. " Or were you worried about what your frineds would think" she shot back at me. Again she was right

To be continued?

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