Gina had been staring at the blank screen for thirty minutes. She was supposed to be writing the beginning of an Xtasy tale, but she felt uninspired. Usually, the woman on woman love scene in My Baby Got Back was enough to start her imagination and juices flowing. It didn't even give her a trickle of excitement of today.

"I know what's wrong with me," Gina said out loud. "I've been inside all day." It's was true. Since her office was literally next to her bedroom, Gina hadn't been out of the house all week. Human interaction, that's what she needed.

Since her deadline was still a few hours away, Gina slipped a note pad in her pocket and went outside. She started feeling better as soon as the warm rays of the sun fell across her face. When she saw a group of fine dark-skinned women walking down the street with coolers and blankets, Gina decided that a trip to the park was definitely what she need.

She doubled back to her house grabbed her blanket and camera and headed to the park. If nothing else she could get some great shots of all the honeys that were sure to be out and about today.

Gina felt the warm caress of the sun on her back and was glad she decided to get out. She couldn't help but smile to herself as she laid the blanket under a tree near the man made lake in the middle of the park. She figured that was good enough to mark her territory while she walked around the park and took pictures. She immediatley headed for the lake so as to take pictures of the wildlife. She looked out across the lake and saw a swan by the bushes, so she readied her camera. As she looked through the camera, she saw something through her lense. It was the face of a beautiful, long haired, carmel skinned women standing against the edge of the lake. This beautiful woman was attempting to feed the swan, who wasn't paying her any attention. Little did this woman know that she had Gina's attention. Gina wanted to go talk to her, but couldn't figure out how....finally it came to her. She would convince the woman to pose near the swan for her. She walked over to the woman on shaky legs. If the woman turned her down, Gina would be mortified, but always the do-er, she jumped right in. "Ah, excuse me, Miss....would you mind too much if I took your picture near the swan?" Gina held her breathe in anticipation of this beautiful queen's answer.

The woman smiled heartily and said yes. Gina smiled herself as she realized the first hurtle was crossed. So Gina told the woman to pose while she readied her light meter on her camera. "Ok, I'm ready to take the picture now." Gina looked up and her breath caught in her throat. Earlier, the woman had been wearing a light jacket, which she had taken off to reveal a very low cut, back-less shirt. "Ah....ah...um....," Gina couldn't speak, but she tried to play it cool. "Um, you never told me your name." "My name is Angelissa. What's your's?" Gina told Angelissa her name and then proceeded with taking pictures. Angelissa was a natural in front of the camera, and Gina asked if she was a professional model. "I'm a model, just not in the conventional sense." Looking at Gina's confused face, Angelissa laughed. "I'm a nude model, Gina. I pose for LezLuvly. Actually, I'm on this month's cover." Angelissa went to her bag and pulled out the magazine. Angelissa was beautiful, but she told Gina she didn't like the picture. "I don't like when my picture is taken by a man, he doesn't turn me on, so I'm not in full glow....but I bet you could take a beautiful picture of me. Do you live somewhere nearby so we can try it?" Angelissa was all smiles with a spark of devilment in her eyes. Gina, who couldn't beleive her luck at meeting a nude model who wanted to have Gina take her picture, eagerly agreed with lust in her eyes. Gina collected her blanket and lead the way to her apartment. She was REALLy glad she came out today.

As they arrived back at the apartment, Gina was starting to get a little giddy and excited about this beautiful woman, and what may lie ahead. "Wow, this sure is some place you got her honey!" exclaimed Angelissa looking around Gina's sunny studio apartment. "Why thank you," she replied as she stood in the kitchenette opening a bottle of cold white wine, "and may I say how good you look in it" she added before thinking 'Shit! What a dumb thing to say.' But Angelissa just smiled at her; a warm and quite sensual smile. "Thank you right back" she said accepting a glass of wine from Gina's slightly shaking hand. "So, you wnat to try a few pictures?" she asked, "where do you want me?" 'I could tell you a few places where I want you' thought Gina to herself with a flutter going through her body. 'Steady yourself girl' she thought as she motioned across the room. "How 'bout over there on the futon?" "Cool" agreed Angelissa as she sauntered across to it. Angelissa had a good idea about what she was doing to Gina, and she thought she would play with her a little - not nasty, just nice. She was wearing a short pleated check skirt with a short-sleeved white blouse and little white ankle socks and trainers. "How's this?" she asked, sitting with her legs together and to the side with her hands side-by-side on her knees. "Yeah that's good" breathed Gina pulling off a few snaps. "Move slightly to..." but before Gina could instruct her 'model' what to do Angelissa had moved into the required position, similar to before, but facing the camera straight on. "Jesus Angel, I don't think you know what you're doing to me" exclaimed Gina. "I have a rough idea" she replied "and I like it when you call me Angel." At that, Angel lay back slightly, and parted her long chocolate legs, revealing a little pair of white panties. It was all Gina could do to stop herself going down on her knees and burying her head between her new friend's legs. "Christ, that is horny!" she said. "You like?" asked Angel, seductively running a hand up the inside of her thigh. "Yeah..." Angel now knew she had Gina where she wanted her. "And do you like this?" she said as she started running her hand on the front of her panties. "Oh God yes!" The next thing, Angel put her hand inside her panties and laid back on the futon spreading her legs. "Oh,fuck this!" said Gina putting her camera down and almost diving between Angel's legs. She started kissing the inside of her thighs before 'attacking' her pussy through her damp panties

Angel removed her hand from her panties and offered it to Gina to taste. Gina immediately took Angel's beautiful long fingers into her mouth and started greedily sucking on them. With her other hand, Angel reached up and started undoing her own blouse, slowly, one button at a time, before reaching inside and locating a nipple. Gina, in the meantime had resumed working her mouth on her gorgeous honey's panties which were getting wetter the more she licked and sucked on them. Angel let out a low soft moan while spreading her legs even more so Gina could get better access to her honey pot. At the same time she pulled her blouse open and continued to massage her proud pendulous breasts, pulling and tugging on her own nipples. "Lick my pussy" she pleaded of Gina, "Please, oh, lick my cunt." Gina's mind was in a spin. She was loving what she was doing, but decided to stop 'teasing' her horny babe, and start giving her some 'real' loving. Looking into Angel's eyes, she reached a hand between her legs and pulled her soaking panties to the side. When she looked back between her legs, she was greeted with the most gorgeous, carefully trimmed, yet not completely shaven pussy. "My God, you are delicious." she said to Angel, while at the same time running a hand up her own skirt and into her by now sopping knickers. She gently parted Angel's pussy lips before gently running her tongue on her hot little clit, making Angel moan again, only this time more urgently. "Lick it, oh please put your tongue up my cunt hole and suck...ooohhh...suck...ooohhh...suck..fuck, fuck fuck,OH FUCK..." Angel started bucking her hips onto Gina's face as she furiously came all over her. Gina put both hand under Angel's ass and pulled her pussy into her face as if not to waste a drop of the sweet nectar pouring out. Angel couldn't take any more, and pushed Gina's face away. "Oh, stop baby, please, stop" gasped Angel "just let me, let me get my self together, just let me...oh fuck..." she almost screamed as another orgasm suddenley shot through her. "Oh baby, you are something else" she breathed, as Gina started kissing her way up her body, only stopping to gently suck on one of her nipples. "Are you OK?" asked Gina smiling into Angel's beautiful brown eyes. "Am I OK? Am I OK?" Angel said "Christ Darlin', where did you learn to do that?" "Sush" whispered Gina before taking Angels face in her hands and planting the most sensual kiss on her new girlfriend's lips. Angel could taste her own pussy juice on Gina's mouth, and it started getting her going again "Thank you baby" she purred into Gina's ear "Now may I return the compliment?" "Oh yes please" replied Gina moving up beside Angel on the futon. All this time she had been working on Angel, she hadn't really been able to sort herself, so it was now her turn to have her aching pussy looked after by this delectable babe. "I hope I can be as good for you sweetness" she said putting her hand between Gina's legs. "I don't think you'll have to work that hard, the way you've got me already" smiled Gina "just...mmmmm, that's nice" she purred as Angel gently ran a finger over Gina's wet knickers, pushing a bit firmer to part her lips, while they continued to kiss each other. Gina lifted a leg letting Angel get a better feel of her pussy. Angel kept rubbing Gina until she pushed two fingers up her cunt through her knickers. Now it was Gina's turn to let out a moan "Yes baby, oh yes baby, I love it, yes, yes..." Angel added another finger and started 'fucking' Gina's dripping pussy. "Oh yes" gasped Gina "fuck me, fuck my cunt, put your fingers right up me, up my...oohh..up my cunt...ooohh..." Angel's fingers were working overtime, running all over Gina's sweet pussy, then pushing them up her love canal, while at the same time almost sucking her tongue from her mouth. "I want to taste your sweet pussy baby" she said pulling away. "Yes, yes, but please don't stop what you're doing...pleeeease..."

Gina could feel her pussy starting to tighten around Angel's fingers. She reached up and started squeezing Angel's big breasts, pulling and tugging on her swollen nipples, before leaning forward and taking one in her mouth. She began sucking on it, gently nibbling it, while Angel relentlessly frigged her soaking hole. Just as Gina felt she was about to come, she pushed Angel back on the futon, crawled over her body, and straddled her face. "You want to taste my pussy, huh?" she said to Angel as she pulled her knickers to the side and planted her pussy on her eager mouth. "Mmmm...yeah...mmm" came Angel's response as she started thrusting her tongue up Gina's tasty wet love hole, sucking on her cunt lips and hard swollen clit, at the same time reaching up and squeezing her tits through her tee-shirt. Gina knew she wouldn't be able to take much more of this esquisite feeling, and that a massive orgasm was inevitable. "That's it you beautiful bitch," she said grinding her pussy into Angel's face, "that's it, suck it, lick my pussy, put you tongue up my cunt...I'm gonna..oohh...I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oooh lick my cunt baby, taste my cum..." The next thing, Gina's pussy was pouring out all over Angel's face, while she in turn tried deperately to drink down as much as she could of her lover's cunt juice. "You are one dirty horny bitch" Angel said as Gina's orgasm subsided and she climbed off her face moving down her lover's body. "Fuck me, that was something else" said Gina, trying to catch her breath, and snuggling into Angel's warm body. "I could that all over again" replied Angel. "Mmm, me too" said Gina planting little kisses on Angel's neck and face. "Will you stay a while?" she asked her. "I ain't got no plans baby," Angel replied in between returning Gina's kisses "besides, I'm quite comfortable here with you." Gina climbed off the futon, and for an instant thought her shaky legs wouldn't take her "I'll get the wine" she said steadying herself on Angel's shoulder. Angel placed a hand on either of Gina's thighs, and slowly pushed her skirt up over her hips. "Oh my God," Gina whispered to herself as Angel again put her head between her legs. Gina put a foot on the futon beside Angel as her lover put her hands around her perfect round ass and pulled her pussy into her face, sucking her through her soaking knickers. Gina had a hand either side of Angel's head, and she started thrusting her wet cunt all over her lover's mouth and face. At the same time, Angel was kneading Gina's ass, and working her way inside her knickers and up her crack until she located her puckered asshole. Gently and slowly, she worked a finger up her ass, while all the time having her face fucked by Gina's thrusts. Then with her thumb, she moved Gina's knickers aside slightly, and pushed it up into her cunny. With the added pleasure of Angel's finger and thumb doing their thing, Gina could feel herself on the brink of another huge orgasm. Again, she reached down and pulled her knickers to the side so Angel could run her tongue all over her dripping pussy. POW! That was all she needed. Again, she started vigorously thrusting her cunt all over Angel's face, while Angel shoved her finger and thumb as far as she could up Gina's holes. Gina thought her head was going to explode. "Holy fuck, fuck, fuck," she cried out, "fuck my cunt hole baby, fuck it!"

Gina pulled away leaving Angel licking her lips. She went back to the kitchenette to fetch the bottle of wine, and when she came back into the room, the sight that welcomed her nearly made her drop it. Angel was on her knees on the futon facing away from Gina with her panties pulled down around her thighs, furiously frigging her pussy. Gina watched her for a few moments, before walking over to the futon, putting down the bottle, and falling to her knees behind her gorgeous goddess. Placing her hands on Angel's ass, she slightly pulled her cheeks apart before running her tongue from where Angel's fingers were vigorously working, right up to her asshole. "Ooohh yes baby, I like that." breathed Angel, starting to concentrate on her own clit. Gina started running her tongue all over her wet cunt, and again bringing it up to her tight little asshole, driving Angel wild. "Ooohh, that's it honey, that's it, lick my pussy, yeah...ooohhh...lick my wet...oh God, I love it..." Gina continued to lick and tongue Angel's delicious tight pussy, before reaching a hand up and inserting two fingers into her love hole. "That's it, fuck my cunt baby, fuck it hard!" Gina then brought her free hand back and cracked it down on Angel's ass. "Oh fuck it yes, spank..my..ass...yes. I think I'm going to..." Gina gave her another slap on the ass, before Angel bucked and fell forward on the futon. She climbed up beside her, kissing her all the way up her back and neck before putting a tongue in her ear and whispering "Are you OK sugar?" "Oh honey, I could fall for you in a big way." replied Angel. "Hey, let's just have some fun sweetness, let's just enjoy the ride. No complications, huh?" said Gina "Now, can I please lick your pussy some more? It is quite delicious." Angel turned around on the futon and looked Gina in the eyes. "Take off you knickers and give the to me" she instructed. Gina stood up, hitched her skirt and began to slowly pull her drenched knickers off. She handed them to Angel who pulled her legs up and apart and said "Now lick my cunt you slut!" Gina nearly went weak at the knees. She reached over and took a cushion from the futon, put it on the floor in front of Angel, then knelt in front of her, never taking her eyes from Angel's. Angel put a hand between her own legs, and parted her pussy lips for Gina who gently, almost timidly, licked her hole. She again looked at Angel, who was now sniffing Gina's sopping knickers, before asking "Is that alright mistress?" "Yeah baby, that's it, put your tongue up my love hole and suck me, mmmm, yeah that's it." Angel said as Gina resumed gently kissing and sucking and licking her delicious pussy. She looked up into Angel's face as she busied her tongue up her dripping cunt, watching her sniff her panties as she tugged at her own nipples. Gina then thought to herself 'Well if this ain't inspiration, I ain't never gonna be inspired!'

It was late in the evening when they finally fell asleep in each others arms. Gina woke up and realized Angel was lying on top of her. They were both naked, sweaty, and satisfied. Gina started to rub Angels back, and kiss her on her forehead. She softly called her name to wake her up. They got up and Gina led Angel to the shower. Still in silence, they washed each other sneaking kisses and touches every now and then. They got out and dried each other off. Gina turned on a slow jams cd, dimmed the lights and pulled the sheets back. She invited Angel to lay down. Gina pulled out the lotion and began to rub Angels body down. Of course it was putting them back in the mood. Gina broke the silence they had between them and asked Angel if she was ok? "Yea I'm ok." she said, "I'm just enjoying this feeling that I have right now." Gina then said, "Tell me, tell me how you're feeling." Angel sat up and started giving Gina the most passionate kiss. And it was on once again.....

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