Chocolate's Desire

Valentines day was suppose to be special. Wasn't it? So many things had went on at the beauty salon that Chocolate didn't know what to do. Three of her hair dryers had failed and her shampoo sink got clouged up with God knows what. To make matters worse her bestfriend had cancelled on her at the last minute.

After work she stopped to get chinese for tonight. She was coming out of the chinese food place, when she bumped into another female. Bags went everywhere. "I'm so sorry", the female said. "That's okay", Chocolate said. They both bent down to pick up the bags. Their eyes locked. "My name is Ronie", the other woman said and licked her lips. Chocolate licked her lips too. "And my name is Chocolate"

Ronnie invited Chocolate back to her place. They ate on the sofa and talked they had been friends for years. Soft jazz played in their ear, as the candles flickered their reflection on the wall. The mood was so perfect. So right. Ronnie wasn't like all her other ex's. She was butch and rough. This turned Chocolate on. With out thinking she grabbed ahold of Ronnies neck and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Ronnie responded immediately. Everything was getting hot an heavy when.................

The doorbell rang. Ronnie got up suddenly and went to the door. When she opened the door Chocolate could see the guilt all over her face. In walks a beautiful sista, long legs perfect body and a face to match. "Angela this is Chocolate. I met her earlier at the chinese restaurant and we decided to have dinner together". Angela gave Chocolate the once over as she sat down on the couch.

Ronnie asked Angela if she wanted something from the kitchen, she said she wanted a glass of wine. So while Ronnie was gone, CoCo noticed that Angela was lookin at her. Angela asked her how she was doing and she said that she was fine. Angela said with a grin "I can see that already". CoCo looked up at her and Angela winked. Ronnie came back and handed Angela her wine and sat down. They talked and laughed for a while to take away the odd feeling that lingered at first. Ronnie put in a movie, turned the lights out and sat on the couch between Coco and Angela. Coco couldn't concentrate on the movie because she was having flashes of that kiss. Ronnie must have been thinking the same thing because she put her hand on Coco's thigh and was slightly rubbing it. This made Coco really anxious to finish what they started. Coco started kissing on Ronnie's ear but what she didn't notice was Ronnie's other hand between Angela's thighs....

Chocolate knew the deal and was down for it. Even though she knew she wanted Ronnie all to herself. Ronnie continued to watch the movie while rubbing on both Chocolate's and Angela's thigh. Angela knew what time it was. She stood up and announced her that it was time to have some fun. Angela began to slowly remove her clothes. Leaving nothing but her bikini panties on. " Why don't you join me Chocolate" Angela asked. Chocolate got up from the sofa and peeled off her clothes slowly. revealing nothing but a baby blu thong. They blind folded Chocolate and led her into the bedroom. Chocolate could feel her hands being tied with something silky and smooth. Anegla layed Chcocolate on the bed. Chocolate heard someone leave out. A few seconds later she felt something cold and sticky being poured over her. Hands began to massage her thighs. The a hot wet tongue licked the sticky cold stuff off. " How does that feel" she heard Angela say. Chocolate was speechless for a moment. " That felt so good" Chocolate said. Angela rolled Chocolate on her stomache and poured some more over her ass cheeks. Chocolate squeeled. Angela began to lick Chocolates ass. Her tongue licking rapidly. Chocolate couldn't hold back her excitement any longer. She grapped hold of the pillows and let out a loud yell. Just before she was getting ready to bust Angela stopped. " Not yet my little chocolate pudding." Angela had said and walked out the room. Chocolate layed there for a minute. Then she heard them both enter the bedroom. " It's time you knew what pleasure is all about" she heard Ronnie say. " we're going to make you cum so much you want nobody else but else." And with that Angela persumed her postion in Chocolates ass. Ronnie straped her strap-on on and began to go to work on Angela.

The feeling was taking over Chocolate like never before. Her body responded to the hot,wet licks of Angela's tongue. Ronnie was enjoying every minute of it. Taking long, slow strokes as Angela licked away. Ronnie was admiring the thought of two women in her bed. Something she dreamed of often. Ronnie's smooth voice broke the women out of the trance they were sharing. " I think it's time you give me a taste". Angela had gotten up and postioned herself over Chocolates face. Ronnie knelt down between Chocolate's thighs. Ronnie let her hands roam to Chocolates breast, then her nipples. Ronnies let her hands roam for a minute. Finally resting on Chocolate's plump ass. Ronnie pulled her closer to the bed. Chocolate felt her hands being tied down. then her feet. " What's going on" Chocolate asked in a frantic voice. " Relax Chocolate. You'll feel so much better." she heard Angela say. Chocolate then felt those delicate fingers opening up her chocolate flesh. Angela sat down and they sixnine, while Ronnie fingered her. A wave of excitement flooded through Chocolates body. Chocolate's whole body began to shake. It felt so good that she wanted more. It was like a freak was coming out of her. She had never been like this before and just the thought turned her on. It was like her fantasy to have her dream stud and femme together. And as the thought went to her mind, so did a flush of juice coming pour down. Angela and Ronnie savoring every drop.

Ronnie and Angela untie Chocolate and let her savor what just had happened. chocolate looks over to angela and says have ronnie ever let you go down on her, ronnie says quickly no one goes down on me thats why im a butch daddy. chocolate smiles like a devil. tells ronnie every woman wants to be licked, sucked, fucked, and i think its about time you get a taste of your own medicine. angela gets behind ronnie kissing her gently behind her neck, while chocolate kisses the front of her. at first ronnie tries to resist but she lets go. she knows this is what she wants, she just didnt want to give up the control. angela whispers in her ear, im going to make you scream like a bitch in heat. before she knows it angela has her hand tied. they gently lay her on the bed, pillows propped up behind her ass. ronnie feeling a bit anxious, says i let you both have me, just untie my hands, im feeling a little panicky, coco says relax baby we are not going to hurt you in anyway. we will bring only pleasure to your body. ronnie was so beautiful i dont think she knew how beautiful she was. her breast was large and full, nipples like she been breast feeding for years, so big. her hips curved like a coke bottle. she kepts her pussy hairs nicely trimmed. angela tells ronnie, i never knew how beautiful you were. coco begins to suck on those big nipples, sucking like she wants to be breast fed. ronnie lets out a small moan, almost a whisper. angela says oh no you will be yelling by the time i get done with you. coco spreads her legs so far apart and begins fucking the shit out ronnie with her long tongue. ronnie is moving her hips in sequence to coco licking her fiery pussy. thats how she feels like her pussy is on fire and it needs to be put out. angela all the while saying thats right coco, fuck her pussy with your tongue, make her scream baby, fuck her coco, fuck her. ronnie cant help it any longer and yes please fuck me hard coco. coco can feel the inside of ronnie pussy pulsating her clit so swollen it looks like it hurts. ronnie says lick my clit, tongue fuck my clit, and lets out a scream im, im, im, im,cumcumcummmmmmmmmmmmmmming. with her hips up in the air, she gasping for air, her body shaking all over like she is convulsing. angela watches in excitement she had been with ronnie before but she never seen ronnie ever explode that way. she cant help herself but starts cumming also for the pure pleasure of seeing ronnie. coco unties her hands and say now did we hurt you. she says no, and starts crying, both woman consoling her lets her cry without saying word,they just hold her in their arms.

while all three women compose themselves they know they want more, like a junky who needs his next fix. angela says to coco come here and let me lick off ronnie's juices that's all over your face. ronnie tells angela you want to lick juices come here and lick my cunt, i still got juices flowing out of me. angela says with a wicked smile ah the real woman comes out.coco prepares the jacuzzi,gets the wine out for them and summon them to come into the jacuzzi. coco tells the women we have all night to fuck each other come and relax in here with me. they are all in the jacuzzi the water hot but yet feels good, it just makes all their pussies even hotter. they can feel the slimminess between their thighs. all eyes closed they all moan together, feeling their clits, rubbing their fingers between their clits. ronnie is in the middle of these women, enjoying the sounds that are coming out of their mouths. she removes their hands and starts feeling their hot, juicy, pulsating, clits. the moans are getting louder, each one calling out ronnie's name.the sound of her name almost brings her to extacy, she controls herself and wants wait. coco and angela take turns feeling ronnie's pussy. coco rubbing her clit, angela finger fucking very slowly. the moans are simutaneously now, water waving in sequence to their moans and groans of pleasure. all you could hear was oooing and aaahing and the sound of the water, they all cum together. now even hotter than than boiling water, they dry each other off lightly. ronnie says the night is not over yet, i want to eat both of your pussies, i want both of you to cum on my face, in my mouth. both women lay side by side kissing and touching each other, pinching each others nipples, touching each others cunts. ronnie proceeds to lick angela while finger fucking coco. then she licks and sucks coco's clit while finger fucking angela, all you can hear is moaning, the smell of pussies encase them all. ronnie tells the women to perform 69 for her. the women more than happy to summit to ronnie's wishes. the women eat each others cunts like they aint had no pussy before, the sound of licking pussies arouses ronnie to the point where she can just cum. coco starts shaking voilently and screaming in extacy, pussy juice flowing so quickly out her angela can hardly keep up, ronnie says let me help you, they bring coco to another level she never experienced before, cumming so hard her clit aches in pleasure. before you know it angela is cumming, coco is slightly sucking and biting her clit, being careful not to bring any pain, just pleasure. angela rocks violently on coco's face, ronnie's like ah hell no you aint having that pussy all to yourself, they both lick, suck, finger fuck angela, angela doesnt know whether to scream or have a heart attack. pussy juices flowing out all of them like a water fall. they all lay on their backs, breahting so hard, heart racing like a race horse, bodies so exhausted they cant say a word to each other, but all look at one another with satisfaction. thinking to themselves i will never go back to a man. i am womyn, i love womyn, womyn loves me. and they all fall into a peaceful sleep.

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