One Night

Beginning submitted by Baby Dyke

Weíve met in passing. Just on the by, questioning ourselves as to who the other person is. You feel the electricity, donít you? I know I do and if Iím not careful, it might consume me. Again I see you and the casual stares now turn to slight advances. Do you know what happens when I see you? I feel that quickening deep below my belt! Do I speak to you? Or will you be the brave one and step up to the plate and whisper the words Iíve been dying to hear. Nothing. You say nothing. I guess Iíd have to be the brave one and say something. Iíve waited ass day to catch a glimpse of you. Rehearsing what Iíve wanted to say to you forever. I see you and as weíre about to pass each other, you stop me and say "Excuse me, Iíve seen you looking at me, is there something I can help you with?" Ahhh! The first step! I reply in my head by telling you how much I want to take you and fuck you, but I dare not! Instead I give you the piece of paper Iíve had in my pants pocket and tell you only 2 words, "One Night". I pass you and head out of the lobby. I donít turn around to see if youíre looking at me or if youíve looked at the paper I gave you, but praying that you will look at both, maybe not in that order! On that piece of paper Iíve written my name, address, phone #, "Feb. 25" and the words "One Night!" I hope youíre daring enough to take me up on my offer. At the same time, it gives me 2 days to prepare for possibly a night to remember.

Feb. 25 Ė the night has arrived! I havenít heard anything from you; my disappointment is showingÖbut wait, there is a buzz at the door. Could it be? I swallow the lump in my throat and calmly walk to the door. Itís you. We look at each other and smile. "Youíre takingí a big risk," I say. "One night, right?" I nod, thinking, if it goes as good as Iíve imagined, who knows. You step thru the door and take off your coat. Wow! Youíre wearing my favourite outfit Ė Pink sweater and black skirt. Damn!! My mind is racing and pussy throbbing! First things first! " I donít even know you name." You tell me and as I repeat it, it sounds like music to me. I ask if youíve eaten and you say you grabbed something before you came. I ask you if you would like something to drink and you nod. "Red wine okay?". "Yes" You look at me with those eyes and I feel my heart skip a beat. As I show you to the living room, I touch your back and the electricity starts again, just as when we first saw each other in the lobby at work. We enter the living room and sit on the sofa. The lights are low and soft music playing in the background.

As I pour you some wine, we begin to talk about each other, trying to get as much information about each other for future reference. The info starts out light, with our backgrounds, families, interests and so on. Then the conversation starts getting more personal. Things we like to do when we are alone, things we like to do when we are alone with someone, intimate things. At this point, weíre both turned on and itís noticeable, Ďcause Iím squirming on the sofa and you have little beads of sweat breaking out on your temple. "What do you want to do now?" "I would like to kiss you now, if thatís okay with you". "I was waiting for you to ask already". I proceed to lean over but you meet me half way, anticipating my move. Our lips touch ever so slightly. The heat coming from your lips scorch me. I pull back but youíre insistent. You flick your tongue and caress my upper lip. I let out a sigh. The daring, dominant side of you decides to rear its head and you push your tongue a little further. I open to you and our battle for dominance begins! As our tongues dance back and forth, I reach for you; my hand ends up on you lap. My hand ever so slightly glides over your thigh and you begin to moan. That tension below my belt seems to be speeding up! You also reach for me and your hand lands on the back of my neck. Like you know that spot is sensitive. You hold my head as if to say "More!" You strain against me and I feel your nipples thru your sweater, hard like buttons. I want to see you, naked but I donít dare pull away from you and your sweet lips. As if to read my mind, you stop and we both try to catch our breaths. As we look at each other, I wonder if this feeling can get any stronger!

I stood to my feet and reached out my hand to you. You take my hand. I grab the bottle of wine and lead you to my bedroom. The battle of dominance is still in full force. We start to undress each other at once with out taking our eyes off one another. You take my hand and lead me over to the bed. You lay down invitingly. I take the wine and make a path from your breast to your pearl.....

You make a little sound as to tell me that it feels good. We stare at each other not wanting to forget this moment in time. Damn, I can't believe you are hear. We kiss more and more, the sounds that you are making is telling me don't stop, of course I don't. I am now sucking those two hard nipples that I can't get enough of. My god how is it possible that they taste so good. I slid my tongue down very slowly and you go wild. I am now at the garden of edan,and you have just opened up to let me in.

Your pussy is glistening with wetness. I can smell the heat rising from it as I dip down and lick the opening. My tongue then licks up right below your clit and I stop. Just to tease you a bit. Your clit is throbbing with aniticipation as my warm mouth is just a few inches away. " Please don't stop" you beg. "Keep going" So, I let my tongue continue it's journey to that swole pearl....

You softly moan as my tongue slowly licks your sweet pussy lips, tracing the shape of your sweet bald pussy..Your legs wrap around my back as my fingers open your wetness, giving me full access..I look up and see your eyes closed, your tongue licking your lips..I ease my tongue inside you as far as I can, then slowly out and dance around your clit..Your juices taste so sweet..Since we only have tonight, I want to do everything to you...I ease your legs off my shoulders and turn you over..Get on your knees I tell you..You do as I say..Then gasp as you feel my wet tongue slowly down the small of your back..Easing toward that sweet ass..My hands open your cheeks and my tongue is deep inside your sweet ass..Yessssss baaabbyyyyy you moan..Lick my ass...I'm more than happy to do that and so much more..

I reach over to the dresser and get the bottle of sensual oil and pour it over your ass...You softly moan as the liquid seeps into you hot hole..Please fuck my ass you say..I slowly ease my middle finger into you..deeper, deeper until it's all up inside you...Pushing you head down with my left hand, I start to fuck you slowly and deeply with my right..Who's ass is this baby??...Tell me who's ass this is!!..Your muffled voice says it's your ass daddy, all yours..

You've been a bad girl baby I tell you...You know what happens to bad girls??..No you say..Well they get spanked!!..Your are now face down with that sweet ass up in the air..I grab my belt and tell you to count each lick..The tension is building...Smack!!.1 you say..Smack!!2 you say until we get to ten...Your ass is on fire..Don't you move..I go the drawer and put on my black strap-on..I oil it up and show it to you..You stroke it up and down as I finger your ass...Do you want this dick baby??..Yes daddy..Where do you want it??..Ohhhh in my ass daddy and spank me too..I move in behind you..Give a couple of smacks with my hand and slowly ease the 8" strap into your ass...Ohhhhhh yessssssss you moan...Take that ass daddy..Not yet...Slowly inch by inch until it's all the way in..Now I just let you feel the thickness as it settles into you..I reach over and find you are soooo wet..I grab your hips...Now it's time to fuck that ass..

You buck your hips with pleasure as i slowly by deftly bring you to the breaking point. I thrust harder and harder and love the whimpers and moans coming out of your mouth. My mind is spinning as feel myself getting hot just from watching you enjoy my dick so much. I feel you beginning to cum so i ease out slowly.. you whimper in protest but i reassure you that the best is yet to come. You back up shivering with pleasure, your body begging for release. I start with your toes...gently massaging and working my way up... You start to moan and softly whisper a name.... a name that is not mine! Should i dismiss this or call you on it after all it might not be worth it for just this one night....

While removing my strap you slowly lick my breasts, softly stroking my belly with one hand. Kneading my flesh between your fingers. Taking your time to explore my body you take some warm oil and gently massage my breasts and stomach, working your way between my thighs. My pussy is now dripping wet from antisipation, and your sexy ass body all over mine drives me wild. You are not only making love to my body you are caressig my soul with every touch. I guide you to your back and spread your legs and parting you lips and mine as well. I place our throbbing clits together and together we are drawn into a burning desire. The desire to climax, the fight not to, not yet ready because the feeling is addictivley delicious and we only want more. More of that tasty juice making nasty grindage. Hunching wildly moaning and caressing while kissing tenderly. I slide my hand around your buttock to slip my finger inside your puzzy while grinding and you are about to explode and I am cumming with you. Your walls are pulsating like mad and you are wanting more and more while gripping up what ever flesh your hands can find on my lges hips thighs and breasts. Wanting nothing more than this moment to ever end.

As we climax together... there is a loud crash of thunder. That made the moment that much more intense. Panting, sweating., moaning, thrusting, squirmming, grinding... You begin to vibrate beneath me, I'm jerking with pleasure. Our hearts is racing faster and faster with every movement we make..... we're almost there....

but i want this moment to last longer so i grab your hips and placed your wet pussy over my mouth so i can taste every part of you and whatever juice you release. as you are moving up and down on my lips working your way to climax i grab your cheeks as you scream in estasy-drowning me with your river.

i can feel your clit pulsating over my tongue over my lips i think to myself how much pleasure can i stand, how much extacy can i take. fuck it i say to myself, fuck that beautiful bald pulsating pussy. she's begging me to let her cum again, please daddy make my pussy cum all over your face, i will dont worry baby i will be patient. as i slid my tongue in and out of her pussy she rocks her hips fiercly, trying to keep up with my tongue, i move my tongue even faster,faster,faster, she is screaming in extacy, i feel all the sweet juices over flowing my mouth, my pussy is aching in pleasure just hearing the moans, grunts,and screams, as i continue to pussy fuck her with my tongue fiercly she cums all over me like a fucking water fall all over my face i try to lick up all those juices but she,s cumming like a water fall and i cant keep up with the overflowing of pussy juice. as she is lying on the bed, still rocking those hips, eyes closed, enjoying her moment, i beging to finger fuck myself because i cant help looking at this beautiful figure. as i close my eyes i feel her hot breath over my lips, she whispers let me make you scream baby. she grabs my hips and tells me whatever position you want to cum in baby get ready. so i grab a couple of pillows, place it under my ass, pussy in view for her pleasure. she takes her index and middle finger and slides slowly between my clit, oooooh, i give out a slight moan. she whispers oh baby you'll do more than that. i can feel my pussy throbbing in and out. she continues to slide her fingers between my clit, she tells,i can smell your pussy its telling me to fuck you. she proceeds to put her head between my wet thighs and gently give me a butterfly kiss.i shrudder all over. my whole body is aching now. she moves her tongue all over my pussy, she begins flicking her tongue violently over my clit, by now im screaming, moaning, grunting, thats right baby fuck my clit with your tongue, fuck me baby, fuck me till i cum. she grabs my ass and brings me even closer, continuing to flick my clit with her tongue. my mind, my body, my heart, can no longer take it, i cum in extacy. my body shaking like im naked in the winter snow. it seems like im cumming forever. she slids her fingers between my clit and say was that good baby. oh yah i say, fucken good.

it's been about a week i havent seen olivia. how beautiful that name rang in my head. never have i felt so intensified by another woman. i had many affairs, many lovers, but none had made me feel like olivia had. she burned within my thoughts, i ached within my body for her. i missed her scent, i missed her touched. damn i just missed her. i didnt want to seem desparate, i didnt want to scare her, so i backed off for a few days. yah maybe today, maybe i'll call her today. my mind races with all kinds of thoughts. i was hoping that she didnt reject me. thank God, work is all done. i proceed to the elevator, damn its taking so long, i would walk down but i aint walking down 57 flights of stairs. finally its here. as it opens there she is, my heart skips a beat, i feel like my heart is in my throat, i cant speak. she says well are you coming in or are you just going to stand there. i come in. it's just her and i alone. we both say at the same time " i was going to call" we laugh. i say you first. she tells i was going to call but i didnt want to scare you off. oh my God, i tell her that was my exact thoughts. i missed you, i missed you like i never felt before. you make my heart ache for you. every being in me, every fiber, every molecule inside me aches for you. she slowly approaches me and gently touches my the right side of my cheek. her hands feel so soft. she tells me, baby i know exactly how that feels. i cant think, i cant eat, i cant concentrate, i cant work, i know exactly how you feel. she presses the stop button, we are in between the 33rd and 32nd floor. the operator buzzez in, is there a problem? she says no,but i need to take care of business in here do you mind. i cant believe it, the operator then tells us i've been listening the whole time, honey take care of what you need to. she grabs my waist, i grab hers, we lock eye to eye without saying a word we know what we want. butterfly kisses, she kisses me with butterfly kisses. so soft, so gently, i can barely feel her lips buti know its there. she says i want you baby, i need you. i want to make love to you. i say, you have me, take me.she unbuttons my blouse, unclip my bra, unzip my skirt, now im standing there with just red thongs and my garter holding up my hose, with my 5inch heels. as i lean against the wall, eyes closed, she kisses me from my lips, proceeding to the side of my neck, one of my sensitive spot. i am so fucking wet, i can hardly stand, i slip my hand down to pussy and stick two fingers up my cunt, oh, oh, oh, i moan lightly, she grabs my hand and puts my fingers in her mouth. she says no need for that baby, i will please you, be patient. she's biting my rock hard nipples. down to my belly licking my belly button. she tells me ah ha, so you shaved your pussy. i say i wanted you to see my pussy, i wanted you to see my swollen clit, i wanted you to see my pussy juices flowing out of me. she gets on her knees, tells baby spread those lips apart. i spread it showing full view of my clit. again she gives me butterfly kisses, i can feel my body shrudder with extacy. baby take me i say, please take me, i begging her now, like a bitch in heat. i cant believe the way she makes me feel. i'm so use to taking control and now i giving up all my control to this woman (olivia). she starts licking my pussy lips, teasing by letting her tongue so gently brush against my clit. she puts that long hard tongue into my pussy, pushing it in like she aint never had my pussy before. she starts licking my clit, flicking at so hard, i try to hold my orgasm in, but its getting harder to do. i finally give in and let out a yell, a scream like i nevered screamed before. she gives one last butterfly kiss and stands up to her feet, helps me get dress. she pushes the release button and the elevator proceeds to go down. the operator talks thru the intercom, and says i never heard love making like that before.

The End?

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