Storm Center

A thick blanket of snow covered the cars and the blizzard showed no signs of stopping. A few people clutching grocery bags were trudging through the streets. Anna watched from the safety of her livingroom window. Thankfully, when the snow first began to fall, she had decided to leave work early. Now, at the height of rush hour, bus service was crippled and the lightrail had stopped running.

The whistling of the tea kettle broke the silence and a chill ran down Anna’s spine. Backed away from the window, she tightly closed the venetian blinds and prayed that the wind didn’t find a way into her home. On her way to the kitchen, she added another small log to the slowly building fire. A quick look through the cabinets had confirmed Anna’s worse fear--she had run out of tea-- but the overstocked shelves meant she wouldn’t need to trudge through the snow anytime soon. Too bad she was alone.

Anna allowed herself to drift into fantasy mode. In her daydream, there was a knock at the door. Through the peephole she would see a shivering person buried under layers of clothes. Anna’s heart would be moved and she would break her taboo about strangers and rescue this poor person from the snow. Once inside, the stranger would strip away the layers of wet clothing and would turn out to be the woman from work that she had been lusting after. Sigh, the fantasy dissolved with the steam rising from Anna’s hot chocolate.

It had been months since Anna had been out on a date; she was certain that she wouldn’t know what to do if a willing woman magically appeared on her doorstep. She and Ruth had broken up over two years ago, but Anna still found herself comparing women to her ex. They had been together for 3 years and thought it would last forever, but as Ruth climbed up the corporate later she had less time for a social or home life--less time for Anna. The two just drifted apart and were acting like roommates instead of lovers. In the end it was Ruth who decided to leave. Anyway, Anna told herself, the past is in the past. One day she would get over Ruth, but until then she would have to settle for erotic magazines (she would NEVER admit to subscribing to) and “hands on” affection.

Anna had settled down in her favorite chair and was about to sip her chocolate when she heard a knock at the door. Her heart skipped a beat--would this be her fantasy come true? Looking through the peephole, she saw a shivering figure trying its best to keep snow out of its hood. Anna hands trembled as she unlocked the door. Unlike in her fantasy, she had recognized this woman immediately--it was Ruth!

"Ruth what are you doing in this type of weather?" Anna asked, as she let Ruth in. Ruth was trying to respond, but she was shivering from the 5 block walk. Her mind was telling Anna that her car broke down at the shopping mall we use to shop at on our lazy Saturdays. Anna was looking at her worried, because she could she her lips moving but not a mumble sound came from them. Anna took Ruth by the hand and lead her to the chaise lounge chair that was located comfortably close to the fire. Anna began to remove the wet clothes from Ruth while she grazed with concern in Ruth's eyes. She remember the steamy cup of hot chocolate she had started to enjoy, so she handed it to Ruth and told her this will help to warm you up. After, Anna had removed the first layer of clothes from Ruth, she ran into the bedroom to her closet, and reached in the left hand corner far in the back and pulled out a pair of red silk long pajamas she secretly took from Ruth when she was packing to leave. Out of habit, she brings them to her nose and smell that faint familiar fragance of Ruth with a mixture of Cool Water. She feels a foreign tingle through out her body since it has been months since she's been on a date, and actually 2 years since she had a woman to really make love to her. Her thoughts are interrupted as she hear the sipping sound of Ruth drinking the hot chocolate while leaning against the doorway. She turns and apologize for taking so long. Ruth says no problem I'm just grateful that you open your door with open arms. I was at shopping mall when the storm began. I tried to start my car but I guess the cold killed the battery. I tried my cell phone to call for help, but that didn't work. I knew I had to find somewhere warm and quick. And so here I am. She noticed Anna holding the pajamas, and she ask are those mines. Anna dropped her head and replied a shy yes. I have been looking for those, they were the last thing that you brought me before I moved out. Anna looked up and saw what she knew was a deep longing in Ruth's eyes. Anna walked over and handed the pj's to Ruth and told her to change out of those wet clothes before she caught pneumonia. As Anna was handing Ruth the pj's their eyes met. And the both of them knew that the look was saying I miss you so much, and I'm still in love with you. It was Anna who broke the trance they were in. She tried to walk out of the room so Ruth can change. But, Ruth is now feeling the warmth penetrating through her body starting from her inner most sacred place turned her body so Anna couldn't pass. They were so close that if air tried to walk by it was no room. Being so close, they were breathing each others air, and looking deeply into each others eyes. Ruth slowly bent down to sit the cup in the corner, and when she looked up she was eye level with Anna's crotch. Ohhhhh baby, how I missed being in this position, smelling your hot wet pussy juices seep through your silk panties, and tickling my nostrils with your fragrance that throughout these 2 yrs. I smelled at any given time. The fragrance was so strong I knew you were sitting next to me. Only to be jolted back into reality with a client saying, "Ms. Javier are you ok?" I'm thinking all of this, while I'm looking at you, looking at me; wanting me 2 want 2. Ruth slowly stands while her mouth runs up Anna's body and lands softly on Anna's moist sweet oh so tender lips. Dayummm, I miss you baby Ruth whispers. As she hear a faint, and I you coming from Anna's lips. With a feeling of great urgency Ruth begins to make love to Anna's mouth. While her right hand starts to.........

Anna pushed Ruth away. "We haven't seen or talked to each other in two years--what makes you think you can just waltz in here and make love to me?"

Stunned, Ruth began changing into the pjs. "But I thought you were clearly sending me signals."

"Ruth, you know the heat we share is undeniable. But we made a decision to let things go. It's been so long that I no longer harbor the feelings of neglect and hurt our relationship caused me. I know the weather outside is dreadful and I have no problem with you seeking shelter here. I do find it odd you walked 5 blocks, instead of using a pay phone at the mall. It means something to me that you thought of me and stopped at nothing to get here. But we can't just jump in the sack." Just then Ruth removed her wet shirt and Anna caught a glance of her full breast, and hard from the cold, nipples. She remembered how she loved the feel of Ruth. How she use to wake in the night to rest her head on Ruth's warm bussom. And some times she would wake Ruth, because her stollen sucks interrupt Ruth's sound sleep. Oh how she loved those tits. "A.... A....A" Ruth wondered why she stopped talking. "A!" "oh, I'm sorry", said Anna. "Make your self at home. I'll be right back."

Ruth finished undressing and slipping into the PJs. She hung her wet clothes close to the fire. And snuggled up in the big chair with her hot chocolate. She tried to push from her mind thoughts of the many times they had made love on, in and around that chair.

Anna could hear Ruth moving around from the kitchen. She knew Ruth would be sitting in that chair and shivered as the memories came back to her. She didn't know how much longer she would be able to control herself. Her body was screaming for Ruth's touch but her mind annoyingly continued to remind her of the hurt and suffering she endured when Ruth had left her. It had taken every bit of strength she possessed to push Ruth away just 10 mins earlier and now she wondered if she had done the right thing. Two years...two long years she had been without the love of her life. The only woman to ever make her feel like she had been to Heaven's gates and back with just one kiss...and now that woman was sat wearing only her pj's in Anna's lounge. She was torn. She knew that before the night was out she would have to make some decisions. Turn Ruth away and risk never seeing her again? or make love to her tonight putting her life, heart and soul on that vulnerable line yet again. Taking a deep breath Anna walked back into the room where Ruth was sat comfortable in the chair, still sipping on the hot chocolate. She silently leaned against the door and Ruth sensing her there turned to look at Anna, their eyes met for what seemed like eternity before Anna finally broke the spell..wispering almost inaudible..."Ruth, what is it you want from me?"

i want to taste you once again. I want to spend the night in your eyes. Oh baby! I have wanted to drink your liquid pussy love forever! she reached out and gripped anna's clit. i want to make love to you. to use those kinky toys we bought our last month together . i want to shower with you. and dammit! i want you to want me with that hot passion that you used to! i want you! anna cried and flung herself into ruth's awaiting grasp. anna dug out a box from the closet and from the box she drew out two toys. fuzzy handcuffs and an electric oral sex massager (the tongue II).

mmm... Stick that in my tight wet pussy. Fuck me as hard as you can. Get your strap on and ride it hard in my clit. Oh how ive been longering for this moment. I love the feel of the dildo in my puss. I am soo wet she pulls the dildo out and licks me up. I scream. Panting i tell her to ride in in my ass. She sticks it in and bangs me as hard as she can. Oh my god its sooo good!


As she continues to bang my sweet round ass, I pump my ass to meet her thrusts...back and forth...back and forth. I reach down to finger myself. I take my middle finger and furiously rub the right side of my throbbing clit. Hmmmm, so good. I dip my finger in my sopping wet pussy and smear my juice all over my clit. I run my finger down the right side of my clit and up the left side, creating a mind-blowing sensation and I run my finger over my clit in circular motions.

As I rubbed my clit, Ruth leaned over the kiss me so softly. In the one kiss I felt the sense of how much I miss you and love you. As Ruth was pounding me in my ass..I can fell her warm hands squeeze my hips tighter and tighter. I couldn't help but to let out a high pitcher yet. The harder and harder Ruth pounded, the more I came closer to coming. I told Ruth, not to stop but to fuck me harder! All of a sudden, I came. I have never came so good like that in my life. I sat up and leaned my back aganist Ruth soft breasts. As I ran my fingers through her soft, silky hair she kissed me all over my neck. I could have cried, because it felt oh so good. I turned around and started kissing her on the lips once more. I continue to move down her neck to her collar bone and then finally to her breast. Each kiss, were whisphering "Thank you Ruth, Thank you Ruth, Thank you Ruth". I kiss over her breast until I came upon her well-rounded dark brown nipple. As I softly licked and sucked apon it, I looked once again into her eyes.

That same chair I had made love to her on and around was now the support of my grasps . she watched as my head leaned back and her tongue arched my back. So many nights of missing her tongue dance and curl inside my cat released moans and sounds of pleasure I could no longer hold on to the chair and quickly drove my nails into her back as I watched the fire light flicker off her body.To feel her warm body pressing against minds once more created a chill over my body that dug my nails in her back and th reaction of her tongue just curling, and curling inside me. I had grown limp the next thing I could remember was me sliding up and down her togue while moaning and watching her feast on my Kitty Kat As she crawled ontop of me I trembled and waited for more.

It was then that I noticed that she had began to enter my kitty kat with her breast. She began stroking the length of my hole with her tit and it was fantastic. Each time she started from the bottom of my slit and moved upward actually entering my Kitty Kat til she reached the top where she would grind her nipple into my clit. I found myself panting outloud and she began talking dirty to me.She would ask me if I like being fucked by her, and when i started to scream my answer back to her she would press her nipple even harder on my clit.I finally exploded and my juices squirted all over her chest. She greedily licked some of my juices off my kitty kat until she raised up and placed the tit she had fucked me with on my face and began to rub it all over,making my face shiny in the firelight. I then wasted no time and greedily licked the remaining sweet juice off of her tits,totally fulfilled and satisfied!

Some time later, Anna awakes with an urgent need to pee.She navigates her way through the dark, over tumbled piles of winter clothes, into the bathroom where she takes care of her neccesity, thinking in the darkness accompanied by the almost soothing melody of golden twinkling. What is she doing? Is she starting something again that should have been left finished as it was? She wipes herself, stands up to turn on the light, and turning, confronts her reflection in the mirror.She grimaces dryly, noticing a piece of food stuck in her teeth, picks it out with a thumbnail. She's so good to me,though, at least sexually. No one has ever made me feel the way she does, and she does it so expertly, she knows, oh Goddess, but she knows! Imagining Ruth's tounge on her nipple, Anna pinches the darkened circle of flesh until it is hard an tight, engorged with blood. The sensation sends a shudder through her body and as if by reflex, her hand finds her clit already waiting for her pleasure, her folded pussy once again warm and inviting to her touch, her fingers slide gently in, and begin in this temple of love, to minister to the personal needs of her erotic soul. Ohh...she moans and with her free hand lowers the lid of the toilet seet so she get better into a position to pleasure herself. She eases herself down on the seat, barely noticing the shock of the cold pastic against her naked flesh, slowly, luxuriously, rubbing her moist wet now hot now throbbing pussy. Herfingers disapear inside and return only to disapear again. She rubs, She pets herself like a kitten...her eyes are closed...she purrs and becomes even more excited with the arrival of an unexpected guest..

Anna hadn't even notices Ruth standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She was so engulfed in providing herself with the pleasure her body seemed to long for. Ruth slowly approached her kneeling down inbetween her legs. Gently Ruth placed her head against Anna stomach sending a gentle warmth through her body. Slowly Ruth glided her hand between Anna's thighs. Feeling her moist and gentle clit gave Ruth all she needed to finish what Anna had begun. She slowly inserted three fingers into Anna's secret place. With a small gasp Anna knew that Ruth was going to drive her to the edge of total control.

Anna quickly slowed Ruth's feverish fingers and took Ruth by the hand.She could still remember the wonderful long fingers Ruth possessed. Ruth smelt clean from the snow and wind chilling her skin. It was Ruth turn to feel good.Anna had not eaten pussy for so long but if there was one thing Anna knew it was how to lick. The point of her tongue was culrled as she slid it up and down Ruth's fleshy lips.She sucked hard on her outer lips. Harder ,harder she wanted to drink all of Ruth's juices. Ruth was wrigglying her stomach muscles convulsing as she went through the first stages of a huge orgasm that sent her almost into orbit. Ruth pleaded to be fucked by Anna.Anna hadn't finished yet she wanted to torture Ruth for neglecting her and not being close to her for the last two years.

Anna gave Ruth a few minutes to recover from the intense orgasm she had just experienced. They lay entwined together, Ruth thinking of how much she had missed Anna's tongue and sexy lips and Anna thinking of how she could get some sweet revenge on the unsuspecting Ruth. Anna chuckled to herself as she put the final touches of her plan together. "what's funny baby" Ruth said her eyes closed to slits looking down at Anna. "oh nothing" Anna responded, pulling Ruth to her feet and guiding her to the bedroom. She walked behind her, Anna pulling Ruth close to her....grinding her pussy into Ruth's ass and pulling roughly at her nipples while she licked and sucked at her neck. As they entered the bedroom Anna pushed Ruth from behind down on the bed, playfully and forcefully at the same time. Ruth looked up at her with a surprised look on her face, "shittt baby..." she started but was cut off by Anna's tongue pushing it's way into her mouth...

Anna's tongue probed Ruth's mouth feverishly. The sudden sexual prose of Anna, had Ruth racing. Ruth tried to move her hands towards Anna's clit, but found resistance. "Wait Baby, it's your turn", Anna said mischeiveously. Anna pinned Ruth's arms to the bed. She kissed her neck and sucked her earlobes. She bit her gingerly on the shoulders, then worked her way down towards her breast. Ruth's breast were a perfect 38 DD with full nipples. As Anna took a nipple into her mouth Ruth scormed and moaned with delight. Anna bit her breast lightly but with enough force to cause Ruth to arch. Satisfied that Ruth would not resist, Anna freed her arms. Cupping both of Ruth's breast in her hands, Anna sucked both nipples at once. "oooohhhhh shhhittt!", Ruth gasped. Anna smiled within her self, because this was only the beginning...


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