Sensual Dance

Beginning submitted by Quiet Beauty

The lights at the club are surprisingly bright, but I don't mind. "Dance with me, "she says. "I'd much rather watch you dance," I reply.

The DJ spins another record. One with underlying African beats, yet a slow tempo. The drums in the background seem to match the pounding of my heart as I watch her begin to move.

She moves as though consumed by the music, as though it has cast a spell over her. She closes her eyes and moves left and right, back and forth.

She smiles as she begins to move her boa around her body. She touches herself. Rubs her breast as though following the hands of an invisible lover.

I get aroused watching her, yet I do not join her for fear that I will interrupt her momentum. I watch her hand slide to her crotch. She begins to feel herself as though she is the only one in the club. I watch as her smile widens in ecstasy.

Finally, I join her on the dance floor.

She looks at me with her beautiful brown eyes and licks the softness of her lips. She then pulls herself closer to me seeming not to care about who's around.

She blows on my neck and nibbles on my ear as she redirects my hands to feel the plumpness of her womanness.

I began to have wild fantasies of taking her- right in front of everyone in the middle of the dance floor. My crotch began to throb with thoughts of the passion I needed to let out.

So, I asked her if we could go somewhere private. She gave me a sexy look that made me shiver as she pulled the waist of my pants, leading me out of the club. I decided I would take her to a nearby lakeside, but as we drove, I noticed she couldn't wait for what I had in store.

She began kissing on my ear and then on my neck. She unbuttoned my shirt and teased my nipple with her flickering tongue as she grabbed my crotched and squeezed tightly in rhythm with her tongue.

unable to wait another moment, I pulled over with the intent of removing my shirt, then her sexy, tight-fitting top but she even beat me to that. With her hand on the back of my neck, she pulled my lips to her already hard nipples.

Her scent made my body quiver and sent chills down my spine. When I tasted her I knew she was the essence of a woman. I outlined her nipples with the tip of my tongue, and sucked on her nipple slowly letting my teeth run over them. This making her massage my throbbing woman hood in the same rythym. The only thing seperating her from me is my satin panties which are now saturated from my eagerness. My aching crotch begging for her touch, I feel my self start to grind into her hand breathing hard, and moaning slowly. Suddenly she stops and slides my panties down with one swipe. That turned me on beyond belief.

I couldn't believe that it was about to happen like this, here in my car 15 minutes down from the lakeside. I begin to go through certain changes that only another woman loving a woman would understand. The things that she done to me made feel like the woman that I am and nothing would be able to stop this moment. Her tongue pierced my body as if to say, "I've been wanting you." And I melted just like hot fudge right into her lusty Xtasy. Slightly tossing and turning while flicking and licking each other was more then just a dance. That's the reason why I didn't wont to interrupt her. She was awesome. Now it was my turn to really show her what I was made of, and I knew she wouldn't be able to handle it. It was pure erotica and I couldnt wait to give her all that I had.

I told her to get into the back seat. I crawled over behind her and pulled her panties off. "Spread your legs for me, and play with your pussy", i whisper. She obliges and puts her finger into my mouth.

I lick her juices from her fingers and lean over to give her a lingering kiss. I tell her that I too have been waiting all night. She begs me to make her feel good, and I begin to suck on her nipples as she continues to play with her pussy. The sounds her wet pussy makes are turning me on, I bite harder on her nipple just to hear her moan. I ease down to her shaved cunt, suck on her fat pussylips. She looks so sexy with her legs over my shoulders.

All of a sudden, I sense a bright light shining into my car. Shit! Damn! It's the cops! "Get outta the car slowly Ma'am... both of y'all...out!" she commands, holding a foot long flashlight in her strong hand, while peering into the foggy windows of my 2001 Volkwagen Beetle GLS. My Mysterious Lover from the party is frozen with fear, with her legs still locked around my neck, pussy still throbbing at the dramatic turn of events. "I'm on my way, please give us a moment," I respond to the cop, as I slowly lift My Lover's legs from around me and hand her her clothes to get dressed so we can get out and deal with this shit. As we open the car door, the police woman is talking on her walkie, and laughing as if she's sharing her recent find with one of her cop buddies. My head tilted with all kinds of attitude, I hand her my license and registration and hope that we can get the fuck outta Dodge and head to my place so that me and my sexy new thang get to finish what we started. Hmmmm, I can still smell her scent all over my hands, "Lord, do I love a horny ass woman," I'm thinking. My mind is reeling from this turn of events. I'm standing outside at midnight, with a half-naked girl and an amazon-looking cop. We must look crazy to the passers-by on West River Drive! The lady cop glances at my information, and hands them back to me. She turns her back, whispering into her walkie (as if she thought I couldn't hear her) and says, "Girl, hurry the fuck up --- I'll hold them here. We got to teach these babies a lesson they'll never forget!" I am speechless, and I can't even imagine what they will do to us. Who was she talking to? Is she gay? Is her friend gay? Is her friend even a female? Am I going to jail? I look over my Lover from the Club, damn I don't even know her name, but the funny thing is... she was quiet and grinning like a kid at Christmas time. Hmmm, have I been set up or what?

Finally, there are lights approaching in the distance. I look at my friend from the club, and her eyes are filled with lust. "What is going on", I think to myself. "Ma'am I'm gonna have to take you ladies in", said the cop with a smirk. "One of you will ride with Officer Lace, and the other will ride with me". I am wondering again, what in the hell is going on. My friend from the club is frisked by Officer Lace, and I end up riding with our friend and her big ass flash light.

When we get into the police car i notice the lady cop looking at me from the mirror...she starts licking her lips and she says so you like pussy hun...well so do i... I have a job for you to do... I want you to be like the kat you are and i want you to drink all of the my milk i give you.. And she whipers the milk from my pussy...that is....i,m sitting in the back seat looking at this women wondering what in the hell is she going to do to me..with fear and lust in my heart i feel my clit throbbing with excitement and at the same time my heart is beating with fear..we than reach this big abandoned ware house she gets out of the police car and comes around to the back to let me out of the car..as she gets out of the car i notice how big this women is ..and she has this grin on her face that is devilish and sexy at the same time..my goodness what is going to happen to me i am thinking at the same time i feel myself getting wetter with each grip the women puts on me as she takes me out of the patrol car..she takes me into the warehouse and she tells me to strip...and she says make it fast. I began to take off my clothes and when i get to my boxers her eyes began to get this daze look...when my boxers are dropped to the floor she sees my pussy and she starts to move towards me she takes her black jack this long black stick and she move it towards me and she puts it on my pussy and parts my lips when she does this i feel this sensation i have never felt before. She rubs the stick slowly and than fast my clit begans to swell from the sensation of that black stick stroking me and making me warm. She moves closer to me and lays the stick down than she commands me to lay down on the floor and she lays down beside me she starts stroking my clit and rubbing it with much force than she climbs on top of me and positions her clit on mine i feel this long warm clit rubbing against mine and it feels so good that i start to moan and grind and buck and we began grinding slowly in a motion that is slow and seductive i feel her warm clit rubbing against mine and we continue this dance moaning and groaning and we become one.. It feels like we have ignited a fire we are rubbing and grinding and moaning and just making our pussies become one it feels like we are connected she is so warm and juicey i feel myself getting ready to explode as our clits stick and and move...together. Just when we are ready to explode i happen to look up and i see the little innocent dancer from the club standing and watching me and this lady cop making mad pussy to pussy love...this dancer from the club has changed into a cop uniform and she looks at me and says your under arrest...and i am going to make you my prisoner of lust..and as i am about to cum and so is this women i am having mad pussy sex with. Over walks this dancer from the club she gets right up in my face and she says you can cum now...the night has just begun.....

I cum long and hard. My pussy partner squeezes my breasts as the dancer lowers herself onto my face. "Eat my pussy prisoner, and don't stop until you have been filled with my cum!" She parts her beautiful shaved pussy lips and i begin to feast on her engorged clit. I hear her moan as i lick and suck her pussy. The big lady cop has retrieved her night stick and is rubbing it against my clit again. I begin to moan into the dancer's pussy when she slaps my breast. "I don't want you to make a sound until you have been instructed to, suck my pussy you bitch, I love the way you are sucking that fat pussy", she yelled. I could feel her fucking my face harder, and harder, I stiffened my tongue for a harder access to her snatch. She couldnt take it. She began to buck and roll on my face. I felt her body stiffen and a flow that i have never felt came from this woman's pussy. She squirted all of her sweet cum into my mouth. Then I felt myself cumming, but I knew that I couldn't until I had been given permission. "You may cum now you nasty slave", she hissed at me. My release was more intense than the first time. The big lady cop leaned over and sucked all of my juices from my wet cunt. "Did anyone save any for me?" I heard a voice in the distance, and I thought to myself, "bring it on"..........

Standing where she was, I saw this vision of a woman, long leg'd,slim waist and breasts that anyone would be proud of.. Carrying a dominating air she pratically slinks towards us, nudges the other aside and slides between my legs, eyes my wet cunt, leans down and then quickly bites my inner thigh, enough to leave the impression that 'we know who is in-charge here' and trails her long fingers along my thong line. Feeling myself involuntarily flinch, she reaches for my arm and heartily licks and sucks on my inner arm...

I feel myself about to explode as this woman does a sensual dance all over my body. I look to my left and my other two assailants are entangled in sexual bliss. I see the dancer between the officer's legs, snaking her tongue in and out of her wet pussy. I feel a heat rise in my lower body that I cannot control. My partner leans close to my ear and asks, "Do you like the way my little slave is licking my partner's pussy? Is that how you want your pussy licked my precious little slut? If so, beg me now!" I began with a soft whisper, "Please, oh please lick my pussy, my pussy is so hot for your tongue, it feels so good, and I am so turned on by your friends that I can't control myself, oh please eat my pussy!" I then screamed...............

She obliges and, closing my eyes I could feel her fingers parting my lips then she went and took agoinizing stabs at my hard clit. Flicking her tongue around and around, just not where I need it the most, shivering, convulsing into her mouth finally she....

Drank every juice that I exported. My body began to shake uncontrollably. I begged her to stop for I could not take anymore, but my screams fell upon deaf ears. My body went through phases that I have never felt before.

I felt my body exploding. I was shooting cumm into her face like my pussy was a watergun. This has never happened before, oh god, oh god, oh mhmmmmmm.

as i lay there the dancer comes back w/ a strap-on im totaly wasted she says look at this this is for you suck my dick along thick blk one greedily i start sucking mmm shes moaning thats good baby get it wet yeah mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm get on your knees youre ready she pushes it inohhhhhhhhhhhh omg its so bigshe starts thrusting that thing in me it feels so and so big ohhh baby fuck me fuck me hard yes iam baby cum on my cock cum baby ooooooohhhhhh its so fucking goodyes baby im cummming im cummingohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit its so goodthen she takes it out suck those juices off mmmmmmmmmmthen she collapsed on the floor mmmm baby that was so good ma we have to do this again the end

was a long way off. The officer came back helping to my feet we climbed some stairs I had not noticed on entering the warehouse. We entered a larfe room so different from the warehouse below thick soft carpet and a large hot tub in the center of the room and a large area the size of a cakifornia king bed covered with large pillows. I was instructed to sit on the side of the hot tub woth my feet dangling in and to lie back. They blind fold me and i feel wet hot mouths on my nipples and I feel something hard and thick entering my vagina and I hear the sound of a vibrator I feel my legs being raised and feel an inteusion in my ass a sense of extreme fullness i am lowered down into the water my nipples throbbing in ecstasy as they are teased and nibbled my botton is so fulll and my pussy is being slowly deliciously fucked then i feel the pressure and vibrations of the vibratoe on my clit ih my god I feel like I am going to pass out oh please ph ph yessssssssss I am cummmmming

When I opened my mouth wide to scream, it was filled with a juicy throbbing pussy. I was still blindfolded so I didn't know whose fat clit was being circled and sucked and flicked. I moaned. Mmmmnnnhh. It felt so good in my mouth. Her body trembled as I pushed my long gyrating tongue farther and farther in. I greedily licked up the sweet juices that were flowing from the pulsating pussy. Suddenly I felt the sensation of something being poured slowly all over my body. What was it I wondered. It felt warm and creamy.


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