Five minutes away from her destination, Sandra pulled over to the curb. She had to review her gameplan before arriving at the Gaither Christmas Party. Beatrice Gaither owned Intimate treasures, a nationwide chain of lingerie boutiques. She was also the leaders of Vengeance, an extreme environmentalist group that would do anything to save the earth--even if it meant the destruction of all mankind. Rumor had it that Vengeance was preparing a deadly surprise for New Years Day. Only Sandra Copeland, CIA operative 0069, could discover and dismantle Gaither's plot before it's too late.

Sandra made sure she had everything in her purse. There was her Passion Plum lipstick (a twist to the left gave you lipstick, a twist to the right detonates the bomb inside), a cellphone (a microcomputer in disguise), a lucky rabbits foot keychain (a miniature pistol activated by the squeeze of the paw), and wallet full credit cards (a girls best friend in a financial emergency). If she adjusted the clasp on her left earring, it became a digital recorder. Though she would be the only agent at the party, her teammates would be stationed in a van near the mansion and they would be able to trace her movement because of the micro-transmitters embedded in her false fingernails.

With long legs and a bosom threatening to burst through her evening gown, Sandra was the type of woman Beatrice found attractive. Beatrice's appetite for women was widely known in the industry. She referred to her girlfriends as the Brown Sugar Stable. First, Sandra had to find a way to introduce herself. Then, she hoped a few seductive wiggles and maybe a little necking would make Beatrice spill her secrets, but Sandy was prepared to take it further if necessary. The safety of millions of people depended on her and she thought noting of sacrificing her body for the cause.

Confident that everything was in order, Sandra started the car and continued onto the Gaither estate.

When she Sandra arrived at the Gaither estate, she looked to her left and spotted her teammated van. With self assurance she headed toward the huge double doors. She was greeted by a doorman who escorted her to the party room. Sandra immediately spotted Beartrice. Beatrice was more attractive then Sandra had remembered. She licked her lips at the thought of having to do just about anything to maintain safety for the world.

Sandra made her way to the bar, which was within Beatrice's direct view. As Sandra ordered her drink she suductively eyed the room and let her gaze rest on Beatrice who had noticed and taken interest. Sandra pursed her lips and took a slow drink of her "sex on the beach" and then licked her lips. Beatrice worked the room until she was next to Sandra and could introduce herself. They shook hands but did not immediately let go. Sandra took this time to caress Beatrice's hand and let her know she was interested in more than being a casual acquintance.

Sandra felt a pulse move through beatrices body...... She knows what I want, she thought. sandy's nipples became hard and big. she left the bar with Bea. * * * After hours of partying, Bea said, " Baby, I want to show you somethin'. Come on." and she led Sandy up the stairs to...........

Suddenly, Sandra got nervous. Beatrice was too smart a woman to leave her own party (an important business event) just to have a tryst with a stranger she had only known for a few hours. There was a good chance that her overt flirting had gotten Beatrice suspicious, and now she was walking into a trap. As they neared the end of the staircase, Sandra had already mapped out an escape route, just in case the situation turned ugly.

Beatrice led her to a small balcony overlooking the festivities. "There are over four hundred people here. I sent out the invitations myself and you name was not on my mailing list." Sandra's stomach knotted with butterflies, but her facial expression did not display her fear. "You aren't here with anyone. So, why are you here and how the hell did you get your hands on an invitation?"

Sandra inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Beatrice's tone was amused, not angry. This was all part of there cat & mouse flirting game. She brushed her lips against Beatrice's ear. "Can't stand a little mystery in your life?"

"You are a spy, aren't you?" Beatrice asked with a gleam in her eye. "One of my competition sent you here to take a peek at the designs for my Spring Collection?"

Sandra worked hard not to show her relief. "No, let's just say that I am a friend of the environment."

"Stop, let's not mix business with pleasure. Tonight is all about business." Beatrice handed Sandra her personal card. "Call me tomorrow and we can discuss our 'interests' over lunch." She kissed Sandra on the cheek and left the balcony to rejoin her guest.

Sandra had two choices: she too could rejoin the party or she could try to snoop around Beatrice's private rooms. "I better stay in public view," Sandra thought. She did not think that her cover was completely blown, but she could not afford to take any chances. Beatrice would probably have someone watching her for the rest of the night, maybe even tailing her home. Yeah, her best bet was to play it cool for the rest of the evening and take Beatrice up on that lunch date.

Just as Sandy is walking over to pick up the phone, it rings. startled, she jumps a little. "halloo??? ..... oh! hi bea!!!! yes...... dinner would be fine....where?...your place? sure!.....5:30 you say.... sharp??....sharp as a what?? hello??" she hung up! what did she say though?? sharp as an experienced tongue??hmmmmmm...

After taking a long, hot bath, rubbing those speacial places in edible scented oil, and making sure she had the naughtiest under things in her wardrobe on, she packed her speacial purse with the same things she took to the party. She picked up her vintage 1973 champagne (a VERY expensive bottle), two very ripe peaches and off she went.

(knock knock knock knock) "hi bea!""did you have any trouble finding the place?""nope!" well, dinner is ready, and dessert, well lets just say....""i brought these two ripe peaches for....(she almost said props, but stopped herself)....dessert.""thank you! i just LOVE hairy fruit." beas' eyes flashed, sandy noted the faint smell of incense in the room.what scent was that?? sex on the beach??

after a delicious dinner of chicken parmesan alfredo, garlic bread, and champagne, sandy whipped out the peaches. bea took it from her hand and began to lick it all over, VERY SLOWLY. she did this until the whole thing was wet. then, in the middle of her licking, she bit down quickly on the peach, tearing a piece off with her teeth and slowly slurping it in."ummm ummm. so good.." she moaned. Sandy followed her lead, but was much more erotic with her peach. Bea felt herself dripping. her pussy meowed for the next course. So, she lunged at sandy and tore off her clothes, exposing her underthings, which consisted of.....

Thought provoking cover ups that draped her body in every curb. As bea caressed sandy's body with her own she was slow to remove the shear and lace garments. As bea gently rubbed her lips across hers sandy can only think of how she wants to please bea . As sandy caresses bea like a cat she manages to stop bea and walks away into the kitchen . As she strides away those long beautiful ebony legs and ass have a shimmer of excitement . Then she turns and Says desert will be served with toppings and at the table (in a wistful tone)....

Next thing you know there was a knock at the door,who is it Sandy calls. It's me, ME WHO Sandy's askes startled!! BEA emediatly asks are you exspecting someone,NO sandy replys in a nervous tone. As she's heading towards the door she's praying that who ever it is would leave!!!She moves closer to the door and ask again who is it. The stranger replys it's me Nikki!! She automatically want to say who sent you, but instead she says just a sec. while proceed towards the door......

Sandy opens the hall closet and reaches for her grey overcoat and grey pumps. "Going somewhere?" asks Bea. Can't answer the door like this... unless you're looking for a third recruit for dessert. She reaches for the door and tries to appear calm, Bea wathching her every move. She opens the door to a cute little red head that she has never seen before.

She was relieved to know that it was only a child!!! Because Sandy model is(can't nobody hold me down)But I don't want to be a player no more. The little girl said I'm selling girl scout cookies would you like to buy some? Sandy said sure anything for the kidds,Bea interrupted I'll take two boxes. The little girl smiled and said thank you as Sandy handed her the money. Sandy replied your welcome as she closed the door! Emediatly Bea grabed her from behind caressing her body..

"Now, where were we before we were so abruptly interrupted?" Bea asked. Sandy whirls around and gazes at Bea directly in the eyes, "You're not ready for me, Ms. Bea. I don't think you can handle what I'm bout to lay on you." "Oh, really?" Bea asks, "well, lemme have a shot." Bea pulls Sandy to her and kisses her lips like they are the most appetizing delicatessen. Sandy is a bit shocked by the force and passion behind the kiss and gets a bit lightheaded as Bea pulls her to the floor. Sandy straddles Bea and starts to slowly grind into Bea's pelvic bone. Bea starts to push up against Sandy but is overcome by the electricity racing through her body. Bea flips Sandy and starts to grind herself into Sandy's wet and warm pussy. Bea reaches down and softly sucks her nipples, which sends spasms of pleasure through Sandy's body. Bea is concentrating so hard on Sandy's body and reactions. She sees that Sandy's nipples are extremely sensitive, so while she continues to grind she brings one hand up to caress and squeeze the now hard as nails nipples. Sandy starts to forget that she's doing this for an assignment as she begins to climax. Just then Bea pulls away. The shock of Bea's warm body leaving her own takes Sandy down from the steady climb she was on. "Not yet, baby. I haven't had all my fun, so you can't cum just yet," Bea says. Then she starts to kiss, lick and suck her way down Sandy's vuluptuously toned black skin. A little nibble on the tummy. A small kiss at the navel. A swift lick at the pelvic bone. And then Bea DIVED in. Sandy's body didn't know how to react. She's never felt anything so wonderful in all her days and assignments. She didn't know whether to scream or moan or just lie there and revel in the warm friction that was taking place between her legs. Bea devoured Sandy's vagina. It tasted like the sweet nectar of a perfectly ripe mango--tangy, sweet and wet. As Sandy clasped her hands around Bea's head she screamed out...

Sandy's name. Bea had never felt such a great orgasm before in her life. As Bea came down from her high, Sandy contiuned to lick and suck at Bea's sweet nector. Sandy moved up from Bea's wet lips, and licked her way back up to Bea's mouth to give her another long passonate kiss.

Bea had to be the most tastiest sister in the world, Sandy thought to herself as her lips continued to ravage this bronze body of succulent wonders. THE WORLD! Sandy realized she was so lost in lust she almost forgot about "the mission."

Finding her mind again after almost losing it in Bea's womynhood, Sandy purred,

"I've got a surprise for you."

Reaching over to her nightstand, Sandy pulled out a pretty crystal flask. In it was a luminious oil filled with herbs.

"Surprise me, baby girl. Surprise me." Bea whispered back.

Sandy wiggled around on the bed like a glorious panther in heat, slowly pouring the fragrant oil along her erect juicy nipples. Now it was Bea's turn to lose her mind. Sliding across Sandy's body, the scent of the oil filling her nostrils while their bodies merged and blended creating a tribal friction of delicious cunt to cunt/clyt to clyt fucking that turned them both inside out. Bea now wanted her mouth all over Sandy. Tasting the oil that now soaked Sandy's shiny nipples, Beatrice marveled at the exotic taste. She couldn't get enough. This was what Sandy hoped for. In under two minutes, Bea finally succumbed to the numbing qualities of the oil. Beatrice was fast asleep, and would be for several hours, leaving Sandy and her team to infiltrate Beatrice's estate.


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