R. A.

Catering to the whims of upperclasswomen . . .

Well, another Friday night and Lisa was home baby sitting. That's pretty much what being a resident assistant in a college dorm amounted to. The money was good and Lisa definitely needed it. (She thought she would lose her mind if she had to take out one more student loan.) If she had known being an R. A. meant helping foul smelling, drunk seniors who couldn’t hold their liquor, she would have settled for a job at Mcdonald’s.

Lisa had just returned from doing her hourly rounds when her phone started ringing. “Oh, God,” she thought, “ please don’t let this be an emergency.”

“Hi, Lisa, I need your help.” The voice belonged to Vanessa Adams, a senior that lived four doors down the hall.

‘What’s wrong? Do I need to bring something with me?” Lisa kept a baseball bat to get rid of boyfriends who overstayed their welcome.

“No, I just need your hands. Your very capable hands.”

seniors! Lisa thought, she's probably got something stuck down the drain again! Vanessa Adams was a really spoilt girl, she was born with a silver spoon, which was good because she wouldn;t have known what to do if she wasn't rich and spoilt. She always called Lisa for any small task, it seemed she always wanted her around but didn't know how to ask.

I throw on my sweats and begin down the hall....i approach her door and i hear laughter. This better be important vanessa, i got better things to do.... I knock once and the door opens. Vanessa is standing there with a champagne bottle in one hand and a glass in the other Ahhhhh Lisa...your right on time... I roll my eyes and turn around.

"No, don'go!" screeched Lisa. I turned around, put my hand on my hip, sighed, and before I could say "What do you want Lisa?", Lisa had slammed her door and insisted that there was really something that she desprately needed my help with. Lisa insisted that I join her for a glass of Champagne to celebrate the "A" that she had received on her math test today. Well, I suppose that does call for a celebration and I joined her in popping the top to the Champagne bottle. When Lisa popped the top, Champagne began overflowing everywhere but in our glasses. We both drew our mouths towards the bottle to catch the Champagne, however our eyes locked into each anothers and our lips slowly made contact.

For a few seconds I was totally disoriented. I wanted to taste the Champagne from her mouth. The telephone rang, jarring my senses. Damn, "I said to myself".

"I gotta go" I stammered as I backed away. "Stay just a little longer Lisa", Vanessa pleaded. I wanted to, how I wanted to, but instead I made up some lame excuse about having to make some phone calls myself. When I got back to my room, all I could think about was what might of happened. As I laid down on the bed my hand reached for my pussy as I threw my jeans to the floor with the other hand. My clit was pulsating beneath my finger. I heard a soft knock at the door then "Lisa it's Vanessa".

I sigh, get of off my bed, tug my shirt down and slowly walk to the door. I decide to give her much attitude until i sort out my feelings. I open the door hand on hip and look her up and down. "yes"? Daym Lisa, can i at least come in? I open the door wider and let her brush past me, i catch a wiff of her purfume, hummph smelled like some ole expensive shit to me...this girl is way out of my league. She sits on the bed and i smile slightly remembering what just went down a few seconds ago but when she leans back against my bed and all that reddish brown hair is spread out over my pillow i snap my ass back to reality quick.

"What do you want Vanessa i got things to do." Hmmmm now why are you acting like you don't want me here Lisa? You're usually much more friendly than this. she smiled wickedly and went on Do you want to know what i really want lisa. I swallowed not sure i wanted to hear the answer to this one but i said "yes i want to know" sounding a bit breathy " i told you i have a lot to do so spit it out already" "well Lisa, she leans on the edge of the bed and looks me in the eye,she licked her lips and i was mesmerized, What i want from you is.....The keys to the Student Center so me and a couple of my girls can have a lil pre-exam get together. "WHAT!!" i was slightly dissapointed which pissed me off more i turned and put one hand to my head and the other on the door knob get the hell out my room before i write your ass up for having liquor on campus. She departs in a huff and as she walks down the hall i can't but notice how good her drunk ass looks in those prada jeans daymmm

damn this is no life for me. can you believe how arrogant she is? coming here making me think that she was looking for more. what was i supposed to think? we had a moment and it was good but that's all it was. so for the next couple of days all i try to do is forget her and the whole thing but she is always in my dreams and in my mind so, now i don't know how to get her out of my existence. she was what i wanted but couldn't have.

at least for a week. the next saturday night as i'm walking down the hall to my room, vanessa opens her door and invites me to come in. i ask her "what do you want now?" she doesn't say a word but moves her index finger in a sexy step-into-my-room motion. i couldn't resist.

She is wearing a tight red strappy dress that rides up above her dark round ass. Her nipples are hard and are completely visible underneath the sheer red material. I'm pissed, I want to smack her fat spoilt cheek. I don't like people who play with my emotions. But i also have an urge to get on my knees and suck and lick her fat hard nipples. "Hey honey calm down. Me and mah grrl friends got into the student center through Steve, the RA two floors down." "Congratulations, vanessa. Which one of you hos got on him for that?" Vanessa smiles and whispers, "me...but I was thinking of my fingers deep inside your hole the entire time." This made me so hot and mad, "Don't mess with me Vanessa," I grunted as I ran to her and grabbed her perfectly curld hair and prepared to smack her. But she just smirked and looked at me...so instead I jerked my hand away from her hair and up her dress so i could feel her deep inside...there were warm juices already dripping down the inside of her thigh.

This took me aback. With all her smugness I expected a bit more self control. I though, had lost control. I pulled my hand from under her dress and licked my fingers while looking into her eyes. Her eyes then glazed over and squeezed shut as a grunt escaped her lips. I stood in awe as her body shivered violently while she stood there. "Oh shit!" she whispered as she reached out to brace herself against the wall. I was stunned as her essence filled my nostrils and I looked down to see her cream running down her legs. "Fuck me!" I said to myself as this girl huffed and puffed through her orgasm. I was at a total lost. I immediately dropped to my knees and began licking the juice that had run down to her calf. I followed the trail up to its origin underneath her skirt and without hesitating began to lap at her cum filled slit. Her cream was thick and flavorful and seemed to run freely. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed in a more husky voice as her hands gripped my head under her skirt and her body jerked and stiffened. I grasped her juicy asscheeks just as her knees started to buckle and a seemingly endless squirt of pussy juice erupted from her spasming hole. As I lapped up her womanhood she began to whimper fitfully, her body sinking to the floor. I released her and stood up looking at her panting form, skirt now around her hips. I gazed at her beautiful chocolate pussy, her cream, milky and now dripping from her center. " I gotta go" I said feeling disoriented,cum dribbling from my chin. I closed her door and left her lying, spent on her floor, and ran to my room.

I leaned up against my door, shut my eyes and started thinking. what i've just done was definately wrong, but shit it felt good i think i should feel bad but i needed that. And the way that Vanessa came all over the place I could tell she needed it too. Whew!! What i need is to keep my mind off of that girl. I decide to go out jogging for a lil while, I call a backup to let them know i'm out and step to the door. Just as i am about to open it i hear voices outside.

it's Vanessa's friends Chauntae and Nicole. Daymm i hope she has pulled herself together by now, the last thing i need is for those two nosy bitches to be tellin everybody what went down. things are getting hectic nah'mean. I open the door Chauntae (shawn as she likes to be called) jump. Daym girl you scared me. Hey lisa, have you seen Vanessa? I called her room like ten min utes ago but she didn't answer her phone. " I saw her earlier when she came by here other than that i dunno. Oh aiight then lise see you later then.

Shawn recognized something in Lisa's eyes before she closed the door. Guilt? Secrecy? And then, in the whiff of air carried by the closing door, she recognized Vanessa's perfume. "I gotta get rid of Nicole talkin azz.", she thinks to herself. "Hey Nicci, didn't you say Allen's game was supposed to be followed by an after party? What are you wearing?" She got the response she expected. Nicole snapped from her reverie and switched into her UltraFast mode. "Oh, girl, thanks for reminding me. I gotta catch the cleaners before they close and I gotta go..." Nicole was off in a tangent and Shawn paused in front of Nessa's door. She waited to hear the elevator doors close before taking out her personal key. Vanessa was in the shower, clothes strewn everywhere, including her cum stained dress. "Damn...Lisa. I knew that heifer was goin." She eyed Vanessa's form through the cracked bathroom door. "Dayum she fine...but that ass ain't right. I don't know whether to kick her to the curb right now or lay that azz down for one last go round first." The shower ends and the bathroom door slowly creeps open... ... ...

vanessa was standing in the door way about to come out wearing a towel around her the beeads or water still visable on her body, the steam was slowly eminating from her. "oh... hi!" she says nonchanantly as if every thangs cool..."hi- you just got outta bed?" i probe trying to figure what she gone tell me "nah i er.... i was feeling kinda hot an erm sticky with this weather and all..." Now see i know this bitch lying and i call her a bitch 'COS she lying and the worst thing is she got the nerve to look me dead in the eye. well imma play this game for a while longer i wanna she how far she gon dig that hole for her lying ...."damn she so sexy" i catch myself as she says "what was that?" "nothing" i say feeling my initial anger fade away as my emotions are slipping into the "passion zone" she walks over to the bed as i watch her ass moving to the beat of an imaginary african beat........hmmmm this woman is the essence of of my "african dream".... all i can think of now as she sits down to lotion her body is how good she tasted last night and how sweet she was..."Nicci!!" her voice brings me back to earth "why you starrrre-in' at me like dat?"..

That's it. "NICCI?!", I say. What the fucc is goin on? How many has womyn has she had? "Oops...I don't know why I said that. She must be talkin bout me" At that moment, the phone rings. She answers then looks up at me real quick and says, "See I told you. This is her now." She says something into the phone then rests it back in its cradle. "What did she want?", I ask, my anger starting to come back to the forefront. "She finna come over here...we 'sposed to be goin out after the game and she wants to get ready over here." Before I can protest, Nicci is at the door and Nessa is already about to open it. "Wait!", I say, "you ain't got nothin on." "Aww, it ain't nobody but Nicci and I been knowin her since junior high." With Nicci in the room, Shawn feels like the head of a small harem. Contrasting with Nessa's dark skin, Nicole is a warm honey color, with almond shaped light brown eyes and hair in a smoothly wrapped bob. "What's goin on in here? Looks like a tornado swept through...but it smells like sex. Oh, Shawn, you finally did it?" My face is a mask of surprise, anger and embarrassment. "Did what?", Vanessa asks. "Finally admitted that she wants you and did something about it." At this, Nicci turns to me and notes how red my face is. "Oops, my bad." Vanessa stands in full glory, naked as the day she was born. "Oh, so you know about that? About time...now, everything's out in the open and there is nothing left to hide."

With that, Vanessa grabs Shawn and Nicci at the same time and pulls them both close to her. Nicole falls right in step, lowering her head to take Nessa's left breast in her mouth. Vanessa notices Shawn's hesitancy and kisses her on the mouth. Nicci's hand slides down to the mass of curly hair covering Nessa's pussy. Immediately, her fingers are dripping with the love juice of this beautiful, Nubian Queen. Shawn gets into the groove as she sees Nicci's hand pumping faster. She moves behind Vanessa and raises her own shirt, freeing her small breasts and allowing her to melt into her queen. Abrubtly, Vanessa turns toward Shawn and there's a small 'pop' as Nicci's mouth is left empty. She takes Shawn's shirt all the way off and grabs at her cargo shorts. Shawn steps back and watches as Nicci, now naked, stands in front of Nessa, leg cocked, and begins to grind against Vanessa's pussy. Quickly, Shawn strips and lays on the bed. Nessa catches her eye and lays on top of her, sixty nine style. Nicci comes over, strap in place, and prepares to take Nessa from the back. She slightly lifts her from Shawn's face, spreads her open and slides in deep. They have just gotten a good rhythm goin when there's a tap at the door and then it starts to slowly creep open. Lisa is trapped between fleeing the scene or joinin in and is about to close the door when she hears Nessa's cum thick voice say, "Lisa...just in time...come on in"...............

I look at her and shake my head....Close the door and watch them all look like a bunch of starving dykes that ain't had pussy in eons. Vanessa, i am not about to fall for one of your sleazy foursomes...i've heard how you work and basically if i'm ever gonna have you, then i want you without the bullshit, without the games and without extra people. I can't join you ma but when you get ya mind right holla at me. I turn and walk out the door, a tear drops as i realized that was the hardest thing i ever had to do.

I stormed down the hall back to my room and cried endlessly at the thought of how I let myself fall for Vanessa. I was awaken by a knock at my door..."Lisa it's Vanessa" as she whispered softly. I was hesitant in opening the door because I didn't want her to see how upset I was. I finally got myself together and opened the door swiftly "What?" I asked with attitude. "Lisa I just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier, I didn't realize your feelings for me" Vanessa said in her sexy bedroom voice. "It's cool Vanessa, but I still ain't fallen for your games..I don't have time for anyone who doesn't want just one special person in their life." Vanessa walked slowly towards me licking her luscious lips. "What?" I said nervously knowing how bad I wanted to taste her juices. Vanessa grabs my hand and pulls me close to her and we kiss passionately. While tongue kissing her I slowly slide my hand down her body following each curve. Vanessa had on this short black silky looking dress dayum she looked fine. I then raised up her dress and realizes that she has nothing on underneath. Vanessa lets out a 'mmmmm' when my fingers glided across her clit. As I whispered "I want you" in her ear...Vanessa lets out another 'mmmm.' She kisses me harder and we both fell back on the bed. She started grinding against me...I can feel the moistness of her pussy against mine. She unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my exposed skin. Vanessa moves down to take off my shorts and Victoria Secret panties. She put my legs over her shoulders and began sucking on my clit. As I let out an uncontrollable moan she sucks harder. "Dayum gurl" I said as she slides her tongue inside of my hole. With every thrust of her tongue I felt myself losing control. My moans became screams of passions..."hell yeah" "Oh shyt" "ummm Nessa".

As soon as i reach my peak....there is a knock at the door. Nessa ignores it and continue to drink my juices. Forgetting about the door...i let out a moan that made my body shake. The door swings open and with a hurt look on her face, Shawn's heart dropped to her feet.

Nessa pulls away...sputtering and spitting tryin to explain.

Before she could get anything out, Shawn screams "Save It!!!" And then its quiet...Nessa and Lisa is putting their clothes on...Shawn is crying, inside of course, trying to play hard. By now there is an audience outside the door. Lisa rushes over, pulls Shawn in and closes the door. "How could you do this to me?" Shawn asks. Nessa says, "First of all, you didn't have a problem when I was fuckin' you and Nicci. And now you see me with Lisa your hurt, whats wrong with this picture?

Shawn telling Nessa through clenched teeth," Whats wrong with this picture first off Nicci was a hit and run ain't this the female you claim to be so in love with." Nessa hurt that her secret is revealed turns and leaves out of the room.

"In love with me?", Lisa thinks out loud. Shawn angrily shoots daggers with her eyes and says, "Yeah. She been in love with u for a while now...only ur too square to see it. But since you, finally got ya rocks off, maybe u can come down from whatever cloud u been livin on and join the rest of us in the real world." As she turns and goes to turn the doorknob, Lisa calls out, "Wait...Shawn." Without turning around, Shawn utters a grave, "what?" "Main...to be honest, I need your help." Hearing something familiar in Lisa's voice, Shawn turns to her and says, "What kinda help?" "I don't know what the fucc um 'sposed to do. I mean, I've been having feelings for Vanessa for a long time too, but I never acquainted them with the L word. Now that u've said it, it makes a lot of sense. But I don't know where to go from here. Any pointers?" Shawn sighs heavily...well, she thinks, if i can't have her, at least I can make sure she's well taken care of....i remember my first real relationship...i needed a lil guidance too. She sits on the chair beside the bed and begins..."Well, the first thing is, you gotta decide what it is u really want and then be a woman about getting it...". She paused when she saw the look of apprehension in Lisa's eyes. "Look main, ain't no sense in being nervous...either u want her or u don't. Either way, u need to go down there and talk to her...soon."

Feeling a little under the weather Nessa gets on the elevator to go up to her room. Barely getting away before a group of six stepped in with her. Nessa rolled her eyes in the back of her head thinking "Phuck just my luck Lisa and her crew just had to be on the same damn elevator as me."

As I looked into Nessa's eyes as I stepped into the elevator, I could see the mascara streaks dried on her cheeks. "How could I been so stupid?" To allow myself to fall in love. I hve to figure out a way to get out of this Jerry Springer shit.

The elevator finally reaches our floor which felt like years have pass. My crew and I get off first as we reach my room. I open the door for them to go in. I wanted to take care some buisness first. After they close the door, I called out for Vanessa. I don't know why I am doing this but I feel we need to talk. This feeling deep down inside just won't go away.

Nessa turned to walk toward me, then stopped shook her head and continued to go to her room. The way her ass looked under that thin silky black dress was driving me crazy. I had to go talk to her. I caught her jut as she was closing her door. "Wait Vanessa, we need to talk" Look Lisa I have made a fool of myself, Nessa said. Just let me come in for a second, I need to get somethings sorted out in my head. She agreed. "Okay, but I really have a headache and I want to just go to sleep". As I closed the door behind me, Nessa was letting tha black dress fall to the floor. i sat on her bed and laid back. To my surprise Nessa went and put on a CD. Dayum, she would have to go there and put on Maxwell. Nessa walked towards me, I could see the tears in her eyes.

To be continued . . .

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