____Geesh, all this studying is starting to swell my head quite literally. Another three weeks and it will be time for finals again. I am really sick of Pavlov and if I read anything else about BF Skinner, I think I'm going to scream but it's all worth it. The biggest thrill I get is coming to class and just staring at her beautiful bold eyes and her succulent lips. Like Pavlov's dogs, most of the time I'm drouling over her thick legs and trembling at the sound of her maleflous voice.
____Yes, she's African American and 40 something alright. She's got it going on for real. Professor Jessica (Jessie) Johnson, a visitor from Howard University, arrived at Kuma University to pursue a tenure track position. All semester long I've been sitting towards the back of the class trying to avoid eye contact but somehow her eyes don't skip a beat. When I arrive late she picks on me. This morning she said "Henrietta, since you arrived 15 minutes late today perhaps you can describe the difference between positive and negative reinforcement." When I arrive early, she has me passing out handouts to the class. She's always picking on me and frankly, I don't mind not one bit.
____ Today I was late again, but this time something different happened. As I quickly walked towards my seat, Professor Johnson stopped me as usual, but this time she added something else, and I was completely caught off guard, yet greatfully satisfied. "Henrietta, you seem to be having a problem with showing up to class on time. So, I would like you to stay after class so that we can correct this problem." I was speechless as some of my classmates were oohing and aahing as if this were the ultimate punishment ever given to a student by a professor. Like a child who has been busted and couldn't think of a story to tell, I simply lowered my eyes and nodded in agreement.
____ As Professor Johnson went about her lecture, my mind wandered into a realm sexual euphoria. I imagined myself impatiently waiting for every student to clear the room to see what Jessie had to say to me. I saw her walking over to both doors to lock them and pull down the shades. I must admit that at first, I was clueless to what she was doing. But as she walked back towards me, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling out the pin that held her neatly arranged bun, it became very apparent of what she, no, what we were about to do.
____Her shoulder-length hair flowed effortlessly down and fixed itself neatly into place. She ran her newly manicured nails through her hair, and it was all I could do to keep myself from taking her right then, but I waited. "I've always noticed you staring at me during my lectures, even though I am sure you thought that I was not paying attention," she said. I was about to respond when she gently placed her index finger to my lips and motioned for me not to say anything.
____I stood there watching her watching me, no, she was looking through me, and there was nothing I could do. I was so hypnotized by her beauty, that when she undid the last button, revealing her ample, flawless breasts,that her seductive black, lace bra was enjoying caressing them, I was unable to control the sudden moistness that had now escaped my inner lips...hell, I'm almost certain that I didn't want to control it, either.
____"So, do you like what you are seeing, now that it is just you and I?" she asked. Again, I was speechless. " I want you to place your hands on the parts of my body that your eyes always watch and that which your mind always imagined." I went to palce my arms around her waist, but she stopped me. "Let me touch you first." And that is exactly what she did.
____Jessie moved closer towards me and I could almost taste the alluring perfume that had everso lightly kissed her entire body. Her warm, billowy, inviting breasts brushed against mine, as she now stood so close to me that I could feel her nipples become erect. She placed her gentle hands on the sides of my face and began to softly stroke my ears and the back of my neck. I hadn't even noticed that I was now backed against her lecture table until I felt a sharp poke against my thighs. "Is the table causing you a problem? she asked.
_____"Um, just a lit-...", before I could finish my sentence, she lifted me onto her table. I had truly underestimated her strength, as compared to my own.... something that I would not do again.
_____ "I have a confession to make, before I go any further," she said. "I knew from day one that I was and am attracted to you. Why do you think I always single you out when you are late? You're not the only student that arrives late to my lectures. And now that I have you to myself, well, let's just say I would like to do some one-on-one conferences with you."
_____ She moved in between my legs, effortlessly, placed her hands on my hips and pulled me closer, and . . . .
_____"Henrietta? Henrietta, are you still on the same planet with the rest of us?" a familiar voiced commanded.
_____"Huh, wha...excuse me, but I didn't hear the question. What did you just ask me?" As I crashed back into the realization that I was still in class with the entire room laughing at me, I felt my entire body turning red with embarassment.
_____"Henrietta, make sure that you don't leave my class after the bell, we need to seriously figure out who's time it is that you are wasting during this lecture." It was bad enough that I was caught in mid-fantasy, but to be called out like that during the lecture and belittled in front of everyone...well, there was nothing I could say, and I didn't the remaining time of her lecture.
____Class is over and I don't know how to explain my zoning out. "I can't have you falling asleep or zoning out in my lectures," Jesse said. "I would like to do some one-on-one conferences with you." She moved close to me I can feel her breath against my skin and the gentle pressure of her breast against me slowly she begins to tweak my nipple unitil it is so hard. I want to feel her mouth on my turgid nipple, she stops and begins writing on her notepad, tearing the page off she hands it to me.
_____I looked at the note. And to my surprise and wishful thinking, it was her address and phone number. I looked back at Jessie, searching in her eyes for an explaination. And before I could say anything she answered for me. "Yes, that is my address and phone number. No, I don't make it a habit to see my students on a personal note. Yes, I am interested in you and would like to further discuss the situation at hand." Once again, I was speechless.
_____"What time should I arrive?" I asked her.
_____"Well, I have two more classes after this and one brief staff meeting at 4:15. If you could be at my place at 6pm, that would be great," she said.
_____"Should I bring anything?"
_____She smiled that beautiful and hypnotizing smile of hers, ran her right hand down the side of my face, while simultaneously placing her left hand between my thighs. "Yes, some 1995 Lorval Merlot and you in a powder-blue teddie. The rest we will make up as we go."
_____She turned, walked to her podium and gathered her carmel-colored, Coach briefcase, turned again and blew me a kiss, and walked out the door with such coolness and cockiness. I stood bewildered. Needless to say I immediately rushed to Victoria's Secret and purchased the most elegant and expensive powder-blue teddie that my credit card could afford.
_____I ran all over town trying to find liquor stores that carried this brand of wine that she had requested. I finally found it at this quaint and quite little place about 20 minutes from the campus and my apartment. Next door was this fragrance shop, so I went in and purchased some vanilla, China Rain, Egyptian Musk, Monsoon, and Black Pussy incences and body oils. I also picked up some aroma-therapy candles, and that new Karma Sutra Passion/Lavnedar kit. I know that I might have been expceting too much, but if something was going to happen with Jessie, I wanted it to be the greatest experience of my life.
_____I finally made it home. It was about 12:15, so I put everything up and went into the kitchen and made myself something to eat. While I was doing this, I gathered my hair care products, looked through my mail, and checked my messages. There was a message from my best friend that I just had to return and let her know that my wish was finally going to come true tonight.
_____"Yes, may I speak with Xira?" I asked.
_____"Hold on, please," the other voice said.
_____"Hey, girl!" I said.
_____"Henri? Hey, girl, what's up?"
_____"Xira, you'll never believe what happened to me this morning in class."
_____"Well, how long are you gonna keep me in suspense?"
_____"You remember that fine-ass professor of mine that I am always fantasizing about?"
_____"Well, I think that tonight is the night."
_____"For what?"
_____"For us to, you know...get together, like to meet at her place tonight for dinner and talk."
_____"The hell you say?!! Are you telling me that your professor made a pass at you? Damn, color me impressed. Tell me everything, and I mean everything?"
_____"Well, you already know that I am late to everything, so this morning was no exception. Jessie.."
_____"Jessie? So, you're on a first name basis with her, huh?"
_____"Jessie fronted me in front of the class, as usual, and I quietly went to my chair. But girl, I had this erotic dream about her. I mean, one of those Red Shoe Diary-type of dreams. And it was getting good, I mean, like, my panties were getting moist, when all of sudden I heard this demanding voice asking me something. Girl, I had fallen asleep and she busted me again. I was embarrassed."
_____"No you didn't, girl! Ha,ha,ha, damn, you are so crazy!!"
_____"Anywho, she asked, no demanded, that I stay after class so we could discuss my continuous lateness and lack of concentration. I said nothing else and paid attention to her until class was over."
_____"Then what?
_____"Then she approached me and said that she had always been attracted to me. Then she wrote her address and phone number down and asked me meet her at her place with a bottle of wine and me in a powder-blue teddie."
_____"Damn, talk about not beating around the bush...eh, ha, no pun intended. So, what else?"
_____"Hell, you know I did a Michael Johnson sprint over to Victoria's Secret and bought it. Then I went and got some incenses, bath and body oils, and that new Karma Sutra Passion/Lavendar kit. I am about to perm my hair and get everything else ready, but you know I had to call you and tell you about it."
_____"Damn, I am scared of you. So, you think she going to let you..."
_____"Let me what?"
_____"Let you what??? Hell, let you dive into that chocolate pudding lake that you've been trying to swim in since the beginning of the semester. Well, it sounds like you have a big evening a head of you, so I'll let you finish getting ready. Thanks for the update, and let me know how it turns out, girl."
_____"You know I will, Xira. Luvya, girl, I'll call you with all the details."
_____" Love you, too. Have fun for the both of us. Bye, hon."
_____I got off the phone, finished my lunch, and proceeded to perm my hair. I was on cloud nine and there was nothing that was going to stop my high.
____ I walked over to my cd player, searched aimlessly for something, until my fingers found just what I knew would keep me in the mood. It was my Nina Simone cd, and I already knew that I would need a nice cup of Sleepy Time Honey-Lemon Herbal Tea. I adjusted the volume and bass, and as I began to walk towards my kitchen again, the deep, moving, blusey melodies of "I Put A Spell On You" engulfed my entire body and apartment. I fixed my cup of tea and proceeded to perm my hair. I laid out my newly purchased teddie and the rest of the accessories that I would need to get ready. I washed the perm out of my hair and ran myself some bath water. I decided to use some milk and honey body softner, and I added just a few drops of vanilla extract to keep the softness and scent in my pores. I applied the conditioner to my hair, tied it up, and eased into the soothing bath that I had prepared for myself. With my cup of tea on my vanity tray, Nina playing in the background, and the suds soaking my entire body, let found mind slipping back to the erotic dream that I had earlier.
____ I picked up where I had left off, with her placing her hands on my hips and pulling me closer to her. I slowly wrapped my legs around her thighs and ran my fingers through her hair. She placed both her hands against my face, looked into my eyes, and gave me the kiss of my life. Her lips were cotton-candy, yes, sweet and soft and sticky with great desire. Ohh, when her tongue tangoed with mine...oh, my god. We were in a serious lip-lock for what seemed for an eternity. My fingers found themselves clenching her Dolce & Gabbana khakis, and pulling her close to me, I could actually hear her heart beating. Ravenous, almost animalistic, moans escaped our mouths as we attempted to still small breaths of air. I began to unbuckle her belt and slowly unfastened her black, satin bra. Her breasts, perfect in size, color, and weight, stood statuesquely in front my face, begging, no taunting me to come and take a lick.
____I must have slept for five hours. When I woke up the water was cold, and there were five messages on my machine, three of them from her. How could I have let this happen?
____I immediately called Jessie to apologize and salvage the rest of our evening. "Rrring, rrring, rrring..." "Hello?" "Yes, may I speak to Jessica, please?" "This is she. Who is...Henrietta? Henrietta, is that you?" "Yes, I am sorry that I am late. I fell asleep in the tub. I am so sorry. Can we please set another day or time to meet? I am really looking forward to..." "It is okay. I called you three times to let you know that I was also running late. My staff meeting got interesting, and well, you know how we professors like to sprout off words of wisdom. Then I had to get my oil changed and my tires balanced. That was my second call. My third call was just a few minutes ago." "So, it's okay if we can set another time and day?" "Well, I was hoping that we could still see each other tonight, I mean if that is alright with you?" "What time?" "Well, it's not quite 6:00 yet, so let's give each other until 7:30pm just to be on the safe side." "7:30 it is, then." "Okay, I'll see you then." "Great. Well let me finish getting dressed and I will call you when I am leaving the house." "Henrietta, don't forget the powder-blue teddie." "I won't. Bye." "Bye." "Click." I just knew that I had blown that chance right out the water, but once again, Jessie surprised me. I decided to take a quick shower to wash off the coldness and then get dressed. It was a good thing that I shaved my legs last night. That was one less thing I had to worry about. I got out the shower just as quick as I had jumped in. I soaked myself in the Passion body oil, brushed my teeth, did my hair in this beautiful French-roll, polished my toenails first, then my fingernails. While my nails were drying, I had a glass of white wine, changed the cd to Sade, lit a few China Rain incenses, and continued to get dressed, even though I wouldn't be wearing much. "This Is No Ordinary Love" was the first song that came on, and I couldn't help thinking the exact same thing about tonight. I finished my wine, lightly sprayed specific areas of my body with the body mist, and unwrapped my teddie. Oh, how wonderful it looked. I would wear my pearl earrings and matching necklace. Damn, I hope she doesn't mind that I have a nipple and navel ring, oh, well. I finally finished getting dressed, and I must admit that I looked sensual and sexy. I tried not to think about how the evening would go, I was just hoping that everything would go great.
____ When I rang the door bell, I could hear the sounds of the Isley Brothers "Between The Sheets Playing. When Jessie opened the door, she was wearing a blue silk house robe, and smelled of olive oil. She motioned me to come in, all the while smiling that seductive smile of hers. I could not believe my fourtune, my ultimate fantasy was about to come true. I hugged her, and gave her a passionate kiss on her lips. She smiled and kissed me gently on my neck...
____Gentally I unfastened her blue robe. She lead me to her bedroom with her seductive eyes fixed on mine. "Ever Wanting to Want You", by Maxwell played in the background. She brought the bottle of wine with her. She opened the bottle of wine and dapped some on each of her chocolate nipples. I pulled her close, bent my head and began to suck hungrily at each nipple. I couldn't wait to lay her down on the bed, and taste more of her. I felt the warmth of her against me and licked the milk from her breasts intermingled with the wine she had dappled on them.
____She backs away pulling me towards the bed. I can still hardly believe this is happening. I say to myself "Believe it sister girl because it is for true about to happen." From the student in Jessie's classroom to the lover in her bed. WHEW! O.k Henrietta snap back to reality and get a grip, no time for daydreaming. You've got the real deal now. Work it baby! Her luscious breasts and jutting chocolate nipples beaming out like lasers, remind me of where I left off as we approach the bed. My tongue and lips are quivering with anticipation in bearing down on the targets.
____As I continue to work my way down to her luscious aromatic pussy I can feel her body move to greet my lips on each part of her body. I can feel the swelling of my clit and my own wet pussy beginning to ache for attention. But I want to taste her first. As I reach her soaking wet pussy my tongue excitedly lashes out to gently lick her clit as I savour the taste and feel of her. I bury my face between her legs and as I lick and suck Jessie is pulling her erect nipples and moaning in her delightful sultry voice.
____My mouth longs to be in three places all at once. Kissing her sweet lips and exploring her mouth with my tongue, sucking and nibbling her breast which are begging for attention, and tasting the nectar that flows between her luscious thighs. My head is spinning because there is so much of her to love.
____Writhing in ecstasy across the bed Jessie is be- yond control as she breathlessly tells me in a barely audible voice at first to keep licking her pussy and then abandonly screams FUCK ME! I am taken aback, and turned on by her words all at the same time. My head is spinning and my pussy is dripping, but I know I can't rush this. I want to bring Jessie to a point where she just can't take it any more. I replace my tongue with my fingers and generously start rubbing her clit with long firms strokes and ever so lighlty tickling the entrance to her pussy with my index finger. Ohhhhh she purrs as she tries clamp down on the finger as I remove it from the reach of her snapping slippery hole. She is beyond abandon as her legs are flung open and wide, humping the air like a bitch in heat.
____"Damn, I can't take it any more!" While I'm here trying to take Jessie over the edge. She is so sexy, hot and ready for me to do whatever. I remove my clothes including the powder blue teddy which I have on underneath. She'll have to enjoy this teddy some other time. I rub my clit which is slick, hard and ready for some action. It's tingling as I spread Jessie's thighs wider, seeing her wet black pearl waiting for mine. I lay between her legs and our clits click like a puzzle waiting for the right piece. Mmmmm! Jessie moans as she grabs my ass and starts pumping upwards stroking my clit with hers and me meeting each pump with my own giration. Our juices mixing and slurping.........in our own private dance. She feels sooo damn good!!!! Nipple to nipple, clit to clit with soft yet firm thighs wrapped around my hips, who could ask for anything more but of the same.......
____But then, my little devil got the best of me... Here this woman haunted my dreams at night, scolded me like a little child in class during the day... now here she is underneath me ready to explode, and I have the power to either let it happen or stop it. Hmmm... what to do? She placed her hands on my hips pulled me closer. I watched her lick her lips so sultry like. Then it happen. I pulled away....
____She slowly arises..still faint from the pleasure she had just experienced to investigate why I had pulled away. "What's wrong? she asks..", I turned my head as if I was too ashamed to face her. Here I was with the woman of my dreams, on the verge of bringing her to the point of no return and ultimate ecstacy and satisfaction...and I was afraid. So very afraid that something would go wrong...my dreams couldn't possibly be coming true I thought..this never happens to me. As I sat immersed in my own thoughts I felt her position her body behind me on the bed. I felt her softness against my back and her velvety breast pressed against it. She wrapped her arms around my waist and clinched my stomach just beneath my breasts. She softly kissed the nape of my neck and asked me onced again..."What's wrong?"
____"Nothing... I'ts just that I," but I couldn't say anythign else. Here I thought by stopping, I was going to have the upper hand, the best of Jessie. But I turned yellow. "Why am I afraid all of a sudden?" I thought. Her hands rubbed against my stomach. She firmly presses her breasts against my back. A tinge of excitement runs through me. I moved to stop the sensation. Jessie feels me moving. She gently kisses me on the neck, as her right hand slides down my stomach, across my pubic hairs and then to the place where I began to throb like crazy. A soft moan escapes my lips. I find her lips on the side of my face. She whispers, "Don't be afraid, lets just enjoy each other for tonight." I cupped the back of her head in my hand and draws those hot lips towards mine. I kissed her with a hunger. Her hand moves deeper inside of me. I felt like a volcano ready to explode. "I want you Jessie" I said hoarsely. I found my breath coming in short grasps. Jessies moves away from me, and lay down on her back. A sly smile plays across her face. "Then have me. I slowly move towards her. My eyes taking in all her splendid beauty. She takes me into her arms and we kissed passionately. I began a trail of kisses down her neck, kissed both of those beautiful breasts, darted my tongue in and out of her navel, and then as I was about to go down deeper, the phone rings, and Jessie jumps out of her skin....
____I watch as she nervously lifts the phone. "Hello" she listens for a moment then with a curious smile said,"It's a girlfriend of mine wanting to come over" I don't know what to say. "have you never had a threesome" Jessie asks. I shake my head shyly. "she says that she'd love to" Jessie said into the phone, listened for a moment, then "see you soon" I feel weak all over. "You just wait" Jessie says, "She'll just love you."

. . . to be continued

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