The Perfect Getaway

As Trina awoke she could feel Crickett's leg across hers. She reached over to pick up her pager to check the time, the display showed 5:09am. She placed it back on the nitestand, glanced over at the Jacuzzi still filled with water , the candles sitting on the side of it burnt down low and smiled to herself. Remembering how the nite before had ended ,but not remembering falling asleep. Crickett moved closer and nuzzled her head into her lovers. Trina pulled her closer and stroked her neck and back. This has been a perfect weekend.

They had arrived in Virginia Beach Friday, two days ago needing to relax, rejuvinate and spend some quality time, away from the stress of everything at home. Crickett always knew when it was time to pack the Bronco up and "get away" even for a weekend retreat. Trina really appreciated the way her lady would take control, make plans and come home and state to her what the game plan was to be. She loved the way her Dom lover of five years knew just what to do to make her happy in and out of the bed.

She smiled to herself again thinking about how they had made love in every possible place and way over the past two days. Suddenly, she was startled by a loud thunder boomer. It was so loud that Crickett moaned "what was that?" "I think it was thunder babe" Trina answered. Crickett opened her eyes and looked her beautiful, sexy lover in the eyes. "What are you doing awake?" she asked. I thought I had worked that ass into a coma. They both laughed, and snuggled, I was hoping for another round Trina replied, you know I never get enough of you. After five years their lovemaking only intensified, it was never boring or routine, and they were both high energy, freaky, open-minded ,insatiable creatures.

Another Roll of loud thunder went across the sky and they pulled into each other. "Well" Crickett said ,letting her hand rest on Trina's full breast, I can think of something to do this rainy Sunday morning, cause the beach is closed but my mouth never is when it comes to you.

Crickett slowly started to lick her way around Trina's juicy mouth, then proceeded to kiss the top of her nose and licked Trina's ears inside and out then went back to Trina's lips and kissed her so hard and throughly that Trina though she would pass out. Crickett said "I only started to make you freak baby, I want you to say my name over and over once I'm finished with you." Trina could only lay back and enjoy her Dom's feverish passion. Crickett took one of Trina's wrists in her hands and she slid herself up the length of Trina's body and kissed her mouth so softly and sweetly that Trina thought she would cry out Crickett's name again and again. Crickett slowly inched her way down the lenght of Trina's body, stopping at Trina's hard and aching brests. Crickett licked and sucked at Trina's brests like they were lolipops trying to get to the center. Crickett then decended to the place that Trina was now aching to be touched, Trina cried out "please baby - my pussy is hurting for you, it's calling your name, please I can't take much more." Crickett's tongue quickly sought and found the place that Trina need to be touched. Her pussy was being licked and sucked by Crickett that Crickett's mouth was wet from her lover's jucies.

Crickett's flow was interrupted by the doorbell. "Damn", Trina yelled. The doorbell rang again, this time more urgently. Trina was upset because she was on the verge of the best orgasm ever. "just ignore it, baby. They'll go away. Come on and finish what you started." It was storming very hard now. the thunder was shaking the windows. Crickett thought she hears hailstones hitting the ground. "Now baby, I can't leave anyone out there in this storm.",replied Crickett.

When Crickett opened the door of the condo, she was frozen into silence. She couldn't move or talk! There stood the beautiful woman she had ever seen. "Excuse me", said the sexy stranger at the door. "My name is, Syndy. I was wondering if I could use your phone?" Crickett still stood there in silence. She was staring, mesmerized by the rain that was just dripping down off of thi beautiful goddess. "My girlfriend's jeep just stalled out, Is it ok to use your phone? Here she comes now." Crickett wanted to reach out and run her fingers through this beauty's long braids. Her face and extremely long braids were just glistening from the rain.

Just then Trina came from the upstairs bedroom. "Is everything ok?", she asked as she was walking down the stairs. "What are you doing , Crickett, let them come in it's storming out there!"

Syndy introduced them to her girlfriend, Teneeka, as she was trying to dry herself off. She also thanked them for letting them use their phone. Meanwhile Crickett was still silent, watching the rain dripping from the tips of this beautiful strangers breast. Trina introduced herself and Crickett, while showing them to the phone.

Trina turned to look at Crickett who was still standing there with the door open in a trance like stupor. Are you going to close the door or just let all the rain come in as well? Uh? What did you say? Trina just looked at her lover, walked over to where she was, closed the door, and whispered she's beautiful isn't she? This seemed to snap Crickett back to life, what did you say? Trina looked her lover in the eyes and said, nodding towards the women in the living room, I said she's beautiful isn't she? Crickett realizing she had been busted drooling looked at Trina and nodded, who just smiled knowingly. Baby go get them some towels so they can dry themselves off. While Crickett was getting the towels, Trina asked Teneeka if she could get them something to drink. Trina was in the kitchen when Crickett returned with the thick plush towels. They thanked her for the towels and began drying themselves off. Were you able to get in contact with someone she asked as she watched the lovely creature drying her hair. Yes, but the storm is so bad it's flooding out the roads and they won't be able to come out until the rain stops. Upon hearing this Trina emurged from the kitchen, it must be getting pretty bad out there, you can't go back out in that weather so you can stay here with us until they are able to fix your jeep. Come on we'd better get you 2 out of those wet clothes first, I'm sure we can find something to fit you. That's not neccessary Syndy replied, don't be ridiculous Trina said already ushering them towards the bathroom. Teneeka looked at Crickett as if to see if this was okay. Crickett reassurred them it was not a problem and for them to make themselves comfortable.

While the girls were in the bathroom getting cleaned up Trina saw this as a perfect oppurtunity to grant Teneeka one of her hottest wet dreams. Teneeka has always wanted to have a four way fuck fest and what better time than now. After all she is already drooling over Sydney. So Crickett began to put her plan into motion...

Trina walked over to Crickett, "Hey boo, do you remember when you told me you would like to have a four-some?". "Yes, why?, asked Crickett, "Hold on, are you thinking..." They both looked at each other with a sly grin and nodded their heads... Sydny and Taneeka walked back in from drying themselves off, "What are you guys grinning about?", they asked. "How about a game of Truth or Dare, Adult Stlye" said Crickett. With an unsure look on thier faces, Syndy and Taneeka replied, "Yea, we're down for that". Starting off subtly, Crickett asked Taneeka "Truth or Dare?". "Truth", Taneeka replied. "Have you ever had the best sex of your life?", asked Crickett. So as not to offend her partner, Taneeka replied yes. Now it was Trina's turn. She turned to Sydny. "Sydny, Truth or Dare?". Sydny also replied, "Truth". With a grin on her face, Trina asked, "Have you ever been involved in a four-some?". "Actually, no", said Sydny. "Would you like to?", asked Trina. Sydny looked at her girlfriend, "Well, if my girlfriend was participating, so would I". Taneeka looked over at Sydny, then on to Trina, and last Crickett. Grinning coyly, she asked, "Crickett, Truth or Dare?". Also grinning, Crickett replied "Truth". "Would you be willing to share you and your lady with my lady and I?", asked Taneeka. "I thought you'd never ask", said Crickett...

As the game went on it was Syndy's turn. "Crickett, truth or Dare?" Dare, replies Crickett. I want you to make my lady moan, says Syndy. Crickett turns to Teneeka and slowly kisses her neck as Syndy and Trina look on. Crickett and Teneeka are on the floor Crickett is slowly undressing Teneeka and kissing all the flesh she is revealing. Trina and Syndy are enjoying this display very much. These to decide to get in on the fun. The start to pull each other's clothes off piece by piece. Kissing every place the can. Trina asks," Do you want me Syndy?" YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, moans Syndy. They join the other ladies on the floor just as Crickett is about to go down on Teneeka, there is a loud knock on the door.....

"Shit" Crickett whined, "not again." All four womyn were scrambling for towels, bath robes, anything they could find to put on and cover their bodies. As Crickett approached the door she could see the amber lights from a towtruck glowing through the drizzle. Just as Crickett opened the door a loud clap of thunder erupted. She was so startled she let go of her towel and it fell to the floor. The driver of the truck quickly surveyed the scene. "I know you are glad to see me but I only take Master Card and Visa."

Both girls gave each other knowing glances as they knew that Discover was their credit card of choice. The girls were wondering what to do when they realized that the tow truck guy was really a girl. Seeing this as an oppurtunity to put more pussy in the game and get a freebie hteeeey asked her the magic question instead. Would you except a tongue in your pussy?....

She looked over her shoulder observing the scene. Four beautiful women with towels and robes clutched to heaving full bussoms. She looked out at her truck and then at the stalled car. The rain began to pound even harder. She pushed her way past crickett. She grabbed the straps of her overalls and pulled them down her body. The other women took is as a definite yes. Crickett began to help her undress. Slowly soft, full breasts with even more chocolatly nipples were unveiled. The other woman began to kiss and massage each other again. Crickett was facinated by the lithe body she was uncovering. This was better than any chrismas present. Crickett came to her knees in front of the woman. "What is your name?" The woman stared down into her beautiful brown eyes and asked why. Crickett replied. "I wanted to know your name before I did this" Her tongue found the woman's already harden clit and stroked it gently. "Francine,My name's...Oh god."

As Francine stood there looking down at Crickett, she was thinking never before had she ever dreamed or imaginged such pleasure. But she did know one thing, it felt good and she was glad to be a part of this. Never before had Francine been with a woman, however she had fantazied what it would be like to experience a woman. Now she knew and she liked it indeed. While Crickett continued to stroke Francine's now throbbing clit, she felt inclined to use her tongue and mouth to suck it soflty and gently. "Your mouth feels so good, I have to admit, I've never been with a woman before. No man has ever hit my spot before. Ohhhhh....don't stop, I'm cuming....ohhh" Francine cried. As Trina looked on she was turned on and hot by watching Francine experience the pleasure from her lover that she has received every night for the past five years.

Just as Francine was about to cum, there was a bolt of lightening across the sky along with a roar of thunder! K-K-K-K-KBOOM!!! all of the electricity went out for miles. The 5 sex craved womyn screamed!

To Be continued???

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