Not only was she finally single again, but tonight she was throwing the biggest party of her life to say "thank you" to her friends who stood by her.
"They would talk about this party as if it was the pre-millenium affair," she thought, "instead of just my divorce party".
Glancing in the mirror she smiled at the reflection and was proud. "I am 36 years, hot and simply charming!" she confirmed. At her age, most of her contemporaries had 2.5 kids, a huge mortage and a doting husband. Tamille, on the other hand was free! A petite 5'4" 127lb athletic frame that still turned heads was her blessing from God and the workouts she never missed. Free from the tedious bonds of a 6yr marriage to the boy-next-door who was actually still the boy trapped in a man's body, she was finally ready to be her own woman and find herself a good woman.

Why was it so easy to know that the solace shee wanted would be found not in the bear-hug of another man, but in the light, tender kisses of another woman... to know that the softness, and the love flowing from her lips would be returned as only another woman could return it. She longed to feel her damp black hair run across smooth brown skin in a silken electric touch that only two females could share.

Tamille remembered her dream from last night...She could not see the woman's face. She only felt the caress of her soft hands on her breasts, traveling down to the moist crevices between her thighs. Tamille could feel this unknown woman's body pressed firmly against hers, sending waves of electricity through her spine. The tongue of this mysterious African Goddess followed the path on Tamille's body that her hands had begun, and landed on Tamille's clit. With a passion that was foreign to Tamille, the Goddess used her tongue as if she were an artist creating a masterpiece...moving with precision and grace, yet powerful enough to awaken Tamille, leaving her panting, gasping, yearning for her dream to become a reality.

Tamille thought perhaps at the party tonight her dream would become a reality. She'd invited her neighbor Sarah Washington in the hopes she'd bring her sister Vanessa. When Tamille moved into her new townhouse, the Washington sisters were the first to drop over and say hello. Sarah rented the house next door and Vanessa was a frequent visitor. The sisters owned an art gallery. They were artists as well. Both sisters were very outgoing and charming, but in different ways. Sarah reminded Tamille of her ex-husband. Charming, but in that self-absorbed type of way. Vanessa was much warmer and open. From the things they said, Tamille figured Vanessa was a lesbian. She knew Sarah had a boyfriend, but that didn't seem to stop the flow of womyn in and out of her home. Tamille had become quick friends with her bohemian neighbor, but there was something about the sister... Earlier in the week, Tamille had been out back hanging lights for the party. Vanessa was visiting Sarah when she saw her across the fence and offered to help. Tamille accepted the offer. They spent the next few hours decorating the yard. Tamille's fingers would sizzle whenever Vanessa passed her a bulb or decoration. They finished just as the sun went down. Tamille turned on the multi-colored lights and stood looking at their work. Vanessa came up behind her and stood very close. Tamille felt herself leaning into Vanessa. She'd wanted Vanessa to grab her, spin her around, and kiss her deeply. Instead, Vanessa placed her hands on Tamille's arms and whispered in her ear "it's lovely. you're lovely." Then she kissed Tamille's cheek and walked away. Tamille stood there feeling an hunger she had never felt before. That night she dreamed of Vanessa and every night after. Last night was the most graphic. Tonight, tonight would not be a dream. Tamille would have her artist!

"Voila! I look fabulous!" Tamille said, as she stood in the mirror dressed impecably for her soiree. She chose a simple black dress with thin straps, backless, empire waist, and slit on the side to show off her well oiled legs. "Thank the Goddess for cocoa butter," she thought. She decided to powder herself with a little goldust, and placed a tiny bit on her lips. She wanted to sparkle for Vanessa. Tamille had become a virgin again and Vanessa . . .

Well...Vanessa would be the one to take her so "innocence" away from her. Only this time, the tryst would be filled with lust and a much awaited anticipation. Until tonite, Tamille had no idea of the intensity of how much she wanted Vanessa...of how much she needed Vanessa. Damn! she felt herself getting all hot and moist.....

The door bell rang and Tamille strutted to the door feeling more beautiful and confident than she had ever felt before. But when she opened the door and saw Vanessa standing there in all her glory she felt liek a school girl again. Vanessa held out a bottle of wine and just as Tamille began to second guess her personal appeal Vanessa said "A tasty wine for a tasty woman"

No sooner had Vanessa offered Tamille the vintage that two of Tamille's oldest and dearest friends approached the door. Dawn, a grade-school crony, was a blackberry-complexioned beauty. She had the body of an amazon and beauty that would make any Miss America finalist twinge. Dawn had also been recently divorced and knew the freedom and excitement that Tamille was in store for. Claudette, on the other hand, was a stocky woman. She and Tamille met in High School, when Claudie's family moved from Tennessee to New York City. She had the grace of a gorilla, but the charm of royalty. The high-spirited Claudia commanded attention wherever she went, and could capture the heart of any man or woman she wanted. Although they have never discussed this openly, Claudia, her friends guessed, was struggling with her sexuality and as a result chose to remain celibate. "Just great" Tamille thought to herself. This could have been the moment she'd been waiting for, yearning for. But alas, nothing could happen now—she was throwing a party after all. She sighed silently and welcomed Vanessa into the apartment. Tamille was able to steal of sly glace of the wine. "Oooo, 95 Lokoya Cabernet Sauvignon. I'm impressed" she mumbled almost out loud. Dawn and Claudie followed behind Vanessa. Introductions were made as they all headed toward the refreshment table, which was finely decked with cheese of all sorts and crackers to match. The doorbell rang again.

The guest began to flow in at a rapid rate now. Tamille mingled among them while keeping a shy eye on Vanessa. They traded complimenting looks back and forth. Claudia stood back taking it all in. She had her eye on Tamille from grade school and had planned to make her move tonight. Tamille watched Vanessa as she headed for the balcony. She totally tuned out Shari,(a co-worker who was talking in her ear) while she watched Vanessa's beautiful brown skin glow in the moonlight. She quickly lost her fight with the urge to stay inside and be a good hostess as she found herself magnetically drawn to Vanessa.

tamile followed vanessa onto to the patio while the warm breeze licked vanessa's silk dress. tamile searched for coversation, vanessa sensed her nervousness and took her hand, leading her to a secluded corner...she kissed tamiles jaw, making her tremble, still unable to speak, tamile closed her eyes while vanessa took her hand and slowly led it down and under her silk dress....

Music from the party only a buzz in Tamille's ear. Her longing for Vanessa envelopes all else. Though speechless, Tamille's eyes seek Vanessa's for understanding, better yet, validation. The intensity and warmth in Vanessa's eyes mirror that of Tamille's. Without lifting her admiring gaze from Tamille's face, Vanessa speaks softly to Tamille. "How can I help you celebrate your newly found freedom?" Smiling, Tamille finally regains some composure " I think you know the way Vanessa. I've been intrigued by you since we met." Tamille pauses, marveling at the confidence in her voice. "Vanessa, you've been in my dreams..." Vanessa eyes sparkle "...and now Tamille."

"I want my dreams to become reality, and only you can satisfy my desires." Tamille gently held Vanessas' face in her hands an planted soft kisses to her parted lips, letting their tongues do a sensual dance. Just as Vanessa began to respond to Tamilles touches Claudia walked out onto the patio, to discover her dreams of making her move on Tamille would have to be change a little.....

or rather for the moment being. unsure of her emotions, claudia chose to travel the high road and went back to join the other guests at the party wihtout making a scene. as she crossed the manicured italian marble floor she notice that the reflection was so pure, so truthfull; truthfull to the extent she could see her own disatifaction blare back at her. "i need a drink," claudia spoke outloud to no one in particular and made a direct assault for the wetbar. behind the bar, a moron of a man, is trying his best to convince claudia into allowing him to make her breakfast in the morning.

Out on the patio, Tamille has told Vanessa to come up to her room, " so we can have some privacy......" "I'm going to make this a night you will never forget," Vanessa says. As soon as they reach Tamille's room all passion breaks lose. Vanessa quickly slips Tamille's dress of her glistening brown body, and slowly begins to suck her nipples. Tamille moans and writhes her body up and down ........

" Please," whispers Tamille, "don't stop." "What do you want me to do next?," asks Vanessa in a throaty voice, "My wish is your command." Tamille pauses for a moment,shy about making her request, then says lustily, " lick my pussy." Vanessa obliges, going down in one motion, and eagerly begins to suck Tamille's clit. Tamille's thighs begin to quiver as her love juices flow into Vanessa's mouth........

After what seemed like eternity...Vanessa came up for air after almost becoming intoxicated from Tamille's arousing scent. Asking in a teasingly manner..." Tamille, baby, would you like for me to turn your sweet ass out?" And Tamille answered after sucking air through her teeth...."hell yeah! I've been waiting on this".

As Vanessa moved to position herself more strategically, there was an assertive knock on the door. Before Tamille could answer, Claudie entered. "Tamille, " pleaded Claudette "please don't do this to me." "You MUST know how I've longed to feel your luscious body close to mine." she continued. Tamille, too stunned to speak, stuttered "I don't believe this is happening!" Vanessa stroked Tamille's attentive breasts and approached Claudie, prepared to get a handle on the situation. Tamille shook her head as if to clear herself out of a daze and approached her two fantasies. Without saying a word Tamille's perspiring hands reached for the hands of both her suitors and led them to her queen-sized round waterbed. "I'm in for the night of my life!" she panted.

After making sure of locking the doors...Tamille turned to both hungrily awaiting women and said "..let the real party begin". Before she made it back to the bed, both women had her sandwiched in between them..Vanessa standing in front caressing her pefectly round fruit and giving her the best deep tongue kiss that she has ever had and Claudia....ummm, Claudia was planting feather lite kisses down the back of her spine until she made it to the small of her back. Tamille was soooo turned on that she could feel her juices start to flow down her leg in which Claudia greedily lapped up with her tongue. To Tamille's sweet surprise both women started fingerfucking her pussy and ass hole.....

The night went on into the morning until the tantalizing threesome fell into a deep slumber with bodies intertwined. Vanessa was the first to wake up. She glanced over at the flashing lighted dial on the oversized clock on the nightstand and noticed that it was six fifteen. She looked down at Tamille who's lucious full lips were still wrapped around her right nipple. Just the sight of her newly claimed lover started her juices to flowing again. Tamille began to slowly wake up out of her sound sleep to the sight of the new love of her life. Claudia's arms were wrapped tightly around Tamille as if she had no intentions of letting go. Tamille began to circle Vanessa's now rock hard nipple with her hot tongue that seductively peeked out of a sensuously loving smile. "I want you." Vanessa mouthed to Tamille. "You have me." Tamille mouthed back without releasing the tasty treat that she so passionately held between her lips. "Hot pussy in the morning. Just what the doctor ordered." A voice from behind Tamille softly said. Vanessa looked over Tamille at Claudia as if she had broken the mood of the moment. "I wanted you all to myself for this round." Vanessa told Tamille while looking dead at Claudia. (Smack) Tamille releases the nipple and pulled her way out from between the two of them. "Work it out you two. I have to see what's left of downstairs." She looks deeply into Vanessa's eyes as she grabs a silk robe that is hanging on the back of the door. She seductively wraps it around her and smiles as she slowly opens the door and walks out...

She goes down the stairs and finds the remains of what must have been a good time. She sees a note on the front door. Running her hands through her hair, she walks over to the door and pulls the note off. [I took the party over to my house. I couldn't find you so I went up to your room and could smell the passion in the air. I didn't want to interrupt you so call me when you get up. Signed Sarah] Tamille stretches and turns to find Vanessa fully clothed behind her. "Where are you going?" Tamille whispers as she sauntered up to Vanessa and softly began to kiss her. "Tami, I want you all to myself." She said through the kiss. "You've got me and I'm not finished with you anyway. We're just getting started." Vanessa's hands gently open the silk robe and stroke Tamille's tight frame. Tamille slides Vanessas dress right back off and notices for the first time that she was totally nude underneath. This thrills her even more. "Sexy!" She purs as she guides Vanessa into the kitchen and lays her on the table. "Hungry baby?" Vanessa manages to utter as she shivers from Tamille's loving touch. "I'm starving." She groans from deep between Vanessa's thighs.....

Tamille wraps her lips around Vanessa's thick clit,and greedily sucks it hard, while she jerks Vannesa's nipples. Vanessa screams in ectasy as Tamille slurps up her thick creamy juice. Vanessa then springs up puts Tamille on her stomach. While finger-fucking Tamille's vagina, she simultaneously licks her asshole.........

Reaching over for the strawberry sauce...Vanessa generously poured it on her ass, especially in Tamille's deep crevice. "This is sooo tasty, my two favorite items...strawberries and hot pussy"...Vanessa said. After greedily eating and sucking evvverrry bit, Vanessa went around in front of Tamille and let her suck the rest of her pussy juices from her lips and tongue. "MMMmmmm"...Tamille moaned.

After Tamille and Vanessa finished this second helping of sexual bliss, they both endulged in a hot bubble bath for two. As Vanessa stradled Tamille's sexy frame, she pressed her breasts against Tamille's back. The Tepid water and the lather of the soap mixed with the softess of their naked, wet bodies inticed Vanessa to gently massage her open pussy on Tamille's ass. This is Heaven Tamille thought to her self.

then claudia slightly open the door ......

The two look like a work of art 'sculptured lust atop a table set for love'. Vanessa opens her eyes and sees Claudia taking this all in from a distance. She hopes that she stays put but as the thought crosses her mind Claudia slowly enters the kitchen with hopes of joining in. "Claudia, I have had my eye on Tamille for a long time and I am really not willing to share her." Tamille innocently looks over her shoulder at Claudia. She knows that Vanessa has wanted her for a long time but doesn't quite know how to tell her that she is not ready to confine herself to another relationship. She considers telling her but decides not to. She smiles at Vanessa and begins to get off of the table. "I guess that's all for now!" Tamille says with a big smile on her face. "Don't sweat the small stuff baby." She says trying to break the mood as she grabs Vanessa's dress and pulls it back onto her body. "We'll talk later, okay?" She kisses her softly and walks her to the door. "Call me." They embrace at the door as Claudia watches. She kisses her and guides her out the door. She pivits as the door closes behind her and looks Claudia in the eyes. "I'm going to take a shower Claudia." She starts up the stairs and looks back. Claudia doesn't move. Tamille goes back to kiss her good-bye. "Are you okay?" Tamille asks softly. "Yeah! I'll talk to you later Tami." She goes to the door as Tamille goes up the stairs. "Lock the door behind you babe. Thanks!" She disappears out of sight before Claudia is out of the door...

Tamille slowly glides across the bedroom into the bathroom. She bends her body into the shower to turn on the water. She stands outside the shower with her legs slightly parted and her back arched, stretches and steps into the shower.

The water gently streams down her perfect body. She rubs her face and pulls her fingers through her hair. She rubs the back of her neck and brings her hands down around to softly cup her tender breast. She tenderly teases her nipples then glides her hands down between her legs and begins to pamper her throbbing love nest. She leans under the showerhead and lets the water stream down her back. Then she stands back and adjusts the water stream to deep pulse. She then turns her bact to the water and bends over to let the stream hit her from behind. It doesn't take long for the water to bring her back to the peak of satisfaction. She bends all the way over with her legs straight but slightly parted and her hands flat on the shower floor. She begins to tremble as she comes closer and closer then the water stops. She stands up with her legs trembling violently as her flow was interrupted but her knees are weak. As she falls, she is caught by Claudia who is standing before her strapped and ready. "Haven't had enough yet?" Claudia groans....

Startled by Claudia's presence and her strap on, "Claudia..I thought you left and was long gone. By the way, I thought you said that you had an early engagement this morning." "I did...and it's with you Tamille." said Claudia. Well in the very compromising position that Tamille was in...she could feel Claudia's hardness press against her left cheek.... xxxtremly arousing Tamille thought as she pushed back not wanting to let on that she liked it with a develish smile on her face. Claudia quickly took Tamille's lead and positioned her just right by spreading her legs and bending her over until she touched her toes. "Oh yessss baby, keep it right there. I want to fuck you with my head for awhile"..Claudia groaned. Just then the doorbell rang. "Fuck Camille...you made me forgot that my lawyer was coming over this morning. I have to tie up some loose ends you know and sign some papers to finally end the divorce...we have to finish this up later"

Tamille is overwhelmed by claudia's determination...yet she can't get vanessa out of her mind...vanessa's smooth and soft skin pressed earnestly against hers is all tamille thinks about. vanessa isn't only a poet she has a beautiful singing voice...tamille says under her breath "...i wanna give vanessa soething to sing about". the ringing of the phone awakes taille from her egoist longings. much to tamille's surprise, it is vannessa's voice she hears on the phone line. "hi, sexy....i can't stop thinking about this morning...your body's like silk"

So, later that day they met at a quiet restaraunt,way in the back corner..I'v Tamille gives an exasperated sigh and replies,"I know.. I cant stop thinking about you either" "So why do'nt we meet somwhere, and uh...talk ?" asked Vanessa.
e been thinking about you all day, Tamille! I to have been thinking of you Vanessa. I have never experienced what we shared last night and I enjoyed everything we did together. I do want to tell you however that I did, as you know, just ended a long relationship and even though I enjoy our time together, I don't want to rush into to another one at this time. I do however, want to see you whenever possible. You can come over tonight so I can have you for dinner and then desert

Later, that night Tamille lit candles and placed them throughout the house. The sweet aroma set in the air.... the warm caramel and chocolate waiting in a dish....and the lust between the two women set the mood just right. A freshly showered Tamille hears a knock at the door and asks who it is...Vanessa, answers "your dinner"! Mmmm, and she eagerly opens the door.

Unlike the previous night the two females decided to take it a little slower this time. Tamille led Vannessa to the table and they fed each other strawberries dipped in hot melted chocolate. As the juices dripped down Tamille's wrist, Vanessa was more than eager to lick them off for her. "Well what are we waiting for?" Vanessa asked with desire in her eyes. "Let's go to my room" Tamille replied with the most sexy voice Vanessa had ever heard. To Vanessa's wonder the bed was enveloped in what had to be thousands of rose petals. She laid Tamille down and slowly began to undress her as her thighs quivered with anticapation. Vanessa pushes her swollen lips out of the way to fully expose her pulsating clit. She began to lick it tenderly, but within a few moments, as Tamilles cries of utter enjoyment aroused her even more, she gathers her whole entire clit in her wet mounth and sucked it harder then ever thought possible. Tamille tries to stop her before orgasm rests itself over her body, but Vanessa clenches her hands in a tight grip of passion and lets her writhe underneath her. "Now for round two"...Vanessa whispers as she dissappears out the door only to return with a bag full of plearsuring toys and goodies. She reaches deep within the bag and pulls put a caramel colored dildo with brand new batteries. Vanessa's simple reply, is rendered with a shrug..."I went shopping"

Vanessa then pulled out a black leather harness and began putting it on as Tamille watched in excitement. She sat straight up on the side of the bed. Tamille then kissed the head of the dildo and smirked at how it glistened. Vanessa just threw a lustful look her way and Tamille slid the whole thing inside her mouth, sucking and moaning as Vanessa watched her. Tamille rubbed her own throbbing clit as Vanessa guided her head down onto the 6 inch cock. "Oh suck it baby." She removed it from her mouth and pulled Vanessa with her down onto the bed. Tamille positioned Vanessa's joy stick between her legs. "Wait," Vanessa said, "we need lube." "No we don't," Tamille replied, "I'm wet enough." Vanessa then guided the dildo towards Tamille's moist box and slid it slowly inside her. Tamille gasped and Vanessa moaned. In less than a minute they were in synch with the motion of each other's bodies.

In the motion of their love making, Tamille reaches esctasy. As her body shivers from the aftermath, Vanessa holds her tightly to let her know that she was there. When the bliss subsided, Vanessa began to whisper, "Tami, I want something exclusive with you. I know you said that you didn't want to rush, but I would be lying if I said that making you mine was not on my agenda. I can deal with the fact that you feel like you may need to experiment. But last night, with Claudia, was not my ideal senario. I stayed and compromised my own desires because I wanted you to have what you wanted. And a threesome seemed to be right up your alley. But never again with me. My heart can't take it. An ackward silence entered the room. Vanessa asks, "What are you thinking?"

"I don't know Van", Tamille sighs. "I think I am reluctant to give into a one on one because of what happened between Devin and I. I swore that I would never get into another relationship again but I am still here for you."

"Damn," Vanessa swore just under her breath. Thoughts of making love to this woman again and again until she begged her to be hers ran through her head. Vanessa climbed off the bed and started pacing. Pulling her agitated lover back to the bed, Tamille wrapped herself around her lover. " I like being free", she stated. "For the first time in forever, I am my own woman again", she declared. Vanessa looked at the woman she had fall in love with and shook her head. "I really need you to be MY woman and only mine", Vanessa adamantly said. "Please baybee, don't limit me", Tamille flung back.

"Limit YOU!', Vanessa was mortified. "You think that loving only Me is limiting?!"

Vanessa started pacing in earnest and she did what she always did when she was angry- she started singing. "-i had a vision of love and it was all that you turned out tooo beeeee"... "Baybee, baybee- don't do that. Please don't sing right now", Tamille insisted. "-i realized a dreeeeaaaaammm"... Tamille began to cry. Not a wail or anything, just tears of emotion rediscovered and truth long forgotten. She watched Vanessa pace and sing. "-and it was all that you turnnned out to beeee"... Vanessa was crooning herself out of the pain she felt Tamille was inflicting. Eyes and heart filled with tears and oblivious to the woman she loved she sang. "-and it was aaaaalllll that you turned out to beeeeeee"...

Tamille was upset. The tears that streamed from her soul were cleansing- melting the fear and distrust that her last relationship had molded into her soul.

The tension in the room was intense. They both set on on opposite ends of the bed. Just as Tamille was about to speak. THe phone rings.

Tamille reaches for the phone. "Let the machine pick it up!" Vanessa orders as she grabs Tamille's hand pulling her close. The message starts:"Hey Tamille. It's Claudia. I'm still licking you off my lips. I can't wait to see you again." Vanessa smiles and walks up behind Tamille as the message continues--"I can still taste you on my tongue. Call me when you get home so we can pick up where we left off."

Tamille expects to go into another tirade with Vanessa after Claudia leaves such a hot message on the machine. However, those feelings slowly subside as Vanessa breathes heavily into her ears and showering wet sensuous kisses on the back of her neck putting Tamille in one hell of a trance. Vanessa gently pinches Tam's nipples and continues the light kissing and whispers "you'll never forget me" and she slowly begins running her hands along Tam's creamy thighs. Tamille is becoming totally lost in the throes of Vanessa's sexy touches everywhere, so she turns arounds to face her lover and pushes her down to eat her wet pussy. Vanessa gently pushes her back onto the bed to continue making this woman she wanted to so badly, pussy run like hot lava. She licked the pussy juice from Tamille's upper thighs and all places in between with a tight grip on her hips. Van slowly licks the the fat lips as her clit stuck out pouting begging for the hot tongue to lap and suck it to eternity, but she just continued the heavy teasing. Tamille is totally lost now, drunk with anticipation, she is moaning and grabs Vanessa's head and screams out "please eat my clit it aches so badly", but all Vanessa does is kisses the puckering wet clit with the lightest kiss Tamille has ever felt that she lets go of Vanessa's head grabbing her tits begging "you have to give me more than that". Vanessa knows this and rises to whisper in her biting her ear lobe and says "that's all I ask of you sweetheart". She gets up gathers her toys and clothes and goes to the bathroom to get dressed leaving Tamille in total shock with a wet pussy.

Tamille sits in her bed room oiling her body. She felt pretty refreshed after the hot shower. But she couldn't seem to shake the events that led up to Vanessa leaving her hanging. At first she was upset. But later decided that she had given Vanessa to much power over her. She was having devious thoughts. Although she was up, but no longer, she still wanted Vanessa to feel what she had made her feel. She begin to think that she was now ready to taste Vanessa, tease the center of her being, and then leave her hanging. She laughed out lod at the thought. The laughter was ended with another phone call. Reaching over to answer the phone, Tamia was sure it was Vanessa. She says, "So you are calling to apologize and tell em you are coming over." "What? Tami this Claudia, did you get my message." "Yes, I sure did." "What are you doing?" asked claudia "I just got out of the shower." "Oh, so can I come over."

"No, Claudia, I think I am going to take some time out for me today." I don't feel like being bothered with your all-to-eager behind today, Tamille thought to herself. Claudia is a fione thick sistah who always looks scrumptuos but her neediness is a big turn off to say the least. I just don't understand why a beautiful woman like that is so damn dependent. Well anyway. "Hey Claudia, let me get with you later. Someone is at my door." Tamille lied. Now how can I convice Vanessa to give me the puzzy without the mushy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I like the thought of taking our time and making love, I am just not ready to be in love. It's too draining when times get a bit rough. I just want to be able to walk away when I get into my selfish mood and not have to worry about someone's feelings. I know Vanessa wants more and she deserves more. She is very sexy and she has the sweetest, caring pesonality I have ever come accross in a potential mate, but is she worth the time and effort right now? Did I say potential mate? Hummmmm, I wonder where that came from?

Tamille smiled to herself as she thought about all the things she could and would do to dearest Vanessa when the time the came. It was that smile- yeah, you know the smile of a woman in control, in charge and ever ready to take charge of each and every moment. "She thinks she has me, huh", Tamille mused. "We'll just see about that".

Tamille had her whole day planned out. Total self endulgence. Go to the beauty shop, go and get her nails and feet done, then to the spa for a full body massage. As she went on through her day she couldn't help but think how Vannessa had done her. She kept wondering to herself,"What makes her think she can just leave me like that?" The more she thought the more revenge she had planned. Before she went to the spa she decided to give Vanessa a call. "Hello there!" "Hey Tami! And how are doing?" "Fine boo." "You've been on my mind, so I decided to give you a call." "Well I am glad you did." "I wanted to explain about earlier...You know why I left." "OH no need." Tamille replied. "How about you come over tonight, to pick up where you left off?" Vanessa was not sure what to say. She didn't know whether to dive right in, or keep playing hard. But as she thought about how Tamille had her five senses locked, she couldn't help but say OK. Tamille went and got her massage, then hit the body shop for the most suductive aromas they had in stock. She brought oils, candles, and body lotions all with Vanessa in mind. As Tamille smelled each aroma, all she could think about was Vanessa. The more she smelle the more she thought. The more she thought the wetter she got. When Tamille arrived home, there were two messages on her machine. One from Claudia, and the other from Vanessa. Vanessa said she was running a little late cause of a client she had to take care of. Tamille thought "GREAT!" This gave her time to got ready for their evening and return Claudia's call. When Tamille called Claudia, luckinly she wan't home. She really wasn't in the mood. Tamille had one thing on her mind. Vanessa...

Tamille was eagerly awaiting Vanessas arrival.She hears a knock on the door she goes to the door slowly trying not to seem so anxeus.Tamille opens the door slowly to see Vanessas beautiful smile hey baby how are you doing ive been waiting to see you allday.I have something wonderful planned this evening are you game.Whatever you have in mind replied Tamille. Well get your jacket and lets go. Vanessa and Tamille get in Vanessas Jet black Suburban and head out Tamille is cusious asking where are we going baby ,just be patient and you will see after a long drive Vanessa and Tamille pool up to the Holiday Inn on the beach Vanessa says follow me baby they go to the room when Tamille walks in she finds a room full of roses carnations daisys and teddy bears oh baby this is wonderful said Tamille. Vanessa gets to glasses and pours some champainge then she tost to a wonderful evening Vanessa says i,m gonna make you feel like youv,e never felt before. Vanessa says lets go for a walk on the beach she get a blanket and a back pack out of her jeep and they walk down on the beach Vanessa says your so beautiful Tamille and i want to make love to you right here on the beach.

They both sat in the wet sand staring in each others eyes. Tamille was about to say something, when Vanessa closed her mouth with a kiss. A deep passionate kiss. Vanessa probed Tami's mouth with her hungry tongue. She could feel Tami's mouth become more wet. Vanessa pulled out of the kiss and said, "I bet you're wet." Before Tamille could respond, Vanessa reached out to cup Tami's firm breast in her hands. Tami nipples instantly became erect from her touch. Tami felt a tingle down her spine. And her body began to shiver uncontrolably. Tami pulls away. She stares in Vanessa's eyes, and with out a word, lifted her body off the sand and began to walk away. Vanessa was bewildered. She wondered if she did something Tami, didn't like. Vanessa quickly jumps up and trotts after Tami. When she finally catches up with Tami, she asked "Did I do something wrong? Was I too rough? Are you still bothered about the other night?" Tami finally answers, "will you give me the opportunity to answer one question before you ask another. Vanessa, you can't keep doing this to me. Girl, you are too much. You bring me way out here in the middle of no where to a room full of a girl's favorite things. Then we go for a walk on the beach and you kiss me and make my body shiver. That's never happened to me before. It must be significant. It must mean a whole lot more than I am able or even willing to face right now. Let's slow this down. And you messed up the plans I had for you this evening too." Vanessa finally speaks again, "Tami, I knew your plan when I stared in those seductive dark eyes of yours. This is not a game for me. I want you like I want to breathe. I want to give you the best of me. I want all of you. Not because you had me last night, or vice-versa, but because our bodies and our minds harmonize beautiful tunes that only our souls can hear. Because we are destiny."

With the evening sun teetering dangerously on the edge on the flaming blue, orange, pink horizon- the two women stare at each other, oblivious to nature's wonder.

You are my air, Vanessa whispered. I know this seems sudden and premature, but you are HER. My soul knows you.

The tears flowed on Tamille's face and on Vanessa's as they got lost in each other . . . as they found each other.


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