A Night Out On The Town

Tami is on the prowl, but will she find what's she's looking for?

I'm standing in a full length mirror, puting all the finishing touches on myself: hair whipped,out fit showing off every detail of my voluptuous, glitter on all the places someones eyes might land, and sensual scent flowing slowly behind me.

I walk into the club sit down at the bar an order a drink. "Hennesey straight up please." The Bartender is a very sexy women. I take my drink and swivle my chair around to check out the surroundings. The music is hot and the place is jumpin. There is a sexy honey coming my way. I say to my self, "Okay, Tami, maintain your composure."

She walks up sits next too me at the bar. She says, "Hey, whats up?"

I look at her and say, "Just enjoying the music and my drink. Can i buy you one?"

"Yes, I'd like a harvey wall banger with a cherry on the side." I laughed and ordered it. That drink lead into several more as the night grew on. She said, "Hey, lets dance." Taking my hand, she led me to the dance floor, shaking, bumping and grinding to every beat, thump, knock of the music.

Stared lustfully into my eyes and I knew before the end of the night its was gonna be on and crackin..............

Although she was'nt really my type I had come out with one goal - to share my bed and body with someone tonite. Just when I was thinking Miss Bump & Grind had won the jackpot, this FINER THAN HELL Dom came up and started to dance behind me, pushing me into Miss Bump & Grind. As the three of us danced, I made sure to turn and check out MISS FINER THAN HELL. She was chocolate, a little taller than me, dressed in off white linen slacks with a navy muscle shirt, she smelled like CK1, and when she reached up and touched my neck she revealled a white, even smile. After the three of us winded until our knees were weak we left the floor.

After returning to our seats and drinks and about a hr of small talk we decided to move the party to my place.

Once inside my house I told my two new friends to make themselves at home while I freshed up and changed into one of my black see-thru teddies, I decided put on the crochless one. After returning to the livingroom I discovered that MISS FINER THAN HELL was playing bartender. I slowly walked over shacking my fat ass and thick hips. I leaned over the bar exposing my full cleavage and hard nipples & ordered another Hennessy on the rocks.

MISS FINER THAN HELL said she would love to fix my drink if I modeled for her. Before long Miss Bump & GRIND had joined in and was down to a tiger print pantie & bra. I had to admit that she had a sexy little body, full plump tits that looked like the were begging to be touched and sucked, While I was thinking about what I would like to do with them I felt a hand on the back of my neck and I knew that the two of us modeling & dancing together had made MISS FINER THAN HELL want to join us.

Before long we were in another sandwich with MISS FINER THAN HELL in the middle. She revealed both sets of tits and began to carress us. Before long we had her standing between us in nothing but her boxers. I took her by the hand and led the three of us into my bedroom. My four poster king sz. bed was big enough for all of us to enjoy.

With the three of us carressing and kissing, all of our clothes had fallen off. I reached over and kissed MISS FINER THAN HELL as she stroked MISS BUMP & GRINDS inner thigh, MISS BUMP & GRIND reached up and started stroking my swollen breast. My hands reached for MISS FINER THAN HEllS tight, fat ass. As I squezzed and groped her fat ass our other friend move in position between her legs. As I spreaded her cheeks MISS BUMP&GRIND went to work licking MISS FINER THAN HELL's damp pussy. MISS FINER THAN HELL let out a moan letting us know that she was enjoying herself. I began to stroke MISS BUMP& GRINDS hard clit, it was so fat that it looked like a small penis. After we all smelled pussy thick in the air we changed positions, this time I decided that maybe getting one of my toys out we could get dowm to some serious fucking. This time I found myself in the middle of our threesome with MISS FINER THAN HELL pulling my pussy lips apart and licking each side, taking her time to make sure she did'nt miss a inch, That's right babe I moaned deep and low "make sure you get all this sweet hot meat. As I got lost in the feeling of bliss MISS BUMP & GRIND started to do just that on my face. As every inch of my pussy was being licked and sucked, I began to do the same to the tight pussy sitting on my face. MISS BUMP & GRIND let me know she was enjoying it by reaching back to stroke my breast at the same time MISS FIMER THAN HELL did. They both stroked my breast as I rocked my pussy into MISS FINER THAN HELL mouth & MISS BUMP & GRIND rolled her pussy into mine.

With all the intense loving going on I had almost forgotten that I had placed my hot pink 8" dong in the bed with us. If Miss Finer than hell had'nt been digging in the pussy as hard as she was I would not have felt it press against the small of my back.

As I moved my right had off Miss Bump & Grinds ass to reach for it, I felt her spilling her juices into my mouth. How seet she tasted, I got so excited at tasting her that I came into the mouth of Miss Finer than Hell.

She must have liked what I had just given her, because she licked it up just like the pussy she was.

After she made sure she had licked every drop, and I was sure I had done the same for Miss Bump & grind, the three us us laid out leisurely across my bed.

Noticing Ms. Bump& Grind sticking her fingers inside her sloppy wet pussy I decided that it was time to bring my toy out to play with. When Miss Finer than Hell saw it she immediatly stated " I don't like to be penetrated" Why babe? I cooed. She replied that she liked to be doing the fucking.

Well I replied, I think I may have something with your name on it. I jumped off my bed and went to my "toy chest" at the top of my closet.

When I returned I had a 16" black double header in one hand and a clear 10" one and strap in the other. "Take your pick ladies" I announced.

Miss finer than hell said she wanted the strap-on & Ms bump & grind said she liked the pink one I had first pulled out.

We helped Ms. finer than hell on with strap, boy she really looked sexxxy, I think that's why Dom's turn me on so much, I thought, They dont mind being on top fucking your brains out with their big fat cocks until they make you beg them to stop, believe me I would't be asking her to stop for quite a while, just looking at her standing there made my pussy pulse.

After she had strapped up she took on another demeanor. Lay down she instructed me. Me looking forward to whatever was to come as long as I came obeyed.

"Spread your legs" was her next command, again I obeyed.

"Lick her until she's ready for me she demanded of Ms bump & grind" She laid the pink dong ,which she had been rubbing across her brest down , and began to lick me from my ass hole to the tip of my clit in long strokes.

As she did this our Dom rubbed her back and ass. Once things got really heated up for me, our Dom demanded that she stop stroking me with her well trained tounge and insert the double header in me. Again Miss Bump & grind did as instructed. After she pumped me and our Dom watched for a few minutes, she was told to suck it as she fucked me with it. Miss bump & grind again did as instructed with each motion she managed to stick it to me and suck on it like it was the best meal she had in a long time.

This girl has skills I thought as she bought me to another climax.

Ms. Dom instructed us that we were to continue with what we were doing until she instructed otherwise. She in the meantime went to the rear of Ms bump and grind and stuck her tongue inside her asshole, "Damn it's tight Boo" she said, You going let me open it up for you?" Before Miss bump & grind could respond she started to ease it into her. I could tell by the way Miss bump & grind was sucking ther cock she was fucking me with that she was throughly enjoying it.

The night continued with the three of us having uninhibited , lusty, passionate sex. At times the smell of our sex was so heavy in the air that it was intoxicating. I am not sure what time we finally drifted off to sleep but it was definately in the morning, because I remember seeing the sun peeping in under the drawn shades in my bedroom.

The next morning when we awoke we washed off the previous nites activities with a shower, yes the three of us washed each other throughly in my shower.

After they were dressed I walked them to the door. Miss Bump & grind Thanked us for a "out of the world" nite, and said she hoped we would run into each other again.

Ms. Finer than Hell gave me a big hug and said that our evening before was a fantasy come true for her. And that she definately would like to see me again sometine soon.

I kissed them both on the cheek, and told them thanks for the wild wonderfull nite.

When I returned to my bedroom I noticed that Ms. Finer than hell had left her phone number next to my phone with a note saying that, she never did get a chance to serve me my drink, and that she hoped I would give her a chance to do so another time.

I laid the note down, wrapped my arm around myself , and laid down. I drifted back off to sleep thinking, I certainly got what I was looking for -- THEN SOME!!

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