New Neighbor

There Goes The Neighborhood

Stepf was new to the neighborhood. She had not quite got settled into her new apartment when her daughter met my little girl. I had just my daughters hair today, braided and beaded. The both of them loved her hair and Stepf asked me if I would do her daughters hair. Seeing that she paid me, she was new to the complex, and she was very , very attractive, I felt I could not pass up the opportunity to be a good neighbor.

Late that night after doing hair and tucking my baby into bed, I decided to sit out on the deck. Stepf was out unloading boxes from her car. Damn it, she said as one of the boxes busted and she bent over to pick her belongings. I jumped up and ran over to help her. It was the polite thing to do. She thanked me and we carried the stuff into her apartment. She asked me if I would care for anything to drink and I accepted her offer. Goodness knows I had a thirst that needed to be quinched. She poured us a glaas of tea and invited me to have a seat.

We talked for almost an hour. We conversed about your typical meeting topics, Where are you from, what is your major, etc. As I was leaving she thanked me again for helping her and said that she hoped to see me around soon; Maybe we can have dinner one night. The only thing I could think about was the dessert. I hoped it would be soon.

Stepf and I desided to go out that Friday evening to a hot trendy spot down on 5th. Stepf came out wearing a tight little black number with a scoop so low in the front that if she bent over her perfectly broze breast would have been exposed. As we were walking to my vechile I complemented Stepf on her dress, trying not to sound to excited about seeing her shake her tight ass on the dance floor. We got to thr club and Stepf immediately went straight to the floor. I watched from the back of the clus as Stepf danced with man after man after man. There was something about her the way she moved her hips, the way she backed that ass up the way licked her lips in enjoyment over the music selection I knew she was curious or she could be easily presuaded. After three hours of dancing and cocktails from Stepf admirers we decided it was time to call it a night. We proceded back to our apartment and Stepf began to speak of how she was so bored of the everyday humdrum of life and how she needed excitement in hers. I listened wanting to kiss her beautiful pink lips but I resisted the urge not wanting to mess up a new friendship. Stepf than out of curiosity asked me what was the craziest thing I had ever done. I decided since she asked i would tell her. I said the craziest thing I've done is had oral sex with a female. Stepf stopped and turned to me and said oh you too, that's what broke me and Keisha's dad. She then proceded to go on and describe in detail how she licked the other woman pussy for what seemed like eternity, they kissed, licked each other's breast, bumped pussy you name it they did it. I began to get turned on at the thought of kissing this beautiful women and having her 36D breast in my mouth, I thought of taking her pussy and ever so slowly take banana's and teasing her clit, licking her asshole, rubbing my pussy against her ass.

It is Saturday and both of our children are visiting their fathers for the weekend. I decided to go grocery shopping to pick up a few items. I pushed my cart down the fruit aisle when I came up on the banana stand. It reminded me of my devilish thoughts I had last night. I looked at the bananas some more and decided to buy a bunch of them. I search through the stack of bananas carefully until I came across a bunch that were thick and firm. They appeared to be at least 8 inches long. I was actually getting excited holding them in my hand. I quickly went to pick up strawberries, hot fudge, ice cream and whip cream.

On my way home I stop by a video store and browse the adult section. I picked out a few videos and quickly drive home...anticipating the excitement of seeing Stepf again. I arrive home and place the groceries in the refrigerator. I pick up the phone and call Stepf and invited her over for an afternoon lunch. She accepted and said she would be over in 1/2 hour. I jump into the shower rubbing peach nectar bath gel over my body. I slide my hands over my 38C breast and feel my nipples begin to harden. I then squeeze them gently thinking about my some to be lunch guest. I realize time is creeping and I get out the shower and get dress in a a tank top and jean shorts. I head for the kitchen and prepare a few sandwiches and some lemonade. I set the tray of food and drinks on the cocktail table just as Stepf knocked on the door.

She was wearing a low V-neck white tshirt and a short black skirt. We ate our sandwiches talking primarily about relationships. I asked Stepf about the woman she was with before...trying to find out where she stood on it. Stepf said that she missed feeling complete by a woman and would welcome the opportunity to start a new realtionship with a woman. I asked her if we could watch a porn movie I just picked up and she eagerly agreed. About halfway into th movie I could see she was getting aroused watching the women lick, suck and bite their way to escasty. So I excused myself to the kitchen and came back with the ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, hot fudge and the bananas. I suggested to Setpf that we should enjoy dessert while watching the video. While watching the video Stepf kept squirming causing her to spill some hot fudge on her shirt and down between her breast. I told her to take off her shirt and allow me to through it into the washer. She was not wearing a bra and appeared to feel comfortable being exposed. I sat back down and noticed the hot fudge was still between her breasts. Stepf saw me looking and asked me if I would like to clean her off. I smiled gingerly and lowered my head to her pulp breasts and begin to lick her. The fudge on her skin tasted delicious. So I reached over and put more on her breasts in a circular motion. I could feel her nipples hardening from my gentle touch and I could feel my wetness running down my thighs.

Stepf lift my tank top over my head exposing my breasts. Stepf said let's rub hot fudge on each other at the same time. Nothing like seeing a Black beauty covered in chocolate. I reach over and tilt Stepf head back. I begin to nibble on her ears down to licking her smooth neck. I could her her moan softly. I begin to suck her neck down to her breast only to tease them by blwoing on her nipples. I lick straight down her breasts to her belly button. She has a belly ring and I allow my tongue to dance all around it.

I jerked back to reality as i realized the water in the shower was getting cold.... daym... that almost seemed real. i jump out of the water and step over to my closet, hmmmmm what to wea-- aha!! perfect! This is absolutely my favorite outfit i swear i could kiss Victoria's momma! Low cut so i couldn't wear a bra and the dress fit so right panty lines would just take away from the essence. yeah maybe a little dressy for a lunch date but hey... i didn't plan on being in it long.

(what a nasty though)

I hurried downstairs to prepare our lunch. I figured Steph would want something light -- a turkey sandwich, fresh melons and sweetend iced tea would do. Just as I finished, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and my eyes met hers, but only briefly. To my pleasant surprise, her brown, almond-shaped eyes averted to my full breasts, then my long legs, as she stumbled over her greeting and came inside. Only a few days had passed since we'd met. But it was long enough for me to know that this was not a woman I could resist for long. Nevermind that she'd dressed more appropriately -- shorts, sleveless tank, and sandles. Everything about her turned me on and I couldn't hide it.

I hurried downstairs to prepare our lunch. I figured Steph would want something light -- a turkey sandwich, fresh melons and sweetend iced tea would do. Just as I finished, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and my eyes met hers, but only briefly. To my pleasant surprise, her brown, almond-shaped eyes averted to my full breasts, then my long legs, as she stumbled over her greeting and came inside. Only a few days had passed since we'd met. But it was long enough for me to know that this was not a woman I could resist for long. Nevermind that she'd dressed more appropriately -- shorts, sleveless tank, and sandles. Everything about her turned me on and I couldn't hide it.

You look nice she said to me. I smiled pleasantly, thank you for noticing. I was feeling good today so i decided to look the part.

I then guided her into my dining room where aload of candels and incense burned. She looked around in aw, then to what I was wearing again, and then looked at the turky sandwiches. Don't you think this is just a little dressy for such a casusual lunch date? She asked. I blushed a little and pulled out for her. She looked at me. Her beautiful eyes met mine. I was so entranced that I haad dropped the glass I was holding. I bent down to pick it up and brushed against her soft yet firm breassts. I rose up and purposly pretended to bump my head on them as I went up. Sorry. I said. I set the glass on the table. That alright. She sat down and took off her sandals. I sat down, stumbling on my chair a bit. She laughed revealing a dazzilng white smile. How I wished I could kiss her. Our togues battling. I got some chilled chapaine. And I poured her glass first. I sat down and began to eat. We talked casually again about our relasionships. Will she be willing so have sex with me? I wondered. As corny as the thought seemed that was exactly what I was thinking. I looked up to find that Steph was looking at me her pink tongue rolling over her soft wet lips. Then I felt her foot digging into my pussy. It felt so good. I then crawled beneathe the table to lick the juices off her soft toes. She moaned in pleasure so I went farther. I crawled over, spread her legs only to reveal her pantiless pussy so soft and hairless.

Stepf than grabbed at my hair in delight , she wanted and I wanted her. I licked Stepf's pussy just as I would lick at an Ice Cream Cone, in-out, in-out, faster than slower too tease her to the point of her cummin'. I than quickly thought of the banana's, I led Stepf over to my leather couch and laid her beautiful body down, I laid my body on top of her's and gave her a wet kiss so sensual that I felt my clit harden with every sense of enjoyment. I told Stepf to undress for me, because I wanted to surprise her. Remembering the banana's in the kitchen I quickly ran and retrieved one ripe fut firm banana and I began to have thoughts of a tasteful Ice Cream Sundae. Stepf laid there nude on my couch and with a puzzled look asked what do you plan to do with those banana's. I told Stepf not to worry, because I was going to fulfil her every fantasty. I lye her down once again and and unpeel my new toy. I cantell she aroused already and I began to rub the tip of my new toy on her 36D breast, then tasting, next following her stomach down to her belly button than to her pussy. Stepf is now so uncontrollably horny she's grinding her hips and lifting that fat pussy of hers in the air in circular motions. I then get to the lips of her Vagina and rub the banana rub around ever so gently, taking the tip in and out, in and out. At this point she's ,moan and calling my name I know she's ready to receive my gift to her; but first I must continue to get it wetter. Now Stepf is asking me to fuck her with my tongue and because she is so beautiful I must obige her. I take my time before I please her I want to mke this last, I first inset my fingers in and out getting a rhtym going, now I dive tongue first in her, licking, sucking enjoying her

Damn Stepf you taste so good.I could tell she was a few licks away from cumming so I stopped and gently flipped her over on her stomach and began licking her up and down that round ass that I had been watching since I met her. Then I took that banana and placed it in her pussy from the back side, I wanted to see just how freaky she could get so I slowly slid my finger in her ass at the same time. OOh she was really hot now. She was throwing that pussy so hard as I worked that finger and that banana in and out of her

I took the banana out of her, "Here," I said. "Eat it." I went up to soft breasts and licked away. I laid on top of her, my foot went up her pussy, I felt cum coming out of her and spilling on to my new couch. She moaned with delight. I told her to like me out, her delicate toungue went up my pussy. I screamed.

I felt Stepf tongue licking over my pussy up and down, up and down, I was bucking in delight then she stopped....what I look up at her? She just threw her head back and laugh and said oh you think you turned me out? She forcibly put my legs over my head and expose my throbbing pussy and just stood there looking. Please release me! She lowered her face over my pussy and stuck her tongue in me as far as it would go. Stepf kept jabbing her tongue and then she jabbed her tongue in my ass and i went over the edge. My orgasm hit me so hard and she continue to service my puckered ass hole. Then she slid her tongue from the hood of my clit to my anal hole. Goodness I scream I couldn't take it and then I felt something being stuff in my ass. Baby she whispered you are going to love this.

Stepf what are you doing? I asked. Baby I'm returning the favor as eased the anal beads in my ass. While she was concentrating on her task I continue to finger her and kiss and lick her on any spot that was available. Get on your knees she demanded. I felt Stepf tongue going down my back and then I felt my pussy lips being spread apart and I felt the strap on being pushed inside of me. Oh my I moaned. You like that? I was on the edge and couldn't respond. Stepf kept the rhythm going and I was thoroughly enjoying the ride. Then she pulled out of me and I felt her tongue replace the strap on, oh it was so delicious. The I felt fingers replace her tongue and she was kissing my ass and she began to pull the beads out one by on. I was creaming so much she pulled all the rest in one tug. I fell down on my stomach and was riding wave after wave. Baby was that good she whispered.

She then turned me onto my back and sat on my stomach, looking straight at me. She stared me in the eyes and said,"that's not all, baby"! Then she rose her hips to my face and let me lap up all of her warm sweetness. she sat on my mouth and gyrated and bucked wildly as she came in a thunderous jolt. she then turned over and put her face to my pussy. she spread my legs eagle and slipped her fingers inside. she immediately found my g-spot! she pressed harder and harder as my moans became louder and louder. soon i was shaking so violently that i thought i was having a seizure! but at that moment, she stopped. she said, "i'm not ready for you to come yet!" i'm like, "why are you teasing me! i'm hot, horny, and excited. no one's ever made me feel the way you are right now!!". she tells me to lay back, relax, and to let her handle it. "by the time i finish you'll have had the biggest and the best orgasm that you can imagine."

Just in case, I had hidden my strap on in a basket right beside the leather sofa. "Get on your knees." I demanded. Stepf smiled with those full lips that felt soooo good on my pussy, and she moved off of me onto her knees. Her round ass was swaying back and forth while I strapped on, watching and anticipating. Her pink, dripping slit was open and ready for my big vibrating dick. But first, I just had to spank that ass just a little bit. I rubbed my palm over her silky smooth ass and popped it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Stepf moaned and shivered. I slid my big vibrating dick into that juicy pussy. Stepf backed up on it riding it as I slid in and out, pumping faster and harder. Every time Stepf moaned I turned the vibrator up higher. Her body was trembling, she was moaning saying, "Don't stop, don't stop, please baby."

Just as i was about to bang her back out like never before i hear a knock at my door. Alese'...Alese'... then a soft voice mommy.... Oh my Goodness. I had completely lost track of time hear it was going on 4o'clock and i'm half naked fuckin my neighbor on the floor when i'm supposed to be taking my daughter to the zoo.... AHHhhh Hold on a min.. lemme put somethin on....

I lean over to ask Steph if she was ok. She replied, "Yes, I am, but it is kinda hard to get my bearings." "You had a girl feeling good as shit!" I told her "trust me, the feeling is more than mutual." As she got up to go clean up in the bathroom, I hustled to put on my clothes. I went to the door and my little sweetheart was there waiting for me. "Hi mommy!" "You ready for the zoo little one?", I said. By this time, Steph stepped out the bathroom completely freshened up and ready to go. I explained to my daughter that this was my new neighbor and she came over to have lunch. "which was primarily my pussy", I thought to myself. I turned on the TV and told my daughter to wait there and that mommy would only be a minute. As I headed to the bathroom, Steph stopped me and told me that she would like to continue what we had started later this evening. I had to admit at that moment I could have taken her back to my room and had my way with her but I decided that it was better that we waited until tonight. I did kiss her deeply and palmed her pussy. I told her to keep it nice and wet until I got back tonight.


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