Long Distance Love

How does one survive those lonely nights?

This Xtasy Tale was started by Blush.

"hello"--"hay baby, it's me"--"mhmmm where are you boo?"--"in seattle, i had a short business meeting go into overtime, how you doin?"--"fine baby, just missin you baad"--"mhmm i know sweetie but i'll be home soon, just make sure you're ready for the lovin when i get home aiight!"--"of course baby you know i will,i love you"--"love you too boo, i gotta go, see you on Friday, mwaaah" "click"

I hung the phone up, daym i was gettin tired of this shit. Always out of town, never time to talk, what about me??.. I know she has to work but daym don't i have feelings too. Sometimes love isn't enough nah'mean?

Me and my baby have been together for about three years, we love each other and the sex is great it's just that lately her job has been takin her places i ain't want to go. Is it my fault cold ass seattle don't suit my needs? no. Maybe i don't like ohio and all the scenery the countryside has to offer. I'm content at home, i find things to keep me occupied. hmmm lots of things and sometimes people, hay i'm young, i can't keep waiting on my lover for weeks at a time. Every girl wants to feel wanted and lately i've been that girl.

This one girl i met online was hott. let me tell you bout some of the things we did!!!

She came to my house and at first she was spitting game into my ear. I was enjoying it! Then she cover my eyes with a satin scarf and she laid me down on my bed. She poured strawberry motion lotion ALL OVER ME AND IN ME. Then she everso lightly licked it all up and off... I was moaning hard but she took it to the house when she... she... man, got me studdering already. when she started sucking my toes. MAN! It was on, she had me wet, i ain't even lieing. Then she just got up and stoped. for like 5 mins. I think... But when she came back, holdup she came back with the tongue on the clit. I was throbbing and swoll she was just what i needed to relieve the stress, of missing my baby. I was screaming and studdering and ticking all at once. Baby gyrl, took off the scarf. Then she crawled into the bed and turned me over and gave me a massage. She started kissing me all over my body. It felt GOOD to have someone touching me like this again... I really miss my baby now that i think back on it. When she finally went home I cried myself to sleep missing my boo. DON'T get me wrong, it was good but not like my babe does it, understand she knows just how I like it.

I guess tha's why I pulled myself up out of that fantasy. I'd seen some of my girls head down that internet path and ended up with some crazy bitches. No matter. I brought myself back to how my girl has been holdin' on to all of this stuff so tight. Locked up, but not chained. All this frustration is really just about that afternoon on her luchbreak from the bookstore. That's when she was fingering my stuff for the first time--her fingers makin home and plumpin the pillows. She circled around my opening, and one of my deeper voices told her, asked her, whom i jokin, begged her, to go ahead. From the second that her long, strong, life filled finger slid into my pussy, I was hers. No doubt. I still dream about walking through stores or across town with her finger inside me--makin me strong. So here I was, needing that heat with my woman and no one else. So I *69'd and the hotel clerk answered. The Radisson Seattle. I asked for my baby and she responded "My Pleasure." "Hello?" "Baby, turn off the T.V. and lay back."

"Do you remember the first time we kissed?""Do you remember the first time we made love?" It was a night like this one but the only diffence was we were together.. Lately i been missing that special day.Baby,lately i been missing you.Your hands running over my skin,your smell that arouses me within minutes,your breath racing down my spine, your lips as they kiss me softly,your heart beat as we stand breast to breast,your smile that you do when you know you've made me wet,ummmmmmmmm, your tongue as it teases my nipples and slides over my clit...Can you feel how excited you were when i was close to cummin',as you suck on my clit and pin me down so i won't wiggle away from you." You really had a way with that tongue ring"Baby make me feel like this was our first time make me feel like we were together tonight".....

--Awww boo, please don't do this to me again. You know how much i hate this phone sex shit...i'm feelin you boo, i want to touch and please you as much as you want me to do it but i'm busy! I got madd work to do and not saying that you're a distraction or anytihng but the quicker i get finished the sooner i get home to you...aiight boo?-- My mind was screamin hell no that shit's not alright!! but my mouth said --I'm sorry baby i know you got work, it's just that i missed you, I'll see you when you get here-- click

Now i'm frustrated, what tha hell am i supposed to do untill she gets home? I decided to go online. maybe there will be something there that amuses me. I remember hearing about this site for black lesbians, Kuma2 or somethin... i decide to check it out.

Hmmmm not much goin on in the chat rooms...ahhha the personals that's what i'll use. Hmmm "attached sexy female seeking frienship only for lonely nights...please respond asap" Now what do i sit and wait?

My homegyrl calls me on my other line to tell me about this website she found, blackplanet.com. she says it has ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE. so i hang up with her and i go to blackplanet.com. When i hit there homepage it's like man so much to choose from. so i go to find and i look for someone who suits my needs. and i find her purple_star. young inexperience and willing and ready to learn. I hit her page and to my surprise she was online. Hold up! so i leave her a note and i go clickin on her friends list to keep my self occupied. i check out "bp_hotest_studs" and there's this gurl "studuthankof" i click on her picture and she has this beautiful poetry on her page. i had to leave her a note too. a lite starts blinkin about the bottom of my page. i click it. it's from purple_star talkin about what's tha deal... i'm like yeah i can get into this here. bp is alright... blackplanet.com is gonna give me some throwed lil friends.

i get up from my computer and i put in my Musiq cd. I hit number seven "love"... then i push repeat.

"love... for better or worse i still will choose u first"

I think about my boo. I'mma always choose her first. I go into my kitchen and i pour me a glass of white zinfandel. I go back into our computer room and i get an aolim. It's from my boo. She says she misses me and she is trying to hurry and get home to me. I reply," but not soon enough." and then i close the im. I hit reply for *~*~Purple_Star~*~* note, hey i'm glad u replied. I'm interesting in getting to know u better so tell me something about urself. another im pops up, "I do what i can to wear the pants in the relationship. It isn't easy beening a lesbian, black, female and a partner in a major business such as this. baby please i don't wanna argue or fight with u. I just wanna spend this time makein u wet."

I reply coldly i'd rather be dry than be wet with u all the way in seattle, and btw i'm gonna get me some tonite"

"NO, U AIN'T GETTIN NONE TONITE!" I'MMA SHOW HER! i log off aolim and I get another note from P_S. "how about I show u what i can do?" and i was like YES! just what the doctor ordered. I hit reply.

I don't know where it came from but this desire to not do this just stopped me from hitting reply. My head fell down and my hair was in my face. I thought this isn't what i want. I want my baby gyrl, I want Lolo. Forget about P_S! I want to be with Lolo... I get back into Musiq, "I'mma always choose love first!" We've had a lot of ups and downs but i still choose her first. I send a note back to old gurl saying, no thanks maybe next time lifetime. I pack my bag, and i get into my car and i drive up to seattle. It was only a thirty minute drive from were we leave.

When i got to the hotel and i got to her room. She opened the door with this surprised look on her face. But she pulled me into the room and kissed me. "babe," she keeps on kissin. "Baby!" she's pullin off my clothes. "Lowetesa!" then she stops. She sets on the edge of the bed and looks up at me. She puts her braids back up in a ponytail. I take a deep breathe. "I love u!" she interrupts, "i know." "but boo listen, i can't stand to be away from u, I love u so much it drives me crazy to be away from u for more than a day at a time. U mean EVERYTHING TO ME. I can't sleep when your not home. I cry craving u. I hate it when we argue and or fight. I just want u to hold me and love me. I don't want to be apart from u, I can't imagin my life without u. I'm crazy about u!! I don't think this is normal. so I think I need time away to reavaluate the way i feel about u. I'm too young for this to be so strong. I need time and space. But i love u, and i'm gonna always choose u first. that's not a question or any other option. Everything i do i do for u, Everything i say is true. I need time away for a min. to get my head together." "gyrl u funnie! yeah u funny stop trippin!"

"I'm not!" I need to get my head back together. I could see the tears start to form in her eyes, although she tried to hide it. I saw them. We slept together in the bed holding each other. neither one of us slept. we just listen to each others heart beats and deep breaths as if it were our last time.


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