____We lost yet another game to Glendale College and the team's morale has been seriously waning. Coach says we need a serious attitude adjustment and that "we have got to be all in it to win it!" On the court we are a family. We eat, sleep, travel and counsel together. After all, we are all we've got. We come from the ghettos of Cleveland to the suburbs of the Hamptons. However, when we're on the court we all sweat the same.
____Now life off the court is as much temperamental as it is harmonious. We trim the trees together. We fry chicken together. We eat potato salad together. We light candles together. And when the weather is more than we can handle, we comfort our sistahs. We get on the phone. We burn the lines. We weep. We gather in kitchen. Just in time. We ask for forgiveness. Such is life off the court. We have just one rule. Whatever goes down in private, stays that way. Now, nobody got anything to be ashamed of but rules are not meant to broken.
____It's real quiet in the locker room. You can hear a pin drop. Sagging heads of sweat drip aimlessly as naked brown bodies shower themselves. All kinds of sweet nubian scents in the air; the scent of Eva, the scent of Keisha, the essence of Mina and of course the sweet chocolate aroma of #49 herself. The room has pretty much cleared out except #49. She is tall, dark with flowing locks that fall to her ass cheeks. Her breasts are a double "D" with large aerioles that would make a lasting impression on my wet tongue. Mmmm, makes me hungry just thinking about it. Her hips are Mother Earth and her thighs are a thick surprise. Her biceps and triceps are well formed. Yes, #49 is just right to me.
____I watch her from my locker. She strips off her panties and heads to the shower. I follow her and can feel myself getting wet between my legs. She goes into one stall and I go into the one next to it. I hear her start to soak herself and my nipples stand out from my large breasts like small peaks. All of a sudden I see #49 talk into my stall. Her nipples are erect and I can see how aroused she is. She reaches for the soap and lathers me up.
____Our eyes are transfixed on each other. As the water trickles down our bodies, #49 gently rubs here chest against the side of my arm and I feel those erect nipples brushing against my skin. As the stall fills up with steam, we both start to disappear in it. We can hardly see each other. My hands slowly circle her waist and drop further down her sexy back. I move her long locks away and begin to play with that nice thick ass of hers. A low moan escapes as I hungrily grap two hand fulls of her most luscious ass. I tease it and open it widely letting the water run down between her legs. My fingers gently come to the front nad those nipples of hers are still driving me crazy. I cup thoses lovely mounds in my hands and tease those nice nipples between my fingers. Ohhhh, I'm going to suck the hell out of them! I spread her arms above her head and pin them to the wall. We are both breathing very hard now and I can feel the moisture starting to drip between my own legs. I take one hand away and let it slip between my legs and gently begin massaging my own clit. Then I slip two fingers inside and slowly let them go up to the knuckle. She opens her eyes and is watching me. Ahhh, what a pretty sight she says in a low and sexy voice. May I help?
____As #49 watches me slip my finger into my own moist pussy she replies "These no need for self pleasure let me take you there". I become so excited I remove my fingers from my hot throbbing pussy and I begin to kiss her soft but firm breast. Ummmm oh so sweet. I take my time and suck them until #49 lets out a soft groan. As I am sucking her breast she begins to caress my breast. I slowly move her hands down to my wet pussy. When she feels my wetness we began to kiss with great intensity. I want to taste her so bad. But I don't want to rush this long awaited moment. She then slowly slips one finger into my moist pussy and I just close my eyes tilt my head back and enjoy the feel of her strucking my gently and the water hitting my body. She begins to lick my breast and all around my navel. I am like damn she's going to do it. She pushes my week shaking knees open and slowly licks my outter lips. I begin to say yes baby that feels good. Before I know it she slipped her warm tongue up in me I moaned for more. Her tongue went in and out in and out. My knees was getting so weak but I didn't care. She took her warm tongue and licked all around my clit. I begin to say baby please give it to me. I could feel my insides beginning to shake. I was ready for the orgasm. She said please be patient. I just closed my eyes and thought to myself okay. She contined to caress and struck my aroused body. Before I know it we was both on our knees in the shower. The only thing on my mind was what does # 49 taste like. The one way I knew to find out was to go down and taste her. I said can I call you #69 she said why thats not my number I said I can show you better then I can tell you. She said with a soft voice then show me. I laid her soft body on top of mines. We was in a 69 position. (One of my favorites) I began to suck on her clit and her juices just gushed out like a flood. As our bodys move we both was being pleased. I licked and sucked as if it was my last time. with each lick she pressed her pussy on my tongue harder and harder I knew she wanted more. At the same time she was sucking my clit just right. I wanted to scream so loud. We both began to shiver and we continues to taste one another and all at once we both reached our climax at the same time.
____As we lay soaking wet in each other's juices, we felt the constant spray of water as it ran freely from the faucet in the shower room. I gently shook #49, who seemed to be in a trance-like state. "Let's get up baby, we need to head home anyway. There's so much more for us to explore." #49 glanced at me with her soulful brown eyes and simply nodded her head. "Yeah, let's go back to my condo. I want to show you something." We jumped up, dried, dressed, and hurried off to her spot, about a half hour away. "Ummmm, could you slow down a bit please?" I asked #49 as she reached 80 mph in her 1999 silver converible Volkwagen Beetle. #49 looked at me and laughed. "I'm sorry, I just love going really fast in this car. But just know, there are other things I love doing slowly."
____I reached over and squeezed her knee. There was something really special about #49. We began to discuss our past: family dramas, relationship woes, and future aspirations. The more we talked and caressed one another hands, the more I felt a comfort unlike anything I'd ever felt before. #49 and I decide to stop and pick up some food before heading to her place for a quiet evening alone. As well pull up in her complex, I note the beautifully landscaped hedges, balconies, swimming pool, tennis courts. It became obvious to me that #49 was no "round-the-way girl," and lived a good life. "Hmmm...," I thought to myself, "I could get used to this..." As we ascended her stairs, #49 opened her door from a remote control key, and said, "Make yourself at home Boo, I'm going to change out of these clothes into something more comfortable." As she slinked out of the room with that sexy walk of hers, I imagined what piece of lingerie she would emerge in. Oh well, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
____As I prepare the table on her balcony, I note what a beautiful evening it is. The stars in this Arizona sky are incredible, and a far cry from the Philly skyline I ran from.... As I marvel at the beauty of the stars above, I feel her presence behind me. As I turn around, #49 takes my hand and leads me down the stairs of the balcony, through a private wooded path, and up the steps of a gazebo right next to a small creek. "Wow, this is really beautiful down here -- " #49 holds her sweet finger to my mouth to cut me in, and gently cups my face with her hand. She moves in closer to me, so close that I can feel her fresh breath almost stinging me, and says "I've been watching you for so long, and I'm so glad that we've finally come together like this." She kisses me lightly at first, and then deeper and deeper until I feel one with #49. I tremble, as my mind thinks back to all of the times when I wanted to talk to her, touch her, but scared of getting too close to someone like her. #49 was unlike any other woman I'd ever known. Even at this moment, I knew that #49 and I would become closer than I'd ever been with anyone in the entire world.
____I felt her loosely fitted blue gown, which looked exquisite on her and we made our way down to the floor of the gazebo where #49 had arranged piles of soft quilts, blankets, and pillows. THe soft breeze in the air was intoxicating. As #49 and I lay there, I realize that I'm no longer interested in having just sex with her, but making love to her. I'm scared to death of this. #49 stands up, and I feel completely powerless, as if she is my goddess. I feel myself jump slightly and say, "What's wrong Boo?" Already I feel myself tough exterior melting away. This woman of rare beauty is captivating me. She replies, "I'm going to get our food and make everything beautiful. I want this to be a night unlike either one of us have ever known." I immediately rise to help her, but she insists that I relax. As #49 goes back up the balcony stairs, I exhale. I feel myself letting go of bitterness, resentment, and all of my playa-playa ways. I exhale and close my eyes and for once feel at home without being at home. #49 is the one for me, and I'm not messing this one up.
____The next thing I remember I awake to a room of candles, and a strong aroma of scents. "Oh no, I can't believe I fell asleep! I'm so sorry Boo, I guess I didn't realize how tired I was." #49 smiles sweetly, "That's okay, you gave me time to reheat the food and get everything ready. You were only asleep for like thirty minutes." I'm relieved with her response. I can't help but think about all of the other women I've dated who would have cussed me out good-fashioned for falling asleep on them. I turn over on my back and look upwards at the gazebo ceiling, and listen to the sounds of night. I could stay her forever. I reach out her #49 who's lying right beside on her side, staring at me, actually staring through me. I feel the soft texture of her hair, and pull her closer to me. She asks, "Are you hungry? Here, try one of these." #49 feeds me one of these gourmet hors'doeuvres and inhale it. "Mmmmm, that's delicious! I had no idea I was so hungry." #49 tosses her head back playfully and laughs. We eat every last morsel of food, drink a nice bottle of Merlot, and act silly together. Nothing has ever felt like this before. Suddenly, music begins. I'm starting to think I'm in some kind of haunted house, but #49 explains that she set her stereo timer. As we lay there cuddling, #49 runs her fingers up and down my side. She sits up and slips off her gown. I sit up and do the same, and we lay back down together. #49 presses her breasts into my back, and I moan as I feel her nipples getting erect. "Ooooh Baby, you feel so good." I turn over and face her and we kiss intensely. I feel an aching in me to make love to #49, as we're both exploring each other's bodies with our hands. My hand reaches for her wetness and oooh baby is she wet! #49 groans in satisfactioon as my fingers penetrate her insides. She arches her back and rises in orgasm after orgasm. #49 reaches her hand for me and pulls me closer so that we're in an almost-69 position once again. My mouth desires her taste. It feels like days since I'd last tasted her. Actually it had only been hours. Our tongues explore each others bodies, and we begin tasting each other feverishly.
____"Yesssss, Baby, Yessss!" I scream as I climax again and again. #49 cries out and holds me tight as she comes and comes and comes. Then, we expire. We feel lost, yet we feel that we've found what we've been searching for. As I turn over and get into a spoon position with my breasts pressed against my baby's back I say, "I love you." I'm thinking she's drifted off to sleep and doesn't hear me. Then I hear her sigh, "I've loved you forever. Goodnight Boo." As my eyes filled with tears, I see the sunrise peeking through the gazebo ceiling. A new day is dawning.
____As the sun peaks over the mountain, i am astounded about what just happened. Can this really be love? I feel the bed shake next to me... i turn over to find the most beautiful brown eyes staring into mine. "Good morning baby" she says in a voice that i've grown to cherish in such a short time. "Good morning" I reply feeling slightly self concious. But i can already feel my juices starting to flow. Its amazing how much this woman affects me. She grabs my hand and drags me to the shower. "It's time to clean up". She turns on the shower and I step in .... she jumps in behind me and i can feel the heat emanating from her body. As I let the water pound my ultra sensitive skin, i can feel her breath on my neck. I can feel her mouth getting closer until i feel her hot tongue on my neck. I immediately begin to melt under her experienced tongue.
____This new love of my life has a tongue I cannot begin to explain. all i know is that in the shower, in bed her tongue makes my knees weak. I moan in total melt down. My hands rub her slippery body as she strokes me from behind. baby, I say, any more and I think I'll drown. she turns me around to face her. Her eyes have captured my soul and I know that I have found my soul mate. The water runs what seems like ever so slowly over our bodies making us one- yet again.


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