When Leah got back to her dorm room, she found a black robe and blindfold strewn across her bed. She was so excited she nearly dropped her dinner. "Yes!" After months of performing menial tasks and memorizing the Zed's history, she would officially be welcomed into the Zed Alpha Zed. Leah never imagined that she would actually join a sorority., but the women of Z A Z where just too damn sexy . . . and rumor had it that they were downright kinky behind closed doors.

It was 7:35, Leah only had 25 minutes to get ready. She hopped in the shower and scrubbed head to toe with her new peach/apricot bodywash. She took care to wash her newly cut 'fro. After drying off completely, Leah slipped the black robe over her naked body. The material was refreshingly cool against her skin. At 7:58, she put on the blindfold and waited.

At eight o'clock, Leah heard her door open. A hand gently took hers and begin leading her into the hallway. The floor was cold and sticky. Leah figured that before the night was over she would catch a cold, but it would be worth it. She could just imagine the other girls watching her and knowing she was one of the chosen. Before she knew it, Leah was getting into a car. Cautiously, feeling her surroundings, she figured out that she was in the front seat.

During the entire drive (was it 5 minutes or 15?), Leah and her driver/guide did not speak. For one, it was against Z A Z rules for new initiates to speak without first being spoken to. Secondly, Leah's nipples where hard from constantly rubbing against he robe and she prayed that the erections did not show. She wasn't going to do or say anything to draw attention to herself or her chest.

When the ride ended, Leah found herself being led into unfamiliar territory. She was led into a house (she thought) and then abandoned. She could feel carpet beneath her feet and smell incense burning. There were other people in the room, lots of whispering around her. She imagined that all of the new sisters were standing in a line, while the other Z A Z looked on.. Suddenly, Leah's hands were pulled behind her back and were tied with what felt like a silk scarf.

Leah was nearly trembling with excitement. In just a few minutes she would know the secrets of Zed Alpha Zed. She was going to cross over into history. Just then, Leah felt lips brush against the nape of her neck. Someone began sucking her right earlobe. Was that a tongue or someone's fingertips caressing her left calf?

Leah, was a little nervous and excited at the same time. She was already aroused by the robe brushing against her breast. Every touch just heightened her senses. She could not make out if they were hands or objects running across her body. She could feel herself moisten. The whispers were silenced and the room became fulled with moans of pleasure. She was eagerly wanting to know what was happening around her. Her own thoughts of the possibility made her more excited. Suddenly she felt a warm wetness surround her nipples at the same time.


It was someones mouth.a soft tounge lapped and licked at her erect nipple.a voice said "take her down."she felt someone spead her legs and caress the wetness between her warm thighs.another voice said "it's time."she felt two girls between her legs and they plunged both of their tongues into her.she began to moan.

She felt a pair of hands on her left ankle, then her right. He legs were spread apart and she heard a soft voice that sounded familiar say "Don't forget that we all get a taste." The the two girls moved away and another took their place. This female really had talent, and her tongue was rough but nice.

As she flickered her toungue across my now rock hard clit I felf my juices start to flow. The feeling was building like a sunami, and just before the I was going to explode she was gone.

As to not loose this feeling I gentle mastabated thinking of all the new times we will have together and how much we will enjoy them.

Suddenly I heard a soft familiar voice say "No baby remove your hand." Obediently I moved my hand. Just as soon as I moved my hand, I was rewarded with a thick, velvety-like king size tongue which made my g-spot hollar with desire. The king size tongue moved to the deepest part of me taking me to heights and depths unknown.

as it continued to stroke that are of pleasure know as my clit i started to reach periods of ectasy and joy.

slowly, but swiftly, my body began to move with the rhytmn of the tongue that danced within me, hoping that this dance would never end...."No not yet " the voice seemed to be coming from behind, they gently led me to a bed , the feel of silk rubbed softly against my thighs, then my stomach then my breasts, making my body shiver with delight, waiting for they're next move. "Stay still" the voice of another I caught a wiff of a sweet smell of oil, a coconut smell, then I felt the warm liquid across my back, instinctively

I was quite obedient to the gentle yet demanding voice that kept telling me "not yet". Not because I was afraid but because I knew that this initiation had been done time and time again and the best was yet to come. I don't know how I kept from exploding in ecstacy because the constant saliva from the many tongues entering my wet pussy made me want to leap up from there. Every inch of my body,beginning with my breasts,my clit, my pussy all the way down to my toes was crying out to be released. Then suddenly, without warning I felt an uprising in my stomach that caused my very being to begin to hump up and down, back and forth in mid air although, now here's the catch, everyone had stopped touching me. Little did I know that what they had in store for me next would make love making with my mate seem like childs play. With the sweet smell of coconut oil and sex juices still in the air I could not wait for what was to come next..............

I heard a voice say "now it is her turn". I felt a finger with the smell of sex rub against my lips. As I opened my mouth I tasted a tangy unfamillar creamy flavor upon my tongue. Nervously I relized this is the flavor of a women's pussy. I was asked "do you like the taste" and assuringly I nodded yes.I felt someone getting on the bed with me. Then I felt a soft warm pussy on my face and that strong smell of sex once again.

I felt a wet, warm tongue gently passing over my thick lips, leaving a slight trail of saliva behind it. The tongue moved around my lips, her chin and then, in a more demanding way, it enetered my mouth. Such a strange yet wonderful sensation I had never felt before and without even knowing it, I started sucking the tongue and forcing my own tongue into the mystery mouth. At the same time another wonderful sensation hit her - someone else was licking the lower part of my cunt and slowly slowly, one millimetre after the other this second tongue was working its way to my asshole. Soon enough, I felt the wetness of the second tongue licking my hole and trying to penetrate it at the same time. I lifted herself up, just a few inches, to permit the tongue better access to my hole, and at the same time I was still frenching the first girl.

I felt the warm, wet juices with my tonque as I strained my neck to taste more of my new sister. I wondered only briefly which sister it was. I was so aroused by now only the sex mattered, not the source of the sex. With my tonque I found the sweet little nub of her clit. I sucked and nibbled the swollen mound like it was a nipple, making the sweet tasting girl on my face squirm and press deeper into my face. God how I wished I could get my hands to her chest. I am sure her nipples are hard and needing to be sucked. I wonder if there is already someone seeing to that wonderful duty. I hope that tonight they will share me with all of my sisters.

No more time to wonder I must concentrate on bringing my new sister to the depths of....oh my god she's gone and I'm being covered with something sticky and wet, it feels like oooh it's being dripped slowly down my pussy and running down my ass I feel several hands flip me over and spread my legs, my ass is being penetrated with licks I try to get on all fours but some one gently pushes me down and parts my lips and insert something velvety and tasteless in my eagerly waiting mouth they're rubbing this velvety thing on my tongue and my pussy at the same time it feels like

a burst of heaven within my slick body. my mind is in a whirlwind as sensation after sensation wracks by body. she slowly rubs the velvet mystery over my wet and erect clit. lightening shoots from the nreves in my clit up to my brown hard as stone nipples. as i open my mouth to mpoan was again, the velvet sheath is rubbes over my tounge. i wrap my lips around the opject to try to feel it out. i cant tell what it is I only know the torture of pleasure that it brings. its pulled slowly from between my wet lips with a smack that seems loud to my ears. at the same time that i am savoring the loss of the odject something wet and firm brushes over my left then my right nipple, making it even more impossibly hard. my whole body heavesin extasy, and it is only confounded when one of my big sisters once again starts to suck on my clit. i try to close my legs against the forced pleasure, but my ankles are still being held in a firm grip. this tounge continues to force itself against my more than willing clit. i feel myself about to burst, and the pleasure is coming to the point of pain.


not knowing what else to do I give in to the painfully wonderful feeling. I had never felt this way before, never had I experienced something so orgasmically intertwined, I loved every minute of it. What was next to cum is what I couldn't believe. I had heard the sound of a match being lit and at this moment I froze with fear. Next I found that there was wax being dripped along my inner thighs, at first it hurted but then the feeling of the hot substance added to my excitement and it was enough to give me another orgasm in itself.

By now, I was up to at least six orgasms. I had lost count as one just seemed to stream into the next. I could still feel the presence of my Z A Z sisters, but suddenly no one was touching me and the room had become very quiet. I heard a door creak open and then the sound of heels tapping the bare part of the floor I had crossed earlier. The tapping became more of a padding noise as the person reached the carpet. She spoke the first words I had heard since before leaving my room, but barely above a whisper. I felt her lips near my ear as she spoke..."Well, well, well....seems you're enjoying your initiation, but let me check just to be sure." I braced myself not knowing what she meant by "check". Then I felt her fingers slide between my lips, dipping deep into my slickness. I heard a moan and a slight slurping sound, then she put her lips to mine and I could taste the salty sweetness of myself. She teased my lips wih her tongue, then bit my bottom lip before whispering to me. "Things are coming along just fine...but before we continue, you need to pick a number between 5 and 10.

Barely able to speak, I murmered "Seven." Once I had spoken, she whispered "Prepare her." and padded/tapped away and back through the creaking door. I felt hands lifting and guiding me towards the sound of running water. I coldnt tell how many bodies there were but hands were everywhere. My robe was taken away as I stepped into very warm and fragrant water. I was scrubbed, massaged and kissed from head to toe, then led to another room.

I was placed on a bed and once again, heard heels tapping the floor. The same voice from before whispered "ONE"

At this point I felt my ankles being tied apart. Someone knelt at my head and began giving me the deepest French kiss I had ever experienced, while another warm mouth closed over my right nipple, another the left...the sensation was driving me crazy. I could feel my hips undulating and just as I made an upward stroke, a tongue came in contact with my clit, and licked very lightly. Hands began to rub my thighs until I thought I would explode, and just as I approached the brink of the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life.....they all stopped. I was still twisting around on the bed, desperate for the feeling to continue. Panting and bewildered, I slowly calmed down and heard a whisper. "TWO"

Again, the sensations of a mouth on each nipple, a tongue on my clit and someone sucking my tongue very softly drove me to that brink, but more quickly, and once again stopped before I came. Several minutes went by. Once again my torturer whispered...."THREE" same scenario... "FOUR...do you wish you had said TWO?" she asked. I was beginning to realize that this was going to happen 3 more times before I would get the release of my life...but when she finally whispered "SEVEN", they pulled out all the stops....along with the hands and tongues and mouths from before, dildoes were inserted, front and back....I had never felt anything like this in my life, and I bucked and pulled at my restraints as tears of ecstasy rolled down my face. My back was arched and my ass was off the bed as high as it could go as I felt myself grind against the beautiful mouth against me. When I finally exploded, I fell back into the bed, and immediately fell into a very deep sleep

When I woke up, I noticed that the blindfold and restraints were gone. I sat up slowly, my body weak from the night before. My sisters had taken me back to my room. When I tried to walk, I realized I was still very, very wet. The feel of my slick lips against my clit almost sent a shockwave through my body and I almost fell backwards. I decided to sit on the bed until I wasn't so . . . sensative.

Then, I noticed the silver and green Z A Z pendant on my night stand. I had earned my place in the sisterhood. Swearing to forever guard our secrets, I clenched the pin tightly as I again drifted off to sleep -- with a wide smile on my face and a tingling sensation in my pussy.


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