Ida Ho

Small town, big action.

Why do they allways have me does these meetings in these small little towns.. I hate it.. Send me to Atlanta or somewhere i can go and maybe meet some fine girls, but no they want to send me to Davis, Idaho. I wonder if the hoes from there say i da ho...sorry just thinking to myself.

Well population 35,265 not bad, i wonder if they have any cool nightspots here cause im going to need one after dealing with all these country people.

God will my luggage hurry up and come down the shoot, so i can get settled in. "Excuse me," I hear and turn around to find one of the most beautiful womyn I have ever come across. "Is your name Stacy?"

I'm taken back a little, who was this raving beauty who knew my name. "Yes I'm Stacy, and who are you?"

"I'm from Spencer Quality Control, I was sent here to take you to your hotel and make sure you get settled in ok."

At this moment I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, remind me to say my prayers tonight. "Wow I thought i was going to have to catch a cab."

Well, I must say that this is one ride that I'm not turning down! I'd be a fool not to take on the challenge of turning my what seemed to be a boreing trip into a better one by getting to know my shoffer more intimately. Getting to see her body fully undressed would be more of my goal, instead of learning her personality which is all that's on my mind.

She assisted me in getting my luggage and told me her name was Trina. We said our hello's and headed for the vehicle she would use to take me to my destination. On the way to the hotel, my thoughts were on Trina's nude well formed body lying before me on my bed waiting for me to lunge between those strong looking, slender brown legs. I saw myself undressing before her slowly and getting on my knees at the foot of the bed while she watched, taking Trina's legs and parted them slightly to began my quest. As backward as it may seem, I dived into licking and sucking her full, brown, hairy pussy like a bitch in heat. I needed her juices for a charge to fulfill my lack of having a female for six long, long months. Licking, sucking, kissing her pussy gave me so much pleasure as I moved up her body with my tongue to her firm slender tummy then to her round, firm breasts and nipples. I sucked the dime size nipples of her breasts til she arched her back upward and asked for mercy.

I wanted her to show me just how much more of my lust she could stand, so, I licked my way up to her neck and sucked her for more squirming, then to her mouth where I sucked in her tongue into my mouth creaseing it firmly and hard to let her feel my passion for her. She moaned ever so softly and rubbed my body with up and down strokes with sterness to let me know that she was really releaseing her juices from my jestures to her body.

My hand was firmly placed over her pussy at this point with my middle finger easing in and out of her wettness. She was so juicy and wet by this time, that I eased back down to her tunnel between her legs to drink in as much as I could catch with my tongue. Damn, she's sweet! Her cum is so warm, soft, smooth to my lips.

Now, if I can only fulfill my thoughts of such a short period. We have just reached the hotel, so, I need to figure out a way to have Trina get undressed and the rest will fall into play.

In the hotel room I suggest to Trina that we order something to eat along with a bottle of wine from room service. She agrees. I tell her I will take a shower. After my shower Trina decides that she too will take a shower. We are both in our nightgowns and I suggest that we share some wine together. I'm wet at the thought of having that pussy all to myself but I have to be subtle so as not to frighten her. We managed to drink the whole bottle of wine and we are both feeling pretty mellow. My instincts tell me to go for it. I'm scared but it is a chance I have to take. I move closer to her and gently kiss her full lips. To my surprise she reciprocates and I coul hardly contain my joy. I continue kissing her softly at first then deeply as the passion rises. She moans softly and this reall turns me on. I run my hands over her full breasts and gently squeeze them feeling the nipples harden in my hands. I am so aroused I could hardly stand it. I decide I can't rush this foreplay because the best is yet to come.

I then felt convicted by God, what am I doing...

is fulfilling destiny. We have been delivered into each other's presence, into this exhilleratingly warm embrace, not by chance, not by luck but by creative forces of the universe. The glow grows to heat as I move to straddle her legs and our loins undulate as one. Her moans are such sweet music but I have got to slow down. I raise up and ease down her torso, planting wet kisses and gentle caresses everywhere. Her toes are savored on by one before moving up along the inside of her thighs. She shows her approval by pulling up her nightgown, bringing her knees up, and spreading her legs wide.

With her sitting on the edge of the sofa with her legs spread wide, I move my hand down and caress softly her throbbing pussy. At the same time I continue to lick her hard erect nipples, first the left then the right. Her moaning really turns me on. As she calls out my name I feel my own wet pussy throbbing. I then move my tongue downward to her navel as she moves her hips in a slow roll. She places her hands on my head as to lead me to her wet, juicy pussy. With her hands guiding me, I lower my head and begin to lick her pussy the way she wants. I slide one finger inside that pussy, while still licking and sucking her, and then two fingers. "Fuck me baby" she says "fuck me".....

I continue to lick and suck Trina's clit with long deliberate strokes. Wanting to prolong the feeling I gently eased my fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with my tongue. She arches her back so I could put as much of my stiffened tongue into her now dripping pussy. I inhale, and the scent of her sex makes my pussy juices flow even more. I bury my face in her pussy and tongue fuck her just keeping her on the brink of orgasm.

I move up to nibble her navel, as i place 2 fingers in side her moist,wet pussy."More", she cries out. So i put a third finger in. Her body is moveing uncontrolablly now, but she wants me to continue. I do so reluctantly.I have only heard about FISTING, not tryed it though. "More, I want to fill you in side me, more" She cried. So I did what I was told. My body began to move. My heart pounding. Finally all the way inside, i make a "FIST"...

At first I thought I was hurting her because of the way she was moaning but when I looked at her beautiful face I knew that her moans were from pleasure, not pain. I slowly began to move my hand in and out of her, she made her lower body meet my hand with each thrust. With my other free hand I began to tease her rock hard nipple by pinching it lightly and circling it with my tongue.

I could tell that she need more from me. I then became excited with her movement. She needed it and I had it for her. I wanted to penatrate every wall in that hot wet pussy. So I gently put it in. The way she greated me with her legs tightly around me just blow me away. I knew what she wanted and I knew how to give it to her,

baby, let me taste you she said. pulling my hand out of that wet pussy with ease was just as pleasuring as sliding it in, my hand was full of Trina's juices, i licked my hand like a tastee ice cream. "Sit on my face", Trina said, let me eat some of dat pussy. Trina laid back and i croched down in front of her my erected clit just staring at her, without hesitation she ticked my clit with her tongue and started eating my pussy, i'm riding her face like a horse.

The last coherent words I said were,"Ohhh yes, baby, bring me on home!". After that, her active tongue and lively, full lips took me to the moan zone. I was enjoying the ride of my life. Finally enveloping my swollen clit with those velvet lips pushed me across a finish line felt, not seen.


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