"Few of us are ever old enough to know exactly what we want, and even fewer live long enough to find it... less than that --wise enough to grab it!"

She walked into the multi-divisional corporate meeting (well over an hour) late, commanding the attention of everyone in the conference hall, including the CEO. I was grateful that she sat two rows in front of me--giving vivid (living color) occupation to my mind that had long since used up every once of interest in what the speaker was/was not saying.Never before had I been physically attracted to a woman at first sight. Not even my previous two girlfriends. But this WOMAN demanded my attention. My breasts swelled as I took a mental inventory of the way she wore her clothes. The way she sauntered through the conference hall made my mouth water. By the time she regally took her seat I was wet. Everything about her presence seemed to say, "I'm here now let the meeting begin". I was thinking, "She's here now let the games begin!"I do not remember seeing her before, she was not in my division. Never before had I seen a female so cool, so sure of herself, who really did not give a damn about what anyone else thought.

Immediately, I wanted to know who she was, what she liked to do, what music turned her on, her favorite flower, her favorite scent, her favorite foods...and just how long it was going to take me to find out the answers to all these questions bouncing around in my head.Never once did the thought enter my mind that I had a girlfriend and that I should not be entertaining such thoughts. Not once did I think that this "cool female" could have a girlfriend, lover, or spouse. The only thing in the forefront of my thoughts was "what am I going to do to make her mine?" The thoughts--she's too cool for me, I am not her type, or that she had an option in whether or not we would have a relationship; did not enter my mind. You see, I am a mighty lioness, I live to conquer. My reason for living is "THE CHASE". I am Queen of Lovers.Already, my mind had begun the "lay in wait" strategy.

My stategy- crowd her space, corner her, get so deep into her world so quickly that she wouldn't remember how she found her way into my bed.

Interupting my train of thoughts, the CEO exclaimed, "Ahh, Ms. Jamison,how nice of you to join us". Without a show of emotion, bathing in the attention she obviously enjoyed, she gracefully nodded her head. Oblivious to the continuing conversation, I became consumed with her beauty and precise movement. She was in control and she knew it. Her presence in the room affected the atmosphere in the strangest way. I wondered how many others were as capti- vated as I was by her sensualness and grace. About a half an hour later, the CEO stopped the meeting for a short break and I noticed her as she headed out the door. I decided to follow her and hoped for the chance to introduce myself. She went into the restroom and I chased behind her like a mouse after a block of cheese and found her standing before the mirror refreshing her makeup. As I casually walked over to the sink next to hers, she looked over and our eyes met. I felt my heart skip a beat as a smile crept across her lips and she said, "hello". I quickly regained my composure and said, "hi". Never had I felt so taken by a woman and I definately could not recall a time when I could not think of anything to say. After all, I am the Queen of Lovers; but, admittedly, at this moment, I was speechless. As if coming to my rescue, she said, "I don't beleive I have seen you around her before. What department are you in?" "Graphic Designs", I said, "and you?" "Oh, I just transferred in from Houston a month ago to take over the position of International Marketing & Sales". So this was the person I had heard so much talk a-bout around the office. Not only was she one of the most beautiful women I had ever laid eyes on, but she was also very intelligent and had the credentials to prove it. In fact, as the story goes, she came with a very high price tag. Watching her, I could certainly understand why. "By the way, my name is Tra Robinson and if you need any help getting settled in or finding your way around town, just let me know and I will more than happy to oblige. I'm at ext. 566". "I'll keep that in mind Tra, and my name is Renee'". She extended her hand and as I enveloped it in my own, I could feel the warm softness radiating through my arm and flowing like liquid through my arteries. I was totally lost in time and space as I watched her lips move. Her eyes sparkled like a fine wine and I felt myself weakening to her touch. As she pulled away and began leaving the room, I knew, without a doubt, that I would not rest until I explored this delicacy. Yes, let the games begin.

The rest of the day was a total blur. All I could think about was Renee' Jamison and my body ached as I fantasized about what it would be like to put my mouth on her. My clit throbbed as my thoughts of her intensified and the juices began to flow between my legs. No other woman had ever made me this hot just thinking about her. I found myself lusting after her like a tiger after its prey and I knew that I had to plan my strategy carefully if I was to succeed in accomplishing my goal.

My eyes roamed all over her sleek physique and I felt myself imagining her in bed with me as we sat in yet another quick, informal meeting. I could see us together in bed, our legs locked together and her breath against my neck. I could feel her fingers thumping on my back as we locked our perspiring bodies together. When I caught myself, hearing the voices of those around me, I noticed her eyes were far away from my face. She gave me a quicke smile,making me think that she heard my thoughts, knew my fantasy. Her honey brown eyes flickered with delight as I licked my lips and bit my lipstick bottom lip carefully. She gave me a wink, then turned her attention to the business at hand. My heart leapt with passion. I had to go to the restroom, but I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself.

Soon my need for bathroom relief overcame me, and I quickly slipped out. While washing my hands I was totally surprised when she suddenly pranced into the ladies room, smile still plastered across her beautiful face. A throb started deep inside my pussy, causing my face to feel flushed. As she closed the door to her stall a thought came to me, that was so off the wall, yet so enticing that I quickly swallowed any doubt about what I was going to do. I gave her a few minutes, then after I heard the toilet flush I tapped quietly on her stall door, she opened and faced me with a knowing look to her face. I slipped inside, closed the door, and without a words fell to my knees in front of her, ready feast on her punani..

Something told me that she was planning something since she decided to use the handicap stall and I did not hear her use the bathroom ( I don't do pissy pussy). When I got down to my knees I couldn't help but run my hands all the way up her thighs and underneath her skirt. Yes. She had the typical figure of a black queen, ass and thighs that could make a dead woman salivate. I lifted up her skirt and rose it up to her waist. As my fingers tickled her hips she let out a small sigh. In the interest of time I had to speed it up a bit so i tore out the crotch of her stocking being careful not to cause a run. I was greeted by a chery red thong socked with her feminine juices. The smell was calling me and I could no longer resist. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and watched as her juices dripped out of her pussy. The I pulled her down to rest on my face while I suck her clit like it was the meal I've ever had. She let out a short moan and held onto to the bars on either side of the stall for support. My tongue was deep inside of her, stroking her, sucking her, juicing her. She began to gyrate her hips while I grabbed her ass and pulled deeper into my mouth. She wrapped her legs around my neck and rested on my shoulders. She was almost in a trance because my attack on her pussy was so intense. I could tell that an orgasm was close so I moved my assault to her clit to send her over the edge in still. She gasped and came all over my face and mouth. I tried to drink her essence so that I could keep her inside of me until the next time. And believe me there will me many many many more times thereafter.

After her body trembles subsided, I helped her readjust her clothing. "I really needed that", she somewhat whispered as she tried to catch her breath. " And your need is all over my face", I replied with a sure look of satisfaction. "Were you looking for this when you were watching me in the auditorium?" "Let's just say I was curious", she smiled sultry. Rinsing and drying my face and hands, I turn towards her pulling her to me as I lock my lips to the first luscious lips that had tempted me. Taking her into my arms I pulled her close so that there was no mistaking the affect that she was still having on me and also to remind us both of what had just transpared. As my tongue took a mapped journey of her upper cavity with a slow but thorough search, my hands ( of their accord) began their own ritual of exploration once again. As she breathed deeply into my mouth, moaning with her body arching towards mine, I pulled back slowly, " Our time here is up, but before you leave let me give you something else to remember me until we may meet again. Just then I took two of my fingers and casually stroked the front of her vagina and thrusted them back into the place that had so recently invited my face and tongue venture. The sudden moan she released was so intense that I had to cover her mouth once again with mine while my other hand and arm supported her almost limp body against the stall wall. With a few swift but deep plunges of my fingers inside while my thumb focused on her clit she came, giving me what I needed to assure that she would come looking for me soon. When I pulled out first rubbed her scent on my lips then kissed her lighthly on the lips. Backing away slowly I smoothed back a strand of her hair and smiled knowingly before exiting the stall and bathroom.

For two weeks I acted like a drugee jonesing for another hit. I would look at every turn for the vision that had opened my nose in the brief time we had been together. I began to feel as if it had all been a fantasy, that I would never relive. I wondered "Where could she be, and with whom." I found myself becoming angry with the prospect of the images that formed in my head. "Just leave it alone Tra, just leave it alone.", I told myself. "It was just a fling to her." "It didn't mean anything.", I started telling myself. Then one day as I was preoccupied with a report I was reading while walking to my office I heard, "Do I need a pass to the bathroom to see you again?". My feet stopped in mid gait and my crotch began to ooze and twitch. "Yesssss!" I said to myself in silent prayer. Quickly composing myself I turned to see the stunning image of the true meaning of KUMA. As I sauntered up to her I replied, breathing in her womanly scent, "You don't need a pass, just say the when, the where and how. " Here she was, looking at me with such deep lust and desire, that I could barely keep myself from embrassing her close to me and doing all the things that I ached to do to her right then and there. "Mmmmm," she replied, as her eyes roamed places on my body that I hoped her hands and lips would touch. "The when is tonight at 7, the where, at my place, and as far as the how, let's just cross that bridge when we get there, O.K.?", she said with authority slipping me her address. As she turned and walked away, "Be there!", was the last words she said. Watching her sassy ass walk away, all I could think was "Weeell, my my my, there is a god and what I plan to do to you will not be pretty but it sure will be worth your time and mines". At exactly 7p.m. I was standing outside her door in my tailored gray linen pantsuit and perfumed down (I'd sprayed all the right places). I rang the doorbell. Within seconds the door was opened and I was pulled inside and up against the hall wall with her sensual body pressed up against mine. My greeting was caught in my throat as Renee's mouth consumed mine in a kiss that made all thoughts and plans vanish from my mind. Making a path with her lips from my mouth down my throat to my breasts she moaned and forced my legs apart so that she could get closer to my pussy which was steaming with anticipation of what was to be. I put my hands on either side of her head, as I watched her go down on me. Throwing back my head and closing my eyes all I could think was, "Man, how has things changed, but everything is everything." Renee proceeded to return to my lips as her hands made swift work with my clothing. Attempting to remove her sheer babydoll outfit I was stopped, my hands held above my head as she continued her assault on my body and senses. The lower she went the more squirming I did, the more moaning she did the more I creamed. As she burrowed face in my pussy she stated, "Mmmmm, I smell you came to play. I like that." "You smell sooooo goooood! Baby. I just want to lick you all over!". My legs started trembling, weakly I said, "Could we laydown and do this thing right?" Ignoring me she continued to kiss and explore my pussy as her hands ran a path up and down my breasts and abdomen, stopping periodically to twick my nipples.

My heart beat as though I was on the 25th mile of a marathon and my body ached with passion. My mind was saying when did I loose control I am the Queen of Lovers ... the Sudductress. She, an obvious expert on female anatomy, explored my pussy as though she was searching for hidden treasure.Still pinned in the hallway, my body giving way to passion brought on by her rythmic motions I felt an an orgasm consume me as no other has. She rocked me into one of the most intense orgasams I have ever had. The pleasure took my breathe and I could feel the strength leave my body. My legs deserted me as we crashed to the floor knocking over a six foot ficus tree.

"Renee you are really something else. Your fine, smart, and I dont believe it, but you actually knocked me off my feet. You use your tongue like a pro. I knew I had to have you just as soon as I saw you. Come closer baby and let me really get to know you." I pulled open Renee's babydoll night gown and began playfully licking her large nipples, rolling my tongue around them then flicking them lightly till they stood up like soldiers at attention. My girl threw her head back and moaned as I caressed her swollen tit's. I could feel her playing with herself, stabbing her fingers in and out of her wet dripping pussy. This made me even hotter, just watching her finger fuck herself. Then she pushed my head down to where I could lick her clit. I knew thats what she wanted but I decided not yet. I want her to beg for total release. So I took her hand and put her dripping fingers in my mouth and sucked her juices from her hand, while her dreamy eyes watched my every move. "Come on Tra, play with my clit. It's so hot I want you to make me cum again, do it Tra, do it right now!" I couldn't help but smile. She is so commanding. But I will have my way after all I am the Queen. So I took her hands and put them over her head as I layed her down, penning her to the floor and slid my ass right up to her mouth and told her do me again baby. I humped on her face for what seemed like forever. She went wild, frantically licking and sucking my pussy . I tried to hold back, but she's just to good. She licked every inch of me causing me to jerk and shake all over. I came so much it was dripping down her chin. But she was a real trouper sucking at my hole not letting any juice get away from her mouth. Renee didnt want to stop. She stuck her tongue deep into my cavern. I felt myself pulsate against her hot tongue. Her tongue was unusually long and pointed. She begain to bob her head up and down fucking me with her tongue. Oh it's so good to me. I really didnt want to stop her but, what the hell. it's time for me to get on my J.O.B. Come on baby let me have my turn. You need my tongue in you. It's your turn baby. Come on now. Renee acted as if she didnt even hear me. I tried to push her back so i could get up but she gripped my ass even harder and fucked me even deeper with her tongue until I came again. By now I was drenched with sweat and cum.

Finally, calming herself she took a wideside lick across my asshole to my clit and finally was able to get Renee under me. Though I was trying to gain back some control I was not rying to lose this mood. So after turning her over I immediately got down to business. My pussy still hot and twitching with cum, I press open her legs with both elbows assuring she would not overpower me again and began my descent on that lusious steamy pussy of her. She begged me to wait but I kept kissing strong little sensual around her lips til reach the deepest part of her carvern. I lapped up all the juices all that my tongue can keep and take her into me. ANd like a junky I feast on her clit in wild fit of passion stroking it , sucking it , plucking it , making her body bounce up into my tounge. As I calmed my attack some and she began to swing her hip to my rhythm. I could. feel her digging her arms into the floor trying to break free by climbing back up the wall but just then I turned her over and pinned her to the wall as shred fleshy ass wide open and began to lick firmly around the asshole, licking harder and harder with each stroke, poking and between each change of motion.I feel your flowing into and all around my mouth as she groans in x-stacy. She grasps the wall harder and harder. reaching bakc to stoke my hair. I dip deeper into her pussy. SHe cums again as I lick her dry clean with all my wet tongue her back give way and she falls to her knee in fornt of me. Face my we embrace kust fully into each others lips kissing and caressing tongue against tongue. Feeling the soft lips swollow one into the other. Sucking tongues into the each other mouths. I caress her nippleand a breast cuping them close to mine as she grasps my as with both hand pulling me closer. And to think the night had only began..........

The grip caused me to gasp slightly, partly out of surprise but mostly out of pure lust. The Queen of Lovers had not finished her reign over this kingdom of joy. Pulling her closer into my embrace while still caressing her peaked nipples and massaging her suptle breast, my lips wrapped around hers once more opening up a new chapter to our dance. I wanted to calm her from her high only long enough to send her on a new ride. Taking one finger, I barely touched her skin, up and down her arm around her neck, down the crevice between her breast that lead to the heaven that awaited me still dripping from the previous orgasms. Sensitive to my every touch, she started to wiggle in my arms, straining to pull me closer. Her strenght caught me off guard as she aggressively pushed me back on my back. I gazed into her wide hungry eyes, waiting for me consume her with my passion that reverberated down from my heart through my veins and out of my fingers. Still on top of me, I manuevered her now slick body over one leg by separating her thighs with my right hand. With my left hand, I gently guided her lucious lips down to mine. In one quick movement, I simultaneously raised her crevice with my thigh as I entered into her deeply and fully. My left arm was now stabilizing her in position because the unannouced attack on her pussy made her go limp. Wrapping both arms around me as tight as she could, she grinded her hips against my experienced hand. Her breathing started to pick up as I rocked her on my boat of love. The deep tongue kissing had stopped as she threw her head back and arched her spine inviting me to those succulant nipples once more. The sucking and teasing of her nipples only added to her excitement as she the pace quickend. Feeling the intensity of her moaning, my thigh thrusted my hand upwards, again and again rocking that pussy into oblivion.

Suddenly, she lays me on my back and she lays her healthy, sexy hips agains mine and opens my legs with her legs. We are now grinding and fucking our clits together making a lovely motion. I grab her thick ass over and over pushing her harder towards my body. I feel the pubic hairs brushing against mine. This feels so good.

My fingers started working thier way toward the center of her beautiful ass. I brought my hand back to my face and inserted my fingers into my mouth to wet them the best I could,and then returned them to the center of those cheeks. With one hand I separated her cheeks and then inserted one of my wet fingers into the passage that felt as if had never before been penetrated. My lover let out a loud moan as she felt the intrusion and bucked her ass against my hand. I knew the invitation to continue had been sent. The juices from her pussy were starting to run onto the area my fingers were occupying. I inserted one more finger and this caused her to yell with surprise. That surprise also brought her to the most intense orgasm she could ever remember. After her shudders subsided,I turned her on to her stomach and she got on her hands and knees to ease the task I was about to perform. I slowly parted her cheeks and bent my head to the level of the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. My tongue snaked forward and I eagerly licked at the rosebud of my intentions. Another loud moan,and I inserted my tongue inside her puckered hole as deep as nature would allow. Within minutes,she was again experiencing the most profound orgasm and I could actually feel the juices gushing from her pussy.

while my pussy continues to stay moist with cum I kiss slowly down your thigh I kiss and lick over nipples again and again ever so gently and as I feel your body shriek with the eagerness to let me eat and taste your body explore over and oveer, I g=enter your pussy with my tongue and taste your sweetness and I watch you tremble and ease my fingers inside your and feel you hips sway with pleasure,my pussy aching and longing for your touch I want you and and need you to come inside me and suck my clit and until we both explode.

I have never been so fullfilled in my life, this women had took me to another atmosphere. Then reality hit, what is my girlfiend pam going to do if she finds out. Am I going to thow away, 3 years of love for a fling. And not to mention Renee was married to a man that had no clue of her bi-curious way's. Confusion rock my mind, I felt like I was thrown a short curve, with no glove to catch the ball.

Renee sensing my sudden look of confusion said " I think we need to talk. Tra,this isnt a game.The passion, yearning and desire I feel for you is real. I ache for you each time we are apart. No man or woman has ever made me feel the way that you do. When you hold me in your arms I feel complete. When you look at me my body betrays rational thoughts; however, I understand for you that requirement isnt enough. I am aware that you may have someone in your life, but I also know your needs are not being met. Allow me to be your mistress, I will give you all that you desire. Renee proceeded to pull out her femmine wiles with a dance of seduction. The sway of her pelvis only heighten my confusion. But it quickly disappeared as I watched this femme beauty pull me into her hypnotic trance. She continued to move with grace to the music stopping only to apply tender kisses to my mouth. She oozed sex appeal. Her hands slowly gliding over the contours of her soft body. She knew I watched her every move. I could felt the wetness from the center of my core, after she knelt in front of me sticking her finger in her vagina and smearing it on my lips.She told me "dont move" allowing her long tongue to trace the juices off of my mouth. I grabbed her in my arms forgetting about Pam.She pulled my hair firmly making my head tilt backwards and I felt the electric heat of her teeth on my neck. My legs started to betray me as I gave in to the magic from her touch. Her hands stayed in contact with my body touching me searching for the areas that made me moan and eager press my body closer to hers. She got on her knees and told me to open my eyes so I could see that long tongue darting in between my legs. She was assertive finding my clit and bold with words promising me what she would do next and fulfilling every word. I gave my self completely to Renee bringing shame to the commitment I have with Pam.Yet this woman who stood before me with passion, lust,and desire was not mines to have. I had to mentally force with myself to leave. Even as I was moving slowly to the door, I could hear her calling my name. I turned to face her and could see the tears in her eyes.She mumbled the words " Tra, this isnt a game". I closed my eyes willing my mind to walk out of the door. It seemed to take an eternity to walk less than 50 feet to my car. My heart heavy and my mind racing. It wasnt until after I turned the key in the ignition that I remember Pam, my woman. I rolled down the window welcoming the fresh air to cool my wondering thoughts. My mind battled with my thoughts. I chanted Pam's name like an ole song to get my mind on one accord Pam..Pam..Pam...Yet it seemed as if my mind was laughing at me because louder than my chanting of Pam's name..My mind sung out a name of its own..Renee.

Renee!! What the hell did I get myself into? My body still talks of her moisture while my heart runs around in circles because now I don't know what to do. Oh my damn, she felt sooo good. I try to pull myself together but my outsides are pulsating rapidly, my insides are filled with butterflies because my body now craves her touch. I pull over to the side of the road to get myself together because... home. I have Pam at home. I can't walk in and let her sense the smell of passion erupting from my clothes. But shit, my face will tell the story of the secret of this night. Damn, what am I to do. Fuck it! Let me hop my ass back in the car and get home. Maybe it's time for Pam and I to have a talk.

I open the door to find Pam talking on the phone. Tra it's Renee she said that you left something at the office but she'll make sure you get it tomorrow. Do you want to speak to her? My feet can't move, I'm stuck. I take a deep breath and I take the phone. Hello! What the fuck did you run out on me like that for?

"Renee it wasn't even like that!" I said while looking at Pam out the corners of my eyes. I said, "Look meet me in the office first thing in the morning so we can finish up a few things, O.K." She said, "Tra don't do this please, and I will see you in the morning!" As she hung up I thought of the time we spent togeth and how wonderful it would be to do it again. Tomorrow is here and as I get closer and closer to my office my heart begins to beat faster and faster knowing that she is already here waiting on me! I walk in and see her sexy ass sitting atop my desk, and as she crosses her legs notice what I have been dreaming all night.... she is not wearing any panties. I close the door, and walk up to her and ask while sliding my hand up her skirt, "Were you waiting on someone?" She replied in her soft, seductive voice, "I don't know Tra touch me and see!"

No longer able to contain myself, my hands made full contact with her body.I could feel her wetness. It was obvious that the thin flimsy soaked panties was failing her miserably.Our eyes locked as I ripped her panties off. She responded with a moan. I pushed the papers off the desk.She bent over the table exposing her firm soft brown ass.

I had to taste those sweet lips, placing my hands on Renee's luscious ass I turn her slowly around and gently pulled her closer to my body. My hands roamed freely as I caressed her, moving from her ass to those perfectly formed breast. Damn, she felt good. Our breathing was hot and heavy as we stared into each others eyes, oblivious to everything except the heat generating between our bodies and the desire to satisfy the tingling in my vagina as my juices flowed copiously. Pulling her even closer I ran my tongue slowly around her lips and gave those soft lips a quick kiss. Her lips parted and I and slowly inserted my tongue. Taking my time I explored every aspect of her mouth. I felt lightheaded, but was unable to stop.

As we kissed passionately the room began to spin. I placed my hands around her waist, then ran my fingers up and down her body. This in return made her shiver, and her beautiful nipples became rock hard. I lowered my body to suck them, and she pulled my head close, then she yanked on my hair as I nibbled at the tip of her nipple. I sat miss thang down in my red velvet chair. Stroked her legs in and out, kissed her everywhere I'd forgot to stroke. I placed my tounge on her clit, and began to lick at it like a melting ice cream cone. So sweet, and so wet, I couldt wait to......

Fuck her with my strap. I wanted so badly to feel her nails going deep into my back as I thrust my 9 inch rock deep inside of her. I wanted to hear her panting and screaming out my name I told her, "Stand up and bend over the chair I have a surprise for you." As she bent over my body had chills going down my spine knowing I was finally going to get what I had been thinking about. I spreaded her ass apart so I can go as deep as I possibly could. I put the tip inside and her back arched wanting more. She wispered,"Fuck me!" So I did as she asked me to. With each deep thrust I could feel my pussy beginning to ache as though I was about to cum. I had to slow down my flow so that I could cum with her. I asked her to lie down on the floor, and I placed her legs above my sgoulders. I got on my tip toes and began fucking her hard, and fast. I could feel her body starting to tremble as clawed her nails deep into my back. She threw her head back again this time letting me know she was about to cum. My pussy began to ache again and this time I knew there would be no holding back. Her pussy was wetter and wetter, and as we came together this felt like pure bliss. My body began to shake cause I have never fucked like this. We began to kiss, and I told her that we are not finished and that I wanted to do the 69. As she slid her pussy over my face....

I began to explore her creamy center. She jumped because of the sensitiveness of her being. The taste of her was so sweet and all I could think about is wanting more. I know she likes it rough but i myself like it a little slow. So I started to slow the flow down a little bit. Her juices began to fill me and I savored each drop. She in returned licked on me and following my beat she too in return slowed down. I've never had a woman like this that was able to anticipate my every move and want. It's like we spoke to eachother without saying one single word. I let out a moan and the feeling was feeling so good that I almost forgot that we were giving eachother mutal pleasure. She felt my weakness and came off my face and laid between my legs. She contintued to taste me and tounge felt better than any dick ever could. I ran my fingers through her soft hair as she continued her crusade. I felt my senses going out of control and my body tensed up as if I was going into shock. I didn't want to come but it was like for the first time I was not in control. I came beleive what this woman is doing to me.......

I laid my head back on the pillow to so I could more comfortably enjoy the sensation that was being given to me. I continued to run my fingers though her ebony hair as she continued to drink my juices that flowed constantly from my being. I held her head with both hands bringing her closer to me at the same time she reach up and massaged my breast. She came up and kissed me on my hairs and then my waiste and found her wait up to breast. I was still weak from the earlier orgasm but I felt compelled to let this female know what I was made of. Well, maby someother time. She sucked on breast first gently and then she got little harder. She rub her tounge around my nipple and felt my by jumped in reaction to consumption. She licked under breast and around, I guess being a size 44D she would have a lot to explore. She then came up to my neck and suck it as if she was bring forth the blood that flowed though my veins. This naturally put me on a high. She put her beautiful soft thigh between my legs. pressing it hard against my being and as a response I started to screw her leg slowly. She continued to suck and lick on my neck. I started to moan and the moans got louder and louder. The pleasure was so good that I started to feel dizzy. She held on to my hair and pulled my head back further while she contued her beautiful tourment. She pressed her thigh closer to my being and my movements started faster. The who scene started to get more and more intense with each thrust I made against her leg. I felt myself about to come and finally I was feeling like I was going to but I did. I came so hard and so long all I could do was hold her tight to my body and finally I realeased her out of shear exasperation. She looked into my eyes and I in hers and we both smiled once again speaking to eachother without saying a word. She fell asleep in my arms and I in hers. All the while I was thinking until morning.

The sun light was in my eyes and I turned only to feel a soft warm body next to me. I opened my eyes, blinked and stared at your beautiful face. All traces of our love making erased in sleep.

I snuggled closer and wrapped my arms around you as I nestled my face in your ample bossom. I started with tiny little kisses along the curve of your breast, steadily moving to the brown nipple that called to me. Like radar my lips zoomed in, gently sucking and then very softly I bit down on one nipple, as I rolled the other between thumb and forefinger. You stirred in your sleep, turning completely on you back exposing all of your womanhood. I greedily drank in the sight of your naked body and felt the juices building within. I wanted you with a passion that was building up to a burning flame.

You never moved. I smiled to myself as I brushed your thighs with the touch of a butterfly watching you intently. Your eyes were stilled closed as if sleep, but your breathing was labored.

I removed my hand and you moaned softly and moved closer. I bent over you head and traced your lips with my tongue until I felt yours part slightly, enough to insert mine between your teeth and freely savor the taste of you. Our tongues danced to the music made by our beating hearts and I held you even closer.

You are fully awake now, I feel your arms wrap around my neck pulling me into you. The bed moves as your hips start to undulate in a slow sensual manner. You thighs have parted and you are pulling me toward you. I feel the fire coursing through my veins. I move my body on top of yours. Your skin is soft, like silk my hands glide up and down your loving the sensation it makes on my palms. I am ready, I reach between your legs and feel the wet stickiness thatlet me know you are also ready. Just feeling the juices flowing causes me to catch my breath, and breath in deeply. I am feeling a little lighted head and my vagina is throbbing a new song of its own.


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