Chance Meeting

I just left the softball field heading home. I'm sitting at the light and can see that this woman is having trouble with her ride. Nobody even attempts to stop and help her. I turn the corner and drive to the next street and make a U-turn. I pull up behind her and get out of my jeep. "Do you need some help?" DAYUM Mommie is FIONE! I thought as she stepped out of her car.

"Yes, it seems I have a flat. Can you give me a hand changing it?"

"That's really not necessary. I'm already dirty so let me do it."

This woman was FIERCE! She was standing there next to me with those pretty ass legs, she was making it extremely difficult to concentrate on changing the tire. About 20 minutes later she was good to go. She shook my hand and thanked me for the help. "No problem. Anything else I can do for you?"

"I'm Diane. Well, you could let me buy you a drink."

"My name is Tami, and that's really not necessary."

"I know but I'd like to just the same."

"Okay, sure but first I need to get cleaned up, can I meet you somewhere?"

She stepped back and gave me a quick once over. "I think you look just fine to me, but okay." Diane handed me a slip of paper and drove off…

I stood there thinking is this my lucky day or what. Now, got to get home and find something sexy yet simple, whatshall it be. I'm not expecting that Diane is looking to put her thing down with me, but as fine as she was, I want to be prepared if she's in the mood. I get home and since it's still a warm night, I put on my silk tank and my black linen pants, my best perfume, and I'm on my way. I follow Diane's directions to her house to pick her up for that drink. Not only is she fine, but her neighborhood is the bomb, she lives in a cul de sac, I'm at her town home and ring her bell. She opens the door and I gasp, she has changed into a tight fitted tank dress, no stockings and a nice pair of heel to accenuate her finne ass leggs. I'm speechless. She gives me her drop-dead smile, and I'm going in.

She told me it would just be a second,"I'm almost done." I told her to take her time, shit, the longer I'm here,alone with her,the better chance I have to get to know her. She walked out of one of the rooms and all I could do was imagine how she tasted underneath that tight ass dress. Before the night was over I had to have her,touch her,taste that sweet body that called out to me.

so i walked and checked out the house and then i heard her call my name Tami but it wasn't a friendly calling it was a sexaully call , so turned around and there it was the whole thing i've been hoping for is now smiling in my face, she was standing there with two glasses of wine and a pineapple bra and pantie set, and i'm just standing there wided eye with jucies running down my leg

She was so sexy to me and even more thrilling for me cause then I realized that she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her. I did every thing I could to hide my hand shaking as I reach for my glass of wine. I could see those large hard nipples just throbing at me. Then she pulled me to her and gave me the most sensual french kiss ever. The lady had skills.

Then I heard someone call my name Tami, Tami damn there I go daydreaming again oh how i wish it was really happening. She says are you ready to go. I look up and just nod with memories of the daydream still in my head as we head off to the restaurant.

Once in side she motions me over to the bar. Man i swear she could feel my eyes on that firm ass of hers. This woman was hot and all i had to do was reach out maybe 10 inches and touch her but i didn't wanna scare mami....nah i wanted to do much more.

We sat at the bar and waited for the bartender to come over so we could order our drinks. She said she wanted a glass of wine. What will you ladies have? I'll have a Crown & 7 and the lady would like a glass of wine.

So Tami tell me, are you always this helpful?

I took this has an opportunity to do a little flirting. Only when I come across a beautiful woman in distress.

Diane turned on her bar stool so she was semi facing me; she crossed her legs and slightly brushed up agaist mine. She looked at me and smiled that Angelic Smile and said "So you think I'm beautiful?" What else are you thinking?

I said to my self "I'm thinking that I want to suck on those succulent nipples, and make you call my name and scream for more"...but I said "That is for me to know and you to find out"

I try so hard not to stare at her nipples cause the babies are surely calling for me to suck on them. So instead of reaching for her nipples i grab the cherry in my drink. Diane said to me, "ur playing with that cherry like u have something else on ur mind." I gave her that smirk of mine, that said u know whats on my mind. So what would it take to find out what ur thinking. I told her let me take u to dinner one night and i might tell u, thats if ur a good girl.

"I have to wait all the way to another day?" "Well..." "Yes?" Diane turned around so thst now she was completely facing me, uncrossing her legs just enough for me to feel the heat seep through onto my hand. "Ummm...huh? What was the question again?" This woman is messing up my head. "Nevermind. It's not important. Ohhhh girl, this is my song. Let's dance." Is she crazy? I am not fit to dance up in a bar full of men. I don't care if it is that hot new joint by Ja Rule. I just looked at her like she was bugging. "Where would I be without you baby? So if you need me, if you want me to put it on yooouuuu....." Oh my God, now she singing to me. "Diane, people are looking at us." "So?" "So chill out. Be easy. Or let's go somewhere where we won't stand out so much." "Wanna leave?" "We can do that. Where you wanna go?" "How bout we order some food to go, rent a couple of movies and go back to my place and wind down?" "Okay. I'm with that." I tried to just sound cool about it. The reality of it all is that my heart was beating crazy fast. I didn't want Diane to see how excited I was. So I said, "Be right back," and headed for the bathroom. Once I got inside, I went straight to the sink and splashed some water on my face. Diane was making me nervous because I didn't even know if she definately liked women. I mean, it seems like she's flirting but I can't tell for sure. Just then, in came Diane. "I, umm..." "Wanted to freshen up?" I completed her sentence because she seemed to be having a little trouble doing it herself. I was startign to get this queasy feelin. It felt like we were acting out some scence from a movie because she was standing right at the door, staring into my eyes as if waiting for me to make a move. So I take one step forward to see what happens. She takes one step forward and waits. I laugh. She smiles cause we both know what they other wants be no one wants to be the first to make that next move.

Now we got that nervous silly laugh thing going on. I say "Breathe Boo", she melts. Yep her Knees went weak, she said "damn i thought i had game." I told her i dont play games, so she slowly graze my lips. Foods getting cold, while she sees to the food, i start the movie and we began to eat cause were both starved. Not necessarily for whats on our plates.

So i'm watching all the previews waiting for her to get her fine ass back in here with me when i hear a loud bang like some thing fell and i hear her cry out to me. i jump up to see what's the matter. mami is on the floor lookin very distressed but i had to make sure she was alright. i gently lifted her up and she looked at me like a helpless child and said "daym i didn't think the pot would fall on me like that".... i said girl what were you thinking. " i needed another pot and you were watching the movie so i tried to get it myself. awwww boo. i reached over and turned off the stove. gently lifted her into my arms and kissed her forehead. instantly i could feel her heat up. "now mami it's time for the truth"....i walk her out to the living room and sit her on the couch. i neel in front of her wich i know is very dangerous considering i wanted to flip her ova and spank her nah'mean but i kept it cool. "what's this game you playin girl? you should know by now i want you, but i'm gettin some crazy vibes from you ma? what tha deal?

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am married and that me and my husband are going to have a baby in about 8 mths. We are separated right now and have been talking regularly about our problems. Tami,he knows that I also like womyn and has agreed that if its ok with you ....that maybe we could have a threesome..how about it Tami? *MY HUSBAND IS 6'2 AND WEIGHS 185, HIS BODY IS TIGHT AND HE WORKS OUT DAILY*. He has eyes the color of my sister Yazmyn's chestnut brown, almond shape with long eyelashes, gf I really think you would enjoy a night with us, he will satisfy us both trust me he has a 10 inch cannon and I was just thinking that maybe it would help you relax. Its not like you are new at this, I am sure that I am not the first bisexual womyn you have had an intimate relationship with right? LOL

What I couldn't believe this, I slowly rise to my feet stilll looking at her in disbelief. Husband? You want me to have a threesome with you and your husband? Yes Tami I do. 1st of all you didn't tell me you had a husband on the rocks or otherwise, 2nd what makes you think I want a man in my life no matter how big his cannon is? I'm a lesbian str8 up, I don't want a man! One last thing for the record I don't do bisexual women I don't care who they are.

It's nothing personal Diane, I just can't get with that program. You're foine and all that but if you're still sleeping with men well I guess you'll have to find someone else to have your threesome with 'cause the only threesome I'm interested involves all kitty kat...

The End

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