The First Time

Arica took a moment to pause. She couldn't believe she had just gotten turned on by watching that stupid porno flick her cousins had popped in. For the most part, she sat idly by while they whooped and hollered over the pale images flicking across the screen. But when the scene cut to a woman on woman act, she felt stirrings unlike any she had ever felt in her young 18 years. To see those two, then three women, bring each other to wave after wave of delicious pleasure triggered her own small, inner tidal wave. She was snapped from her reverie when her cousin Sierra's best friend, Adrian, touched her on the shoulder. To Arica, Adrian's face held light that only added to her passion, so she stood as smoothly as she could, then made a fast exit as the scene on the tube cut to one including two men and a large dog. "What's up, Aric? Can't take it?", asked Sierra. "Naw main, I can't get nothing but sick watchin them mess with that dog. I'm out."

Later that day, as Arica was walking up from the gym, she noticed Sierra's truck parked in front of her house. "I wonder what she wants", she thought, "probably wanna borrow somethin'." But to her surprise, the woman that stepped out was not her tomboyish cousin. Adrian, a lovely vision in a short, white tennis outfit, auburn hair pulled into a bouncy lil' ponytail, jumped down from the tall SUV. "Dag, Aric, I thought I was gonna burn all Sierra's gas up trying to wait on you. Did you win ya game?", she spoke with a perfect smile, pointing to my basketball and gym bag. "Won some and lost some...you know how it is. How long have you been waiting?" Despite the calm in Arica's voice, her insides trembled and she wondered just exactly what it was that Adrian wanted. She didn't have to wait long. "Not too long. I just dropped by to see if you were okay after earlier. I noticed that you seemed to be mighty bothered by something you saw and I wondered if you might want to talk about it." The fact that this beautiful, popular, twenty-something year old Queen was concerned sent a rush from the bottom of Arica's feet to the top of her head. But, even with all that was going on inside, she remained true to her direct nature. "As a matter of fact, I was caught off guard for a minute. Let's go in the house where it's cooler. I'll jump in the shower and then, maybe you can help me make heads or tails of this."

Fresh and clean again, Arica stepped down into their sunken living room where Adrian waited watching videos. Me'Shelle was playing and Arica noticed Adrian's rapt attention. "I never really listened to her music, but she looks like she's really into it." "UmmHumm.", was Adrian's only response...her focused eyes never leaving the screen. Adrian turned to her as soon as the station cut to a commercial. "So, something had you sweating earlier and I know it wasn't them three dogs." Arica caught her joke and laughed, "Naw, it definitely wasn't that. It was the women that got to me, even though I never even thought about being with a woman." "Why not?" "I don't know...just never came up." "Are you interested in guys?" "Not like that. We cool, but none of them have made me feel anything like I've felt before today." Adrian paused, then asked, "Are you a virgin?" "Yes.", Arica stated firmly, proud in the fact that she was untouched by those of canine tendencies. "Are you curious about how it would be with a woman, Arica?" Something about the way she said her name made Arica look directly into Adrian's eyes to answer her. "I am now." When Adrian closed her eyes and leaned forward, Arica realized she was right where she wanted to be... ... ... ...


Adrian kissed her lightly on the lips and waited for her response. Arica shivered once then sunk into the sofa lips puckered all up. Adrian laughed to herself thinking what a shame it would be to turn this young girl out but hay.. you gotta doooo what you gotta doooo nah'mean? So right Arica's lips are still puckered but Adrian pulls away. At first Arica is confused, why'd you stop Ri? "mhmmmm well lets just say there's more to happiness than kissing aiight ma. What do you me.. "shhhh hol on lil one i have something that i want you to see. She reaches over to her bag and pulls out a videotape. Arica protests... i don't wanna see that shit Ri!... " trust me boo, this is something you really want to see." She pops in the tape and instantly Arica realized that this was not a ordinary porno movie. Adrian's lovely carmel brown face with her dimpled full smile pops onto the screen and gives the camera man or woman...who eva a devilish smile. Adrian watches closely for Arica's reaction... so far she seems to be engulfed in the movie. She moves behind the couch and begins to massage Arica's shoulders just as the music starts to play...

Steel thoughts burst through the color of emotion. Arica takes Adrian's soft hands and removes them from her shoulders. Stands. Turns her back on the images racing across the screen. Looks this sleek creature dead in the eye. "What do you want from me?" Slowly, Adrian begins to undress...she's standing behind the couch...on the bottom step...making her slightly taller than Arica at the moment. Arica leans into the couch and gently touches her hands. "Answer me." "I am." "No, not like that...come sit down." Adrian's minds races...she's always been the one to control the flow...who does this young catt think she is. Reluctantly, she sits. Facing her first attraction, Arica explains. "Look. I know what you're trying to do. I can't lie, the shit sexy than a mutha...but I don't want my first time to be like this. I don't want to feel like I've been clunked over the head and dragged into the bedroom...clit over mind." "Why don't u stop thinkin so much, Rica...just lay back and let me please u." Adrian's hands again begin to roam. Arica sees this moment as if from above. Sees herself being seduced and from somewhere, the phrase comes to her. "Look, Adrian. I know there's a lot I don't know and I appreciate you trying to show me the ways to please you. But I don't need u coming in here and pullin some ol' quick shyt. And as turned on as i am, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. My first time won't be no turn out from some old pro. No disrespect, Queen...but get ya stuff together and I'll see u when I see u." Adrian started to protest, but first looked deep into Arica's eyes and saw a will of iron. "Gyrl, u just like yo cousin. Stubborn as the day is long." She let out a loud sigh and began to pack up. "Well, once you get out there, look me up. I can always teach ya a thang or two." "Thanks. I'll do that. No doubt." As the door closed behind her, Arica exhaled and thought, "Dayum, she must have some kind of radar or something. I wonder how she could tell...(siigghhh)...so much to learn..."

Just then, the phone rang. She took a quick look around and saw that everything was in order. Adrian didn't forget a thing...not even her tape. "Hello?" "What's up, Arica...are we still on to study?" It took a minute to catch the voice but then, "Ashleigh...oh yeah, gyrl, it's still on. What time are u coming over?" "Well, I thought we could eat first. You know how an empty stomach hinders my brain...pizza okay?" "Sounds good. You want me to drive?" "It's okay, I'm turning into your neighborhood now. Just wanted to make sure it was still on first." "I'm here, come on through." As soon as Arica came out of the bathroom, she heard Ash pull up and honk. Grabbed her things and ran out. Ashleigh was Arica's best friend since elementary, when Arica beat the crap out of the trick who had been taking her money. Over the years, their bond had never been broken. She knew Ashleigh like a book and vice versa. At the moment, she had no idea that her first love would be the womanChyld who had been there for most of the 'firsts' in Arica's life....and that Arica herself would be the one to initiate it.

Arica, jumped into Ashleigh's Land Rover. "Hi, ladybug," Arica chimed as she settled into the passenger seat. "Hi yourself, girlie," Ashleigh replied as she leaned over and pecked her best friend on the cheek. As the vehicle backed out of Arica's driveway, she complimented Ashleigh's new ride. Girl, this is nice! You're so lucky to have parents who'll spring something like this for a graduation gift. Yeah, I am fortunate; but you didn't do exactly bad yourself Ms. Thang. Afterall, how many 18 year olds are living the lasvious-life in their own hooked-up Townhouse? At that they laughed. Okay, now, back to the matter at hand; I thought we'd go over to the new cafe on Third St. it's quaint and they have the best vegetarian pizza! Is that cool? Sure, Arica replied. As they drove,a hit song by 112 called Peaches & Cream came on the radio. Listening to the words, it was obvious that the singer was talking about eating one helluva delicious pussy. I'm feeling this song, Arica said. Yeah? Me too, replied Ashleigh. At that moment an unusual tension filled the vehicle. Parking, abruptly,Ashleigh said, well, we're here. It was obvious that she was attempting to sound light-hearted and Arica definitely noticed the attempt. Inside, the cafe was dimly lit. There was an eclectic arrangement of sofas, loveseats, and coffee tables and chairs;the cafe was covered with oriental-styled rugs over glossy but weathered hardwood floors. Arica especially liked the brick walls. She lead Ashleigh towards the back, where she found the perfect spot away from other patrons. They sat beside each other on a plush loveseat. Disregarding the menus on the coffee table in front of them, they ordered the house vegetarian pizza special. As the waitress walked off, Arica returned to the subject of the 112 song. You know I have that single at the house. Oh, yeah? That's cool. Yeah, it really is and I was thinking since we both were feeling the lyrics, maybe we could listen to it together while we study. I'd like that, Ashleigh replied, seductively. At that moment, Arica knew that their friendship had just taken a deeper turn. Ashleigh was absolutely gorgeous sitting in the softly lit corner. Without shame, Arica's vivid dark eyes to in the details of Ashleigh's beauty. Her glaze started at Ashleigh's beautiful hazel eyes; her lusciously soft lips;herlovely slender shorters. As if seeing her for the first time, Arica eyes continued to trail down to her friends full 36-C size breasts; her small waist which lead to the soft curves of her hips, thighs, and killer legs. Finally, returning her gaze to Ashleigh's face, the two young women locked eyes and the use of words were not even necessary. Before realizing it,Arica lend over and passionately kissed an unresisting Ashleigh. At that moment Arica felt a stirring in her loins like she'd never felt before. Her heart beat quickened. In a husky voice she said, I think we need to skip out on pizza. Once inside the comfort of the vehicle, under the saftey of the moonless night, they lustfully attacked each other; frantically grouping, desperate to feel, to have what was always forbidden. Arica slipped her hands underneathe, Ashleigh skirt and into her panties and was overwhelmed by the heady sensation of touching another woman's private part. Ashleigh's soft downy covered pussy was extremely moist. At the touch of Arica's hand she released a low moan from her throat and began to gyrate with the motions of Arica's fingers. The scent of Ashleigh's sweet smelling cunt made Arica extremely hot and equally wet. Ma, you better crank this baby up and get us to the house so that we can do this thing properly, she told Ashleigh. Once in the house, they stripped naked and fell into each others embrace. The feel of their soft bodies touching was almost too intoxicating. This was the first time for both of them. Neither had ever dated boys or been with a woman; but there was nothing amateur-ish about their lovemaking. It just flowed naturally. Moving over to the long sofa, Arica gently ;ushed her friend turned lover onto it and kneeled down between her legs to suck and drink the sweet come that was now flowing freely. Wanting to return the pleasure, Ashleigh shifted her body so that they could get into a 69 position...and began on a sexual journey that seemed about a close to heaven as anyone could get. Right near the peak of coming, Arica stopped. Please Ashleigh, she pleaded, let me make you come first. I need to do you. Passionately, kissing her lips, her throat and her firm full breasts, Arica followed the line of her body down to Ashleigh's love nest. Arica methodically, licked and sucked on Ashleigh's clit; then she moved lower, allowing her tongue to make painfully sweet circles around Ashleigh's canal before plunging her stiff tongue deep inside her pussy; giving Ashleigh the tongue fuck of her life! Ashleigh's moans became wimpers and then cries. Arica went into over-heat as she realized that this gorgeous woman was crying out her name; pleading for her to stop, but holding her head in place with firmly clasped thighs. Arica thrust her tongue deeper and harder until she heard the shrilled screams of her new lover...screams which caused Arica's own clit to swell to an unbearable state as she herself released an orgasmic ocean. At this point it was difficult to distinguish the cries of both women. Exhausted and saturated with each others passion, they lay in each other's arms, vaguely aware of the song, Peaches & Cream, playing in the background.


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