Just because 2 girls want each other . . .

"I've never had a threesome before" Markita explained to her English classmate Nicole. The two girls had been in the same English class for the past 2 years. For the past 2 months, they talked everyday about sex and their experiences. Nicole and Markita always joked about "dykes", each claiming they would never be one. Today they sat writing notes back and forth amongst the teacher's lecture. "Well my boyfriend wants to have one," exclaimed Nicole, and we are looking for someone to join in."

Markita responded, "Well who will I be fucking? Your boyfriend right?" Markita's mind had yet to explore the possibilities of having sex with a female, regardless of the time when she touched her friend Taleah's private parts as a child. Markita's mind rushed and her pussy tingled with the thought of having sex with her friend Nicole. However, she did not want to be called a "dyke" so she knocked it like it was a bad thing. "Naw, Nicky, I aint into that nasty shit. I aint trying to be known as a dyke in this school. Cuz you know the butches in here are crazy."

Nicole wrote back "Well, you would not be fucking me, it would be my boyfriend" Nicole had always had an intrest in females. And she always had a crush on Markita. Nicole thought that if she convinced Markita that she was having sex with her boyfriend, Markita would join in. Nicole often fantasied about the width of her friend's hips, her juicy ass, her luscious titties, and how sweet her pussy would taste. When they stood together on the bus stop, Nicole would wonder how can I get her. Nicole had brought up the issue about lesbians before, but Markita always denied her intrests.

"Ladies, do you have something to share with the rest of the class?" Mr. H, their teacher chimed in and broke Nicole's thought. "Oh no Mr. H, sorry" replied Markita. Markita franitcally brushed the note under a pile of papers on her desk.

Later that night, Markita called Nicole on the phone. "Wassup trick" Markita said. "What you up to?" Nicole answered in a low grunt "Chillllllliiinn" "You high hoe?" Nicole responded "Naw not high at all.....I'm horny as shit" Markita was stunned at Nicoles confession. "I'm about to play with my pussy" said Nicole. "Do you want me to call you back?" asked Markita hesitantly, hoping the answer would be no. Nicole responded with a heavy sigh... "Naw, I dont want you to hang up...I want you to listen." Before Markita could think and weigh her options she responded in a seductive voice "Ok shorty."

Markita listened as Nicole moaned and grunted over the phone. She could all of a sudden imagine herself between Nicole's thick caramel legs, licking every drop of creamy cum from her hairy pussy. Markita's heart began to beat, she grew hot all over. Her pussy began to throb. Markita had mastaurbated before, but never with another person listening. Markita's hands slowly mapped her body, and landed between her thighs. She slowly massaged her hairy pussy. With each of Nicole's moans, Markita picked up speed. Markita began to let out sigs of passion as her fingers gently traced her clitoris.

In the following minutes of silence, the girls realized that their friendship had drastically changed.

The following day at school, Markita barely said anything to Nicole. She was too embarrassed. However, Nicole had Markita under her strong pull. Back in English, Nicole slipped Markita a note... it read.

"Yo, wass da deal with you? You have not said anything to me since last night. I need to tell you something. Last night something happened between us. I have never felt this way about anyone before. When I played with myself last night, it felt like you were there with me. I want you. I have wanted you for the last 2 years now. I never knew how to saw it, because I did not know how you would respond. Markita, I know you want me just as much as I want you. Why are you frontin. Nobody has to know about us, I just want to be with you. Everything about you turns me on. The way you walk, the way you talk...everything. I want you girl." As Markita read the letter, she felt her heart begin to race just as it did last night. Beads of sweat gathered at the tip of her nose. The fact of the matter was that she wanted Nicole just as bad. Hell, even the notes Nicole wrote made her wet. Markita felt an urge to kiss Nicole passionately at that point, to inhale the aroma of her soft skin, to tell her how much she wanted her . . .

But Markita knew she had to keep it cool. After all, she was in class and already she was soaking wet. So she turned the note over and wrote,"I'm sorry I was iggin you, the truth is I have never been as excited as I was listening to you playing in you kitti last night, I wanted to be the one sliding my fingers in and out your slick heat. I have been in denial for so long its hard to let go.....but Nicole ya ass is so sexy and I want you too. So....let's make tonight the night ok? Dinner at my house boo, don't be late......*kisses to ya wet spot* Markita. She slyly folded the note and slipped it to Nicole, brushing her fingers against her hand for just a brief moment. The jolt of electricity caused her to yank her hand back. As she glanced over at Nicole, and saw the desire in her beautiful eyes, she knew she would have to make this a night neither one of them would ever forget. After class, she walked to the door and saw that Nicole was waiting for her outside the door. With a smile on her face, Nicole leaned in real close and whispered, "I'm going to lick every part of you Markita, so be prepared ma, no mercy tonight," and to Markita's total surprise she licked her earlobe, causing Markita to shudder as her panties got even more damp. Nicole turned and walked away, swaying those hips that Markita had been longing to touch for 2 years. Since this was the last class of the day, Markita walked outside and headed to her Rover, intent on getting her hair and nails done before tonight. Four hours later, Markita walked out the salon, feeling like a million and looking even better. Her long brown hair glistening and swinging around her shoulders, and her nails and feet tipped in red,she headed to the store to get dinner. Knowing that Nicole liked shrimp, she picked up some fresh seafood, and a couple of thick steaks, along with some potatoes and broccoli. For dessert, she picked up a fresh strawberry cheesecake.

After arriving at home, Markita began putting away the groceries she had picked up at the store. Her thoughts began to swim back to nicole, her heart quickened, as she took the cheese cake out of the bag, her thoughts turned to what possibilities the cheese cake held. Visions of cheese cake between nichole's soft supple breasts swarmed through her head. She began to throb and ache, she could feel herself getting so wet...so excited. She shook her head "girl get ahold of yourself" she said in a husky voice, as she placed the cheese cake in the refrigerator.

when nicoloe arrived, they engulfed each other in passionate kisses. undressed each other. Markita intoduced the chesecake to nicole, they explored each & every possibility, it melted as it hit thier honey hole, each one took tunrns, sucking & eating each other out. such sweet taste & aroma.

Markita asked Nicole if she wanted to reenact what happened over the phone. Nicole was so turned on that she jumped at the chance. Nicole sat on the couch and Markita sat on the love seat. Each woman began to explore their bodies for the other. Nicole moaned Markita's name while squeezing her fat pussylips together. Markita asked Nicole in her husky romantic voice to tell her how it feels. Nicole moaned that her pussy was so wet and her clit had swolen. Seh was begging for Markitas touch.

As Nicole begged Markita to come over and lick her pussy she could hardly stop herself from cummin. Markita got off the love seat and slowly walked toward Nicole. Nicole's pussy quivered at the thought of once again having Markita's smooth brown lips all over her pussy. Markita got on the floor and crawled the rest of the way to the couch and spread Nicole's legs as wide as she could and begin to lick the inside of her thighs. Slowly, Markita tickled Nicole's clit with her tongue,it only took a few licks before Nicole exploded with passion. The cum just ran out of Nicole's pussy like a water faucet. Markita moaned and smiled and what she had done for her girl. Just then Nicole got up and pushed Markita to the couch and began to suck and lick Markita's pussy like she had never done it before. Markita couldn't contain her passion and the wonderful feeling of cummin in Nicole's mouth made her bodly shake and quiver. The girls had shared something they never thought they would. Are the gay?? Or just enjoying one anothers sexual company?

Both having reached their climax struggled to breathe normally. They fell into each other's arms to cuddle against each other. Nicole's body was still tingling and she purred under her raspy breath, stroking her own pubic hair, eyes closed. Markita took her cue and slowly stroked Nicole's earlobes, shoulders, breasts and stomach. Nicole in turn reached for her toes and heels, fingering circles around the sole of her feet, up her ankles and calves then between her thighs. They both reached each other's dripping seduction at the same time and with one last look into each other's eyes, they kissed while their fingers dipped into the liquid satin they'd found in each other.


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