Extreme Desires

Trina has a desire that only another woman can satisfy . . .

Being a mature female who has lived a very boring and considered normal life, (having a husband and family), (Trina's) sexual desires have become almost unmentionable. Sexual pleasures are constantly weavering thru her thoughts like mini day dreams. Not once, is there a thought of a male counterpart to fulfill these needs and fantancies, (not even her husband).

There was a beginning planted very early as a girl that Trina tried hard to ignore, but time has uncovered the seed and now all "Hell" is coming to the light from her drive to fulfill the wants and needs of her pussy's urges of total satisfaction. As a girl, her then best friend, introduced her to same sex intimacy, and she tried to forget that first time at ten years of age being young and innocent to what all this would mean over the years. Trina, from that nite on in her life, dreamed of being made love to by another woman. After finding what sex and desires were about in her more mature state of her life, something was missing to keep her from having outrageous, open, sensual, heart felt pleasure. Her husband tried, not knowing what he was against to satisfy her, only it wasn't working. So, Trina made up her mind to look for and find a way to release her long hidden desires without giving up her present life.

Trina's job gave her access to meeting all types of people, especially females. In one of her meetings, she met a georgous female, Mimi, who she couldn't keep her eyes off of. She made up her mind that Mimi was the one when she started having irotic thoughts of the two of them being together nude. Mimi, having a body that made Trina's pussy throub with wetness just from looking at her would be delightful to carry out all of her (Trina's) mouth watering, hot sweaty movements, and desires to get out of her system after all these years.

Trina planned in her mind how she would unknowingly have Mimi in a position to undress in her presence and approach her in a way that would welcome her (Trina) to kiss her, rub her body, suck her hard round nipples, and suck her hot, moist, soft sweet juices between her firm brown lushous legs until she moaned and softly screamed with ultimate pleasure.

Trina woke up from her daydream to find her pants wet. she knew she just had to have Mimi before the day got over.

When there was a break in the meeting Trina saw Mimi heading for the bathroom and she followed. After Mimi came out of the stall she caught a glimse of Trina staring at her. It made her heart skip a beat. After she washed her hands and was about to leave the bathroom Trina said, "Excuse me for being so blunt but I haven't been able to keep my eyes off of you all day." Stunned by this woman's boldness she stammered, "I, I kinda had my eye on you too." Pleased by what Trina just heard she walked seductively over to Mimi. "You have on some wonderful perfume on," Trina said. "Thanks," Mimi whispered. Trina creeped closer and closer until they were feeling each other's sweet smelling breathe.

Not being able to control herself, Trina quickly leaned forward to kiss Mimi, hoping no one would walk in on them. She wanted to give Mimi something to remember her and linger for more of which could follow such a kiss. It was a passionate, wet, yet solid kiss on her waiting mouth. Stroking Mimi's tongue strongly with her own tongue to have her purrr and moan in her arms as their bodies cling tightly together. Feeling the heat seep thru their clothings, Trina released Mimi from the kiss that made her feel light headed and dizzy. Yes! This is the reaction I need to get to her golden well with my tongue to taste her creamy hot juices. Now, to have Mimi invite me to finish what I've started from her desire and need of complete satisfaction is what I'm looking forward too.

Mimi gazed at Trina, her eyes blazing with desire, her voice husky as she ventured, "I...I have no plans for tonight...Why don't you come to my apartment after work." Trina's orbs game alight as her tongue slithered over her full soft lips, "Oh, yes...that sounds like a very good plan." The rest of the day past with agonizing slowness, Mimi and Trina constantly trading hot stares. Finally, 5:00 came.

Trina moved fast to catch up to Mimi. "would you like to stop and have dinner" Trina ask. "That would be nice", Mimi replied. They smiled happily at one another with lustful anticipation.

Over a light dinner of salid and pasta they gased into eachothers eyes, wondering, anticipatingabout erotic fulfillments that was soon to come. TRINA'S body jerked with the unexpected vibration of her pager..."Damn, I almost for got i had a man! Please excuse me i need to make a call. It will only take a moment". "What am i going to say?' Hay honey I for got me and some of the girls from the office are out having a drink i will be home later ok?' Sure dont hurry, have a good time, make it a girls night, baby you need a break, have fun see you later bye". On the way back to the table she noticed MIMI had left. She didnt pass her to go to the bathroom? Was she out side? Did she leave?

Trina scanned the room intently. "There she is". Trina said to herself. As Mimi seductively walked towards her Trina could feel her vagina throbbing. Trina asked "Are you alright"? "Fine" said Mimi. "I was looking for some dessert to take with us". Trina knew that what lay in store for them both was going to be sheer bliss. "What did you get for us"? asked Trina. "Special treats that will keep us quite busy" smiled Mimi. "Are you ready as I am"? asked Trina.

And as they had driven over to the resturant in separted cars, Trina had time to herself to think and wonder what treats Mimi had gotten. She tired to think back to what she had noticed on the dessert cart, and all her minds eye could focus in on was the delisious looking strawberry pie....with it's mounds of whip cream. Whip cream that she would love to spread all over Mimi's body, starting with her nipples....speading it down between her breast all the way to her clit. Then taking a strawberry in her mouth and placing the other half in Mimi's mouth for a shared kiss, one bursting with the delicious taste of strawberry and Mimi. Hating to but she must end the kiss...so that she can lick her way down Mimi's body.....tasting whip cream and the essence that is Mimi, Trina clit is throbbing just thinking about what may lay ahead for her and Mimi, she is so caught up in her daydream that she almost misses the turn into Mimi's drive way.

Trina quickly gathers her thoughts and makes the turn into the driveway. As they both get out of their cars, each has an enduring smile on their faces. Once inside Trina compliments Mimi on how beautiful and cozy her apartment is. As Mimi decides to go to her bedroom and change into something more comfortable, Trina, with her clit still throbbing, soon follows her.

When Trina enters the room, Mimi is standing there naked. "You are so beautiful! stammered Tina. Mimi holds her hand out to Trina and invites her to the greatest nights of pleasure she is to experience in her life.

Trina excepts Mimi's invitation...placing her hand into Mimi's who leads her over to the bed and every so gentle and with care....she slowly sit's Trina down, making sure that she caresses her body as she does. Then once she has Trina on the bed, so quietly moves to the side of the bed, where she turns on her favorite cd....the room is fulled with a sweet slow ballad. Stepping right in front of Trina, Mimi starts to move her body every so slowly, letting the music wash over her....her body is swaying from side to side, she is using her hands to caress her smooth, velvet, mocho skin....starting at the neck working her way down. Trina is caught in the web that she is weaving, her heart is racing, her clit throbbing, pussy juices flowing down her leg...she doesn't know how much more of this she can take. And just when that thought weaves it's way through her mind Mimi has her hand at the apex of her woman hood....and the pleasure that that brings forth has Trina moaning in pure delight.

Trina's moans let's Mimi know that she is enjoying what is happening....that they are sharing in the pleasure, and this is very pleasurable.....pleasing ones partner without touch is Mimi's biggest turn on, and at this moment Mimi is very turned on. "So you like" Mimi ask's Trina who is speechless, and just nods her head, "oh cat get your tongue, let's just she what we can do about that", and with that said Mimi moves closer to Trina...Trina can smell the sweet scent of Mimi pussy, she want's to taste her, so she reach's out to pull her closer. But Mimi is not having any of that....place Trina's hands at her side...Mimi continues to move in closer, placing on leg on the bed at one side of Trina, leaving the other on the floor but placing it on the other side of Trina so that her pussy is wide open and right in Trina's face. Mimi then places in finger deep inside her cunt, throwing her head back, moaning...getting it very wet, then slowly taking out her finger placing it upon Trina's waiting lips, which Trina in turn pulls it full into her mouth. Damn she thinks, I have hit the mother load.....sweet of so very sweet.

Mimi then pulls her finger out of Trina's mouth and lowers her mouth over her waiting lips and puts her tongue in between her waiting lips and tease her with the thought of what else is to come. Trina can't wait any more she wiggles her body from underneath Mimi's strong thighs and puts her on her back. Slowly Trina licks her down her neck and nibbles as eases down to her melons. Trina can't wait to suck and lick those points of pleasure. She lowers her mouth and begins to manipulate the nipples all the while she is rubbing her fat clit. Please don't stop Mimi moans. I then lower my mouth to her honey pot and give her the tongue lashing that she has been begging for. I put my tongue on the clit and lick all the way down to the opening of her womanhood. I know how to suck and lick the whole pussy. I then lick all the folds and then I refocus my attention to clit and then begin my mission of making her come in my face.

I suck on her clit ever so gently, as she arches her back with pleasure. I want to prolong the sweet agony she is feeling. I release pressure on the clit and gently, oh so gently lick the inner lips with long, soft wet strokes of my tongue. She moans and writhes with indescrible pleasure, the kind only another woman can give.

I can't believe I've have this beautiful woman between my thighs, Mimi kept thinking. "Uh...uh! she writhe with pleasure. I feel her clit harden in my mouth and I know she is on her way her to climax. Next I'm drenched all around my mouth as she comes. I keep licking and sucking as her pussy throbs with xtasy. Then Mimi goes limp and I untangle myself from her sexy legs and lay back to receive my pleasure...

Mimi starts with a long lingering kiss and I can taste and smell her sex in my mouth. I moan in escstasy as I anticipate the pleasure I am to receive by that same mouth. I tell Mimi I can't wait, but she decides to torture me by prolonging the kiss. Suddenly, she mounts me and both our clits are touching. She starts a slow deliberate movement of her hips and I match her movements perfectly. I am writhing in escstasy feeling the slick contact between us. I moan and whisper her name. This seems to inflame her passions and we continue our dance of love, neither one wanting it to end.

Mimi turns me over and slowly runs her tongue down my back and continues to the fullness of my ass. She then lifts my butt in the air and spread my cheeks apart and darts her tongue in my anus. "Damn! I stammered. She licks all around my ass and licks passionately my pussy at the same time.

This is something that in my lesbian experience I have come to enjoy but never has the feeling been this intense. I purr and I moan in delight as I see the fire in her eyes. Breifly I feel guilty but that quickly fades away as she works her magic on me. Her tongue pleases me immensly pushing in and out of my hot wet pussy. I know i'm on the verge of release and as i feel myself about to explode she suddenly stops. I am quite dazed and confused. I open my mouth to speak but she puts a finger to it. shhhhh she says... i'm not finished with you yet. She guestures me to the middle of the bed. I go and lay there wondering in amazement how this woman can make me feel this way in such a short time. She walks over to her bureau and lifts a bottle of massage oil. I smile lightly. She reached into one of the drawers and pulls out a pair of hand cuffs, my pussy jumps slightly as if it can feel what's about to go down.

She walked slowly over to me and asked if I trust her. At this point I thought, I would do anything for her. "Put your hands over your head"she said with a little force in her voice. I Immediatley did as I was told. After placing them on me, she gently pushed me down and rolled me on my stomack. She slowly mounted my back and I could feel the warmth her soft wet pussy on my flesh. At that moment I thought I would come. As she rubbed the oil in her hand my body trembled with anticipation. She gently place her hands, slick with oil on my back. As she massaged me, all I could think was how I wanted her tongue on me. Anywhere, Everywhere. Mimi gently massaged my ass, as she did this she stuck two wet fingers in my tight wet pussy. This pleasure felt so good I thought I would scream. "Get on knees" she said. She continued to stimulate me with her forceful fingers. She spread my pussy open so that she could taste what she had been waiting for sence the kiss in the bathroom. "Hmm you taste so good" Mimi said passionatly. I groaned at the intensity of our love making. She continued to lick, suck, and stroke my throbbing mound as I squeezed my breast. I couldnt take it anymore, I had to taste her again. Startling Mimi, I turned around, grabbed her by the hair and thrust my tongue in mouth. Her mouth was so soft and sweet. "I wasn't finished", Mimi said frustrated, "I want to make you cum. She layed down on her back and motioned me to her. At first I thought she wanted me to eat her sweet pussy again. But in fact, she wanted me to sit on her face. I felt her tongue lick from my clit to the opening to my womanhood and knew I would cum soon. Even after I came I couldnt get enough. All these years of pent-up desires were coming out in a tidal rave. Mimi breast were so beautiful, her nipples round and hard. From her face I worked my way back down her body. First, kissing her long and hard on the lips. Slowly I went to her neck, then down to her hand and mouth fulling breast. I took her the left in my mouht while I squeezed and pulled the right. Gently I suck, nipped and licked her nipple. This is extasy, I thouhgt to myself. By this time we were both moaning and purring like cats. "I want you to sit on my face" I said. And Mimi did. The position she sat in allowed her to freely squeeze my breast as I lapped her pussy. She bent down as started to rub my clit, then she stared sucking it. We slowly and passionatly brought each other to a climax that seemed to last alnight.

And just when Trinia thought it couldn't get in better then it had been, Mimi wrapped her in her embrace pulling her as close as she could, allowing Trinia to rest her head at Mimi breast, once they had found the perfect fit....Mimi gently and tenderly stroked Trinia. Caressing her face, neck and arms, delighting in the soft purrs Trinia was making. Satisfied in the knowledge that both of there long awaited appetties had been sated....at least for now. Both were relaxed and thinking the same thing.....what had they done to get so luck to find each other and hoping that this was just the begin of something that would last a life time. They both drifted off to sleep with sweet thoughts in their heads and locked into each others embrace.

Just before dawn, Trinia was awaken by the most sweet sensation....at least she hope this was real and she was not dreaming, for if it was a dream then she did not want to wake up. She opend her eyes and realized that this was no dream and that Mimi was at it again....she had spread Trinia's legs wide and was running a feather over her clit and when Mimi realzied that Trinia was staring up at her she smiled and said "good morning", all Trinia could do was smile back. She had never in all her life been awaken to such a wonderful sensation...what Mimi was doing was causing her whold body to come alive, in ways that she could never had imagine. "Oh Mimi don't stop, please don't stop". "My dear I don't intend to ever stop pleasing you", Mimi responded, just before planted a kiss upon Trinia's mouth and then taken her buttom lip into her mouth and nippling at it appling pressure as she does until Trinia moans let her know that she has hit the spot. Mimi lets go of her lip, and now begins to run her tongue alone Trinia's mounth, she can feel Trinia's tongue darting in and out, wanting to be a part so Mimi parts Trinia's mouth with her tongue and plunges in kissing her long and deep. There tongues dancing, and all the while she is still pleasing Trinia with her feather stroking her clit back and forth....she can feel the bed shifting as Trinia arches her back and begins to rock and sway her hips, letting Mimi know that she is feeling the heat and is about to explode. But Mimi is not ready for her to cum, so she moves the feather and withdrawing her mouth....ask Trinia to turn over and lay on her stomach. Trinia does as she is asked, and Mimi begins to use the feather on her back, running it along her spine cause Trinia to moan in delight, and just when she reaches the apex of her anus, she ask Trinia to spead her legs wide and raise her butt off the bed. Mimi moves down on the bed......and the grand view that greets her leaves her speechless.....she can not believe that this is hers for the taking, such beauty.

Taken her feather she runs it from her ass to her pussy, then from her pussy to her ass....over and over, back and forth....feeling her own pussy getting wet....and knowing that Trinia is about to cum, and wanting to have the pleasure of her taste on her mouth she replaces the feather with her tongue....just as sweet as candy, licking Trinia from her ass to her pussy, flicking her clit with her tongue. Then speading Trinia's ass as wide as she can Mimi begins to lick her ass hole getting it very wet, she then slides her tongue in Trinia's ass hole....and Trinia moans "oh yes, that is wonderful". Now that she has Trina well lubricatied she places her finger into Trina's ass hole and begins to finger fuck her....moving in and out, all the well Trinia is thinking I have never had this done before, had always been scaried that it would hurt, and boy was I wrong, this is wonderful. And just then Mimi sticks a finger in her pussy, doubling Trinia's pleasure.

ooohhh yeahhh, that feels so good mimi trina cries. Please don't stop don't ever stop. Mimi chuckles to herself wondering why she does these naughty things to innocent women. Hell if trina was getting this worked up over a finger imagine how she would feel when she stuck her big fat dildo in her hot wet pussy. At the thought of fucking trina "from tha back" Mimi's nipples began to harden her pussy throbbed with anticipation and she knew that if she didn't make this woman cum soon she would probably die in anticipation. Trina was at a feverish pitch, moaning and shrieking at the same time. Mimi continued to finger fuck her and lick her every now and then untill finally trina came with such force that mimi arched off of the bed for a minute. Trina put her head on the pillows and began sobbing quietly. Instantly Mimi was on guard. Trina? Baby what's wrong....??? Trina looked up at mimi and smiled.... Oh i'mm sorry boo... nothings wrong... in fact every thing is right.

Trinia assures Mimi that things are more then alright....It's that I'm so happy and you have pleased me beyond my wildest imigination, that it has brought tears to my eyes....no one has every taken the time to full satisfy me, I had given up on it every happening. And now I have found you, I just don't every want it to stop, this has been the best night and morning of my life. And to be honest I'm scared that I want be able to please you, or that this is a dream and I'm going to wake up and find myself at home in bed along. Mimi is so pleased and overwhelmed by Trinia's worlds, that she to begins to cry, no one has ever expressed themself to her in such away....so knew that she was good in the ways of pleasing a woman, but to finally her the words spoken aloud is so humbling. The two of them embrace as there tears mingle and they begin to talk, discovering that they share a whole lot more then either one can belive.....the hours have past and neither seems to noticed, they are so engrossed in the discovery that there coming together goes beyond there mutal sexual attraction. They both knew in there heart, and could feel it in there souls....that what had started out as a night of pleasure....was destine to last a life time.

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