A Christmas Story

The Cleo's Boutique Annual Christmas Sale was in full swing. Swarms of women were competing to snatch the intimate apparel off of the racks. Leslie worked her way over to the satin negligee she wanted. She reached out to grab the hanger, but another hand beat her to it. A startled "Hey!" was all she could manage when the outfit was snatched from her.

Leslie was about to turn around, ready to give the stare of hate to whomever the bitch was. Instead, a pair of soft lips brushed against her ear. "You can have anything you want, you just have to learn to ask for it."

From that moment on Leslie & Simone were inseperable.

Simone had was in the patio sipping on her daily cup of herbal tea reminising of their meeting. In two hours they were having their commitment ceramony. As a tear fell from Simone's eye she knew she would have to tell Leslie she had run into Jasmine. It had been over between them for 6 years. It was time to let Leslie know the truth.. Jasmine had been stalking Simone for months now and things were getting scary

Simome decided to wait until her own birthday which was in 2 weeks to tell leslie. She figured this was best because how could she be mad at her on her own birthday? So so she decided to go on with things as she normally did. She felt worst and worst by the day so she decided to buy gifts for Leslie. Even though this was not the best thing to do she couldn't think of anything else. She decided to buy her an expensive gold chain. Leslie loved it and never suspected a thing. That night when Simone arrived home Jasmine was parked outside waiting for her. She had been waiting there for hours expecting Simone's arrival.

She decided to keep driving. Instead, she went to her sister's house for a while. She didn't want to risk Leslie catching them together. Her sister gave her a bit of advice and told her she needed to tell Leslie about it now. As she went to pick up the phone to call.......

The phone went dead. The electricity went out. The house was black. Her sister started to yell but immedialty her voice was muffled. "Denise! Denise!" Simone yelled but there was not answer. Simone ran toward the junk drawer to feel for a flash light but she tripped over...over....over Jasmines foot. She knew it had to be Jasmine because the room filled with the smell of Chloe. That was the sent that Simone bought for her the first Christmas they celebrated together. "Jasmine, I know this is your doing. What have you done to my sister? The voice that answered her truly frightend her,it was her sister Denise's voice. "I am here Simone, I am fine. I guess it is time to tell you the truth. I know you never loved me as a real sister. You made a point to tell everyone I was adopted. I was a spectacle they said I was worse than a bastard because no one wanted me. I had only one friend. Do you remember? Back to when we were kids, about 11 or 12? Yeah, I know you do,I know you remember Tiffany Hanes. I loved her and you took her away from me. I told you not to do that...I begged you to stay away from her but you had to have her and you took her, my best friend away from me. You turned her against me and you touched her. I would see you two in the bushes, kissing in the basement, in the bathroom. Under the covers at MY sleep over. I hated you for that. Well sister, now is the time for your payback! Jasmise you tie her hands while I take off her pants." "Denise, don't you think that bitch Leslie needs to see this. Simone I told you this when you first left me if I can't have you then no one can!"

"This can't be happening!", Simone thought frantically. Not my own sister. "Denise, she pleaded, this is crazy. It never mattered to me that you were adopted. I've always loved you as much as I would have if we were biological sisters". If we were biological sisters would you have still stolen my first love, Denise replied sarcastically. "I had no idea that you felt that way about Tracey, Simone pleaded, she told me that you and she were just buddies; we sneaked around because we didn't want anyone to know that we were lesbians". I didn't know that you felt that way about females...but, but it doesn't matter that was so long ago and we were just kids! Please, please don't do this to me. How could you conspire with Jasmine to hurt me; Simone began to sob. Without any pity her adopted sister callously replied, "Enough of the drama, it's payback bitch! You've hurt enough people know its time you got your just deserve.

Denise dialed Leslies number as Jasmine yanked Simone's pants completely off. "Did you think that I forgot what you liked" Jasmine hissed. "Oh I remember back to when we first started getting into S&M. I was just a beginner then but you'd better call me Mistress Jasmine now! Say it! Say my name bitch and say it like you want it to all be over!" Simone heard a loud snapping sound that could have only been the sound of a whip slicing through the air and licking the floor. "Mistress, there's no answer...she's not picking up!" "SAY MY NAME!" "I won't call you anything but a crazy lunatic. I won't call anything but 911!" "Denise, hand me that gag over there...I don't think I can stomach her voice anymore. There is nothing that she can say to heal my feelings" Or mine either,Denise whined, as she ran to get the gag for Mistress Jasmine. Simone struggled to prevent Jasmine from forcing the gag into her mouth, she bit down so hard on Mistress Jasmine's fingers that she tasted blood. "Oww!...So you want to play rough huhn?" Mistress Jasmine kicked Simone with all her might on the side of her hip and knocked Simone's cell phone instead of Simone. The cell phone automatically redialed the last number called, Leslie's cell phone.
"Hello Baby," Leslie cooed. "Hello??"

To be continued

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