Accidents Will Happen

Beginning submitted by JP

"Jigga, Jigga...that n*gga Jigga," J sang along with the Blueprint track coming out of the speakers as she pulled her Black Lexus GS into the drive of the Oceanside Hilton where the meeting was soon to start. It was a kind of breezy day on the coast that late afternoon in So. Cali. Fortunately, the NOGLSTP (National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals) had decided to hold the the Western-Division Annual Conference in Long Beach, where she lived, rather than up north in San Fransisco or Sacramento where they had in the past; Jordan had just left the office and was already running late. She thought of just handing the Lex over to the valet to save time, but quickly changed her mind, remembering when her best dawg, KK told her about the last time SHE left her Esca. to the valet, it came back with a scratch the size of the gat dayum Nile in the passenger side. "Nah, HELL naw, forget all that" J said as she laughed and veered left to park it herself. She was lucky to easily find a couple of vacant spots and parked in teh one enarest the hotel. Pulling down the visor to check herself briefly in the mirror, she couldn't help but chuckle after she thought-out-loud, "Damn kidd...yous a fine ass n*gga. Get em, J-Dub."

Jordan was no busted looking stud. And having been blessed with unique, striking facial features and a nicely toned body, she was hardly naive about how attractive many females found her. Even other studs and men had often tried to get at her; it seemed everyone wanted a piece of Jordan Williams. J's 5'10", athletically cut and slim frame, deep hazel eyes, bronze-caramel complexion, long jet black cornrolled hair, left dimple and perfect set of pearly-whites got her more than her share of compliments, and made her a confident person. She loved to impress, and often did so...especially when people found out she was the President/CEO of Paragon Technologies, Inc. at only 24 years old.

She slid off her sunglasses and straightened her tie, taking a minute to admire the nice work done in her matching tie & suspenders' silk fabric--a light yellow with tiny black dots. Actually, she had to give Mr. Armani big ups for the make of the entire black suit, and even to the supafine woman who tailored it for her, who also suggested adding the blue shirt with with white cuffs and collar that she wore. J snapped her gold cufflinks back in and pulled the keys out of the ignition, having forgotten about already being late. She was so wrapped up in herself she didn't even notice the silver beamer convertible pull in the stall on her left. She grabbed her 2-way and cell, and hopped out of the car, swinging the door open and right into the side of the car beside hers. Her mouth fell open in a mixture of astonishment, surprise, and disbelief all at once. She moaned as the driver of the car swung open her door and practically jumped out of the car, yelling "What the hell..." J's mouth opened even wider as her eyebrows rose...she was staring into the face of absolutely the most beautiful woman she had EVER seen in her life...

For the first time in god knows how long "J" was speechless. "ahhh ahhh ahhh". Quickly "J" composed hersef, didn't want this beautiful lady to see how flustered she had made her. But I was too late... In an instant Neece had just stepped out the car and blown "J" the hell away with her smile. "J" looked Neece right in the eye and said...

Haven't we met before?

Neece reached back into her mind to try and place this face in front of her. "Uhm, no, I can't say that we have." Neece really couldn't remember ever meeting this woman, but she sure as hell was fine. J squinted her eyes and tried to think of where she had seen this girl before...she knows she had, she just can't remember where, or when. She certainly hadn't ever seen her before at a conference. "Hmm...well okay. You just seem so familiar," J said. Her mind snapped back to the situation at hand, and she grimaced. "Uhm...I apologize for...this." I wasn't paying any attention at all and didn't even know there was a car on this side. Don't even worry about upsetting insurance; I'll take care of every expense." "Thanks. I guess it's not that bad," Neece said. "What's your name, anyway?" J shut and locked her door and walked around to take in all 5'7" of this woman's beauty. She could tell her body was stunning, even under the cream-colored, very nicely-fitting skirt suit she was wearing. Bringing her eyes up to the woman's face just in time to not make a complete fool of herself, she extended her hand and said, "J. or J.W...short for Jordan Williams. And you are?..." "Neece Caldwell. Actually my first name's Alexis, and Shanice is my middle, but my friends and family call me Neece. It's a pleasure to meet you, J...although, not so much under these circumstances." "Oh, no, please, the pleasure is all mine, madame," J said smoothly with a smile as she lifted and kissed Neece's hand. *Good job, Don Juan, nice and corny* J thought to herself and closed her eyes. But dang, her hands were so soft, J dreaded having to let them go...and probably help them for too long. J cleared her throat and finally let go, taking a step back and looking directly into the woman's eyes. Neece's parfume was entrancing. She broke the spell when she said, "so, I take it you're here for the conference, too..." She looked up and down J's attire to hint at what she meant. J laughed. Oh, yeah, most def. I guess we'd both better get on in there." "Yeah, you're right. Do you know exactly where it is? I'm not even from around here--" "Yeah, sure do. I know this hotel a little bit; I live here in Long Beach. Come on." J grabbed put her hand on Neece's back and led her into the lobby."

Five hours later J & Neece were sitting in a corner booth at "Suevas" having a late lunch & laughing like old friends. "Suevas" was the new cafe everyone was raving about. The owner - Willow & J had been gurls since forever". "Hmm this is nice J, thanks so much for inviting me. As I mentioned before I'm not from around here. "The pleasure is all mine Neece, just sorry it took tapping your car door for us to meet". Neece smile at J & said "well J accidents do happen". Once again J was all caught up in this beautiful women with the Pecan complexion, killer smile, thighs to die for, (J had stolen just a peek when Neece climed into the car)soft hands, a smile that would melt your heart in an instant. But her laugh... there was something about it that took J back to a place she had long forgotten...at least she thought she did.

While only 24, J had lived thru so much. She'd left her past just that ... in the past. Shed overcome obsticles that others couldn't imagine. Hell she was the President/Ceo of Paragon Technologies, Just finished the closing of her second home in the exclusive Walston Estates. Life was good, J was happy for the first time, really happy & intended to stay that way at all costs. Still though, There was something about Neece that J knew deep down in her soul that if given the chance she was willing to love again. "J... J... hey lady where did you just go to?" "Oh, I'm sorry Neece just got lost in deep thought for a second". Oh ok I know how that is. Must have been something special though cause you were smiling from ear to ear. "Yes Baby it sure was". "So Neece tell me more about yourself...

"Sorry to drift off, but I was just thinking about life and how things happen. Last Sunday at church, my Pastor was saying that all things happen for a reason and in "Divined order". I had been praying for something exciting to come into my life. You know "All work and no play..." can be detrimental to a girl's spirit! I asked God to slow me down a little to smell the roses and take on his beautiful creatures....

*you can take me on* J thought to herself before answering,"I know what you mean". "You know I think God would like me to take you on, y-you know as friends". J's eyes lit up. Neece was thinking the exact same thing J was, except Neece tried to hide it by adding that "as friends" part. "Sure, every person you meet, you meet for a reason. How about we paint the town red and I show you around?" J suggested only implying that they paint her bedroom red. "Sure, I'd love that". So Neece and J leave the club where they had been and head over to J's spot. "So this is painting the town red?" Neece asks. "No, no of course not I just want to change my clothes, I hate ruining a good suit". "Oh, well I guess I'll change too, my bag is back in my car, good thing I brought some club clothes. Can I change here?". "Sure girl". Neece gets her clothes and heads back up into J's house only to hear J in the shower. Neece had only been thinking of J's fat clit in her mouth all night, why wait for the opportunity to taste when she really wanted it 8 hours ago when she met her? She slipped into something sexy and laid on J's bed. J calls from out the shower,"Neece girl you dressed? I'll be dressed in about five, okay?". J walks out of her bathroom into her room and finds Neece there."I want to explore you instead of painting the town red. The way you've been looking at me all night, I can tell you want to explore me." "I-I-I did want to but-", J is cut off by Neece saying"SSshhh". Neece walks over to J and pulls her towel off her wet body, she moans. Neece then whispers in J's ear,"Thank you Lord for sending me this angel".........

*No, thank you Lord*, J thinks to herself. She remains still as Neece rubs her back with her soft hands. A soft moan escapes J's lips and her body betrays her. She begins to caress Neece's neck, wondering how long her heart stopped beating. Neece looked J into her eyes and said, "What are you waiting for, kiss me!" J kissed Neece's lips softly at first, when she kissed Neece's bottom lip, she felt the warmth of Neece's tongue slip into her mouth. J could no longer control herself. She removed the spaghetti straps from Neece's shoulders and planted hungry kisses on her neck, shoulders, and found the beautiful nipples of her goddess. Neece began to moan and beg J to take her. Neece began to squeeze J's full breasts and pinch her nipples. "Mmmmmmmmm, J began to moan, mmmmmmm baby, that feels so good". Neece whispered into J's ear, "not as good as you will feel when i suck on that fat clit of yours"

getting there felt like an eternity,but now that she was here and covering my senses with here smell,the taste of her mouth, wanted it to last--- so I started letting my lips and tongue feel their own pleasure by starting at her under arms and slowly gently sucking around to those lucious nipples. Mmmmmm I do want to taste her honey pot and put my face in that lucious garden so slowly down her bellt I worked,ever so slowly,my heart pounding and my own jucius flowing like crazy onto her fingers that are so slightly massaging my clit head. I smell the odor of necturine.

I don't know why this woman has turned me into putty in her hands. I don't know why I let this woman control my body like she is the captain. I don't know why I can't focus on what Necee is doing to my body. J grabbed Necee's hand and held it firmly away from her clit. "Necee, have we met before? I find myself wanting you to take me so bad that I am a bit afraid. I am not used to this" Necee just smiled at J and said nothing but she pushed J all the way back into the wall of her bedroom and planted her lips onto her soft neck. J tensed up and realized that she would not be able to let this woman melt her into sap. "Necee, J yelled, stop it! I can't do this!" Necee jumped back startled and looked at J with the look of a hurt baby. J saw the looked and quickly felt a wave of emotion run through her. "I am sorry Necee, I just can't. It is not that I don't want you. It is just the opposite. I don't want you to become another one night stand. I may respect you in the morning but I may not respect myself." Necee stilled stared at J but this time there was a little suspicion in her eyes. "c'mon J, it will be OK just let me get started and you will forget everything that you are feeling right now. Just let me go to work on that fine ass body of yours, please. I mean look at me J. You have got my silk all wet." J looked down at the dark stain of wetness on Necee's mint green panties. "Please J don't do this to me. I have never in my life been turned down before" J released Necee's hand and Necee quicker than lightning went right down to the floor on her knees. It all happened so fast as she grabbed J's ass and pulled her clit directly onto her toung. Necee began to lick and to suck J with expertise and Necee knew it too. Necee knew that J could not resist her tounge and her body. J began to moan and her knees went weak. J began to cry. Necee did not notice at first that these were tears of pain in the midst of all the pleasure but soon she realized because she felt tears dropping onto the top of her head. Necee's first thought was "oh no, she is a psycho." Necee did not want to look up. All she wanted to do was dissapear but her heart hurt for J without even knowing what the deal was. She spoke to J as if she was her lover. "J, J what's wrong? Tell me what's wrong?" She pulled this super stud down to her level on the floor and began to wipe her tears. She noticed a beauty that was much softer than before on the face of the woman before her. J didn't even try to compose herself this time. She allowed this woman to comfort her as she began to speak. J cleared her throat and spoke softly-"Necee, I know who you remind me of. Please take me seriously. You remind me of the girl of my dreams. I dreamed about you since I was 12 years old. I love you-I mean her. I don't want to lose you. I want to keep you. I could not bear it to watch my dream get away, slip right past me in one night.

It's different this time. You aren't just another pretty face and a vuluptious body. You are 'her'". Necee allowed herself to process what J had just laid upon her...the dangerous charm, the moves and this confession. J glanced into the eyes of her dream woman...the eyes of the being that she prayed for each morning when she woke up, and before she fell asleep. Necee teared up. "J, you mean I am what you've always wanted? I am what you prayed for?" J replied by simply wiping the single tear that fell from Necee's almond eyes, and kissed her softly on the forehead. With that, Necee was willing and content to fill this role J had just given her, and pressed J's body back on the bed...and continued what she had started.

J looked at her with a new sense of respect for herself. Necee softy kissed her neck then quickly workered her way to her full breasts. Her flicked her tongue over each erect nipple as she slid two fingers into J's dripping opening. J moaned in ecastasy. Necee be gan slowly sliding her fingers in and out of J while she paid attention to sucking on her nipples. Then with out warning, Necee slid down a sucked J's clit into her mouth, she began sliding her fingers in and out of J hard and fast and her tongue began moving with rapid speed over J' fat ass clit....

J could not contain herself any longer. Even though she thought herself THE SUPER STUD, this womyn totally turned her to jelly. "Ohhhhhhhhh baabbbyyy IIIIIIIII'mmmmmmmmm cccccccccummmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnggggggg!! OOOh baby where did you learn that?! J had dreamt of this womyn for 12 years, but never anticipated how this beautiful creature would make her feel if she were actually real. Yes indeed, Necee was real. J decided to see just how real this heaven-sent beauty was. She reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out her latest toy, a 9-inch strap-on. She planted gentle kisses on Necee's forehead, cheeks and neck. Moving down to her supple breasts, she lingered and suck one, then the other as if she were a baby nursing. Necee caressed J's head, letting out a soft moan, which set J off. She started rubbing Necee's throbbing, slippery clit. Necee is begging for J to enter her, "Oh please baby, give it to me, I WANT YOU IN ME NOW!" Now J, being the super stud she always thought she was, wanted Necee to really beg for it. She inserteted just the head of the dick into Necee's honeypot, and quickly came out. Necee purred like a kitten, Ooooh Pppleasee, her hips bucking wildly trying to suck up J's dick into her now dripping wet pussy. J maneuvered herself onto her back again as she held onto Necee and sat her down ever so gently onto her very erect dick, Necee rode J like a ride in an amusement park. They continued making love until well into the nite. J and Necee talked and loved and totally bared their souls. The more they talked, the more J realized how their lives paralleled. While a year younger than J, Necee too, had been thru some rough times and wanted to leave the past in the past. Necee revealed that she was president of the fledgling Caldwell Technologies of Seattle, WA.

To be continued

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