Can I Get A Witness?

Adama decides to become a missionary . . .

It was 8:30 Saturday morning. Adama stuck her head beneath her pillow and tried to ignore the doorbell. After the third ring, she crawled out of bed and into her waiting robe. She cursed under her breath when she saw Michelle Grady on her front porch. Every Saturday for two months, the same woman came to her door wanting to share the "good news".

By now, Adama had the routine down pat. She would open the door, grunt, and then shut it before Michelle had a chance to wedge her foot in it. It was a shame, too; Michelle was one fine looking woman. Adama was sure that curvatious hips and a bountiful bossom were hidden under those flower print dresses. When Adama opened the door, the belt on her robe loosened. She caught it before she had exposed her breasts to the world.

Michelle usually launched into her evangelistic pitch. Today she was speechless. Her eyes were riveted to Adama's chest and full of desire. "I can't give in to those thoughts," she whispered. "I can't give in!" Breaking from the trance, Michelle looked around nervously and then ran off the porch.

"Well," Adama thought to herself. "This is interesting. Next week, I'm going to invite her in to sample my forbidden fruit."

As her thoughts continued to flow. She thought of the last time these fruits had been sampled. It was a very long time ago. She could hear the waves crashing around her as she sat down with her memories.

has it been that long oohh man 6 months...Kim....ohh what that girl could do. Such a shy girl, i never thought there was a lion locked deep inside of her but i sure am glad i was the one with the key. That night after the club, we had ben dancing and sweating up a storm. the club had a floor that was kinda dark, more intimant for the quiet slow music. We decided to head down there for a few slow songs to kinda clam down and enjoy each other. Here and Now by Luther was playing as we held each other tightly, our hips swaying to the music, our breast pressed againt each other, i ran my hand down her back to that spot where it curves out to the ass. Cupping each cheek i pulled her even closer to me. Kissing her neck and that spot right behind the ear, i felt myself getting hotter and hotter. Her moan sent chills down my own back. finding her lips in the darkness i kissed one lip at a time outlining it wiht my tongue itting it just enough to make her moan. I feel her tongue slide into my mouth.

There we share a passionate kiss. By now she and I both knew we could not hold in these sexual desires and me not being the shy type let her know immediately. Kim hesitated but couldn't hold in her urge to please me. We left the club, barely making it out of there and in to her place. Her place was truly the crest of ectasy.

IT was dark with only the shimmering of the candles placed all around the apartment. She flipped a switch and the same song that brought us together was now playing on the stereo. "excuse me while i go get a little more comfortable, Oh, and I suggest u do the same."Kim said.She went to into the other room and when she came back my eyes bugged out and I was trying so hard not to drool.......

Even standing here now, it's hard not to drool when I think about Kim and the fire we created that evening. But it must have only been good for me, as I've not heard from her since then. No wonder I'm standing here in the door every saturday morning, half naked, fantasizing about Michelle, the missionary. Gurl! do I have a cause in need of rescuing. With hips like hers I'm sure she is capable of deliverying me. I could use a good missionary.

So on the next saturday Adama decided to handle things with Michelle differently. Instead of greeting her in her usually attire, she awoke early showered in peach scented shower gel, and got dressed. Nothing fancy mind you....but instead something that would really give Michelle an eye full, and what she couldn't see, she would image. Adama decide on her shortest shorts, and a middrift tank....with out benefit of underware.

She waited in the living room, and at the appointed hour Michelle rang the door bell....Adama open the door, and once Michelle laid eyes upon her she knew that she was in trouble...she was just about to bolt, when Adama invited her in, which caught Michelle off guard and before she could turn her down, Michelle took hold of her hand and lead her in.

Wanting to pull her hand away and run Michelle couldnt, she felt paralized. What am i doing she thought, i'm out here trying to do work for the church and all i can think about is that tight ass in those little shorts.DAMN!! Lord please forgive me but if u saw what was in front of me u would've stayed to.

"So how r u doing Miss Churchlady" adama says sitting down next to Michelle making sure she got an eyeful of breasts and legs. "Uhhh nothing" michelle stutters. "why u so nervous i wont bite unless u begg me to"

"What" mutters Michelle. "u heard me" adama says licking her lips, i will bite u anywhere where u want me to." With that Adama leans over and kisses Michelle on the lips letting her tongue touch michells lips just to make her want a little more and then she pulls back. Michelle taken back by what just happend is feeling that tinglingin her stomach, which she hadnt felt in a long time. I need to feel her lips one more time Michelle thinks, and without hesitation pulls Adama closer to her and smothers her lips with hers.

Adama doesn't hesitate to push her firm breasts against hers so that Michelle can truly get the message. "You like that?" Adama asks Michelle and Michelle nods in excitement. Michelles shyness is arousing Adama but she wanted Michelle to make the first move and she does. "Lord forgive because thou shall sin",Michelle says while slowly unbuttoning her dress. Adama glares in amazement, those hips were enough to knock anyone off their feet. There Adama drops to her knees. "Thank You Lord".

adama takes michelles thong off her pussy juice is already flowing adama licked every inch she just could not get enough of the bittersweer taste. Adama allows her tongue to continue its trek around Michelles pussy, the succulent lips spreading eagerly under her ministrations.

Michelle felt the rekindling of passions once lost. No matter how much she tried she could not escape the fact that the best loving that she ever had was from a woman. She often prayed about that night oh so long ago in college. It was an innocent game of truth or dare, so she thought. How did she end up in just her bra and panties being led down the dormitory hall? Whose room did she end up in? Whose bed she lie upon? The voice still haunts her,"Don't move and don't talk." The blindfold ensured that she couldn't see. Adama's mouth reminded her of the cool lips that circled her nipples that night. She wanted to moan but wasn't sure of herself. Was this a part of the game or not? Shhhh! the voice said to her. When those cool lips kissed her virginal pussy she couldn't help but grunt. When the tongue began lashing at something that she didn't even know that she had she wanted to run."Don't move," the voice calmly whispered, "it's alright". Michelle layed still under the tongue lashing, feeling things that she had never felt before. Suddenly the mouth on her began sucking on this unknown thing causing her stomach to spasm in response. "It feels so good", Michelle remembers saying in a strained voice. Then it happened. Despite being blindfolded Michelle saw brilliant colors. Fuschia, orange, red . Her first orgasm ever shook her violently. At eighteen she had never felt such pleasure. Surely some upperclassman was playing a freshman joke. But it was real. When she calmed down and removed the blindfold the room was dark. The only sign that someone else was there was the red lipstick left on her panties and her swollen, wet, satisfied, pussy.

Adama' tongue brings Michelle back to the present. The constant licking on her swollen clit{she learned the name for it after that night} makes her stomach muscles jump. Michelle feels the flame raging inside of her and just like that night in college the colors suddenly appear. Adama smiles to herself as she continues to lick Michelles clit. The voluptuous hips jerking with each contraction of Michelles climaxing pussy. The thick flow of Michelles pent up juices coating Adama' chin. Michelles legs shuddering on either side of Adam'face. Adama was in heaven as the "churchlady" came all over her face. The moan from Michelle was uninhibited. The reaction of her body to Adama' loving nothing close to churchlike. Just pure womanly passion being unleashed in the most natural of ways.

Trying to gain her composure, Michelle, after having the most dramatic love making experience in her life, started out to complete her task. Only, it would be extremely difficult to go out to just "save souls" without looking for another tandilizing,uncontrolable, earth shaking, orgasm. After all, she had been shown what it takes by the willingful moves of Adama, kissing, feeling, rubbing, sucking, licking,cressing,massageing the clit, causeing her body to jerk to her actions,releasing her hot, soft, moist, juices without an effort. Michelle had felt something it takes some females years of their life to experience with one fullfilling, enjoyable, unexpected invitation. The focus of her task will some how be placed second to her body's urge and desires from that one specific encounter in her life. Once having an orgsam, you long to have another, and another...ect. She's out to satisfy the hunger of lust she never knew she had until Adama's outcry for the pleasure she knew Michelle held between her legs and those fully shaped breasts and kissable lips.

At this point in her life, Michelle had another quest to fulfill on a more personal basis. She was puzzled about her sexuality since her outrageous release of sexual desires and actions. Adama had not only been her first lover to show her what true pleasure was about in love making, but she was also her first female lover. The fact that total releases of her hot jucies flowed between her legs from another soft firm body, not a guy, had her beside herself.

What was she going to do to get this type of sensation from her throbbing hot pussy again? Her sexual desires were stronger now than they had ever been before. She needed the presence of a female to get her muscle spasms relieved of their tensness by making love with her like before. What would she do? Go back to Adama's for more..or try to find someone else to enhance what she (Adama) had started within her. Her body began aching from this thought and she really didn't know what to do. All she saw in her head was the hot passionate love making she'd been given to be in this state of mind; kissing,sucking,licking,rubbing,feeling, and gasping for breath from the lustful feeling she had experienced not so long ago. She felt no shame for her urge was so great to get this thrill again, and soon.

Adama thought to herself, how can miss churchlady have such an affect on her. Having been with her share of womyn Adama new that there was something different about Michele. Damn no number no nothing, there must be one of her churchs brochures around here somwhere she thinks. Aww looking outside on her porch, theres one, well i think i may have to pay miss churchlady a visit this weekend.

Michelle is up in the choir singing her heart out, when she sees, that beautiful creature walking up the aisle. Feeling that tingling again in the pit of her stomach, she knew she had to face Adama one day but why did it have to be so soon.

When I saw Adama I stopped singing. I couldn't believe that she was here. She looked up at me and gave a hint of a smile and continue to pew. Oh no, what is she doing here? I felt flushed and also that familiar stirring between my legs. I readjusted myself and somehow managed to continue singing. After service Adama met me at my car. She looked at me appreciately and told me you sure look good in that dress. I blushed, I hadn't felt this way in a long time and all I wanted to do was get out of this dress and feel her tongue on my hot pussy. I told Adama to follow me home.

As I turned into the drive of my recently-purchased condo, I looked in the rearview mirror to make sure she was still behind me. She was. "Okay, gurl," I said to myself. "Now or never!" I had repressed my feelings for other women for so long, and I knew that Adama was not going to let me continue to do this. Especially not after the other day...not that I wanted to after the other day. Besides, she came looking for me, so that had to mean something...

Soon as we got in the house Adama grab me by hair and forced her tongue between my lips. Oh how sweet and velvety her tongue felt, I instantly started to moisten and I grabbed her ass and rotated my crotch against her. I started to moan and I wanted nothing more then to taste her honey pot. I froze up and pushed Adama away from me. I couldn't keep doing this, this is what I was running away from. It was wrong for me to want a woman. All of my sexual life I knew I was different, but I was not turn on by a man. I needed this softness, the tenderness, the patient of a woman.

"Michelle what's wrong? she questioned.

How could I tell her my turmoil? Adama placed her arms around me and pull me down on top of her. I tried to resist but couldn't. This felt so right.

We began kissing and I instantly wanted to do things to this woman that I never thought I could allow myself to do. I pulled back and took my dress off. My breast were full and aroused. I stood back and allowed Adama to gaze completely at my nudity. She just sat there with lust in her eyes. I ran my hands down to my pleasure and slowly put my two fingers inside of me and I stimulated myself that way for a few minutes. By this time Adama had removed all her clothes. I nodded at her and she opened her legs and let me view all of her womaness. I took my fingers that I had inside of me and place them inside of her mouth and made her taste me. She tried to touch me but I wouldn't let her. I wanted her to scream my name.

And so I spread her legs apart and I began to lick her sweet juices. Now I could enjoy her the way she enjoyed me. I began to lick and stroke, finding that I couldn't stop myself I wanted her to scream. Something that I had never felt before was released in me. And then as I began to lick faster and faster, I heard her start to moan. I felt her thighs begin to tremble and then I feel her love juices run all down my face. I have never tasted something so sweet. I myself began to get aroused by her moans. For the first time in my life my love making had meaning. I had satisfied my first female lover and I enjoyed it.


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